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Stripper mistresses (Joslyn Noel Morse) and baby mama drama (Tom Brady) make for good celebrity gossip. A federal indictment on dogfighting charges? That's another story.

A pop star (Britney Spears) buying a $3,000 dog she will neglect in a few days is sad, but still funny celebrity news. A federal indictment on dogfighting charges? Not so much.

Yes, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has managed to turn the worlds of sports, Hollywood gossip and animal rights on their respective heads this week.

Friday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell met with animal welfare officials inside NFL headquarters Friday as about 50 PETA demonstrators took post outside, urging him to suspend Vick following his indictment.

"Sack Vick! Sack Vick!" chanted the demonstrators, organized by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, as they walked peacefully in front of the Park Avenue building.

Many held dogs who had "Sack Vick" signs on their backs and one woman brought a pit bull, the breed killed in the dogfighting ring that the Atlanta quarterback is accused of sponsoring.

Yikes. If anyone out there is happy, it's Beyonce and her fur-wearing diva pals, as someone new far much more worthy of PETA's wrath has now emerged.

The leaders of the demonstration focused on Goodell's recent suspension of Tennessee's Adam "Pacman" Jones for one year under the NFL's "personal conduct" policy, though Jones has not been convicted of any crime.

"We think they should do the same with Michael Vick," said Dan Shannon, an assistant director of campaigns for PETA. "We don't think their 'wait and see' attitude goes far enough. If they suspended Pacman Jones, they can suspend Michael Vick."

After Vick's indictment, the NFL said it would monitor legal developments in the case. Michael Vick is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday.

On Friday, though, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said:

"We agree with them that dogfighting is cruel, degrading and illegal. The alleged activities are very disturbing and we are extremely disappointed Michael Vick has put himself in this position. We are having extensive dialogue with numerous groups and individuals... and are reviewing all of our options to deal with this as quickly as possible."

An attorney for the Humane Society - which recently criticized Britney for buying a purebred pup on a whim - said she was disappointed in the NFL stance on Vick.

"There is a precedent in the Jones suspension," Sherry Ramsey said, adding that her group wrote to the NFL in May, offering to help educate players about dogfighting.

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Following months being kept under wraps (and blankets and crates), Jayden James Federline was finally revealed to the outside world yesterday.

Celebrity photo agency X17 spotted Jayden James out with his big brother and crazy mom, on a l'il sojourn to the picturesque harbor in Marina del Rey.

She's So Back, Baby

Unfortunately, it was too choppy to head out into the rough waters of the Bay, so Britney Spears' planned boat ride was nixed and she stayed put in the protected marina.

Fortunately, that meant clear pictures of Jayden James Federline. Photos of the youngest spawn of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline at long last! Peep it ...


Her new assistant (or is that her pal Lucy Walsh, we're not sure) was along for the ride as Britney proudly displayed Jayden James, along with his bro Sean Preston.

So cute! What the heck took her so long? Sean P. looks jealous, but he'll deal with it. It's nice to see Jayden James Federline looking a little less obese than the last time we saw him.

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Lauren Conrad was seen recently on a Malibu beach wearing a bikini. That would be enough for this celebrity gossip site, but in even more interesting news, LC may have a new love!

X17, the agency that actually takes many of the celebrity photos we analyze, laugh at and drool over on a daily basis, spotted Lauren and her possible new beau. See below:

Hills Hotties

What will be interesting to see is whether this new guy will be revealed on The Hills, LC's hit reality show, which returns August 13, or if filming has already wrapped.

Last season, Lauren Conrad briefly dated Brody Jenner - a relationship we already knew began (and ended) in real life before it was chronicled on MTV.

Go to X17 for more LC photos and video from her day at the beach. And if anyone knows who this new guy is, please leave a comment below and let us know!

In any case, it's good to see Lauren Conrad having fun... and sporting a pretty toned physique! We're also glad to see her with someone other than Jenner ... or Jason Wahler.

Also on the plus side? Spencer Pratt is not in these photos. Woohoo!

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Jodie Sweetin, who starred on TV's Full House for eight seasons, is a new bride, a celebrity news site reported Saturday.

Sweetin, 25, exchanged vows with Cody Herpin, 30, last week at the Little Church of the West, a Las Vegas Strip wedding chapel, says, citing a marriage certificate from the Clark County recorder's office.

Jodie Sweetin Image

This has to be the most surprising celebrity wedding since Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil.

The Associated Press was able to reach a representative for the actress to confirm that Sweetin and Herpin tied the knot. Congratulations!

