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The great Kevin Federline is a pimp when it comes to the ladies. Or so he thinks.

Meanwhile, Perez Hilton is a pimp of a different sort... the man slings celebrity news, gossip and rumors like it's his job.

Who will win when these two gentlemen square off in a big pimpin' photo finish - inspired by pics of Jayden James Federline's dad and the self-proclaimed Queen of All Media holding huge cups proclaiming their pimp-dom? You decide...

Hmm... It's hard to pick Kevin Federline as the winner... in anything.

Nevertheless, we've gotta give it to FedEx here. Not only is one of his four kids (Sean Preston) already pimpin' it hard at age 1, but the guy knocked up Shar Jackson! Twice! He also married Britney Spears back when she had her $h!t together. Think about it.

Also, Kevin's reported new girlfriend, Liz Hernandez, is pretty cute! There is no content here. Sorry, Perez. You're the queen of gossip, but victory is K-Fed's in this case.

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Despite tying the knot before only a few friends at Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, Jodie Sweetin says her marriage to Cody Herpin wasn't a quickie wedding.

It was, you know, a really fast wedding.

Jodie Sweetin, Zoie Herpin

"We wanted to keep it quiet," Bob Saget's TV daughter on Full House star tells People magazine. "We came to Vegas to get married. We had a bunch of friends come down after we got married to celebrate with us."

Sweetin, 25, who met Herpin, a 30-year-old set designer, through mutual friends, says they first began to discuss marriage back in May.

"We have been friends for a really long time and became really serious around Memorial Day and started talking about getting married," says Sweetin, who most recently hosted the hit show Pants-Off Dance-Off.

Jodie Sweetin considers the Vegas wedding simply a first step.

"In a year or so we're going to have bigger ceremony for family and friends," she says. "We don't know where yet."

Just promise you'll invite the Olsen Twins. Please.

But one thing is for sure, says the actress with the suddenly large boobs, who split from her first husband, a police officer, last year.

"Cody Herpin is my best friend. I married my best friend, and I couldn't ask for anything more. He's an unbelievable person."

The couple did not have a formal honeymoon, but they did spend several days in Sin City as a celebration of their nuptials.

"We didn't do anything too excessive," says Sweetin. "We ate at [the Bellagio Hotel's restaurant] Fix a few times, and that was fantastic."

Hopefully they didn't run into Vegas regular Kevin Federline. That would have made for a veritable D-list bonanza up in that piece.

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The fabulous Lauren Conrad is featured on the cover of August's issue of Teen Vogue.

LC appears on the cover of the magazine with her fellow co-star on The Hills, Whitney Port.

Of course, fans know that Lauren and Whitney work together as interns ... at Teen Vogue.

Think that perhaps, this gives them a leg up on any possible cover competition? Just a little?

Then again, when you look at this pair of California cuties, you wonder why the magazine would ever need to go outside its own offices for cover girls.

Lauren, Whitney and the rest of The Hills cast return Monday, August 13, for the third (and likely) final season of the hit series, a spin-off of Laguna Beach.

Rumor has it that The Hills has been reportedly extended to 18 episodes by MTV, giving LC, Whit, Heidi, Audrina Patridge more air time than ever. Which is, like, totally sweet!

For now, though, here are a few pictures of Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port from behind the scenes of their photo shoot, which is featured in this month's Teen Vogue.

Whitney, LC

ABOVE, LEFT: Being a cover girl is hard work! Whitney looks a little worn out, but fortunately, her parents were there to support her throughout the ordeal. When she got the chills in between shots, her folks kept a white robe handy.

ABOVE, RIGHT: Lauren Conrad is considerably shorter than Whitney, so LC had to wear heels or stand on a crate to make up the difference in some of the Teen Vogue photos.

Follow the jump below for more terrific pics of Lauren and Whitney ...

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In response to accusations that he's an absentee dad and too obsessed with the Hollywood scene, Matt Leinart says he's sought to spend more time with his 9-month-old son with his ex-girlfriend, Brynn Cameron.

Leinart says he's even sought help from the courts.

"I love Cole more than anything or anyone," the Arizona Cardinals QB said in a statement to People. "I also really care about his mother, and would never say anything disparaging about her. I want to help him experience life's lessons that were taught to me by my mom and dad."

Brynn Cameron has criticized Leinart's parenting

She told the Ventura County Star that she often reads that Leinart says how he loves being a dad, but she "spends 99.9 pecent of the time" with Cole and "it's been hard to do all the work, when he gets all the credit."

