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She may have decided that she can do without Paris Hilton, but you know what they say: Young skanks love to slut it up Old habits often die hard.

On December 12, Britney Spears donned a see-thru top, sans bra, and partied hard at L.A. hotspot Element. At one point, she spilled a drink on herself, which exacerbated the problem, if you know what we're talking about... We are talking about nipples. In full view.

What's That?

Out of common decency, we have censored the objects in question below. It seems as if this pop princess is dying to give people a taste of a nude Britney Spears. Just go all-out and pose for Playboy, girl! You know you want to!


Guess there is something to be said for mystery, however. It's not like we are talking about Paris Hilton pussy, which everyone and their mother has seen by now. Anyway, later on that night, Brit and friends headed to the home of Jonathan "J.R." Rotem, where they partied 'til 4.

Brit and J.R. Rotem are supposedly dating. Maybe you heard?

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They're both old, may have been hot back in the day at some point (we can't say for sure, one way or the other) and are quite possibly insane. What's more, they are both washed-up hacks who can't seem to stay out of the limelight, even when they're not actually doing anything. One of them can't keep her mouth shut. The other can't even keep the lights on!

Yeah. They're real normal. T.H. Gossip is proud present to you, this totally terrifying train-wreck twosome: Anna Nicole Smith and Janice Dickinson.

Playboy Bunny


Dear God, that is frightening. Coming Soon: T.H. Gossip's Alcohol-Drug Rehab Edition of Photo Finish, featuring the lovely likes of Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie.

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In a late bid for Worst Lie of the Year, Nicole Richie is telling friends that the reason she was on Vicodin during her recent arrest was to treat menstruation cramps.

Riiiight. Because every woman treats menstrual cramps with illegally-obtained, hard-core prescription painkillers. Come on, Nicole. Is that the best you can do?

A Nicole Richie, Joel Madden Photo

Nicole's arrest came early Monday morning for driving under the influence of marijuana and Vicodin, after she was seen driving the wrong direction down a California freeway. This wonderful Nicole Richie mug shot followed.

Vicodin is an opiate and Richie's involvement with the drug raises concern because she was once hooked on heroin, and former addicts who dabble in other drugs risk relapse. Earlier today, we learned that Richie had not only a prior DUI arrest from 2002 but entered drug rehab back in 2003.

"She knows she made a mistake, but overall she's in a better place," says a close friend of Richie. "She has come a long way from her heroin days."

If that unnamed close friend of Richie is Paris Hilton, we all know how credible that skank is. When a walking train wreck like Britney Spears decides it's not good for her image to be seen with you, that says a lot.

Nicole is said to be upset over media reports that she's addicted to pills, and is insisting to friends that she only "occasionally" takes Vicodin once a month at the start of her menstruation cycle.

Richie is also unhappy that California cops listed her weight at 85 pounds on the police report because "she's so proud of her weight gain," says the source, who is losing credibility by the second, and adds that Richie has gained "about 10 pounds" in the last two months and actually weighs around 95.

"She doesn't know where the cops came up with 85 pounds and it's annoying to her."

Sure thing, babe. Anyway, below are some nice Nicole Richie pictures you might enjoy. On the right, she's out and about this week after her arrest. On the left, she's partying with a pal, who's passing her a bowl, earlier this year. Everybody go smoke up!

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We never could have seen this coming.

Actually, we really could have.

Britney and Jason Stroll

And we did. It wasn't hard.

The budding friendship between Britney Spears and Paris Hilton may have seemed to good to be true. It was a ton of fun, not to mention drama-filled and good for the occasional crotch shot. But now, alas, it seems as though it's run its course.

The dynamic, panty-free duo have gone their separate ways, says the New York Post's Page Six.

After a couple of memorable weeks of clubbing and late-night debauchery, the ho train has reportedly left the station - never to return.

The reason? Ready for this?

