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Hey guys, I'm totally obsessed with gossip.  That's kind of why I helped create this site.

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Sookie smushed, Vinny made out with Angelina and viewers tried to keep their food down from watching these actions take place on last night's installment of Jersey Shore.

But, don't worry, we're troopers. THG is here here with our exclusive, weekly, point-based review to go over what went down on "Sleeping with the Enemy"...

Vinny and Angelina in Bed

We start off with last week's cat fight, but it turns to shoves between Ronnie and Vinny? -3.

Wait: Melissa is still there? -2.

Okay, for manning up and Ronnie apologizing to Vinny. +5.

Never saw this coming, but the next day, Jenni calls out of work because of broken fingernails, while Sammi goes in missing some? +5 to our annoying for debbie downer growing some balls.

At the beach, Pauly D hits on a girl with a giant herpes sore.  Props to MTV blurring out her face while keep the sore in plain view. +3 for sex education.

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