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Just kidding! Well, he surely does, on a regular basis. But it's not the coked-up model that Babyshambles singer and legendary junkie Pete Doherty decided to soak in this picture. 

It's a paparazzi dude… and it looks like Pete's efforts were successful. Last night, he kindly offered some water to a photographer lurking outside the bachelorette pad of girlfriend Kate Moss. What a true gentleman.

The lesson is clear: Mess with PeteMoss and you get drenched. Pete wasn't finished, though. He resumed his nice treatment of the press (Justin Timberlake would be proud) the next day by offering the paparazzi some ketchup! 

Apparently that's all that the often-nude Kate Moss has in her apartment - water and condiments. That and lots and lots of drugs.

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Jason Wahler likes to act like a badass.

Maybe he's just compensating for something, if you know what we're talking about. We're saying he's got no game in the sack.

Lauren Conrad Cosmopolitan Cover

According to a new TMZ report, a porn company has put the brakes on the alleged Lauren Conrad sex tape featuring America's sweetheart and her fellow Laguna Beach alum.

The reason for the plug getting pulled on the sale of the tape of him and Lauren Conrad? The wannabe bad boy's "severely disappointing" behavior… and that the content is weak. 

The alleged sex tape, which was first reported by Perez Hilton, is "very vanilla" with "no hard core sex." The source adds that Lauren Conrad, now the star of MTV's The Hills, and Jason Wahler are basically "just messing around."

In other words, it's the complete opposite of the Olivia Mojica sex tape.

SugarDVD tells TMZ that it is retracting its previous offer of $500,000 for the tape, because of Wahler's recent arrest in Seattle (not to be confused with his recent arrests in L.A., New York or North Carolina) stating:

"We refuse to support any person who feels that it is in any way acceptable to rattle off racial slurs and slanderous language about African-Americans, homosexuals and the police."

Yes. This is a sex tape company with integrity.

Not only is SugarDVD pulling the offer, but they are reaching out to discourage anyone from participating in a deal for this alleged tape. Which we still say doesn't exist.

Lauren Conrad herself has said as much, and has pointed the finger at her ex-BFF, Heidi Montag, and her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt. Both Montag and Spencer Pratt (that weasel) have claimed her obligations are bogus.

Click here for more on the subject in an interview with Spencer Pratt …

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This much is clear: If you motherf*%kaz want Snoop Dogg to play at an event, then motherf*%kaz best be prepared to pay up.

And not only does one have to cough up the appearance fee (a cool $150,000), one has to accommodate the Doggfather's, um, unusual tastes... and his enormous entourage.

Doggy Dogg

Snoop, who was recently given a suspended sentence for the latest in a long line of drug and gun arrests, apparently made quite a scene this week.

Organizers of Tuesday's PCD show at Cipriani Wall Street to benefit UNICEF, which also featured the rapper, had to fly in more than 10 members of his posse. First class.

Then, at the last minute, Snoop Dogg almost didn't go on because, "he insisted on having an Xbox in his dressing room," an insider said.

"We finally found someone who lent us their kids' Xbox, and had to put Snoop somewhere on the third floor because he was smoking so much weed."

Snoop and his pals were having such a good time, in fact, that they were an hour late making it to the stage, forcing the Pussycat Dolls - who were paid $300,000 to perform, interestingly - to actually talk.

That's never a good thing.

While introducing themselves, one of the blonde dolls thanked "Unicel" instead of "UNICEF." Come on. We know these Jessica Simpson-esque gals aren't paid for their brains, but they could do a little brushing up.

A rep for Snoop Dogg - who is open and candid about his love for the chronic, and his distaste for Bill O'Reilly and Don Imus - didn't return calls.

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Nicole Richie is one skinny bitch. That's a constant.

But her hairstyle is ever-changing. Even though Nicole Richie's tried every hair color - blonde to red to brunette - we'd gotten used to her long, caramel colored locks recently.

So when she stepped out on the red carpet for the Race to Erase MS Gala in L.A. on Saturday night, the Simple Life "actress" had a much lighter, sleek shoulder-length cut with heavy bangs. Also known as the zombie look.

The celebrity fashion critics at T.H. Gossip believe the paler blonde sets off her skin tone beautifully, while the bob suits her petite frame. But we want to know what you think.

Leave us a comment and share your thoughts on the coiffure of Joel Madden's beleaguered, possibly emaciated better half.

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Plenty of us lose money in Las Vegas.

Britney Spears apparently loses weight.

