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Despite earlier reports by The Gossip that Tori Spelling (left) would inherit a nice chunk of her father's $500 million estate, now it's looking like a much smaller chunk. If you can even call it a chunk. Which we are not sure you can, as she's getting less than one-fifth of one percent. That's not a lot at all.

We are talking about 0.16 percent of the Aaron Spelling fortune.

Tori Photograph

Tori's share will be a cash inheritance payment of $200,000, combined with approximately $600,000 in private investments her dad set up for her. That constitutes a pretty big brush-off from the TV magnate, who would never have intended to hit his only daughter with, a family source said. One might even say that Aaron Spelling is rolling in his grave right now.

Instead, it seems like a move that Tori's mother, Candy, who happens to be sole managing executor of the estate, conspired in a cruel, heartless act of revenge against her estranged daughter.

Many questions remain.

How much of the cash will Tori's brother, Randy, inherit? Why are Candy's interior decorator and manicurist in the will? Why were Brandon Walsh and Steve Sanders (right) snubbed after more than a decade of good times, helpful advice and platonic friendship? We may never know.

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Stay-at-home mom of a child that may or may not be real? You can forget about trying to pigeonhole Katie Holmes into that role!

Katie, 27, is tired of looking like a total wreck and keeping to herself in Telluride, Colo. According to Us Magazine, she's back in L.A. and ready to get back to work.

Anybody Got a Blunt?

On July 19, the actress held a meeting sans wackjob fiancee Tom Cruise with her agents in Beverly Hills to fire up the search for the perfect vehicle for her return to the acting world.

"She knows it's been too long. She doesn't want to give up her career for her new life," says a supposed friend of Katie's, who adds that Holmes has been reading scripts looking for an older, more mature role.

And, although she wants a hot career again, her family life won't have to suffer, says an insider close to the pair.

"She's still very much involved with Tom and pretending they have a the baby. But she does want to start working again soon," the source said.

Of course her family life won't suffer. Suri Cruise is a farce!

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Ever wonder how Ellen Pompeo maintains her exquisite... well, rail-thin figure? The Defamer and its operatives say they've got her secret figured out -- the ever-popular Big Fat Plate of Nothing Diet.

Here's the blow-by-blow account of a trip to a Los Angeles diner on Friday night by the leading lady of Grey's Anatomy, according to the site:

9:15 PM: Sitting at Lucky Devils on Hollywood and Cherokee. Ellen Pompeo just walked in. She looks pretty hot. I will tell you what she orders as it happens.

Ellen Pompeo New Years photo

9:27 PM: So far just a milkshake that she's sharing with her boyfriend. And by sharing, I mean letting him have it all.

9:46 PM: It's the Hollywood actress moment I was waiting for. The three people with Pompeo at her table have all ordered cheeseburgers. Pompeo has ordered a big fat plate of nothing. That's right, there are three plates at the table, none of which are in front of Ellen. She's just sitting there watching her friends eat. And that's how you get cast on TV's number one show, boys and girls.

Are we jumping to conclusions? Is it unfair to suggest that Ellen has an eating disorder simply because of this one incident? Yes and yes. But come on, it's still pretty amusing. We're just wondering if boyfriend Chris Ivery was there.

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He railed an 18-year old and Janice Dickinson (?) railed against him. Now Peter Cook is apologizing profusely for cheating on his gorgeous, supermodel wife with a teenager, and pleading for another shot.

  • Peter Cook Photo
  • Christie Brinkley Photo

The estranged husband of Christie Brinkley (left) has been silent until now about the affair with his teenage employee. Now, under fire from the press and from his scorned wife, Cook's desperate apology is receiving a very public airing.

"This is an aberration I'm sorry. I'm contrite. I'm stupid. Foolish. No excuse," Cook is quoted as saying by Cindy Adams of the New York Post.

According to Adams, those words are Cook's own, and were provided to her by his attorney, Norman Sheresky.

"I love my wife. ... For a lifetime I've tried to prove how much I love her," Cook said.

Sheresky said that Cook, 47, a Long Island architect and the model's fourth husband, is hoping for a reconciliation with Brinkley, 52.

"He got involved, in over his head somehow, and he wants to make it up to her for the rest of his life," said Sheresky, who defended Cook as a "man who loves his wife and who loves his children."

Elliot Mintz, Brinkley's publicist, told The Associated Press early Tuesday that he did not believe she would issue a response.

"This is not the way for people to have a discourse or a discussion about private matters," he said.

The couple's separation exploded in scandal earlier this month when 19-year-old Diana Bianchi claimed Cook had seduced her shortly after hiring her to work at his architecture firm. The teen's lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, described the relationship as consensual, but claimed that Cook's role as employer and his gifts of a car, money and jewelry may constitute sexual harassment.

"The idea that the other person involved didn't knowingly consent to this relationship is garbage. I took no advantage," Cook said through his attorney.

