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Hilton Hater

I am a senior staff writer at THG and a big fan of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. I believe Kim Kardashian is bad for society, but great for attention, and that The Real Housewives should all be banned from existence.

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Brooke Mueller returned to the scene of the crime recently, and shed tears over the main who allegedly threatened to kill her with a knife.

During a taping of The World According to Paris - Paris Hilton's hilariously nauseating new reality show, on which Mueller somehow co-stars - Brooke dined with her mother and a friend in Aspen, the city where it all truly went downhill for her and Charlie Sheen.

Surrounded by such familiarity, Mueller said: "I'm reminiscing about last year and I'm kind of missing Charlie a little bit."

Mueller's assistant asked why, considering the event of the past 12 months and how "miserable" Brooke has been, which led to tears from Mueller, a demand to leave the table and the quote: "He's the father of my kids... I'm allowed to miss parts of my ex-husband."

That's true. But if Mueller ends up regretting these words, she can at least take comfort in the fact that no one will watch her say them.

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They are now known as the Vancouver Riot Kissing Couple. But Scott Jones and Alex Thomas were just playing tourist last week.

The couple hit the the streets following Game 7 of the NHL Finals - a contest won by the Boston Bruins, 4-0 - because they figured "something big" and worth experiencing would happen.

Unfortunately, they were right.

Angry fans burned police cars and caused such mayhem that police came out in force, using riot gear to subdue the crazy crowd.

In the middle of it all, Thomas was pushed down (you can see the incident occur in the video above), Jones rushed to her air and planted a kiss on her lips... just as a photographer snapped a photo that has circulated the globe and made the pair into instant celebrities.

“I was just trying to calm her down,’’ Scott told Matt Lauer and Ann Curry on Today. “It was pretty scary for her, and it seemed like the best thing to do."

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Joe Jonas is not recording music with his brothers these days. (Listen to his first solo track, "See No More," HERE.)

But he makes one thing clear in the latest issue of Paper Magazine: the singer is still very close with siblings Nick and Kevin.

"My brothers and I, we're like each other's best friends," he says. "And I think it's that foundation that makes me feel like I can really do this on my own for a second."

Joe Jonas in Paper Magazine

Jonas is also hoping to follow in the crazy talented footsteps of another teen idol who has risen to superstardom outside his original boy group: Justin Timberlake.

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Hugh Hefner thought he'd be a married man today.

But the Playboy founder was dumped by Crystal Harris just days prior to their wedding, and then watched as the woman he made famous partied and posed at an event in Las Vegas.

How is Hef feeling about the split?

  • The Hef
  • Crystal Harris Photograph

"It's the start of a new day, and a new week," he Tweeted yesterday. "And I'm happy to be single."

So much for rumors that he's shacking up with Anna Sophia Berglund in that case? You never know with Hef. His definition of "single" differs from most men.

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Courtney Stodden is a 16-year old who married a 51-year old, veteran actor Doug Hutchison.

But the aspiring singer's mother sees nothing wrong with this union, giving it her full blessing in a statement released soon after news of the couple's May 20th wedding went public this week:

"We are totally supportive of this marriage," said Krista Stodden, who had to sign off to make it legal. "Doug is a wonderful man and we love him. They are very much in love and we are so supportive of this. Courtney was a virgin when she married Doug. She is a good Christian girl."

Mrs. Stodden also wants to set the record straight about her daughter's body, adding: "She has real breasts, real lips, she's not plastic."

Awww, so as you can see, Courtney and Doug are just two people who met, fell in love and... wait, what?!?

What do you think of the relationship between Stodden - whose career, based on the video above, needs all the help it can get - and Hutchison?


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Prince William has a gorgeous new wife, billions in assets and admirers all over the globe.

He also has a birthday today: the royal stud turns 29!

The Prince and Catherine

It's been quite the year for William, who pulled off what many consider to be The Wedding of the Century, went on a honeymoon and met the Obamas. He also gained Pippa Middleton as a sister-in-law. Score!

Take a look back at the last few months in the life of this prince via the following photo montage, and then send William your birthday wishes:

  • Prince William, Kate Middleton, Barack and Michelle Obama
  • Will and Kate
  • The Morning After
  • The Royal Wedding Couple
  • Royal Newlyweds
  • Royal Wedding: Kate and William Kiss!
  • Wedding of the Year
  • Kate Middleton Engagement Dress
  • Prince William Waving

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Has the truth finally come out?

While Megan Fox claims she left the Transformers franchise on her own, director Michael Bay tells the latest issue of GQ that it was her comparison of him to Hitler that led to her ousting - and that it was producer Steven Spielberg's decision to let her go.

"She was in a different world, on her BlackBerry," Bay says of the star. "You gotta stay focused. And you know, the Hitler thing. Steven said, 'Fire her right now.'"

Hot Kiss Blower

Note to Megan Fox: You can compare us to murderous dictators all day long!

Bay says he's not mad at Fox ("When you're days and months on a set, it's like a family. You say rude things and you make up."), but he also sarcastically apologizes to her:

"I'm sorry, Megan. I'm sorry I made you work twelve hours. I'm sorry that I'm making you show up on time. Movies are not always warm and fuzzy."

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has come on board the franchise and, based on the horrific trailer and previews for Dark of the Moon, let's say this: Fox's comments may have been the best career move she could have made.

[Photo: WENN.com]

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See, R. Kelly. When you urinate on 14-year old girls during sex, there's always a price to pay...

Jeff Kwatinetz, the former manager of this R&B singer, has filed lawsuit against his ex-client, alleging that Kelly screwed him out of over $1 million in commission.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

In the suit, as first reported by TMZ, Kwatinetz argues he "guided Kelly through the recording of two new albums, substantial multi-million dollar tours... a book deal, and a myriad of other appearances and events" during 2008, as the artist was forging a comeback following numerous personal and legal issues.

However, Kelly "refused to pay" the 15% commission owed to his manager, according to documents.

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Justin Bieber had an eventful evening at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto last night.

He won the trophy for International Video of the Year, he flirted publicly with Selena Gomez and he paid homage to a pair of beauties: Selena, of course, and Kelly Kapowski, the lovable Saved by the Bell cheerleader portrayed years ago by Tiffani Amber-Thiessen.

We'd say Gomez ought to be jealous, but it's clear she still does something for Justin herself. Alongside a photo of Bieber giving Kapowski props, look at his reaction to Selena's low-cut top...

  • Justin Hearts Kelly Kapowski
  • Cleavage Ogling

Hello, Kelly! Hello, cleavage!

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With Scotty McCreery's album sales justifying his selection as this year's American Idol, Fox is already making plans for season 11 of its beloved franchise.

When will auditions - which are open to men and women between the ages of 15 and 28 - come to a city near you? Find out below:

Scotty McCreery on the Finale

June 28: St. Louis, MO

July 2: Portland, OR

July 8: San Diego, CA

July 15: Pittsburgh, PA

July 22: Charleston, SC

July 29: Denver, CO

August 26: Houston, TX

Will Jennifer Lopez be part of the judging panel on the new season? That decision is still up in the air.

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