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Eager minds and probing cameras again went behind the scenes as the new cast of MTV's new season of Laguna Beach posed for the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

We compiled a full breakdown of the hot new cast, along with a preview of Season 3 last week. But for those of you who can't get enough Laguna, our friends at TMZ have a video that features clips of the Cali cuties.

During the shoot with photographer Jim Wright, Caleb, Cami, Kelan, Chase, Tessa and Kyndra let EW in on what we can expect this season -- "We do a lot more crazy stuff," one brags -- as well as their favorite bands (Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and their favorite TV shows, which include Family Guy and Grey's Anatomy.

Kyndra, one of this season's central characters, even proffered some love advice for Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo's character on Grey's Anatomy.

"I want to see if she picks McDreamy... She better," Kyndra said.

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Check out this picture of Mischa Barton we found online today! Oh, wait… is that Nicole Richie? It could be, right? We thought so, but it looks like we were wrong on both counts. This is actually a malnourished Ashlee Simpson, people. Talentless, annoying and now wasting away to nothing, Jessica's little sis could be described as a drain on the world's resources… only she never eats.

Peep it:

On to the Next Career

Good God. If this is not a prime example of the danger of eating disorders, T.H. Gossip really isn't sure what is. NOTE: You can now vote for Ashlee in our official poll!

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The rabbi who invited crazy Mel Gibson to speak at his temple tells that the actor/director has officially declined the invitation to appear before the Jewish congregation. For now, anyway. You never know!

Rabbi David Baron says he was recently contacted by a representative for Gibson, who received probation as part of a plea bargain for his drunken tirade last month. His rep claimed the actor remains "deeply involved in personal work which includes rehab, therapy and counseling for alcoholism."

He Looks So Normal Here

Baron, the Rabbi for the Temple of the Arts, asked Mel Gibson to his temple on Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. In the letter, Baron made it clear that he "did not invite Mel Gibson to speak; I invited him to deliver a public apology."

In accordance with Gibson's situation, Baron says he has extended the offer to a later date. In addition to the invitations, the rabbi says he has also volunteered to join with a group of Jewish leaders dedicated to educate Gibson about the dangers of anti-Semitism. Hopefully, they remember that he's tight with cops!

Late Friday afternoon, Gibson's publicist, Nierob, told TMZ that Gibson hasn't declined any offers, and hasn't even discussed any offers with the publicist. It's way too soon in his recovery, Nierob said, and frankly he is not interested in anything public or a photo op.

As for Rabbi Baron's statement that Gibson rejected his request to appear at Yom Kippur services, Nierob said:

"I was very clear when I spoke to the kind Rabbi yesterday that I cannot even bring any requests to my client at this time, as it is inappropriate and too early in his recovery process. He completely understood my position on this and even offered to meet with my client at a later time if and when appropriate. Also, I told him that the public nature of the request was also inappropriate."

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Rocker/junkie Pete Doherty missed out on his own nuptials to supermodel Kate Moss on Saturday, as a result of being incarcerated.

Britain's Daily Express reports that Moss and 14 close friends, including her brother Nick, flew to a resort in Bali last week, causing widespread speculation the couple was planning to get married. But Doherty was stuck in London after a judge ruled that he must attend rehab in order to make bail for cocaine and heroin charges. Wonder if he watches Prison Break!

Pete Doherty And Kate Moss Photo

Doherty pled guilty to charges on Friday and will be confined to London's Priory Clinic each night until sentencing. Despite the efforts of Moss and her lawyers to find a loophole, the Babyshambles' lead singer won't be making it to Indonesia.

"She is in a terrible state. When she flew to Bali, she was ecstatic and told friends there was going to be a ceremony," a source said.

It's been quite the week for drug addicts. Okay, not really. Anyway, the loving Moss dumped Doherty last summer after a year and a half of dating, the couple reunited last month and have been dating ever since. The model has been sporting a fine diamond ring on her left ring finger for several weeks.

Lucky for Moss, the upstanding Mr. Doherty is now prepared if the two ever do end up exchanging vows. He already has something old (his drug habit), something new (more drug charges), something borrowed (an orange jumpsuit) and something blew (cocaine). Ohhh!

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It's like deja vu all over again. Maybe. Following the love lives of Brody Jenner and Kristin Cavallari has been a difficult task of late, but someone's gotta do it. You can thank us later. Apparently, TMZ reports, their recent split wasn't too traumatic... if they've even split at all. The two were spotted last night heading into a club, Hyde, together.

After the lovely Kristin made a mad dash through photographers and fans outside, Jenner walked up and was bombarded with questions about their relationship. His response?

Brody Jenner And Kristin Cavallari Photo

"No, we're just friends."

Kristin and Brody announced their split two weeks ago and both have since been spotted partying solo all over L.A. Jenner has been seen kicking it with Nicole Richie and hopping into a car with Paris Hilton, seemingly loving the single life. God knows how he could, hanging out with those two skanks, but to each his own. Meanwhile, Cavallari, who told TMZ that her life since the split was "fantastic," is apparently feeling similarly.

We'll keep you posted on this story as it develops. In the meantime, here is a picture of Kristin from when she guest starred on Veronica Mars.

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Hey, we call it like we see it. In this business, like any other, some days are just better than others. Sometimes, when the news is slow, you have to write about celebs like Brooke Hogan. Other times, you happen to come across pictures of Kristin Cavallari in a lingerie store. The salary leaves something to be desired, but the perks of this job are something else.

Below, the former Laguna Beach star tosses a frisbee at a lucky, lucky photographer who happened to see her inside a Victoria's Secret store.

