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The last time we reported these two were more than pals, it was raw speculation. Hollywood rumors and gossip at their finest. But it turns out we were right!

Five months after her seven-year marriage to Ryan Phillippe ended, Reese Witherspoon appears to be discreetly moving on - with Jake Gyllenhaal!

Reese Pic

The delightful duo is starring together in the upcoming drama Rendition, the filming of which officially wrapped in March.

"Reese is ready for someone she can trust," a close friend of Witherspoon tells Us Weekly, who did not comment if Jake wears boxers or briefs. "Jake is an actor, is stable, has a successful career and wouldn't want her money. She can trust him."

According to a source close to Jake Gyllenhaal source, the pair - who were spotted (separately) leaving a New York City apartment building in early March - have been dating for about two months.

On March 30, Reese Witherspoon stopped by The Clay Pit in her neighborhood of Brentwood for some Indian takeout, while Gyllenhaal waited in the car.

"When she came back out to the car, he got out and opened the door for her and was shielding his face so no one would see him," says a fellow diner, Rachel Sounhein.

The two share common lowkey interests: running, cooking, and quiet nights in - a welcome change from waiting for that jackass Ryan Phillippe to come home from boys' nights out.

"Reese and Ryan fought about Ryan's need to go to clubs - with Jake, she won't have that problem," says someone familiar with the situation.

Indeed, when the Zodiac star split from Kirsten Dunst in 2004, one source reported taht her constant partying was largely to blame. Recently, she's been spotted with rocker Johnny Borrell, though she's accumulated many boyfriends of late.

As for Gyllenhitherspoon?

"They are taking it slow," says a Gyllenhaal pal. "It is new for both of them. But they're seeing each other and seeing where it goes. This is for real."

Looks like his niece, Ramona, is no longer the only special lady in Jake's life!

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Like white trash older brother, like deadbeat younger brother.

Or something. Kevin Federline's brother, Cameron Federline, has gone to jail for boozing and serving alcohol to minors, according to Star Magazine.

Little Jayden James Federline would be so ashamed of his uncle.

According to records obtained from Pendleton Municipal Court, 20-year-old Cameron Federline â€" a minor â€" was arrested by the Pendleton Police at midnight on March 4, during a raucous party at his family home.

At an April 3 court appearance, the younger brother of Kevin Federline pled guilty to the charges of "providing liquor to minors" (other underage partygoers), "illegal possession of alcohol by a minor" and "illegal possession of alcohol by a minor by consumption."

He was drinking, as well. Stunning. No word on whether Lindsay Lohan was among the minors served, or whether she serviced everyone in attendance.

Cameron was sentenced to 90 days in jail, 85 of which were suspended under the condition that he have no new arrests in one year, pay a $708 fine, and attend a victim's impact panel on alcohol abuse.

He immediately began serving his five-day jail sentence, and was scheduled for release on April 7. Maybe he and that ass bag Jason Wahler - also arrested on underage drinking charges last month - can be cellmates.

Regardless, let this be a lesson to all you minors not to abuse the booze.

Hopefully, Cameron's former sister-in-law, Britney Spears, is reading this breaking story and realizing how important it is that she stay clean.

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Gina Glocksen, who had her share of good and bad moments on American Idol, kissed the show goodbye Wednesday as the latest casualty in viewer voting.

The exit of Glocksen, 22, of Naperville, Ill., trimmed the number of finalists to eight.

Andrew Garcia on Idol

The winner will be chosen in May.

Judge Randy Jackson had said on Tuesday's show that Glocksen - the show's resident rocker girl, with her red highlights and all-black outfits - gave a "nice, controlled performance" of the classic song "Smile."

His colleague Simon Cowell, who has griped at length about the fact that Glocksen was not in the same league as other finalists, sported a frown.

Gina Glocksen, pictured here with Ryan Seacrest (who's not gay, according to Shana Wall), let out a sob when she heard the result but managed to sing through her tears while performing on American Idol for the last time.

Haley Scarnato and Phil Stacey had the next-lowest vote tallies in the phone balloting, which drew about 33 million calls and text messages.

Scarnato, 24, of San Antonio, is not opposed to showing a little skin on "Idol." Though Cowell derided her take on "Ain't Misbehavin'" as a bit "pageant-y," he applauded her "nice legs."

We'd have to agree, having seen these Haley Scarnato pictures.

Cowell said Phil Stacey's performance of "Night and Day" was too dark and dreary, while Tony Bennett - this week's venerable guest coach - heaped praise on the 29-year-old Floridian, calling him one of the best singers he's heard.