Jodie Sweetin played the middle child, Stephanie Tanner, on Full House. Then she grew up - literally - and has recently been sporting some rather big boobs. Nice.

Prior to tying the knot with Cody Herpin, Jodie Sweetin was married for four years to a Los Angeles police officer and semi-pro tennis player.

She and Shaun Holguin married in 2002, with many friends and family on hand, as well as former Full House stars. No word on whether the Olsen Twins were drinking underage.

Shortly after her first nuptials, however, Sweetin began abusing crystal meth. Her addiction lasted for a little over two years, and her friends, family, and husband were unaware.

In 2005, after being in the ER from the effects of alcohol and meth, she checked into rehab - voluntarily, unlike Britney Spears, who had to be dragged kicking and screaming.

"One minute, everyone loves you, everyone wants you, you're it," Jodie Sweetin said of her fall. "And the next minute, they're like, 'Who? Oh no, never mind.'

In February 2006, she appeared on Good Morning America to publicly announce her meth addiction, mentioning that five of her teeth rotted away. She and Holguin divorced in 2006.

Yikes. Well, that was then and this is now. Hopefully Cody Herpin can keep his wife, who's now the host of Pants Off Dance Off, out of her pants and on the right track.

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Yes, that was Shemar Moore naked in the picture we showed you the other day. No disputing that.

But the Criminal Minds actor wants to clear the air about where it was taken - and quash rumors about his sexual orientation.

After The National Enquirer ran shots of the former star of The Young and the Restless in the buff on a nude "gay beach" in Maui, speculation swirled around the sexual preference of Shemar Moore.

But despite the fact that the whole world saw Shemar Moore nude, he says it wasn't on a gay beach… nor does he roll that way.

"I went on vacation with two girlfriends of mine who, interestingly enough, got cut out of the pictures," he said. "We found a nude beach that, as far as I know, was a unisex beach."

"I had two hot chicks with me who wanted to go skinny dipping… Thank God the water was fairly warm!"

What we think Shemar Moore is saying is that his … forget it. Let's just say Nick Lachey knows all about it from his frequent encounters with Vanessa Minnillo in the pool.

Currently single, Shemar Moore continued, "I'll say it right now: I'm not gay. I love women. Women are God's greatest creation. But I have no problem with people who are gay."

So, to sum up, and paraphrase one of the many classic Seinfeld quotes, Shemar Moore is not gay! No way… Not that there's anything wrong with that!

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Reality TV star Lauren Conrad, 21, is profiled as one of Us Weekly's "Sexy Singles" of Hollywood, and there's certainly no doubt that it's true.

After all, The Hills star's romantic interludes are well documented. There was the initial love triangle with LC, Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti (who is now with Heroes star Hayden Panettiere) on the hit Laguna Beach in its 2005 season.

Lauren in L.A.

Then, in the show's second season, the country watched LC's tumultuous dating of bad boy Jason Wahler, who she took back... only to break up with a second time on The Hills.

More recently, there was a brief fling with Brody Jenner, along with rumored romantic links to American Idol's Chris Richardson and Desperate Housewives' Josh Henderson.

Dating can be harder when zoomed in from the cameras, but Lauren Conrad is not one to be kept down. In fact, she's approaching her single status with a new attitude.

"I'm going to start dating like a guy," says an assured Lauren Conrad on the trailer for the upcoming season three of The Hills, which begins August 13.

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If, by "amazing," Tyler Atkins meant "a snobby, self-promoting ho-tel heiress who spent the better part of yesterday evening riding Suge Knight," then we couldn't agree more.

Tyler Atkins is Australian, after all. Maybe "amazing" implies that there.

In any case, while Paris Hilton hasn't spoken about her new relationship with the surfer dude, the 21-year-old Aussie opened up about getting to know the socialite.

"She is a really smart, amazing girl," Tyler Atkins told Australia's, apparently confusing Paris with Anne Hathaway. "We share similar interests."

We'll decline comment on certain interests Tyler and Paris may share.

"We've been hanging out at the beach, talking about fashion and it has been lots of fun," Atkins said. "She's a cool girl and we're having a great time enjoying each other's company." 

Paris Hilton, who just got out of jail and has rented a house in Malibu, Calif., for the summer, has been snapped cuddling on the beach with Tyler Atkins.

On July 14, the pair hung out at the Lia Sophia jewelry clam bake, where Hilton gobbled lobster and corn on the cob and showed off her new Yorkie pup.

No word on whether it's the same Yorkie Britney Spears just bought, and whether it escaped her clutches only to wind up with someone worse.

