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Looking like the (poorly-dressed) living dead as always, the lovely Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen enjoyed a "full house" on their 21st birthday.

Olsen Twins Look On


More than 150 family members and friends, including Bob Saget, the rest of the cast and most of the crew from the television show Full House - the series that spawned their fame in their infancy - showed up to watch the twins blow.

Out the candles.

Big-time celebrity guests like Joaquin Phoenix and Olivier Martinez were on at the Olsen Twins' party, Us Weekly reports, to celebrate the big event.

Also there was Kirsten Dunst, who was dancing around with pals to the retro rock and roll tunes, which included Blondie and The Kinks. No word on whether or not Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell, her shaggy purported boyfriend, was there.

Later, Mary-Kate Olsen was seen making out with boyfriend Max Snow, and the two later jumped into the pool together... with their clothes on.

The newly legal duo took great pains to keep out would-be party crashers, closing down the street in front of their house and hiring security to maintain order.

At one point, there was a tearful tribute from family and friends who took turns giving speeches about the oh-so-powerful girls.

"It was really heartfelt but a great time," says a source close to Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen. "Everyone danced all night."

Shortly after 11 p.m., Ashley Olsen addressed the crowd.

"I would like to thank everyone who came out tonight to celebrate with me," Ashley said. "I hope we will have many more happy memories this next year."

Ash closed out her speech with some touching words for Mary-Kate Olsen.

"No one could understand me the way you do," said one of the Olsen Twins to the next. "Nobody could relate to me the way you do. In fact no one could tolerate me the way you do!"

She's right - this celebrity gossip site sure can't!

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Brace yourself for a brawl. The quote-unquote actress and never-married host of Ex-Wives Club is taking the fight to celebrity gossip.

Yes, folks, it's more news about Shar Jackson.

Shar on the Red Carpet

According to TMZ, Shar hired an attorney, George Gallegos, in her battle against Star Magazine's claims that she is pregnant again - with Kevin Federline's newest offspring.

It's enough to make one "Lose Control." So to speak.

Shar Jackson refutes the magazine's claim, and says her children - two with Kevin Federline and two from a previous non-marriage - are being adversely affected by the rumors.

Shar Jackson said through her rep (who needs to start reading the employment listings):

"When my kids hear things at school and then ask me if they are getting a new brother or sister, I have to put my foot down."

She's also putting her money where her mouth is. Or something. Shar Jackson is willing to prove to the celebrity gossip mag that she is not pregnant.

"I stand by my truth by offering you an EPT test if you stand by yours and reveal your 'source' to me," said Lynne Spears' BFF in a statement to Star's chief editor, Bonnie Fuller.

Come on, Shar. You think EPT tests are foolproof? What we really need to know is whether you and K-Fed did it wheelbarrow style. Gravity is on the side of the "boys" in that case.

Either way, one might refute such rumors by not having four kids out of wedlock by age 30. Or by simply saying to one's children, "No, Mommy is not pregnant again."

But hey, what do we know. Also, is she also gonna sue K-Fed? His rapping must be more traumatizing for the kids than any pregnancy rumors. Are we wrong?

We doubt it. But we digress. We can only speculate how Britney Spears would react to a new FedEx package being delivered (first class) to Shar's baby factory.

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Seeing Britney Spears nude is hardly a rarity any more.

But our supposedly rehabbed girl surprised even us the other night. According to the Superficial, Britney changed outfits... while partying with friends at hot Club Winston.

People Bending Over

Instead of staying home with little Jayden James (heaven forbid) Friday, our girl was spotted at the club... where she ended up switching clothes with a girlfriend midway through the night.

At least there was no crotch shot or nipple slip. So you can consider this spectacle a success. Anyway, check out the magical Britney Spears outfit swap below ...

That's the kind of stuff you have to deal with when you're Britney Spears' friend... one that looks like a trashier (if that's possible) Paris Hilton clone.

This girl (who, surprisingly, is not Brit's cousin Alli Sims) should just be thankful that Britney Spears wasn't wearing a worse outfit. It's not like you can say no to her when she pouts.We know how it is. What Britney Spears wants, Britney Spears gets.

Just ask J.R. Rotem.

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Stop the presses, ladies and gentlemen. Katie Holmes' handlers friends and prison guards representatives think that celebrity gossip site went too far this time.

Are they talking about incessant stories run about Suri Cruise? Or the fact that we say Tom Cruise is insane? That Katie is shackled in a $35M prison without bars day and night?

Victoria Beckham Pregnant Pic

No, of course not. Katie Holmes' peeps are mad pissed because her new bob haircut was likened to that of her BFF, Posh Spice, a.k.a. Victoria Beckham.

Apparently, her people don't see the obvious resemblance. And are, for some reason, offended that she be compared to a hot woman she obviously likes and looks up to.

According to TMZ, Katie Holmes' friends and agents are in utter disbelief at the comparison - claiming that she "has her own look" and would never bob it like Beckham. So to speak.

Check out the photos of Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham below. To us, the members of PoshKat are peas in a pod. Don't you think their hair is a tad similar?

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Oh, that's Drew Barrymore on the far right. We guess she's a part of this photo finish too. But that full-length dress / jumpsuit is a tad much, don't you think? We think.

Let's shift our focus, then to Lauren Conrad (left) and Jamie Lynn Spears (center), both of whom recently made public appearances and went with a wholesome, girlish look in the form of their respective plaid, sweetly patterned sundresses.