Wednesday's program also featured a performance by Michael Buble, who sang "Call Me Irresponsible." Among this week's survivors were favorites Melinda Doolittle, LaKisha Jones and Jordin Sparks.

Sanjaya Malakar - the annoying, stringbean teen who's anything but good, but still manages to rack up viewer votes - also made it through.

In its sixth season, American Idol continues to rule the ratings. It has attracted 26-37 million viewers per telecast this season.

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It can make a one-legged young girl turn to a life of prostitution, serving clientele such as Arab arms dealers as part of a high-end escort service.

Ugly Hair

It can also encourage a woman, later in life, to marry a billionaire music icon, only to divorce him and leave with up to $63,000,000 of his vast fortune.

Yes, Heather Mills rode her way into Paul McCartney's heart, then rode him at least once (they have a daughter), then rode off into the sunset with enough cash to buy a small country.

Paul may have moved on to Sabrina Guiness, but the damage has been wrought by Mills. The only question remaining: who's next on Heather the Harlot's agenda? 

Look at her staring at us, beckoning all the billionaires out there to see how that fake leg looks in the buff… and on the floor. Yes, a seductive, nude Heather Mills makes for an enticing package, and heck, it's bound to snare some sucker.

Fortunately, some rich gentlemen (such as Donald Trump and Kanye West) know better: keep your eye out for those out to dig some gold, and at the very least, if you're gonna go down that road, make them sign a prenup!

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The good news? Britney Spears is feeling better.

The bad news? Kevin Federline may have a more promising music career if her recent behavior keeps up.

Bollywood Brit

The Gossip has learned that Britney had a meeting with her management team at the William Morris Agency recently, and let's just say it could have gone better.

We're saying Britney is about as pulled together as Kate Moss after a long night of drinking, sex and blowing lines over at Pete Doherty's crack house.

Now, as TMZ reports, Britney is showing no signs of substance abuse. Friends and family say she's doing great, and has been in good spirits since leaving rehab.

It is very important to note this. The Britney Sobriety Clock (top right of our home page), beginning when she checked into rehab (the third and final time), is still a tickin'. She is sober. She's just your stereotypical blonde ditz.

Britney Spears reportedly met with a number of agents about mapping out her post-partum career. Spies say "she was all over the place."

"She wants to do this and that, but she had no focus, no plan," says an insider. "After she left, the agents were shaking their heads."

No word on whether Britney's manager, Larry Rudolph, attended the meeting, or if he was too busy counting the millions he's made ruining her career.

Also no word on Brit's potential collaborations with Timbaland.

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A Kate Moss sex tape would be a long time coming.

No pun intended. But come on, the way the supermodel behaves in and out of the public eye makes us believe there could actually be something to this rumor.

Kate Moss at Ivy

Okay, not really. But still, numerous sources report that Moss and Pete Doherty have been not-so secretly filming their lives for a documentary they plan on releasing in the future.

Talk about the worst documentary of all time. Honestly, that movie would suck ass. Don't expect these two to follow in the footsteps of Al Gore and win an Oscar. 

The documentary will, obviously, chronicle a day in the life of a rail-thin, coked-up model whose heart yearns for a no-name, deadbeat drug addict and singer.

We mean Kate Moss, not Allegra Versace.

Anyway, a sex video featuring a nude Kate Moss wouldn't be too big a stretch, as the things she does best in this world are, in no particular order, modeling, getting really wasted and being photographed topless.

Is this alleged video the latest in a long, illustrious line of celebrity sex tape rumors that have turned out to be real (Kim Kardashian, Dustin Diamond, et al.)?

Or will this turn out to be just another in the even-longer line of bogus, nude celebrity rumors- Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson sex tape style?

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There's even more to love about Heidi Montag than there was Monday.


Signing Autograph

The Hollywood Gossip has learned that the cute, vivacious, judgment-challenged star of The Hills has undergone breast augmentation surgery at the Beverly Hills, Calif., office of plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan.

We repeat, Heidi Montag has breast implants

Sources say Montag, the estranged BFF of Lauren Conrad, had been contemplating the procedure for several years now and just recently decided to go under the knife.

You go, girl.

An aspiring singer who is recording a pop album with record producer David Foster for release later this year, waited to have the procedure done until after The Hills' Season 2 concluded.

The show's finale, which aired Monday, showed Heidi Montag moving out of the apartment she shared with Lauren, to live with her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt.

