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The wristwatch of J.R. Rotem probably reads around 14:56 right now.

That's right, with the clock already running out on his 15 minutes of fame, Britney Spears' recent boy-toy is making a last-ditch effort to stay in the spotlight ... by clubbing like a madman and getting busy with Bai Ling.

The two were spotted trying to sneak out the back of Teddy's nightclub at the Roosevelt Hotel over the weekend (because we all know that loser can't get into Hyde), as J.R. attempted to get his silver Maserati from the valet.

After J.R. packed the Lost actress into his ride, along with a few of his buddies, the group sped off into the night. Britney must be devastated upon hearing this news. She may or may not be wearing any pants, though, so that's good.

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The Gossip would like to extend warmest birthday greetings to Brad Pitt, who turns 43 today. After spending the week in New York with girlfriend Angelina Jolie, Brad returned to Los Angeles, where he got revved up for a motorcycle ride Friday:

Brad Pitt, Cane

We can't keep track of every celebrity birthday, but the hunk factor of this pic alone - to say nothing of what a talented actor and good person Pitt seems like - made it impossible to pass up. We just love Brangelina and all the kids (present and future)!

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As The Bachelor: Rome concluded, Lorenzo Borghese and Jennifer Wilson made it clear they intended to approach their new, long-distance relationship cautiously. Jennifer will not be moving to New York until at least next May and has stated this more than once.

Jake Pavelka and Tenley Molzahn Picture

But now, scandalous reports are surfacing that Jennifer Wilson is already dating another man in her native Florida.

The National Enquirer reports that Wilson is already "secretly dating" a fellow named Dan Herrero, another teacher at Glades Middle School, the Pembroke Pines, Fla., school at which the eighth grade reading teacher is employed.

The magazine contains a picture of Jennifer and her new beau, and claims she had been dating the guy for weeks before the Bachelor's controversial finale in late November.

"I can't believe I had just watched her accept the last rose from Prince Lorenzo Borghese on television, then only days later she was making out with Dan!," an Enquirer source told MSNBC.

"When Dan asked Jennifer about what she was going to do about Lorenzo, she told him point blank that she doesn't have any romantic feelings for him at all and has absolutely no intention of following through with their plans to start a future together."

When reached by the Enquirer, Herrero denied that he's seeing Wilson and insists that the pair are only "good friends."

Wilson didn't respond to the tabloid's requests for comment. However, three days later, photographers reportedly captured the pair frolicking on the beach together. If these developments are true, that leaves The Bachelor 0-for-9 on the marriage front. Fairy tale romance, indeed.

Meanwhile, a reader of T.H. Gossip is reporting that Lorenzo is now with Sadie Murray, the sweet, wonderful, virginal San Diego native he shunned for Jennifer. We have found no evidence to corroborate this, however. If this rumor is true, and anyone can verify it, our staff urges you to come forward with your source so that we may verify this exclusive!

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Actress Natasha Lyonne, who was accused of threatening to sexually molest a dog, turned herself in at a New York court Friday, CNN reports.

THG NOTE: There's really not a lot we can add when CNN reports that kind of story... We can't even come up with a good doggy-style joke. Anyway.

Lyonne, the star of American Pie and Scary Movie 2, was issued a bench warrant last January for not showing up for four hearings regarding a complaint from a neighbor who'd accused her of rushing into her apartment in 2004, picking up her dog, and telling the woman:

"I'm going to sexually molest your dog."

Paris Hilton, take notice.

At the Manhattan Criminal Court appearance, a drug counselor testified that Lyonne had completed an in-patient drug program in February and continued to attend outpatient rehabilitation groups.

Lyonne has had multiple run-ins with the law, as evidenced by this 2001 mug shot.

Judge Anthony Ferrara said the charges would be dropped if the actress stayed out of trouble for the next six months.

Seriously now. Dog molestation charges? The celebrity world gets weirder and weirder by the day.

What's next? Lindsay Lohan injuring herself pole dancing? Britney Spears linking up with some loser like J.R. Rotem? God.

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In a desperate effort to remain relevant despite no discernible talent and no reason for living, Ashlee Simpson has systematically transformed her worthless self into a skanked-out, plastic version of Ashlee Simpson. Man, she could definitely be the cover girl for January's Crack Whore Monthly. What a cheap hack. See below.

Upfront and Center

Ashlee's tagline for 2006: New chin. New nose. New boobs. No skills.

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Seems like it's everywhere these days in the world of The Hollywood Gossip. Not that we are complaining, mind you - it's just a little bit strange.

Just JJ

On one hand, you have the guys who can't watch enough of it (Craig Schelske, Charlie Sheen, et al.) and the wannabe amateur stars, those who pull ridiculous, raunchy stunts just to stay in the public eye. Oh come on. Not even a ditz like Britney Spears is dumb enough to go clubbing with no pants on by accident.