Days after Bianchi came forward, 29-year-old Samantha Cole told the Post that she had a relationship with Cook, who had proposed marriage to her when she was 19, a month before he became engaged to Brinkley.

Sheresky said Cook would respect Brinkley's wishes, whatever the result.

"He hopes there's no divorce. IF she wants one, and he certainly hopes this doesn't happen, but IF â€" it will not be nasty," Sheresky said. "She can have whatever she wants."

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Much as you would love to imagine the words "Britney," "Spears," and "experimentation" coming together in magical ways, don't get your hopes up.

Britney, Sean

Mother extraordinaire Britney Spears says she loves experimenting -- but she means playing the role of personal style coordinator for 10-month-old son Sean Preston. The pregnant pop princess loves picking out a wide and interesting variety of clothes for Sean P. So much so that she is planning on launching a new clothing line specifically for babies.

The star says she is putting her downtime during pregnancy to good use (when she's not writing poetry, of course), and has been amusing herself endlessly with Sean Preston's wardrobe.

"Because I'm pregnant, I'm big, and I don't really want to get out that much," she said. "I go into his closet and just bleach everything! Preston's just like a rocker kid. Hopefully next year we'll have a fashion show, maybe at Disney World or something like that We'll have them onstage, and they'll have mini-guitars. Everyone needs a mini-guitar!"

Somebody please kill me now, or take me back to the days of yore.

One would think that Britney could use some of that downtime to outfit husband Kevin Federline in some new clothes as well, but who knows. Maybe she digs the circa-1992-wigger look. As for her experimenting with Sean Preston's attire, we think she has some work to do. Please see:

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Like the Hollywood Gossip, singer Lionel Richie admits he has become distraught over daughter Nicole's weight loss.

The "Dancing on the Ceiling" singer calls himself a "basket case" and is so worried about how thin his adopted daughter, Nicole Richie, has become. The constant speculation about her size has made him into a wreck, he says.

Lionel And Nicole Richie Photo

"I'll be honest with you, it hurts me more than it hurts her. I'm more sensitive. I take it more personally. I must tell you, I'm the basket case," Lionel told Access Hollywood on Monday.

Lionel also revealed that he has had words with Nicole about her increasing resemblance to a two-dimensional alien weight and overall physical health. Just look at that pic! You can barely see her!

"What are fathers for if you can't point the finger every once in a while. The good part of it is she is aware of it. She has heard this all her life from me so this is just a continuation of the reminder," he said.

Nicole, 24, recently admitted that she was too thin and wouldn't want young girls to copy her look.

"I know I'm too thin right now," Nicole said.

In related news, the sky is blue and Tom Cruise is insane. Oh, snap! However, when asked how Nicole -- who has announced she is getting ready to release her debut album -- is doing at the moment, her proud father was more positive.

"She is doing great," he said.

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More information has come to light regarding the Colin Farrell stalking saga. E! Online reports that the woman, who has published a tell-all book about the 30-year-old Irish actor, dropped off a copy of the text on Jay Leno's desk while the talk show host was interviewing Farrell. The actor didn't appreciate it, and joked to Leno that he had just met his first stalker.

Farrell obtained a restraining order against Dessarae Bradford the next day, and Bradford countered by denying allegations she's a crazy stalker and by filing a $10M lawsuit.

Colin Farrell Picture

"I am telling the truth," Bradford said on her website, her comments directed at the media. "Colin and his handlers are lying... If you all don't start checking more thoroughly what Colin's people are saying you will be unknowingly, yet viciously lying to your viewers, readers and listeners, not to mention destroying my name, and my life."

As for who is doing the stalking here, well, that's anyone's guess at this point. Bradford sued Farrell in December 2004 and again in July 2005 in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging he stalked her with phone calls and lewd text messages. When her initial claims proved too small for small-claims court, the 31-year-old woman filed the $10 million suit in U.S. District Court.

A federal judge has since ordered her to produce clear evidence why this suit shouldn't be tossed out as well. Bradford said that no one has seen footage of last week's Tonight Show incident because Farrell gave her a much warmer reception than reports have suggested.

"Security never came over to us and Mr. Leno never moved from his seat nor summons [sic] his security because Colin was talking to me comfortably with his whole arm draped around me extremely close," Bradford said. "He chatted with me as I tried to explain my presence at the show, until he realized people took notice of us talking closely. He then whispered softly for security after he and I were still debating about settling this court matter before going to court."

Bradford, whose book on Farrell is entitled Colin Farrell: A Sick, Twisted Puppy, also penned My S/M Romp with Alec Baldwin back in the day. Wonder what that's about. She told E! outside the L.A. courthouse Monday that NBC security "parted like the Red Sea" as she walked toward the stage. She also denied reports that used to be a phone sex operator, saying that she is only an author.