That guy sucks. It's puzzling, in many ways, why Heidi Montag would get bigger boobs, since she already dates the biggest one in SoCal. Zing. Audrina Patridge, meanwhile, has moved in with LC.

"Heidi just doesn't want to make a big deal out of it," says a source close to the star. "She did this for herself, and she's hoping to keep it as private as possible."

We've learned Heidi is recovering well, but she couldn't be reached for comment. We hope she gets well soon. And dumps that ass Spencer Pratt.

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Everyone knows there are some things you just don't wanna be called.

Would Allegra Versace want to be called fat? Well, maybe. Okay, bad example.

A Cute Girl

One can certainly understand, however, why the lovely Hayden Panettiere took issue and flipped out after being mistaken for that whoremonger Lindsay Lohan last night.

TMZ staffers spotted the Heroes cheerleader leaving the Hollywood hotspot L Scorpion last night with co-stars Milo Ventimiglia and Leonard Roberts.

That's when a confused onlooker shouted out, "Give 'em hell, Lindsay!"

When one of the members of the paparazzi reiterated the fan's mistake, a huffy Hayden Panettiere yelled back, "Don't ever call me that again!"

Wow. Lindsay Lohan, you just got owned. Good think Hilary Duff would no longer be as offended under similar circumstances.

Check out the video of Hayden tweaking at TMZ by clicking here.

After the initial skirmish, the fan didn't hear Hayden clearly and uttered the name of Dina Lohan's daughter yet again! But fortunately, before Hayden could berate the fan a second time, a cameraman screamed a string of choice obscenities to the confused Lohan fan.

No word on whether Rumer Willis was there.

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Everyone's weighing in on the phenomenon that is American Idol.

That includes the feisty Rose McGowan, who recently revealed her favorite contestant.

Rose McGowan Photograph

The pick: Sanjaya Malakar.
The reason: "He's horrible!"

That pretty much sums it up right there.

According to TMZ, Rose McGowan was recently spotted at LAX, where some dumb cameramen confused the sultry, clad-in-black Grindhouse starlet for Angelina Jolie.

This amused the light-heated McGowan, who used to date Marilyn Manson.

When asked if she was into American Idol, she confessed that she's pulling for that "funny Indian kid" to win this season, and she loves him because "he's so horrible, he's great."

This is in contrast to Idol host Ryan Seacrest, who picked Jordin Sparks because, you know, she's actually talented. But hey, to each their own.

McGowan's advice to Sanjaya Malakar going forward: "Keep on keepin' on with your bad voice and bad hair, America loves it."

Not to mention the fried chicken.

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Some celebs, such as Allegra Versace, are consumed with anorexia.

Others, such as Valerie Bertinelli, best known for her 1975-84 sitcom One Day at a Time, have got some different, but still exciting career news to share with us:

She's fat.

As a result, she's got a new role - joining fellow fattie Kirstie Alley as the new celebrity face - and body - for Jenny Craig.

The 5'2" Bertinelli, who turns 47 this month, vows to lose 30 pounds by September (from a size 14 to a size 8).

Going public with her goal "is the motivation I need," Bertinelli says. "I need to do this in front of millions of people so I can't mess up."

And Valerie Bertinelli is not shy about it, adding: "It is freeing because I can say it first: I know what you're thinking, I'm fat."

She's a good role model for Jennifer Hudson.

Poor thing.

Bertinelli says that Alley, who has maintained her 75-pound downsizing, also offered some advice:

"She said, 'Even if Wolfie [the 16-year-old son of Bertinelli and her ex, rehabbing Hall of Fame rocker Eddie Van Halen] wants to go to In-N-Out Burger, don't do it, because paparazzi will photograph you!'"

Freaking pararazzi. Just ask Justin Timberlake about those bastards...
The Jenny Craig campaign, for which Bertinelli will shoot a new ad every month as she shrinks, represents a major step back into the public eye for the mom whose last big TV role was on Touched by an Angel in 2003.

"Wolf is my priority," she says of her son. "I was a Hollywood hermit."

If only Britney Spears felt that strongly about Jayden James.

Although Bertinelli remains guarded about her current weight, her boyfriend Tom Vitale has been supportive of her. Which is nice, because she's focused on her goals.

"I don't know how my size, 14, has become obese while size 0 is normal," she says. "It's insane. I'm not even going for a size 6. I'll be happy with an 8."

We'll be happy (and shocked) if Nicole Richie makes it to age 30.

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