Britney Spears, Black Dress

And her mind, possibly. Though that's been MIA for months now, so we can hardly blame her possible insanity on the effects of Sin City.

With Britney Spears' penchant for almost invisible dresses - and photographers' penchant for Britney Spears - it's been hard to miss her noticeably leaner post-rehab figure.

The troubled pop star has dropped 12 pounds, to be exact, a fact which Brit's new trainer, Manny Bujold, calls the result of "more squats and fewer Cheetos."

She even pops a squat while shopping at Target.

"She works extremely hard," Bujold said.

However, rumors are swirling that 25-year-old mother of Jayden James might be cheating in her weight loss campaign. We're talkin' Star Jones style.

Britney Spears, who may or many not have fired manager Larry Rudolph, was seen at a LipoDissolve clinic in Las Vegas on March 31, leading people to wonder if she gave her weight loss efforts a shot in the arm, so to speak.

It's a series of shots that literally melt away extra pounds. Oh well, at least her boobs are real.

This wouldn't be the first time Cue Ball had a cosmetic trick or several up her sleeve (or under her lovely wig).

Just a few days prior to her LipoDissolve mission, Britney also visited a celebrity dentist to erase all traces of Red Bull, cigarettes, booze and soft drinks from her choppers with the Zoom laser whitening treatment.

If only a doctor could make those ridiculous hats disappear. Or those cowboy boots. Oh well, at least she's decided it's okay to wear panties.

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For actress Liv Tyler, losing weight after the birth of her son Milo in 2004 was no piece of cake. Pun certainly intended.

"I was not one of those women who just dropped pounds instantly when I was breastfeeding," Tyler tells Britain's You magazine.

"Actually, I got so homely I was ravenous for things like doughnuts and cakes."

Tyler, who married Brit rocker Royston Langdon in March 2003, determined she'd become be a stay-at-home mom for the first year of Milo's life.

She "hibernated" inside the house, the Lord of the Rings star says, until she had a rude awakening about her weight.

"I can remember walking down the street one day â€" I was going to the nail salon. When ... a photographer took my picture," she recalls.

"I was wearing an unflattering shirt that I had worn when I was pregnant and a pair of sweat pants, and when the picture appeared in a magazine they ran a caption asking if I was pregnant again. When I saw it I said, 'I think the holiday is over.'"

THG NOTE: It's been over for Nicole Richie since about 2001, so at least Liv will have some company if she plans on starving herself.

Fortunately, at least for now, Tyler's actions mean getting herself healthy - not losing weight the traditional Hollywood way (eating disorders).

"I did a million different things," Liv Tyler says. "I would be on a strict protein diet and then a raw diet, and then I would do colonics and fasting. And I did Pilates, yoga and working out with my trainer."

What's more, the face of Givenchy cosmetics, Tyler also admits to discussing moisturizers with an unlikely partner: her craggy-faced Aerosmith frontman father.

"My dad, Steven Tyler, and I always talk about creams!" she says.

THG NOTE: We were going to make fun of Steven Tyler here, but maybe he's onto something. Keith Richards could really use a nice moisturizer.

She's content with her life these days. But still, for all her healthy habits, Liv Tyler has one vice she knows she must conquer.

"I'm afraid I smoke sometimes. I did give up for a long time when I had Milo, but on my last film my character smoked and that was bad for me," she said. "I don't like it, but I secretly love it. I know it's terrible."

It's the same way Britney Spears feels about crotch shots. It's okay, Liv. We are here for you. Old habits are hard to break, but you can do it.

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Neil Patrick Harris decided to come out of the closet late last year because he sensed "this sort of witch-hunt brewing," the actor says.

"There was a little of media scrutiny heading my way," Harris told Ellen DeGeneres in an episode of her talk show airing Thursday.

NPH Smiles

"People were starting to ask for stories about other people that may have fooled around with me, and the last thing you want to do is talk about your private life based on a scandal.

"I'm not a very scandalous person and so I didn't want to have to respond to some story, whether it was lie or truth, so I just made a statement and sort squashed the fires."

Harris, 33, revealed to People magazine in November:

"I am happy to dispel any rumors or misconceptions and am quite proud to say that I am a very content gay man living my life to the fullest."

"My life had been relatively open in my world," he told Ellen DeGeneres, who is in a long-term relationship with Portia de Rossi and was one of the first major celebrities to go public with her homosexuality.

"I've been dating the same guy for three years and our families know. We go out together all the time but I just feel like as an actor part of your occupation is retaining a bit of mystery so you can be believable in many different types of roles, so I never felt it was an obligation for me to hold pinkies down the red carpet or anything."

