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If you're interested in fashion and you have always dreamed of breaking into the world of beauty and glamour and you're between the ages of 21-28 then MTV would like to offer you the opportunity show your stuff.

Oh, and you have to not only have a magnetic, sometimes abrasive, type-A personality, but it probably wouldn't hurt if you look like Kristin Cavallari (right).

The producers of Laguna Beach and The Hills are turning their reality TV sights on the catty world of clothing.

MTV is already spreading its high school "reality" melodrama to Brooklyn, as we reported recently.

Now it wants to expand its Teen Vogue appeal, which started when America's Sweetheart, Lauren Conrad, got a sweet internship there.

We've gotten a taste of what she and fellow cutie/intern Whitney Port must deal with on the job, but MTV wants to give us more. A lot more.

The new show will focus on following four interns at an undisclosed "major fashion magazine," "prestigious cosmetic line," and "cutting edge fashion PR company."

According to a Craigslist L.A. ad, MTV is "Looking for all types: small town-big dreams to urban sophisticate; quirky street fashion to uptown models. VERY interested in seeing pairs/groups of friends who share passion for fashion as a bond. Must be available to shoot pilot in NYC March 19-20 and series June-September. Compensation and housing will be provided."

The potential interns have to be "energetic," "passionate" and "ambitious."

In other words, hot as hell. Good luck, ladies!

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As The Hollywood Gossip reported yesterday, after two years' of trying, Reality TV romantic Trista Sutter and hubby Ryan Sutter are expecting their first child.

Trista Sutter, 34, who met her fireman hubby, 32, in 2002 on ABC's The Bachelorette, is 14 weeks along in her pregnancy - and has crazy morning sickness.

Trista Pic

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, the mom-to-be dishes about cravings, back rubs and what it's like to go from sexy Bachelorette to motherhood.

Q: When are you due?

A: Late summer.

Q: Do you want a boy or a girl?

A: Honestly, and this is the 100 percent truth â€" I just want everything to go well and for the baby to be healthy â€" 10 fingers, 10 toes. I want both, so if we had a girl already I'd want a boy or if we had a boy already, we'd want a girl. Since we don't have either, we want either!

Q: Have you had bad morning sickness?

A: Oh yeah â€" morning sickness? [laughing] Not really a good description. It's pretty much all-day, all-night sickness. There are fluctuations and little tiny ways to get around it momentarily, but it is brutal! It really is brutal. I now feel for all of my friends who have been through it. A lot of women describe it this way â€" it feels like a constant hangover without the headache.

THG NOTE: Nicole Richie can relate!

Q: Have you had any cravings?

A: I did have a craving a month and a half ago â€" we went to a movie and in the middle of the movie, I was like, "I have to have French fries!" It just popped into my head and I thought about the French fries the whole way through the movie. Immediately after we went to Wendy's.

THG NOTE: Just be strong when you start crazing a Red Bull and a smoke.

Q: What's Ryan been doing to help make you more comfortable?

A: He's been great with our two dogs. They need attention pretty much throughout the day, so he's been great walking them. I haven't had to worry about that responsibility thankfully because I've been in my pajamas for two months! He's been great with me too.

The other night I had a craving for â€" this is actually a craving, I was craving a smoothie and we don't have a Jamaba Juice or anything around here and I hadn't been to the grocery store in a while.

So Ryan went online to find an Orange Julius recipe because we had a frozen orange juice container, and he just kept adding stuff and when it got down to it, it tasted good! He's definitely trying to help in terms of making me stuff whenever possible and rubbing my back and that kind of stuff. He's been great.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about being parents?

A: I'm most looking forward to seeing Ryan being a dad. This is the one thing I've always dreamed about, besides getting married and finding Ryan. I've always wanted to be a mom. I worked with kids for four years at Miami Children's Hospital and got my fix in there and got my fix with my friend's kids, but I've always wanted to be a mom. And I really think it'll be fun to see him with a baby.

THG NOTE: He can always count on Kevin Federline for advice on what that's like if he needs it. That guy's boys can swim, we can tell you that.

Q: You two have been through a lot over the past two years trying to get pregnant. What sort of things were you trying? Did you try In-vitro?

A: No, thankfully we didn't have to go that far â€" but we were ready to. Once you hit a year of officially trying, your doctor will usually recommend you to a fertility specialist. So we went to one in Denver who came highly, highly recommended, so I knew we were in good hands. We saw him one time and luckily I had a test done that was really helpful.

But before that, all these people come up with things you can try â€" you lay on your back afterwards, putting pillows under your butt â€" you try positioning. You try going away on vacation.

People are like, "Have a few drinks!" It's interesting what ideas people come up with, but I think it just has to be the right time. All the stars have to align. My belief is that it's God's will that this is when we were supposed to get pregnant.

THG NOTE: No doubt Bridget Moynahan and Gisele Bundchen agree.