Later in the day, Hilton and a shirtless Tyler Atkins (hot) spent more time together on the beach at Rock & Republic's anniversary party.

Among other things, the two share an interest in fashion. Hilton has her own clothing line, while Tyler Atkins is an entrepreneur and a top designer for Australia-based clothing and accessories company Rock Stars & Angels.

We give this relationship at least another few hours.

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Even though she apparently wants to moonlight as a waitress at Les Deux, Britney Spears is at least pretending to continue in the music biz.

Us Weekly confirms that the "singer," 25, is shooting a new music video in an L.A. warehouse today. The new video would be her first in over two years.

Britney Spears and Jayden James Photo

Britney Spears was snapped in this Western stripper '60s widow getup, an unfortunate look for the video of her first song in years, "Get Back."

Brit's way-up-to-there skirt reveals a pair of black silk panties, which inspired gratitude in the horde of celebrity news hounds assigned to snap pics of the pop mom / mess.

Will "Get Back" be the comeback tune for Britney Spears?

She certainly hopes so... and has plenty to come back from. In truth, it would be hard to sink much lower. The proverbial bar is just about resting on the ground.

After all she's been through - cranking out both Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline in under 12 months, getting divorced from K-Fed, going to rehab (thrice), shaving her head, raging against the machine of celebrity gossip with an umbrella, engaging in liaisons with various losers (some of whom she let go at it wheelbarrow style), serving her own mom with legal papers and unleashing a continuous barrage of shocking nipple slip, crotch shot and borderline nude photos - can Britney Spears right the ship?

Probably not.

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David and Victoria Beckham have already caused quite a stir in the states. But this weekend, the British imports are truly going to be treated like Hollywood royalty.

None other than power couples Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith will host a private party for the Beckhams at the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Los Angeles Sunday.

David Beckham Armani Underwear Ad

The invitations, printed in gold lettering on deep gold card stock, beckon guests to "Please join Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith in welcoming David and Victoria Beckham to Los Angeles."

What, little Suri Cruise doesn't welcome them too? That's pretty weak.

In any case, the party thrown by Tom Cruise and friends is the latest in a series of high-profile events to celebrate the celebrity couple's move to Los Angeles.

The day they arrived, they met the press as David was officially introduced as the latest addition to the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team - which apparently exists.

Victoria Beckham also made appearances on Today and on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio program and starred in a one-hour NBC special Victoria Beckham: Coming to America.

David Beckham, who is expected to raise soccer's profile in America, has been hampered by an ankle injury, but is expected to play Saturday during Galaxy's exhibition game.

How long he will play is not clear. But you know Victoria and those large breasts and larger-than-life friends will be there to cheer him on.

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Thanks to People magazine for this great collection of celebrity quotes ...

"I'm not ashamed that I need glasses for distance. I did not feel like I needed to have all of that hair, which was typical Star Jones, or the extra lashes or the heavy makeup."
- Star Jones, on Star Jones

"If things go well and we get married, I'm going to be smart this time and I'm going to have him sign a prenup and if we get divorced, I'll get half his allowance."
- Paula Abdul, about younger boyfriend JT Torregiani

"I'm just hoping people do get it and don't truly think that I do sunbathe in high heels and a bikini and a full face of makeup."
- Victoria Beckham, on her "Posh" image

"It's weird, it's weird. I don't wear rings... The only ring that I was wearing is our championship rings, but you only wear that maybe two times, three maybe. So I have to get used to it."
- Tony Parker, on wearing a wedding ring now that he's married to Eva Longoria

"Funny is key. Funny, silly, someone who doesn't take themselves seriously, someone who can be ridiculous. That's the most attractive thing."
- Jessica Biel, on the kind of man she goes for

"Truth be told, I worry that the Simpsons-writing portion of my brain has been destroyed after 14 years of talking to Lindsay Lohan and that guy from One Tree Hill, so maybe it's all for the best."
- Former Simpsons writer Conan O'Brien, on not being asked to participate in the big-screen version of the animated show

"You know how people ask, 'Who is the love of your life?' God, I hope I haven't met that person yet, in a way, because I'm single. I hope I haven't had that, since that would be sad."
- Winona Ryder

"This is an outrage."
- Tina Fey, on her show, 30 Rock, scoring 10 Emmy nominations

"I've actually rented Björk's swan dress. I know that's kind of recycling, but I saw An Inconvenient Truth.
- The Office star Rainn Wilson (below), on what he plans to wear to the Emmys

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