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In one of several new sneak peeks from tonight's Season 2 premiere of True Tori, we see just how much the embattled reality star has on her plate these days.

This is before Tori Spelling was quarantined with a mystery illness, too.

No, in addition to whatever disease landed her in the hospital, she's been worried sick over her finances for some time, as we see in one very emotional clip.

Watch her break down in this True Tori Season 2 Episode 1 scene:

As you can see, the actress weeps to husband Dean McDermott about how having so many kids has become a bit of a financial burden on the family.

"It's all become too much," she laments, fishing for sympathy.

Her friend asks her, “What has become too much?” Tori Spelling responds, “The responsibility of having to take care of so many people financially.”

Ouch, Dean. Then you go bone Emily Goodhand on top of being a freeloader and knocking her up four times in eight years? No wonder your girl's in tears.

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A South African judge has sentenced Oscar Pistorius to a maximum of five years in prison in the 2013 culpable homicide case he was convicted in.

The former Olympic and Paralymic sprinter infamously shot girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp to death at his home, which he said was a tragic accident.

Pistorius' defense team opined that he would likely serve 10 months, or one-sixth of the term handed down by Judge Thokozile Masipa, in prison.

After that, he would serve the remainder under house arrest.

However, a spokesman for South Africa's National Prosecuting Authority said that "The Blade Runner" would likely serve 20 months behind bars.

Pistorius was found not guilty of murder, the most serious charge he faced, but was also given a three-year suspended sentence on a firearms charge.

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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 5 introduced us to a new nemesis, "The Weeping Lady," but her appearance proved to be more than an eerie one-off.

The events set in motion by this Lady led to some pretty serious repercussions, ones that could have a ripple effect and impact both sides of the war.

How were some of the alliances in said war changed, or at least tested, by the developments playing out in Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 5?

Perhaps most significantly, the marriage of Ichabod and Katrina marriage is strained when he learns that she covered up Mary’s death and forged the letter.

Can they move past this? It remains to be seen, but even if they can, the fact that Ichabod isn’t so sure if he can fully trust Katrina was a jarring reality check.

While that bond was weakened somewhat, the partnership of Abbie and Ichabod strengthened, and Moloch was none too pleased about it either.

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On NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 4, we finally learned who has been targeting the team's matriarch, the diminutive but resourceful and resilient Hetty.

Titled "The 3rd Choir," NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 4 continued the pursuit of the persons or persons bent on taking down the team's captain.

At last, we learned that it is none other than Mattias Draeger (Jurgen Prochnow) who has marked her for elimination and caused so much destruction.

The team members frantically searched for Mattias all over greater L.A. to find him, end his mission and bring an end to the mayhem once and for all.

Hetty, as she always seems to do, got the last laugh.

Proving once again that she's never to be underestimated, she actually jumped into a dumpster in order to avoid capture, and that's not even all:

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Monday night on the quietly prolific reality TV network known as VH1, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 6 taught us a number of valuable lessons.

The key takeaway from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 6 was Teairra Mari deciding to hold a showcase in order to prove that she’s serious.

About getting back to work, that is. Not just stirring up drama.

Teairra's music career is harder to remember than her name is to spell. Put another way, it's hard to remember when she last had a hit, or if she ever did.

What she wants to do is change that, although club promoter Sincere offers this same opinion of her musical comeback and the clash of egos is pretty epic.

Then we have the love triangle starring Mally Mall, Masika and Nikki Baby, whose first two meetings to resolve tensions over this loser ended in fights.

Like actual, physical fights that had to be broken up. Insane.

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On The Voice Season 7 Episode 9, the Battle Rounds continued for the aspiring singers looking to score big or go home ... or get stolen by another coach.

Let's break down the vocal duels and the results from last night ...

Beth Spangler vs. Mia Pfirrman (The Voice Battle Round)
Beth Spangler and Mia Pfirrman give their best to a battle duet on Christina Aguilera's "I Turn to You."

