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If Whitney Houston can't come up with $1 million in unpaid back taxes by January 4, her New Jersey home will be sold in a sheriff's auction.

Really. According to the Morris County Daily Record, Houston has to pay off the home mortgage and back taxes on a portion of her $6 million estate in New Jersey's Mendham Township, or risk foreclosure.

Whitney Houston Red Carpet Pic

This is the second case of celebrity foreclosure that THG has covered since its inception earlier this year. The first concerned Dustin Diamond, the comedian and former Saved By The Bell star who was having money problems before he made a lewd sex tape that somehow made its way into the hands of legendary porn broker David Hans Schmidt. That guy is sick.

Houston's publicist, Nancy Seltzer, told the paper through a secretary that Houston's property was not in foreclosure. So it appears Whitney, whose recent divorce still lingers, has representation, if not taxation. So to speak.

We know Bobby Brown won't be helping her out, that's for damn sure. That jackass makes Kevin Federline look like a good husband. Bobby not only cheated on Whitney and did a $h!tload of drugs, but he can't even take a break from banging Karrine Steffans long enough to pay child support!

For those concerned about Houston's well-being, please note: the money is owed on only a small portion of Houston's sprawling, 10-acre estate, and that the singer also owns several dwellings in other states.

On top of that, she spends most of her time in L.A., leaving the New Jersey home for friends and relatives. Like the one who took pictures from inside one of Houston's residences and sent them in The National Enquirer, calling it a "crack house."

That's just wrong. It's a crack mansion, bitches.

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What we learned last night on the season finale of Laguna Beach was, not shockingly, that graduation is a sad affair. A lot of people said so. Over and over again. This is as much a function of high school as of being on camera. Teenagers live in a high school bubble that's both sad and hard to leave. Even Kristin Cavallari got weepy over it last season.

As for this year's biatches, even Cami and Kyndra spell out precisely what they're thinking -- that graduation is, like, so sad!


"It's so hard," Kyndra whined.

Meanwhile, Rocky was, as usual, strangely wise when assessing graduation and its impact on her relationship with Alex.

"There's no point to like be together through summer if it's just gonna end," the unbelievably cute Rocky (pictured, real name: Raquel Donatelli) told her mom while discussing her relationship with Alex.

"I know you're worried," said Mom, who's a sweetheart herself. "And I don't wanna see your little heart get broken, that's for sure.''

Eerily both less and more sensitive was Kyndra.

"If you don't cry, I'm gonna kill you," she told Cameron as they started their touching slide show of the seniors' childhood pics. "I'll punch you so you, like, start crying."

Cameron, in one of several heart-to-hearts with Kelan that indicated the two were actually way closer than we knew, expressed that he is sincerely bummed about the seniors leaving, and having to start over in college. As he helped Kelan pack for San Diego State, we saw a side of the meathead we never knew existed. He seems like a good friend.

A bunch of other convenient plot tie-ups happened after that. The awkward Breanna Conrad (sister of Lauren Conrad) wrote a make-up letter to Rocky, Chase and Tessa had a final subtext-laden conversation before he left to record his new album in L.A. Oh, yes, and Cameron called Jessica Smith one last time after feeling surprisingly lonely.

And so it was that we had our final dramatic moment of the night

Everyone's like moving on to like bigger and better things... You're like one of my best friends. You are.

JESSICA: Thanks.

CAMERON: You know like usually after like people are like together and then, like, they're like not together anymore?

JESSSICA: Yeah, they don't talk.

CAMERON: It's awkward. You like don't wanna be around that person and stuff. It's like, it's really weird.

JESSICA: It was fun though.

CAMERON: I don't know. History repeats itself. What, why are you giving me the look, man?

JESSICA: Not in our case.

CAMERON: C'mon now. Do you think you'd like turn into my girlfriend?

The answer seemed to be no. But you never know with these girls.

"I will have a girlfriend," Cameron later told Chase, who he was also better buds with than previous episodes revealed. "But I'm not gonna like settle down to a girlfriend until I meet someone where I'm just like, 'I'm so lucky to be with this chick. If she breaks up with me, like I'm gonna be bummed for like a year.'"

Sometimes, our Laguna Beach kids are startlingly astute. And while there was some more about Rocky and Alex staying together, which was actually really sweet, as he cares about her a lot, even through is utter lack of communication skills, Cameron's deep thoughts seem an appropriate way to end the season. So we will.