Bev. Hills Shopper

We aren't sure whether the person caught the frisbee, or if Kristin's venture to Victoria's Secret has anything to do with her ex, Brody Jenner, being spotted with Nicole Richie. Nor do we care. We just hope that more Kristin pictures surface in the near future.

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Where do you go when your husband cheats on you with his teenage assistant? Sag Harbor, New York. Then you go to the Happiest Place on Earth!!

Christie Brinkley And Kids

Christie Brinkley, 52, and children Jack, 11, and Sailor, 8, recently took a family vacation to Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando on Friday. In the absence of estranged husband Peter Cook (whose despicable affair with Diana Bianchi, 19, left the family in shambles this summer), Mickey Mouse joined the lovely Brinkley and her cute kids in a group hug.

Seems like a nice fellow, this Mickey. Charming, well dressed, likes kids. Wonder if he tried to get her number! In other news, Alexa Ray Joel, 20, Christie's daughter with ex-husband Billy Joel, just released her debut album.

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The amazing Britney Spears went on a shopping spree this weekend, spending more than five thousand dollars' worth of United States currency in under 30 minutes. The 24-year-old pregnant pop princess reportedly was downright dotty over a polka dot headband and a spotty frock as she browsed Los Angeles store Intuition.

NOTE: We have no idea what any of that means.

Britney Spears Looking Pregnant

Britney also splashed out on a big straw hat (she's country, don'cha know) and snared up a stripy cardigan and a handbag. The star, who is due to crank out her second child with white trash deadbeat disgrace to the-species waste of oxygen husband Kevin Federline next month, told onlookers she is looking forward to birthing her kid and losing her baby weight.

"She said she can't wait to get to fit back into the clothes. She loved the head band. It reminded her of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman," an onlooker said.

Rumours of a split with K-Fed continue to surround the star, who ventured out without him. However, his absence may have simply been due to the rapping aspirant's recent shopping ban after he spent thousands of dollars of her money on bling and other items in Las Vegas. We don't really blame him for that, though -- when Ron Jeremy does your mom, you gotta make yourself feel better somehow.

"She seemed in good spirits but there was no ring on her finger. She was also having a good look at all the baby clothes, espiacilly all the cute little T-shirts," the onlooker said.

As professional onlookers, we can't help but be disappointed in this source. That's the best you can do? Give us more! WEAK.

Britney shopped while her 11-month-old son Sean Preston slept in the car, watched by her security guard. Suffice it to say, he was poorly dressed.

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As eagerly anticipated by all of us at T.H. Gossip, Kevin Federline capped off the 8th Annual Teen Choice Awards on Sunday with the worst performance in music history. One would think K-Fed could not possibly sink below the rock-bottom expectations we had for him, but he managed to accomplish that feat and then some.

Kevin Federline Black Card

In an effort to establish his own career and remove himself from the shadow of wife Britney Spears, Federline made his rap debut after being introduced by... Britney Spears! The pregnant pop princess wore a cleavage-baring dress, chewing her gum obnoxiously and introducing her deadbeat spouse hubby to the audience.

"This show has been very good to me and my career over the years. And I'm hoping that it will be as good to our next performer," she said.

In a white Dodgers hat and trademark clothes 10 sizes too large, Federline prowled and jumped around the stage, surrounded by young dancers. Isn't K-Fed supposed to be a dancer himself?

NOTE TO SELF: When embarking on my own music career, distract the audience from my utter lack of talent with some flashy lighting and a pack of crazy break dancers.

"I ain't here to brag," he rapped in a tough-guy style.

That's good, because there was certainly nothing to brag about, with the possible exception of having married Britney Spears and knocked her up twice, virtually assuring himself of millions.

The tabloid-popular couple have an infant son, Sean Preston, and they are expecting their second child next month. Federline is expected to release his debut album, Playing With Fire, in August. Last night he performed its first single, "Lose Control."

We almost did -- of our dinner.

With celebrities sweltering in the late summer heat, the overall mood at the Teen Choice Awards was light, and the clothing sparse.

Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook hosted the award show, in which votes are cast by fans on various online sites for the top celebrities in TV, music, fashion, sports and film.

Reese Witherspoon, who won best actress in a drama for her role in Walk the Line, said backstage that her surfboard-shaped green and yellow award was going to her daughter.

"I love the younger fans," said Witherspoon, who spent the summer hanging out with her kids.

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, who won for best movie liplock for their long smooch in The Lake House, joked about their first respective kisses.

"I started out young. I was making out at 9 years old like a bandit... I didn't like being a teenager at all," Bullock said.

Girlish screams welcomed the handsome duo of Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, who each snagged an award for their swashbuckling parts in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, which picked up seven honors.

Even potentially uncomfortable moments were smudged with humor.

"I just want to start off by saying... awkward, a little bit," said Nick Lachey, who won choice love song for "What's Left of Me," his top-selling number that re-creates his publicized breakup with Simpson.

Performers other than Federline included breakout female musician winner Rihanna and V Cast Music winner Nelly Furtado, who donned snug-fitting jeans and a spangly black top to sing her hit song "Promiscuous" with producer Timbaland. Suffice it to say, it was an MVP-like performance, not unlike Steve Nash.

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We understand that once you've dated Kristin Cavallari, there's nowhere to go but down. But it appears that Brody Jenner has sunk to ridiculous depths. The son of the former Olympian was spotted with the revolting lovely Nicole Richie. Which is no small feat, given that she's practically two-dimensional. You all know what we're talking about. Just look at the results of our poll, people.

Nicole Richie And Brody Jenner Photo

At least B.J. was smart enough to meet her at an espresso bar. That stuff's like liquid crack, which Nicole probably prefers to actual food! Yes. We went there!

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