DaNica Shirey vs. Toia Jones (Team Pharrell): The two performed so well on Beyoncé’s “Halo” that it was no surprise both of them will sing another day.

Toia was stolen by Adam after a truly epic Battle filled with raw emotional intensity that could have gone either way, and fortunately didn't really have to.

Sometimes, when you see ones like this, you know why they try for powerhouse battles, because they really work and both team members ultimately move on.

Ryan Sill vs. Jessie Pitts (Team Gwen): This duet on Ellie Goulding’s “I Need Your Love” gave Ryan the edge, and he advanced to the next round.

Blake’s use of the Steal was a little bit surprising here, although perhaps he did so to ensure one of his favorites a more modest Knockout Round opponent?

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Dancing With the Stars Season 19 Episode 8 saw the remaining contestants battling hard to stay in this race, and unlike last week, an elimination was in store.

Which partnerships continued to rise to the occasion as the stakes get higher? Which celebs are hanging on for dear life as the midway point comes and goes?

Check out the latest Dancing With the Stars results below ...

After some scores and performances that left little room for improvement, and some that the stars and the judges alike might soon forget, the field has narrowed.

At the end of Dancing With the Stars Season 19 Episode 8 ...

Michael Waltrip, Jonathan Bennett and Janel Parrish were all in jeopardy of leaving, and it is announced that Michael is ... safe to dance another week!

That was a bit of a shocker right there, but between Jonathan and Janel, the answer is clear that Jonathan has to go. The Mean Girls cast member took it well.

See all of last night's scores after the jump:

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Dancing With the Stars cast member Sadie Robertson might not be quite as conservative as, say, Jill and Jessa Duggar, but there are some similarities for sure.

Her father, Duck Dynasty star and executive producer Willie Robertson, gives the final approval to all of the 17-year-old's Dancing With the Stars costumes!

Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas Photo

So far, Boss Hog hasn't had any problems with Sadie's looks, including a jungle-inspired feathered frock, a sophisticated gown and a fun fringed number last week.

Will her Dancing With the Stars Season 19 Episode 8 look change that trend this evening? We're not sure, but it sounds like she's going to be stunning.

"I feel like a ballerina in it," Sadie says. "It's so beautiful. I love it."

Designed by costume designer Daniela Gschwendtner, Sadie will wear the dress during her Rumba to "Diamonds" by Rihanna with partner Mark Ballas.

Sounds like that could be a mildly sensual number ... hmm.

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Actor Nicholas Brendon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was detained in Boise, Idaho, Friday night on suspicion of damaging property and resisting arrest.

The 43-year-old blamed his outburst on a combination of prescription medication and alcohol and says he is very sorry for "unacceptable" behavior like this.

Nicholas Brendon Mug Shot

In town for Tree City Comic Con, he spent several hours in jail after a hotel lobby altercation in which he exhibited "signs of intoxication," per police.

Brendon "repeatedly refused officers' commands to stay seated as officers tried to speak with witnesses" and also allegedly broke a decorative dish.

He was then booked into a local jail on criminal charges of malicious injury to property and resisting or obstructing officers, which are both misdemeanors.

He was later released on $600 bond the following day after which he promptly addressed the situation. "I apologize," the actor began in a statement.

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Teresa Aprea is under fire for her comments about the embattled Teresa Giudice on Sunday's The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Episode 14.

Aprea's remarks regarding the jail-bound Giudice sparked intense backlash online, and she tried to walk them back later on Watch What Happens Live.

Declaring that she and Giudice are in a better place since the time in which the finale was filmed, she said she was coming from a place of anger then.

A place she is no longer in, Aprea insists.

Venting about the rumor Giudice allegedly spread - that her husband Rino banged her mom - she let loose on Giudice in a testimonial on the season finale.

Aprea boasted that Giudice’s family had been “destroyed” as result of her bad karma after she “s--t all over [Aprea’s] family” by spreading the rumor.

“Karma’s a bitch, clink, clink,” Aprea told the Bravo cameras, even going so far as to mimic her wrists clanking together, as if she were being handcuffed.

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