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When Howard Stern (the radio guy, not Howard K. Stern of Anna Nicole Smith fame) said on his show that talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and overrated actor Owen Wilson look very much alike, we had to put that to the test. Henceforth, he have compiled a little comparison for you here at T.H. Gossip.

Ellen DeGeneres Image

Okay, so this is not exactly a pair of dead ringers along the lines of Abbie Cornish and Reese Witherspoon. Or, for that matter, Tom Cruise and Kim Jong Il. But in the Celebrity Look-Alike business, you can't force it. Not every day hands you a gem. You take what you can get.

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Porn king David Hans Schmidt has allegedly offered $100 million for a sex tape featuring Britney Spears and her estranged, worthless piece of $h!t douchebag of a husband, Kevin Federline.

Schmidt is the celebrity porn broker behind videos starring many famous people, including Fred Durst. Most recently, he's been in the news for getting his filthy hands on the (former Saved By The Bell star) Dustin Diamond sex tape, as well as some nude Marcia Cross pictures.

Rough Britney Spears Pic

Man, those must be hot.

Schmidt has proven time and again that if there is a celebrity sex tape out there, he will acquire it. He is a celebrity porn broker by trade, after all.

Whether it's real or not is anyone's guess, but a 19-second clip from a sex tape featuring someone looking like Britney Spears was recently leaked online, and allegedly shows her performing a sex act on a person thought to be (or look a lot like) K-Fed.

Fox News claims British newspaper News Of The World has offered $50 million for the full tape. But not to be outdone, David Hans Schmidt is ready to double that offer.

He tells Radar Online: "I'd offer $100 million if this tape is any good. What the f**k is News of the World doing trying to get into the porn-selling business, anyway? They're just trying to sling arrows into the dark to get some headlines. No way they'd make their money back."

Lesson Probably Learned: There is no Britney Spears sex tape.

Lesson Definitely Learned: If you're in the sex tape business, do not f*%k with David Hans Schmidt. The man has deep pockets. Deep, dirty pockets.

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Believe it. Suri Cruise, the reclusive little Asian baby, made a surprise, rare public appearance with her mother, Katie Holmes, and her dad, Tom Cruise, at City Hall in Rome. She looks tired. Probably from watching Tom run around the house like a loon and jumping on furniture every day. The guy is straight up insane. Anyway, here are the Suri pics:

Curtain Call

TomKat is now making preparations to get married Saturday in Rome, after Katie's parents reportedly a hissy fit that the couple planned on getting hitched at a Scientology church. Amazing. We can't imagine why they'd object to her being brainwashed by a cult. Or buying a $340 thong. These things make perfect sense.

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As we reported yesterday, Britney Spears paid a visit to her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, earlier this week. T.H. Gossip has obtained pictures of her visit, which included some downtime with family and friends, along with a trip to a family favorite down-home eatery in nearby Mississippi - the state where Brit was actually born.

Britney, Sean and Jayden Federline

The gentleman holding Britney's son, Sean Preston (top left) is her older brother, Brian Spears. It looks he, his sis and his nephew had some fun together while she was home. Prior to returning to Louisiana, Britney had been in N.Y. and Miami working on her new album.

Sadly, no Jayden James pictures were taken during her visit.

Not sure what to say about the last picture (bottom right) other than she is going through a lot of tough times. The stress of her impending divorce from Kevin Federline has to be taking its toll on Britney, especially in light of the vengeful note he left for her (and other ladies) on his dressing room door in Chicago, one day after getting hit with divorce papers.

And at least she's not smoking a blunt, like K-Fed apparently does.

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Nick Lachey is a happy guy these days. He's got a better singing career than he ever had when he was married, and doesn't have to spend time with that half-wit Jessica Simpson either.

But that doesn't mean the memories from his unhappy union aren't lingering. Even as our boy Nick celebrates a joyous occasion - his birthday, as well as the birthday of his new squeeze, the sweet and vastly superior Vanessa Minnillo - he can't help but become enraged and suicidal when certain songs are played over the club's sound system.

Pete's Piece

Yes, Nick, we totally understand. Listening to Ashlee Simpson will drive your into a blinding rage. It certainly happens to us. We can't even imagine what it's like when she's your sister-in-law and you have to pretend she doesn't suck ass.

