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Stop the presses. Britney Spears cleared up any rumors Wednesday that she's got a crush on Los Angeles Lakers forward Luke Walton, 27, whom the singer had dubbed "cute" in 2004.

Britney Spears communicated to inquiring paparazzi that it is her cousin, Alli, who has the crush on the 6-foot-8 son of NBA legend Bill Walton.

Wow What a Dick

The issue was cleared up when the cleaner and leaner star nodded as Alli told photographers that she is the gal with the hots for Walton, and it was she who dragged the recently rehabbed pop star to three Laker games in just over a week.

Bummer for Alli: A Lakers rep confirms that Walton is taken. Lame! 

Spears, 25, has been spending a lot of time with her cousin since returning from her weekend retreat in Las Vegas. The two hit the Epitome Salon in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, with Spears stripping down to a white bikini (oooooga) for a tanning session.

Then the pair then drove all over town, blasting Nelly Furtado CDs on their stereo, sipping Starbucks and shopping for kids' clothes for Spears' sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

When a nearby photographer asked Britney Spears when he could hear her new album, she responded with a smile and, in an apparent joke, said:

"I think I might be quitting!"

Hopefully she's kidding. But her mood grew more thoughtful when another member of the press (seconding an opinion offered by her ex, Justin Timberlake) told Britney that she's "doing great" since getting out of rehab.

She got teary and said, "Thank you, I love you."

Aww. She's so cute. An onlooker commented, "You could tell that words of support really mean a lot to her right now."

You know who else does? Howie Day. What a wonderful, sensitive crooner.

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There was no heartfelt letter.

But Justin Timberlake was so concerned about his ex, Britney Spears, who entered rehab in February, that he did reach out to her, he revealed.

A Nude Britney Spears

"I called her because I worried about her," Justin Timberlake said recently at a press day for his new movie Shrek The Third.

But Britney Spears, who checked out of Malibu's Promises treatment center in March after nearly a month, is on the right track, Timberlake said.

"She's a great woman. I'm really rooting for her," he said. "[It] seems like she's getting everything under control now."

Timberlake, who just split with Cameron Diaz (his costar in Shrek, who also attended the press day), said being single has its ups and downs.

"The advantages are that you don't get in as many arguments, and the disadvantage is that you're talking to yourself," he said.

But he isn't exactly lonely. Timberlake spent time with Jessica Biel at a barbecue party at his L.A. house last week.

Things between the pair got "hot and heavy," says a source in the singer's circle.

This isn't the first time Timberlake and Biel have been spotted together: In January they went snowboarding with a group of friends in Park City, Utah, and hung out backstage at one of Timberlake's concerts in San Diego.

And at Prince's Golden Globes party that month, Timberlake and Diaz had a spat after Diaz saw Timberlake chatting with Jessica Biel.

As for Biel, when it comes to Timberlake, a source tells People Magazine that the hot actress is "crazy about him."

Who isn't?

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It was a long-awaited day of relief and happiness for Larry Birkhead.

Not to mention fans of reality TV all across America.

Whitney Port: No Pants?

It has been confirmed that a third season of MTV's hit series, The Hills, is being filmed and will be aired in summer 2007. The Laguna Beach spinoff just wrapped up its second campaign.

The staff at The Hollywood Gossip was thrilled to learn that the breakout smash would be coming back - and quickly. With all the drama swirling around Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag et al., the new season can't come a moment too soon.

So we can certainly understand that such momentous news would be lauded by The Hills' ever-growing legion of rabid fans - Larry Birkhead among them...

Also yesterday, it was confirmed that Birkhead is the father of Dannielynn.

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On April 5, Lauren Conrad received a shocking phone call.

No, it wasn't from Jason Wahler looking to get his ass bailed out of jail. Though the stunning call she received did pertain to her loser, arrest-prone ex-boyfriend.

Very Perky
Lauren Conrad can't always be described as such, but she's definitely looking perky here. Wow.

A friend called LC to tell her about a report on the celebrity gossip site Perez Hilton claiming that Wahler was looking to sell a Lauren Conrad sex tape.

"My friend started reading the item to me, and I literally could not breathe," Lauren Conrad tells Us Weekly. "I thought she was joking when she started telling me."

Though Perez Hilton tells Us that he confirmed the tape's existence with "multiple sources close to Lauren and Jason," the star of The Hills denies the report.

"Honestly, they videotape my life five days out of the week. I don't need additional footage, you know?"

Whomever leaked the story seems to have a vendetta against Lauren Conrad.