As she proved with your praise of her short-shorts and suspenders look, the cute star of MTV's The Hills can make just about anything work. We suspect you will think the same of her plaid dress in this celebrity fashion spotlight.

As for Jamie Lynn Spears? Well, being the younger sister of Britney Spears immediately gives her an advantage in that she's not flashing any inappropriate body parts in this picture. With no nipple slip in sight, Jamie Lynn already looks classy by contrast.

Then again, Jamie Lynn Spears' parents' names are (really) Jamie and Lynne Spears. That might just disqualify her right there. It'd be as if LC's folks where named Lauren and Conrad.

So you tell us, celebrity fashion fans. Who wore plaid the best… and who should plaid the fifth? Sorry, that was a truly awful play on words. But you get the point. Leave a comment!

THG NOTE: Incidentally, Lauren Conrad's middle name is Katherine.

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We've talked ad nauseum about celebrity baby entities such as Suri Cruise and Jayden James Federline - bundles of joy so shrouded in mystery that we are left wondering if they're even real.

Ditto for pregnancy rumors swirling around Nicole Richie, Shar Jackson, Holly Madison, Kate Walsh, Gisele Bundchen and surely many more. We love speculating if celebs have been knocked up or not.

Keri Russell Image

But as Julia Roberts showed us yesterday, there's nothing like a good old fashioned celebrity baby birth, controversy-free.

That said, Waitress star Keri Russell and her new husband, Shane Deary, welcomed their first child, a son, her rep confirms.

One day after Henry Daniel Moder was announced to the world, River Russell Deary was announced by Keri and Shane. Although he was actually born June 9.

Russell, 31, who gained fame on TV's Felicity, announced her pregnancy in January and wed Shane Deary in February - the usual progression of events for celebrities these days.

She previously told People magazine of her pregnancy, "I'm one of the lucky ones... It's a big, life-changing experience, and we're excited."

Amen. Congrats, Keri, from all of us at The Hollywood Gossip.

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The Hollywood Gossip has no frickin' idea.

Why is Britney Spears unable to keep the straps of her top on the way they are supposed to fit? Why does she flash her bad ass and cup her breasts with such regularity? When did getting dressed become so hard for 25-year-olds? We may never know.

A Coffee Run

This not your standard wardrobe malfunction, folks. The only malfunctioning here is taking place in the vortex that was once the mind of a once-idolized pop star and sexual icon. The result, Britney Spears nipple slip, Take 423, is pictured below ….

At this point, Jayden James Federline probably has an easier time putting clothes on than does his insane, train wreck mom. Which can be seen as both good and bad.

We hate to say it, but this is getting a tad old. Just for a change of pace, Britney, can you and your cute cousin, Alli Sims, both show some skin next time? She's a cutie!

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Move over, Kate Walsh. We know your fiance is rubbing your belly, but we've got much smaller, more anemic fish to fry in the celebrity pregnancy rumor department.

Here Nicole Richie is, glowing and possibly growing, and hiding her face behind some sort of doggy bag, during a recent trip for some sushi.

It appears that unless she's suddenly developed a hankering for cheap domestic beer, someone got Nicole Richie pregnant. Check out that beer gut and/or baby bump!

The countdown continues to the shocking, tearful announcement that Miss Nicole Richie is pregnant, possibly engaged to Joel Madden, OMG like real sorry for that DUI, and does not wish to replace Paris Hilton in the slammer.

We don't know what's more frightening... that a fossil like Hugh Hefner can bed Playboy models like Holly Madison (and that his boys can still swim), or that someone in his right mind would actually give Nicole Richie the hot beef injection.

Let's just hope he was giving it to her wheelbarrow style. Rumor has it that it's easier to knock someone up that way. Gravity is on your side!

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After taking most of Sunday off, The Hollywood Gossip staff is pleased to learn, upon its return to the office, that Britney Spears remains a beacon of sanity, class and maturity.

The troubled pop princess popped into a Beverly Hills salon to get a French-tipped manciure to complement her trashy bleach blonde hair extensions, reports TMZ. Upon leaving the premises, Britney Spears showed off her hot new nails… one of them in particular.

Spears Bikini Photo


No word on why the photographer who got this money shot of Britney was saluted in such a manner. Maybe he tried to snap some Jayden James pictures? Or made a wise crack about Spears getting the wheelbarrow treatment from the great J.R. Rotem?

In any case, we can only wonder why Brit so adores her Tom Cruise style shades… or whether she is wearing any panties at the time this picture was snapped, yo.

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Ah, the glory that is Spencer Pratt. The slimy one's ambition love for Heidi Montag knows no bounds, and his greed passion for life is incomparable.

Sitting at a cafe next to his plastic fiance, have successfully engineered a staged engagement as a publicity stunt, Spencer Pratt can't help but dream about his future with Miss Montag... or the money he can make off it.

As for Heidi Montag herself, she's got things on her mind as well. Not too many at one time - an airhead can only process so much - but she's got big dreams of her own, people.

The former roomie and BFF of Lauren Conrad has been there, done that when it comes to getting plastic surgery, preening for the cameras, saying "like" every other word and strutting around for "spontaneous" bikini photos.

What Heidi Montag she really wants is her own nude Playboy spread.

Hey, if Amanda Beard nude can instantly become the talk of the Hollywood Gossip world, imagine what kind of buzz a buck naked Heidi could generate: The Hills uncovered!

Whether we actually get to see this or not remains to be seen. But there's little doubt that the celebrity gossip world's most hated couple is thinking about it.

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