"Colin has hurt me so deeply, and I'm here to disparage the rumors and lies. I am not a stalker, and he's machete-chopped my name [in public]." The aspiring auteur also passed out copies of her book," Bradford said.

Farrell joins fellow actor John Cusack in the he-said, she-said game right now. A strange, transient woman whom Cusack obtained a restraining order against last week has filed for a similar court order barring him from approaching her. Just in case.

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Tom Cruise is, at last, master of his domain.


TomKat on the Red Carpet

Yes, at long last, the U.N.'s World Intellectual Property Organization has awarded the actor custody of, and has ordered the webmaster who has been operating the site to turn the URL over to its rightful owner.

Cruise is just one of hundreds of celebrities whose names were snatched up by Canadian businessman Jeff Burgar, who used the URLs to redirect visitors to his website, Burgar owned and operated since 1996.

He is well known to the WIPO, having previously gone before the panel to argue his right to ownership of the domain names such as (he lost), (lost), (lost) and (won, and still maintains the site), among others.

Lawyers for the nutcase actor argued that:

  • Cruise had "common law trademark and service mark rights" to the term Tom Cruise
  • Burgar was making money off the actor's name through third-party ads on his site
  • Visitors to the site might be confused into believing that Cruise was somehow affiliated with it.

In response, Burgar claimed the site was a fansite that included a bio of Cruise and that his use of the domain should be protected by free speech. The WIPO panel disagreed, however, stating in its decision that "free speech does not, by definition, entail a right to take unfair commercial advantage of a trademark."

As of Monday, the website was still listed under Burgar's Alberta Hotrods organization, though typing in the address led to an error message.

Other Cruise-related domains, such as and, were registered to Trout & Zimmer, a Burbank, Calif., firm that helps companies register and acquire domains. A rep for Cruise had no comment on the big web victory, or on whether his daughter, Suri Cruise, is real.

It's not the first time Cruise has tangled with the web. Last fall, he was the victim of an Internet hoax in the form of a fake press release posted on a British website that touted his upcoming series of lectures on mental health topics, including one supposedly regarding his sexual preference.

Then, in October 2005, the Church of Scientology took exception to a Cruise-bashing site â€" â€" complaining that the site infringed on the Church's trademark. While the operator of the site, which offers a vast collection of Cruise-mocking material, originally agreed to change the domain name, it remains up and running.

Most recently, we saw the short-lived, an unauthorized site that offered a clock counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ daughter, supposedly born April 18, came of legal age.

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The woman who rushed the stage of The Tonight Show to talk to actor Colin Farrell is telling that she's filing a lawsuit against him, and there's more to the story than the public knows right now.

Stopping in the Street

According to Dessarae Bradford, she and a private eye from Counter Force PI Services (based in Marina Del Rey, Calif.) served Farrell with court papers on the red carpet of the premiere of Miami Vice, roughly two hours after The Tonight Show altercation took place.

Bradford wants $10 million from Farrell, who she alleges committed numerous crimes against her including stalking, harrassment and slander.

Bradford says the Tonight Show incident was her first attempt at formally serving Farrell with the suit. She also stressed that the actor's reaction to her at the show is "nothing like Colin Farrell's PR team is trying to spin it to be."

"I am not stalking Colin Farrell, I am too self-absorbed to ever stalk anyone," Bradford said, in what appeared to be an attempt to be convincing.

Farrell filed a request for a restraining order against Bradford shortly after she accosted him.

"I am concerned that her harassing behavior has escalated and may pose an immediate threat to my well-being and the well-being of my family," said Farrell in documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Bradford is holding a press conference to tell her side of the story Monday afternoon. We will have the latest for you as this develops.

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The seven remaining fans of The O.C. will recall that in Season 2, lovable geek Seth Cohen (played by Adam Brody) created his own comic book, "Atomic County." Now, in a case of art imitating life, Brody is teaming up with Danny Bilson (the father of Adam's O.C. co-star and real-life girlfriend, Rachel Bilson) and Paul DeMeo to pen a series called "Red Menace" for WildStorm, an imprint of DC Comics.

Adam Brody Picture

"As much as I love comics, writing one wasn't something I ever thought about doing. Danny brought it up, so I thought it would be fun, and it has been. I've had a blast," Brody said.

Set in '50s-era Los Angeles, "Red Menace" is centered around a blacklisted hero named The Eagle and the superpowered youth he takes under his wing.

According to TV Guide, the story was hatched after Bilson and Brody started talking about the 1976 film The Front, which starred Woody Allen as a cashier who agrees to be a front for blacklisted writers.

"I said, ‘Why don't we just do that, but as a comic?'" Brody recalled.

According to Bilson, the 26-year-old actor also came up with the idea of introducing a younger hero into the story.

"We all contributed different parts to the idea, but in a certain way, I feel like Paul and I own the older guy and Adam owns the younger guy," Bilson said.

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