Harris, who shot to fame as a teen doctor on Doogie Howser, M.D., now plays philandering Barney on CBS's How I Met Your Mother. His going public as a gay man follows similar admissions within the past year by Lance Bass and Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight.

"[Barney] is this crazy womanizer on the show, so I just didn't find [my sexual orientation] important," he said. "But other people did and I sort sensed this witch-hunt brewing."

Ultimately, Harris believes (and we agree), a decision to go public should rest with the individual - not with ass clown celebrity gossip generators like Perez Hilton.

"If someone doesn't want to talk about stuff or if someone has reason that they don't want to, I don't think they need to be criticized and chastised necessarily for that," Harris says, "Unless they're blatantly lying about things. I'm not such a fan of pushing people to make decisions."

Having gone public himself, Neil Patrick Harris knows it was the right choice.

"For me that is the greatest ending to the story so far. Nothing really has changed at all," he said. "I'm doing nothing different and people aren't behaving differently towards me. ... People heard and they're like yeah, and? That attitude, I think, was great."

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The rumor that The Hills star Lauren Conrad and her ex-beau, Jason Wahler, filmed a secret sex tape that was to be released to the public took the celebrity gossip world by storm earlier this month.

It turns out there is no tape, and last week, we found an interview with LC's former BFF, Heidi Montag, and her obnoxious, ugly boyfriend, Spencer Pratt - both of whom Lauren Conrad believes are behind this.

Lick It Good

This morning, Us Weekly has a new interview with Pratt and Montag, who further discuss their own relationship since Season 2 of The Hills concluded, as well the Lauren Conrad sex tape scandal.

Us: Heidi, Lauren said didn't contact her after news broke about the tape. Your take?

Heidi Montag: "It's astonishing that she would say that. I guess she forgot that I was in the hospital that week. Maybe that would explain why she didn't call to see how I was doing."

THG NOTE: Heidi Montag got a boob job and a nose job April 2.

Us: Spencer, did Lauren's split from Brody Jenner makes things tricky?

Spencer Pratt: "Lauren couldn't get into clubs before she met us! We were her ticket to Hollywood. As soon as the double dating stopped, she was out. She has trouble as third wheel, and that's what she was when Brody didn't want to keep seeing her."

Continue reading this interview with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt ...

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Yes, she can be taught.

After the debacle late last year, in which a clubbing ho train treated us to some unexpected, possibly hot nude Britney Spears pictures, the lovely pop star has evidently decided it might be a good idea to try on some underwear.

Britney's Recovery

So when Britney Spears was spotted at the club Parc over the weekend flashing her crotch, the display included a pair of white panties. She's so classy.

Also, apparently instead of showing up in normal clothes, she decided she'd just buy a new set of bed sheets and drape them around herself. Economical. Maybe Kevin Federline got more in the divorce settlement than we thought.

Anyway, enjoy this nice picture of Britney Spears' crotch (bottom), as well as another pair of photos included to demonstrate just how fashion challenged (and possibly insane) she is.

SIDE NOTE: When you're fresh out of rehab, and have two tiny children in Sean Preston and Jayden James at home, should you really be going to clubs all the time?

Britney, you have serious issues. You need help, girl. And we're not talking about the sort of "help" Isaac Cohen gave you earlier this year.

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Yes, the youngest-ever Vanity Fair cover star celebrates the big "1″ today.

Crazy to think that it's been a full year since she was birthed by crazy Katie Holmes. It brings a tear to The Hollywood Gossip's eye.

Katie and Suri Cruise

Not since Howard Hughes has a celebrity so successfully combined fame and reclusiveness like Tom and Katie's little Asian baby, Suri Cruise

Representatives for TomKat are releasing no plans of birthday preparations.

However, sources say this celebrity baby birthday is likely to be celebrated in Shreveport, La., where Katie is filming her new movie Mad Money with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah.

It's her first film since she began her relationship with Tom Cruise.

Rumor has it he's already on his way down there, to celebrate the big day and to make sure his wrongfully imprisoned bride is under his command.

"She is already down there, and Tom and Suri will be flying in," says our source, who did not say just how short Katie's leash is.

In a change of PR reps, Holmes, the possible unnamed subject of a new novel, recently retained West Coast powerhouse Ina Treciokas as her spokeswoman.

"It's part of a plan to normalize the PR, to get it back to what it was before Tom freaked out," says another insider.

"They realize the problems all began when Tom hired his Scientology sister Lee Anne [DeVette] to run the show."

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