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New information on the final days of Britney Spears' marriage has come to light, showing that the sexy singer laid out plans to drop her deadbeat spouse and revive her career the week before she filed for divorce November 7.

However, it was a handwritten letter from Kevin Federline that ultimately pushed Britney Spears over the edge, causing her to sever their tumultuous, two-year union for good.

Gawking at Britney

On November 6, after a week of fighting via text message, the final blowout came when the K-Hole sent a handwritten letter to his wife, who was staying at a separate hotel in New York City.

"It mostly blamed Britney for all their problems," a family insider says.

Hours later, an enraged Britney notified her attorney to start drafting the divorce petition and signed it at the hotel just before making a surprise appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman - sans wedding ring.

"That's why she looked so happy. A weight had been lifted," said the source.

Dead weight, if you ask us. What a waste of space.

But Federline is never one to take anything sitting down. Not exactly sure what we mean by that, but the guy is beyond pathetic (even if Shar Jackson doesn't come out and say it). K-Fed's revenge, upon being served with divorce papers, was to graffiti the dressing room door of the House of Blues in Chicago, where he performed the following night.
The message, written the day after Britney filed for divorce, reads:

Today I'm a free man
Ladies look out
F**k a wife
Give me my kids B!tch!

-- Kevin Federline

Us Weekly somehow got a picture of this heartfelt love note, (see below) which clearly shows just how mature Kevin Federline is.

Britney, who's already busy recording her new album and planning a career comeback, clearly did the right thing. Not just for herself, but for little Sean Preston and Jayden James especially. Those little tykes don't need to be subjected to this loser. Ever!

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Nicky Hilton claims someone is trying to steal her name and cash in on her newest business venture. Believe it or not, that venture involves hotels. And, according to some ridiculous photos we found, nude models.

But Nicky claims in a lawsuit that she's been developing a "boutique hotel chain" called Nicky O -- and that some moron she's worked with is trying to go behind her back and trademark the name.

Nicky Hilt

The "O," by the way, comes from Nicky's middle initial -- not the moans emanating from sister Paris Hilton's room every night. Just thought we would clear that up for you.

According to the suit, Nicky hooked up with a guy named Eneliko Smith, the Defendant, who billed himself as an experienced operator and marketer of boutique hotels. Apparently Hilton was horrified to learn that Smith has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for exclusive rights to use the name Nicky O.

Hilton says the first Nicky O hotel is slated to open early next year, in South Beach. In the lawsuit, Hilton's lawyer says his client's name "could attract a valuable demographic of young, affluent guests."

Or, based on the logo above, confuse people into thinking the hotel is owned by Nick Lachey. It's Nick, Yo!

David Katzenberg, Nicky's new boyfriend, could not be reached by The Gossip for comment. But no doubt he would love to beat the snot out of this jackass.

Nicky Hilton is asking for damages and wants a judge to issue an injunction prohibiting Smith from using the name.

Smith says he created the concept for Hilton and that she took the idea to another company, so he feels he was within his rights to submit an application to register the name.

We have no idea who Eneliko Smith guy is, but he may be the loser spotted with Nicky in one of our past reports. Follow the link and see -- even if that's not him, that guy is such a tool!

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Who says you can't go home again?

No one that we know, actually.

Giggling Away

Certainly not Britney Spears!

A week after filing for divorce from that assclown Kevin Federline, the pop singer returned to her small-town roots, paying a visit to Kentwood, La., where she was born and raised.

After working on her new album in New York City (and showing off her newly-svelte figure, we might add -- you go girl), Spears quietly arrived in her hometown with her two young sons, Sean Preston and Sutton Pierce. Er, Jayden James.

During her stay, she paid a visit to longtime family friend Nyla Price, 55, owner of Nyla's Burger Basket - a family favorite - in nearby Osyka, Miss. She spent some down time with her kids, friends and family.

Spears is "a wonderful mother and she's doing great right now," Price tells People. "She looks beautiful with her cute little short hair cut. She's happy and doing just fine. The babies are gorgeous â€" both of them are so adorable."

No word on whether Price took any Jayden James pictures or whether they will be leaked onto the Internet anytime soon. We'll let you know if we hear anything.

Spears and her sons left Kentwood on Tuesday, sources say. But part of them will always be there in Louisiana. Unlike with K-Fed. They've left him for good, hopefully.

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