But Matt Leinart says that is not the entire story

"Regardless of the allegations, I have gone to great lengths to increase my custodial time with Cole," Leinart says. "This includes seeking intervention from family law courts."

"I don't know if Cole's mother is motivated by anger or by financial gain," the Heisman winner added, "but it is my sincere hope that one day we will be able to effectively co-parent our son who we both love very much."

He did not elaborate on the court activity, but TMZ says the signal-caller is engaged in a raging legal battle with Brynn Cameron over custody of Cole Cameron Leinart.

According to sources close to the case, Brynn wants Matt Leinart to hand over more than $30,000 a month. This for a 21-year-old living with her parents!

According to sources close to the custody case, Leinart is pissed - having already bought Cameron a car, as well as voluntarily given her around six grand a month.

Leinart signed a six-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals in 2006 - worth around $51 million. Sources tell TMZ that the former USC standout already "comes back to L.A. once a week, every week, to see the baby," but wants a schedule where he can see Cole in Arizona as well.

Unlike many NFL stars who have kids out of wedlock or get indicted on federal dogfighting charges (cough, Michael Vick), many close to the situation say Matt Leinart (like Tom Brady surely will be) is an engaged dad who wants to be even more involved in son's life.

Yet Brynn Cameron claims she's doing all the hard work while Leinart, who's been linked romantically to Paris Hilton as well as Kristin Cavallari, "comes and goes whenever he wants ... he likes that Hollywood stuff and I don't like that."

In any event, Matt Leinart and Brynn Cameron are expected to hammer it out in court on August 13. Here's a picture of Brynn with Cole Cameron Leinart. Very cute!

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Nicole Scherzinger, the only hot or recognizable Pussycat Doll (not counting Asia Nitollano) is trying get away from the stripper stereotype.

No, seriously.

Nicole Scherzinger Nude Photo

Nicole, who just released her first solo single featuring TI, was in the glamorous port city of San Pedro, Calif. yesterday - filming the music video for the song.

According to sources, Nicole Scherzinger was dressed in a skimpy, bronze-colored designer bathing suit and then asked to do some crazy yoga poses.

A TMZ source said that Nicole Scherzinger was not too happy about the chosen outfit and told executives that she "looked like a whore."

Maybe she's trying to clean up her act for beau Talan Torriero? She would know, as she's used to those "ladylike" Pussycat Doll outfits. Gosh.

Shooting continued for a short period until the studio peeps agreed that the Pussycat Dolls' leader did, in fact, look like a hooker!

Stunning, really.

The set was immediately cleared until a new, more tasteful outfit was found for the overtly sexual photos. Guess you can dress a wolf in sheep's clothing ... or something.

Great stuff. This is the equivalent of Britney Spears pulling the plug on an interview or a photo shoot because she "looks like a mess" or "feels like a total wreck!"

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What is to become of Britney Spears' kids?

Spears' legal woes in her ongoing divorce from Kevin Federline may take a turn for the worse now that her cousin and former BFF and assistant, Alli Sims, has turned to FedEx - to help take Britney to court for custody.

Brit Squats

A report from OK! Magazine claims that after hearing about Britney's spazz fest on Perez Hilton's website, Kevin spent hours Monday with his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan.

K-Fed, who recently started dating Liz Hernandez, has been busy with Kaplan discussing all of his options for getting the kids out of Britney's care.

"Kevin is worried about Sean Preston and Jayden James' safety," a source close to Kevin Federline confirms to the weekly celebrity news magazine.

"Kevin had heard bits and pieces of what was going on from Brit's mother, Lynne Spears, and from the bodyguards, but has been trying to focus on getting along with her, and didn't want to believe she had completely lost it."

After Alli Sims recently stopped working for Britney, she and Lynne Spears reached out to Kevin and gave detailed info about her erratic behavior.

A longtime Britney Spears pal says:

"Alli Sims gave specific instances where Brit couldn't handle having the kids. Kevin was angry at Britney for putting his kids in jeopardy and immediately phoned his lawyer to investigate the claims further. He couldn't believe she had gotten so out of control."

Alli is planning to provide specific examples to help give full custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James to K-Fed, and finalize his divorce. Kevin's legal team is redrafting the divorce settlement to include Spears' recent public and private problems, and has already taken the step of contacting Britney's lawyers to set up a meeting.

LEFT: Britney Spears and cousin/assistant Alli Sims. RIGHT: Britney may have Kevin by the balls in this classic file photo, but she's losing the upper hand in their divorce case.

Reports of Britney Spears' epic meltdown at OK! Magazine - after she was the one who contacted them for a supposed tell-all interview - are wide ranging.