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Bet Tom Brady wishes he could call an audible.

After all, his ex-girlfriend, the lovely Six Degrees star Bridget Moynahan, recently came forward and announced that she's pregnant.

Topless Gisele Bundchen

There's not likely to be an Anna Nicole Smith-style dispute over paternity, either.

Brady has since started hanging out with supermodel Gisele Bundchen, which seems like the perfect way to forget one's troubles. Only Gisele has a little surprise for Tom as well, and the star quarterback's facial expression tells it all...

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Sorry, Kevin Federline.

Good effort, though. At least you tried.

Star of the Circus

Alas, TMZ confirms today that Britney Spears left rehab. Again.

The singer checked into Promises treatment center yesterday, but the gal with the shaved head appearently just couldn't deal with it and bolted.

It's the same story as last week, when Britney was in and out of a rehab facility in Antigua within 24 hours of checking her drunk, ugly ass in.

EXTRA is reporting that Britney Spears tried to get into a tattoo parlor before going home, but it was closed. Which is too bad. The girl's shorn white dome could use a nice tattoo. Don't you agree? Come on. Think Travis Barker style.

But at least Bald Brit she got herself a Red Bull (see below).

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services has received numerous phone calls to their hotline ... about Britney Spears!

Sources say the Child Protection hotline received calls on Britney's kids, Sean Preston Federline, 17 months, and Jayden James Federline, 5 months, and her recent bizarre behavior.

The DCFS provides a 24-7 phone number that any resident in the Los Angeles area can use to report issues or problems regarding children in trouble.

One would think they'd get a lot of calls about Michael Jackson's kids too, but they'd probably have to be human first. Sucks for Prince Michael I & II.

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Sources say Britney Spears relies too heavily on nannies to help care for her two sons, Sean Preston, 17 months, and Jayden James, 5 months.

Pink Boa

Wow, we're astonished.

When Spears is alone with her kids, "she gets overwhelmed," a source tells Us Weekly, which features a newly-shorn Britney Spears on its cover. "She gets so frustrated when they cry, asking, 'How do I make it stop?' But she loves her kids."

If you're thinking of applying for a nanny job with the wigger, first read what one job candidate claims were the requirements when she applied last year:

"Britney didn't ask me one thing about my child care experience. She only wanted to know about my personal life."

"The agency that called me emphasized that Britney was looking for a nanny who was young and hip because they wanted her to interact with people her own age. Basically, Britney wanted a friend."

"Britney asked me and one of her nannies to come to her room to watch her try on outfits for a party one night â€" then she stripped down naked in front of us!"

"One nanny told me that Britney will hold her kids for 10 minutes and then say, ‘I'm done now. You can take them.'"

"Britney doesn't like when [Sean Preston] prefers the nanny to her, so she fires them and looks for a new one."

Great stuff. It seems like Britney, who recently had a meltdown and shaved her head, then freaked and got a wig, then checked into rehab (and out of rehab) twice in the past week, wasn't really ready to start a family at such a young age.

We're stunned, and frankly, a little scared for the kids at this point. For once, The Gossip and Kevin Federline probably agree on something.

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Naomi Watts is expecting someone.

We're talking about a baby.

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber

In our second pregnancy announcement of the day (the first being Trista Sutter), the Gossip has learned that the 38-year-old Watts and her actor beau, Liev Schreiber, 39, are going to be parents.


The couple of nearly two years dined with pals at NYC eatery Pastis on February 18 where Naomi was visibly pregnant," an eyewitness says.

Hopefully not as visibly so as Marcia Cross. Yuck.

"Liev was smiling and looking at her stomach. They were cute."

Watts' rep said she doesn't comment on her client's personal life. Ooh. Who does this rep thinks she works for, Nicole Kidman?

Congratulations to Naomi. Wonder how her ex, Heath Ledger, feels about this news. Probably reasonably happy, especially since he has a kid of his own.

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During Britney Spears' recent wild weekend, Kevin Federline canceled plans to party in Las Vegas during the NBA All-Star weekend in order to stay in Los Angeles to be available for the couple's children.

Needless to say, we never imagined six months ago that we'd be writing such things about K-Fed. But that's the way the Hollywood Gossip world turns.

Sgt. Spears

"Kevin is concerned for Britney and his children," says a friend of FedEx. "Of course he's concerned about her. He loves her. He's always loved her - even after she started divorce proceedings."

The couple has two sons together, Sean Preston, 17 months, and Jayden James, 5 months.

According to another source, the aspiring rapper and Nationwide pitchman had booked a room from February 14-19 at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, but canceled the reservation.

It's not clear if the K-Hole has been in direct contact with his sons or Spears, who voluntarily entered a rehabilitation facility on Tuesday. But it's looking like he played some role in getting the troubled, newly-bald Britney there.