Continue Reading...

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J.R. Rotem.

Isaac Cohen.

Put Yer Hands Up

Jason Filyaw.

Howie Day.

The list of random dudes passing through the life of Britney Spears since her split with Kevin Federline last fall is not short. And it might be getting taller - 6′8″ to be exact.

Just when we thought that Britney loved Kobe Byrant, it turns out she may have another Los Angeles Lakers player in her sights: Luke Walton.

Rumor has it that Walton, the son of NBA great Bill Walton, is all set to go on a date with Britney Spears. Yes. The following was reported today by the Daily Star:

The pop princess is set to go out on a date with L.A. Lakers star Luke Walton, and his pals say they will be perfect partners. Britney, 25, is fresh out of rehab and Luke, 27, is on the wagon during his team's run-in to the NBA playoffs.

Whatever that means. Good writing, Daily Star.

"His people and her people are trying to thrash out a date when they can have a bite to eat and then we'll see what happens," a source says. 

Personally, The Hollywood Gossip staff doubts this is legitimate. Luke Walton isn't exactly hurting in the looks department, and living in Los Angeles as a member of the Lakers, he probably gets his share of chicks.

Not that we don't love Britney Spears. God knows we do.

But a bald, unstable single mother of two with serious addiction issues, a possible eating disorder and definite depression problems - and who's stalked by hordes of paparazzi every day and night - might not be on his radar.

Hayden Panettiere, on the other hand…

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Seriously. We're starting to wonder if Hayden Panettiere's middle name is Jailbait. Actually, we're not. We know darn well that it's actually Leslie. But come on.

Take a long, long look at the outfit she's rocking below and you'll know what we're talking about, though. Out in L.A., the 17-year old starlet makes jaws drop in this ridiculously short, black, snug, see-through number. Yow.

Yummy Stuff

Yeah. She's looking more like Lindsay Lohan with each passing day. We certainly understand where her boyfriend, Stephen Colletti, is coming from. The prospect of hitting this has to be worth the risk of 2-4 years in a California jail.

Despite her undeniable hotness, Hayden Panettiere isn't immune from a good joke. Ashton Kutcher lays a classic practical gag on the Heroes cheerleader on the premiere of the final season of his hit show, Punk'd!

Her mom, Lesley Panettiere (not BFF Rumer Willis), acts as the accomplice as the young hottie is suddenly approached by an older man and his son. His wife comes in and "catches" Hayden Panettiere flirting with him.

Hayden's facial expression after the irate wife drops the f-bomb is nothing short of priceless - and the reason Ashton Kutcher's hilarious show has been such a long-lasting MTV staple!

Of course, Hayden Panettiere has been on the distributing end of Punk'd, having been the accomplice when Ashton punked her VJ boyfriend, Colletti.

What goes around comes around, girl!

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Just a few useful things you might want to know about Halle Berry, but probably didn't (thanks to Us Weekly for this fun fact sheet), as well as some hot, topless pics of the Oscar winner from Esquire magazine. Just because.

Halle Berry Bikini Body

1) Way back in the day, she didn't bathe for 10 days!

Yes. To play a crack addict in Jungle Fever, Halle Berry didn't brush her teeth or comb her hair for a week and a half. In other words, you could say she tried her best to impersonate Pete Doherty.

2) She hit on JT!

After splitting with Eric Benét in 2003, she called Justin Timberlake. He never phoned back. Hey, players play. "Why can you be so fine and not 35?" she gushed about Justin to Access Hollywood.

3) She feels empathy for Britney Spears!

Berry is going bald for the dramedy Nappily Ever After. Which conjures up images of another hot Cue Ball. "I thought, Wow, she beat me to it!" Berry jokes. "But I feel sad for Britney. I feel sorry for Britney."

THG NOTE: So does Timbaland.

4) She's not against plastic surgery!

"Never say never," she has said. "I hope I will evolve as a person who realizes it's not really about my physical appearance."

THG NOTE: Way to set example for impressionable youngans like Ashlee Simpson.

5) She had a spat with Charlize Theron!

After ripping on Berry's post-Oscar movie-role choices to The New Yorker, Theron (who denied the statements) sent Berry apology flowers. Berry later said, "I don't really put much weight on what other people think of me."

Good for her. Anyway, enjoy these hot Halle Berry pics.

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She's a gamer.

We've always known this about her acting talents. But according to Us Weekly, Reese Witherspoon is now bringing her A-game to her love life!

