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Oblivion was the only major release this weekend, so it's no surprise that it ended up in first place at the box office. The Joseph Kosinski sci-fi thriller earned $38.2 million over its first three days in theaters.

As we stated in our Oblivion review, the film is definitely worth a watch.

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The Boy Scouts of America are one of the most famous groups for banning homosexual members, and it has seemed for the last few months that their views may finally change.

Now, the BSA is proposing a partial lift of the exclusion, allowing homosexuals to join as youth members, but not as adult leaders.

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A new batch of stills from The Wolverine has hit the web.

The film stars Hugh Jackman as Logan, a.k.a Wolverine, who travels to Japan and must take on a character from his past, pushing himself to his physical limits.

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