[Cue the drum roll]

Paris Hilton is a bad influence! ** Gasp! **

"Britney has been told by her people that if she ever wants a career comeback, she should really stay far away from Paris and start acting like an adult," a source tells Page Six.

Somewhere, Jayden James is smiling at this news. Or napping. Or crying, wishing someone would change his diaper. He's a baby!

Indeed, Hollywood Gossip affiliates have spotted Paris back with her traditional party posse in the past couple of days. Her crew includes Brandon Davis, a.k.a. "Greasy Bear," sister Nicky Hilton, and former BFF / current accessory Kim Kardashian - but no Britney.

Meanwhile, Britney has been digging in at the studio and stepping out with a new man - music producer and D-list celebrity J.R. Rotem, who surely gives Brandon Davis a run for his money in the "Greasy Bear" department.

Seriously. The guy has enough oil in his hair to join OPEC.

As far as the split between Britney and Paris, you know what they say. All good things must come to an end, and all pants must one day be put back on when one goes clubbing.

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We know Nicole Richie loves her some fur, so those PETA freaks are surely loving the fact that the Simple Life "actress" could be adding trading in her mink coats for an orange jumpsuit.

Nic Richie

The celebrity gossip all-stars at TMZ have uncovered court documents which reveal that Richie has a prior DUI arrest - she pled no contest four years ago to driving under the influence. Under California law, if Richie is convicted of DUI as a result of her arrest Monday, the judge must impose a jail sentence.

The law requires a mandatory sentence of five consecutive days in county jail as well as a one year license suspension for anyone twice-convicted of DUI. In addition, Monday's Nicole Richie arrest could result in her having to attend an alcohol education program for 18 months, even if the second conviction is not alcohol-related.

Richie admitted to California Highway Patrol officers that she had taken Vicodin and smoked pot before driving the wrong way on a Burbank freeway. A field sobriety test revealed she was not under the influence of alcohol.

In the 2006 case, Richie told cops all she had eaten that day were french fries. As for what she drank that day -- "1 shot vodka." She was booked at the police station and her weight was listed at a hefty 85 pounds.

She blew a .12 and a .13 in two separate tests. In California, .08 is considered legally intoxicated. Richie was stopped in her Toyota Corolla after a UCLA police officer observed her blowing a red light and driving over a speed bump at more than 50 miles an hour in a 15 mph zone.

Her eyes were watery and bloodshot, and she was unable to even keep your balance. Richie failed the sobriety test hard that night. Sadly, no Nicole Richie mug shot from the 2002 arrest has been made available. We will keep looking.

Richie was given three years probation for the 2002 DUI conviction and had her license suspended for one year. Six months later, Richie was arrested for possession of heroin and for driving with a suspended license.

THG NOTE: These revelations from her past will surely better Nicole's chances in the official DUI Arrest odds. The girl's record would make even Pete Doherty proud!

She was also given a suspended sentence for driving a piece-of-$h!t hoopty ride. A Corrolla? Come on. T.H. Gossip staff members have nicer wheels. And you call yourself a star, Nicole. For shame, girl. For shame.

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Janice Dickinson, the outrageous model who not only claims to have coined the term "supermodel," but to be the first one, was nailed last night.

By a car. What we're saying is, Janice Dickinson was involved in a hit and run car accident in L.A. late Tuesday.

Janice Dickinson Photograph

According to a statement issued by her rep, Dickinson, an assistant, her makeup artist and stylist were on the 405 Freeway when an unknown driver in a semi-truck sideswiped their vehicle into a median and sped away. Police say that contrary to popular belief, Nicole Richie was not driving.

The outspoken old hag, who has bashed Britney Spears and others of late, was wearing a seat belt at the time, thankfully. She was thrown head first into the windshield and suffered a concussion, but it could have been a lot worse.

The group, including the assistant who was driving the vehicle, was taken to the hospital, where they were treated and released. Her rep says that although Janice is shaken, she was given a clean bill of health and is expected to be "back in fine form" for the debut of Season 2 of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency on January 10.

