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Hilton Hater

I am a senior staff writer at THG and a big fan of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. I believe Kim Kardashian is bad for society, but great for attention, and that The Real Housewives should all be banned from existence.

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Gwen Stefani is good people.

The singer has become the latest celebrity - following Sandra Bullock, Demi Lovato and others - to donate a large chunk of change to those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Gwen and the Family

She has given $1 million to the Save the Children’s Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund.

Says the artist: “I’ve been inspired by Japan for many years and have a true love, appreciation and respect for the Japanese people and their culture. The disaster in Japan is beyond heartbreaking and I want to do anything I can to help. I would never be able to make a gesture like this without the love and support of all the fans over all these years.”

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Billy Ray Cyrus appeared on Good Morning America yesterday and somehow resisted the urge to throw a chair through a window following his sit-down with Robin Roberts.

After coming across as loonier than Tila Tequila in an earlier interview with GQ, we need to give Billy Ray props for standing up and taking responsibility this time around.

Billy Ray Cyrus on Good Morning America

Referring to his messy marriage (now on the mend), Billy Ray says he was "surrounded in darkness" when he claimed Satan was attacking his family. Now, after re-assessing his diatribe, Billy Ray explained his point in clearer terms:

"Fame can be a dangerous animal... And it's a delicate thing... [But] I love Hannah Montana. I love Disney. I wouldn't change anything."

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What does the immediate future hold for Robert Pattinson? The actor will share the big screen with Reese Witherspoon in the highly-anticipated movie version of Water for Elephants. It comes out on April 22.

But what does the longer term future hold? In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, Rob is asked what kind of projects he has in mind beyond the Twilight Saga. It's hard to say, he responds.

Popular Guy

“You can never really predict what an audience wants or how to maintain a career, other than doing what you think is cool. Generally, what I think is cool is what everyone else hates.”

For more on Water for Elephants and the carers of its stars, pick up this week's issue of EW.

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Ashley Greene doesn't want to talk about her split with Joe Jonas.

Because she was so hurt by the adorable singer? Perhaps. Or maybe because she's already moved on from him.

Earlier this week, Greene was spotted at Hollywood club Trousdale and, according to an onlooker, "was all over [Chris Evans]." That movie star's reaction, this witness adds: "He certainly didn't mind."

  • A. Greene
  • Chris Evans Picture

The Twilight Saga actress and the new Captain America - watch the trailer HERE - were spending time at Frankie Delgado's table when they weren't grinding up on one another.

"They were dancing together very closely," says an E! News source. "It looked like they had a lot of sexual chemistry."

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Only 16 years old, Thia Megia was born a full generation after the end of Motown.

But that didn't stop this talented crooner from showing off a bit of rhythm and belting out Martha and the Vandellas' "(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave" on last night's American Idol performance show.

What is the best audition of the evening? No, we'd give that honor to Jacob Lusk or James Durbin. But it was a different type of song for Thia, who proved her versatility a bit, as Jennifer Lopez said: "I feel like we're scratching the surface with you a little bit."

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Who needs a stage?

Lauren Alaina quickly abandoned it this week, sauntering around to the audience and singing her cover of a Supremes single ("You Keep Me Hangin' On") directly to the judges at times.

The county twang in Lauren's voice goes well with this Motown selection, as Randy offered up nothing but praise to the young contestant: "She's now got her swagger on. She's ready! She's ready!"

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Make it your own. Do something unique. Put a fresh twist on it.

How often have we heard American Idol judges utter these words to contestants over the years? Considering such requests, Naima Adedapo put on one of the most impressive performance of last night with "Dancing in the Streets."

She incorporated horns and percussion instruments and broke it down at one point with her own style of moving and shaking. There was a tribal element to the rendition, helping it stand out and leading to the following critique from Randy:

"Finally, tonight, all of Naima showed up - the girl that loves all the African dance... the reggae girl... the singing. Everything was very smart that you did."

Do you agree?

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James Durbin closed out American Idol last night with the third Steve Wonder single of the evening (following Pia Toscano and Scotty McCreery).

Rocking out like usual to "Living for the City," James threw in some dance steps and sang directly to bassist Bob Babbitt during the bridge. A very cool move that brought down the house.

The audience goes crazy when James is finished, as J. Lo says the audition was "incredible" and Randy labels it "unbelievable." Are we looking at the next American Idol? Sum it up for us, Steven: "I think sometimes it takes a little bit of being crazy to make a difference in this world - and that's what you're all about."

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Celine... Whitney... Stevie.

It's safe to say that Pia Toscano isn't afraid to take on the classics, as she stood in front of millions last night and covered "All in Love is Fair."

Surrounded by string instruments, Pia belted out another tremendous ballad, one that ended with a glory note to end all glory notes. There's no doubt at all about her voice, but J. Lo actually offered a helpful critique when she said Pia must learn to "own" the stage, not just stand on it.

Randy agreed, complimenting the falsetto, but adding: "You can't live by ballads alone."

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I sing songs that have meaning.

So stated Jacob Lusk on last night's Motown-themed episode of American Idol.

The finalist proceeded to show us exactly what that means, belting out a Marvin Gaye classic and giving what many consider to be one of the top auditions of the season.

Hitting every night and playing with the melody, Jacob actually went down to give his grandmother a hug soon after he completed singing and the judges finished gushing. Watch the soulful arrangement and performance now:

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