A Reese Witherspoon Photo

After two months of what one Witherspoon source calls the actress' "trying out a courtship" with Jake Gyllenhaal after her painful split from actor Ryan Phillippe, a Gyllenhaaal pal dishes that it, "it is a definite romance."

What else would you expect, says another Reese Witherspoon pal, since the actress became determined to win the affections of Jake Gyllenhaal soon after separating from Phillippe October 30.

"Reese was the pursuer and really wanted to date Jake," says a pal of the Oscar winner, who co-stars with her new beau in the new drama, Rendition.

"She's known him for a while and thought he was intelligent and charming."

And the feeling is definitely mutual.

"Jake doesn't want a party girl at all," says a Gyllenhaal friend, who says that the relationship blossomed over DVD and takeout nights at home and long talks about movies.

"Reese and Jake are perfect because she also understands the business and the importance of family. Plus, he admires her great talent, thinks she is beautiful and he respects her values. He respects everything about her."

Catching the eye and winning the respect of one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors was exactly what Witherspoon, 31, needed after her marriage to Ryan Phillippe crashed and burned.

"She needed to prove to herself that she was sexy and desirable."

This hot new romance poses many questions...

  1. Is Reese really over Ryan? (our guess: yes)
  2. What does he think about his ex's new love interest? (our guess: he's too busy tagging Ashlee Simpson and other babes that he hasn't even noticed)
  3. Which Gyllenhaal family member does not approve of the relationship? (our guess: Peter Sarsgaard)
  4. Has Jake met Reese's kids? (our guess: no)

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He's no Jason Wahler.

Few could match the Laguna Beach graduate's skillz at being arrested - four states, four different incidents, and all in one calendar year.

Nevertheless, Snoop Dogg, a.k.a. Snoop Doggy Dogg, a.k.a. Tha Doggfather, a.k.a. Calvin Broadus, has a pretty long rap (har har) sheet of his own.

Snoop Dogg was charged Tuesday with felony gun and marijuana charges, the Los Angeles County District Attorney announced. The charges stem from his October 26 arrest at Burbank's airport after a handgun and marijuana were found in his car, police say.

The 35-year-old rapper faces up to four years in state prison if convicted. His arraignment was set for Wednesday.

Of course, he won't get that, because as Suge Knight says, he's a narc - and the man don't its their own informants.

But who knows. Police executing a search warrant at his suburban L.A. home in November allegedly discovered another gun. Because Snoop Dogg is a convicted felon from a 1990 cocaine bust, he is forbidden from possessing a gun for life.

His attorney, Donald Etra, tells People: "These are the charges that were fully expected, and they will be dealt with in court."

Well, that clears it all up.

The musician also has a case pending in Orange County - a felony charge of knowingly possessing a dangerous weapon. On September 27, Snoop tried to board a plane in Santa Ana, Calif., while carrying a 20-inch collapsible baton in a laptop computer bag, police say.

He faces up to three years in prison if convicted.

"Snoop's not guilty plea (in that case) says it all," Etra previously told People. "The item he's charged with was a movie prop, not a weapon. Snoop never intended it to be used as anything other than a prop."

This was the latest trouble for Snoop, who last month canceled his British tour with rapper Diddy after Snoop was denied a visa into the country.

There were rumors Snoop was arrested in Sweden and detained by police during said tour, but that turned out to be false. For once.

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Sorry, Patrick Dempsey.

You're not the only one with cute twin celebrity babies.

Same with you, Kim Porter. It's time to welcome a new member to this exclusive and oh-so-cute club.

In People magazine, Marcia Cross introduces us to her two new bundles of joy - fraternal twins Eden and Savannah, who were born on February 20.

There was a time when nude Marcia Cross pics (possibly in possession of David Hans Schmidt) were the constant focus of her life. But since the twins' birth, the Desperate Housewives star is getting used to a new routine.

"I feed, I burp, I change diapers," she says.

Plus, the new wife of Tom Mahoney is getting to know her girls. She probably has already spent more time with them than Britney Spears has with Jayden James.

"Savannah kicked all the time, and Eden was really quiet," Marcia Cross said. "Now Eden's the feisty one and Savannah's a little more Zen."

While Cross has mastered dividing her attention between both girls â€" and even simultaneously breastfeeding the two! Wow!

The new mom shares a moment with Eden.

"I wanted to be a member of that club so badly, and now I'm in and it's so much better than I even imagined," Cross, 45, says of motherhood.

"Even before I was 30 I started thinking about (it)."

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