Wait, there's a Janice Dickinson reality show? Wow. And we thought America's Next Top Model was lame. No offense, CariDee English.

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We love Brandon Davis here at T.H. Gossip.

Anyone who equates Lindsay Lohan and the term firecrotch is all good in our books. And what's not to love about a guy with the nickname "Greasy Bear" who spends his life partying and mooching off his oil tycoon family?

Sad Paris

Plenty, probably. But for our purposes, Brandon's okay. Especially because he's one of the few pals of Paris Hilton who can keep his pants on. Still, he prefers when his rich pals parade around sans undies - and is not afraid to let Paris know it at the New York club Marquee.

Seriously. Between Paris' girl on girl action with sister Nicky, and the slew of nude Britney Spears pictures we've been inundated with, it's no wonder the Greasy Bear has become accustomed to seeing his friends in the buff. At this point it's the norm - he almost feels lost without it. Like K-Fed without a job. Oh, wait...

So come on, now. Show him just a little Paris Hilton pussy, will you? The poor kid's got nothing else going for him in this world. Also, see if you can get him a towel, will you, Paris? The guy is sweating like Nicole Richie during a breathalyzer.

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Sigh. Guess tapping the back side of Britney Spears just doesn't get one as far as it did back in the good ol' days.

Maybe it's the fact that millions were given an unsolicited crotch shot by Britney last month and the allure is kind of lost.

Britney Spears in a Black Dress

Who knows. But her new boyfriend, Jonathan "J.R." Rotem, is reportedly being shunned like the D-lister he is. Fool can't get no love (except from Britney Spears, of course)!

Just 48 hours after cameras spotted the music producer locking lips with Spears at The Grove, her rebound guy tried to leverage his newfound star power to get into Hollywood hotspot, Hyde.

Sadly for him, but amusing for all of us at T.H. Gossip who love a good Hyde sighting, J.R. Rotem got straight up negged!

Moments after his reality check, Rotem took the walk of shame down to another nightclub, where the loser was welcomed with open arms.

Where was his gal during all of this?

No, Britney and Paris were not out galavanting for once. It turns out Britney may have been - gasp - working. She was spotted carrying some CDs to a recording studio (below, right), having realized that she is working on a new album that should come out at some point.

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Oh, those crazy Olsen Twins.

Tired of having her boyfriends pilfered by the Hilton Sisters, and weary from having shunned food since 1999, Mary-Kate Olsen has become deranged. How else can you explain this look (below, left)? She looks like a drunk, homeless lumberjack in no pants. That's hard to top. 

Mary-Kate Olsen of Weeds

Wow. David Katzenberg would be rolling in his grave if he could see this.

Meanwhile, her sister Ashley Olsen (above, right) looks surprised to see the light of day as she steps out of a car. The glare shouldn't come as a big shock when you live in Southern California... unless, of course, you happen to be a crazed, baby-eating zombie.

Dressed in black from head-to-toe, Ashley luckily avoided transforming into a bat on Monday by escaping into a safe haven known as Barneys. Phew.

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Kristin Cavallari knows a thing or two about sports.

After all, she was friends with, then possibly slept with Jason Wahler, who was a pretty decent high school jock (and total meathead). There were also the rumors linking her to former USC quarterback Matt Leinart back when he was still in college.

Pretending to Shop

But that doesn't mean Kristin can stomach bad basketball, which she took in during a recent Knicks/Bucks game at Madison Square Garden. Her facial expression says all you need to know about the quality of the Knicks... or the conversation with the guy next to her named Eugene Remm. She looks about as excited to be there as Britney Spears is about pants.

Good thing Lauren Conrad wasn't there. Otherwise, a full-on cat fight may have broken out in the courtside seats. Which may be more fun to watch than the Knicks, come to think of it.

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