The pop princess checked into Promises in Malibu yesterday, but the nervous breakdown that landed her there, TMZ reports, started with a furious phone fight with Kevin Federline.

The alleged topic of said conversation may surprise you.

"Kevin threatened Britney that he was going to have people test her hair to find out exactly what she's been up to," says an OK! Magazine source, which then led to Britney's well-documented shaved head.

For now, that's just hair-say. But one thing's for sure - Kevin isn't the only one who wanted her in rehab. Family members made desperate pleas for Britney to get help, and convinced her to go to Promises.

Let's hope she stays there.

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The former Trista Rehn and her husband, Ryan Sutter, of The Bachelorette are expecting their first child, the couple tells People Magazine.

"We are so happy after two years of trying," Trista Sutter said.

Trista Sutter, Family

Ryan, 32, a Colorado firefighter, got the news from Trista, 34, a purse designer, when he flew back to Denver on December 18 after participating in a mountain expedition in Argentina.

"He was completely windburned and his lips were dry," Trista recalls. "We had a three-hour drive back to our home from the airport and I couldn't wait to tell him, so I pulled him aside to a quiet part of the baggage claim area and told him there."

"I am happy to be able to finally be a dad," Ryan said.

Who can blame him. Kevin Federline knows the feeling many times over.

The couple won't know the gender of their child until the summer. Trista is currently 14 weeks along.

"I've had horrendous morning sickness," she admits, "but they say it's a sign of a healthy pregnancy."

The couple met while taping The Bachelorette in 2002 and got married in a 2003 special on ABC - obviously faring a lot better since their reality TV days than, say, Lorenzo Borghese (though he is now with Sadie Murray).

Trista joins the pregnant Keri Russell and Amanda Peet on T.H. Gossip's Not-Quite-A-List Celebrity Baby Patrol.

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Nicole Richie isn't letting her legal woes put a strain on her romance.

The anorexic waif's love affair with Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden is heating up, Us Weekly reports. A source says they "have exchanged their ‘I love yous.'" OMG!

What a Cute Baby

Moreover, the couple of three months are taking the next big step. No, they're not popping Vicodin and hitting the bong together. Well, they probably are. But here, we're talking about L.A. house hunting!

Nicole Richie lives in a West Hollywood condo. Joel has a house in suburban Glendale. They have talked about shacking up. Plans are in the works.

"Nicole hasn't moved in with him yet… but they are looking at places," says the insider.

Of course, the only house Nicole might be moving into soon is the Big House. We're talking about her going to prison. Richie faces up to a year in jail if convicted of a second DUI.

Her most recent legal problems stem from her arrest last year for driving the wrong way down an L.A. highway. Check out her hottt mug shot!

Prior to dating Madden, Nicole was engaged to DJ AM and briefly dated Brody Jenner, though apparently he was just doing that to get famous.

Joel was the longtime boyfriend of sexy virgin Hilary Duff.

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T.H. Gossip has learned that Britney Spears is back in rehab. Sources say Spears checked into an in-patient facility in Los Angeles after her family members pressed her to check in. Britney Spears reportedly entered the facility late this morning.

Her fall from grace makes us long for the days when Britney Spears was so hot, she could make an entire sports bar full of guys gaze in astonishment at a TV screen that happened to be showing her "performance" (read: striptease) at the VMAs.

Going Down ... Under!

That was 2001. It's a been a slow, steady decline since then, and while there have been some brief returns to glory in the down years since Brit married Kevin Federline, for the most part she's gone from smoking hot to smoking cigarettes... and looking pretty gross.

To illustrate, here's a brief Hollywood Gossip photo comparison of hot Britney Spears vs. wish-to-God-it-was-not Britney Spears...

ROW 1: In her heyday, Britney was the ultimate paradox: a sex symbol, yet virginal tease. Small-town girl with a big heart, unafraid to bare almost all. It was sensational. Later, after she was deflowered, twice married and always pregnant, Britney more closely resembled a trucker high on crystal meth.

ROW 2: Britney (left) in one of her music videos. Britney (right) tries her damndest to become the poster child for teen smoking and bad fashion.

ROW 3: Here we have the live, open-mouthed kiss between Britney and Madonna that inspired more adolescent fantasies than any moment in basic cable history. Adjacent is a candid shot of a lagoon creature masquerading as Britney Spears in late 2006.

ROW 4: At left, a sexy shot taken from a Britney Spears pin-up calendar of yesteryear. By that we mean 2003 (though it looks as if she's wearing no pants - foreshadowing). At right, a shot of Britney bombed out of her mind on New Year's Eve 2007. Partying is all well and good, but when images like this become commonplace, you might want to seek help.

ROW 5: The granddaddy of all comparisons. Britney's photo shoot for Esquire four years ago produced what may be the hottest pictures of any celebrity in recent memory. But it's just that - a memory. Last week, as you know, Brit shaved her head. Nice work.