Then there are the actual practitioners of the world's oldest profession, who seem to grab more than their fair share of headlines. Kendra Jade may have played a role in Britney's divorce from Kevin Federline. And who would have guessed that Mary Carey not only has a name similar to a certain pop star - she has sex for a living!

Then, most recently, the most famous adult film star alive, Jenna Jameson, was back in the news after being officially divorced by her husband. She's already in a new relationship with Ultimate Fighter, Tito Ortiz, a seemingly nice gentleman who we would definitely try to avoid f*%king with. But it's good to see she's into him, whatever her reasons might be.

Seriously, look at the guy's dome. It is monstrous. That piece probably has its own gravitational pull. If he weren't the type of man who could snap us in two, we would make many more offensive jokes as his expense right now. But alas, he is. And we have a soft spot for Jenna, too. Good luck Tito and Jenna, from all of us!

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How can T.H. Gossip tell that the nude Sienna Miller sex scene in the upcoming movie Factory Girl is going to be really awesome?

She's worried what her father's going to think about it.

Nevertheless, despite her fears of what the old man might think, Sienna Miller is defending the graphic scene on it's artistic merits.

In other words, this is a movie, not a stupid Dustin Diamond sex tape.

"We wanted to make it realistic and I watched it thinking, 'Oh my God, my dad's going to see it!' And that was going through my head. But it was relevant to the story in that it's a movie about the 1960s, and sex and drugs and rock and roll were a big part of that.

"We didn't want to hold back because it is a real film and it is a gritty film and there was a lot of shocking things and it wouldn't fit in the film if we had an unrealistic sex scene. It was always a bit uncomfortable but I think it was relevant to the story."

It helps that Sienna is no stranger to sex. But usually it's Jude Law that has it with the nanny while Miller plays the scorned one. Although Miller gets that, seeing that all humans are basically f*%king animals anyways.

Regardless, this scene must contain some serious bumping of uglies if Sienna's worried her father won't approve. What could it entail? Some girl on girl action maybe? A lengthy crotch shot accompanied by a dearth of memorable '60s rock hits?

Who knows. One thing is for certain, though -- THIS GUY HERE will be loving it!

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Celebrity stylist and anorexia poster girl Rachel Zoe has been lying low since Nicole Richie fired her last month, but she made a rare appearance in public Wednesday.

Zoe came out out to celebrate Nicole's DUI arrest... er, attend a Dolce & Gabanna benefit for the Art of Elysium. Here's a picture below, courtesy of (and defaced by) Perez Hilton.

Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman Photo

Needless to say, after being bashed on MySpace, and having to watch her former client be dragged through the mud like this, Zoe looks like she could use a drink. And a couple of hot dogs. And a cheeseburger. And a dozen bagels. And an enormous pasta dish. Or 10.

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It looks like Paris Hilton never came to former BFF Britney Spears' defense in cyberspace after all - and instead, is the latest Hollywood "star" to incur the wrath of MySpace impersonators!

A Natural

News reports from several "reputable" sources have been reporting that Paris used her MySpace page to defend the parenting skills of Britney Spears, which have been called into question.

Which isn't too surprising, as the mother of two spends more time galavanting around and displaying her enormous breasts than anything else.

But it turns out that the blog in question does not belong to Paris.

In the fake MySpace page, the "heiress" supposedly states that Britney is a great parent who is, and who has always been there for her children, and that Spears' partying is considered normal behavior for any 25-year-old.

While these are thoughts that certainly could be floating around inside Hilton's tiny brain, that does not mean she's the one to put them online. In fact, says her publicist, Elliot Mintz, she doesn't even have a MySpace account.

"Paris did not write it. She does not even have a MySpace account," Mintz said.

You know who does have a MySpace account, though? Britney's ex, Kevin Federline. And you know who's no longer on his list of MySpace friends? J.R. Rotem, the quote-unquote music producer who is supposedly found work as the new Britney boy toy since she split from Kev.

In any event, let the MySpace wars (and impersonations) continue, people. Carry on.

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Is J.R. Rotem already over Britney Spears?

Ever since photographers caught the sleazy music producer locking lips with the soon-to-be-ex-Mrs. Kevin Federline, he hasn't been seen anywhere near her.

Instead, "Rotem n' Weep" was chatting it up at hip L.A. eatery Koi last night with a new and partially underage ho train: High School Musical actress Ashley Tisdale and cute, 17-year-old Heroes star Hayden Panettiere.

Maybe it was a business meeting.

Maybe he was trying to save the cheerleader, save the world!

God, that is irritating.

As the group left the restaurant, Rotem turned the photographer frenzy into an impromptu press conference, promoting upcoming CDs for the two ladies. The best part, according to witnesses from TMZ who were on the scene, was Rotem saying: "but we're not really trying to use this to promote."

Shut up, douchebag. Go put some more grease in your hair.

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