Perhaps the most ridiculous account of Spears' behavior is that after she wiped her greasy, fried chicken-covered hands on a $274 dress and picked up her new dog's feces with a $6,700 gown, Britney stole thousands of dollars in merchandise.

Britney Spears allegedly fled the disastrous photo shoot wearing $12,861 worth of jewelry, a $974 Vera Wang dress, $380 Lanvin heels and a $281 Pucci scarf. When the clothes Britney supposedly ruined are added, the total comes to $21,267.

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Hey, Hilary Duff doesn't pay the billz with her mad vocab skillz.

The singer tells Maxim Magazine that she has "OCD" because she likes to clean a lot. That's like saying Lindsay Lohan is a helpless addict instead of a spoiled brat.

Hilary Duff says of her supposed disorder:

"I'm OCD when it comes to cleaning. I can't go to bed with a messy room. That would totally wig me out… It freaks me out to have dishes in the sink."

"I practically clean my hotel room before I check out," the younger sister of Haylie Duff continues. "I wish I weren't psychotic like that, but I am."

Hey, she could be a total train wreck like some people we know.

While she probably just likes the room neat, and doesn't know the meaning of OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Hilary Duff is all good with us.

It says a lot about a young star when the worst we can say about Duff is that she and Gym Class Heroes handed out X-Rated goodie bags at a show, or that she possibly hooked up with Brody Jenner once. Not exactly a long rap sheet.

The actress steers clear of scandal (for the most part) and appears to have her head on straight. In a world full of Paris Hilton pussy photos, that's a breath of fresh air.

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It's a battle of epic proportions.

Literally. These guys are huge!

Jason Davis Mug Shot

Some of our celebrity look-alikes are a stretch. Okay, most of them. But we think we've got something here with this large and gruesome twosome.

We're not calling Jason Davis fat, but let's just say that when his beeper goes off, people assume he's backing up. His nickname is also Gummi Bear.

But the brother of Brandon Davis (a.k.a. Greasy Bear) might have nothing on the former comedian and new host of The Price Is Right, Mr. Drew Carey.

The price may be right for the dude with the prop glasses and famous for The Drew Carey Show, but whatever the scale says in the morning is definitely wrong. So wrong.

Who do you like better, Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis or Drew Carey?

Yesterday, we learned that the Gummi Bear will be attending outpatient detox treatment to deal with a plethora of issues (such as brawling with Perez Hilton), but his rep insists, "Jason is not in rehab. He did not check himself into any treatment. He's not receiving outpatient treatment or counseling."

Clear on that? We're not.

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Break dancing.

Bumping and grinding.

Doting Dad

Butt slapping!

No, we're not talking about what goes on inside Paris Hilton's bedroom when Tyler Atkins rolls over there. We're talking about Tom Cruise getting down and dirty on the dance floor!

Which is kind of strange. Not because he's older, because the man is still a bona fide hunk. There's just something about TomKat that gives our team of celebrity news writers the heebie-jeebies.

Anyway. Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their pals had few inhibitions at the July 22 "Welcome to America" party the couple threw for Victoria and David Beckham in L.A.

As guests like Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Eva Longoria and Brooke Shields mingled, Jim Carrey pretended to spank girlfriend Jenny McCarthy (really, who wouldn't) as they boogied â€" as Will Smith rapped.

"I can't believe Will can move like that!" marveled Jim Carrey.

But, as Us Weekly reports in its new issue, the real showstopper came when the DJ (Lindsay Lohan's gal pal Samantha Ronson) played "Old Time Rock & Roll."

That's when Cruise re-enacted one of his famous movie scenes.

At one point, he got on his back and kicked his legs in the air, just like in Risky Business! In real life, however, there were no tighty-whities as the star kept his pants on.

Suri Cruise will thank him for that later.

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As Tom Brady awaits the birth of his son to an ex-girlfriend, he best read this story of NFL love gone ... not so stellar.

Matt Leinart's ex-girlfriend, Brynn Cameron, tells the Ventura County Star that when it comes to parenting, she's the star quarterback.

"It's kind of hard for me as the mom, I'm with Cole" - her 9-month-old son with Matt Leinart - "probably 99.9 percent of the time, to open a magazine or read a newspaper article with Matt saying something like, 'Oh, I love being a dad. I love changing diapers. I love doing this.' I'm like, Wait, what?" Cameron said.

"It's been hard. I'm doing all the work, but he gets all the credit."

Leinart, 24, starred at the University of Southern California, where he won the Heisman Trophy and saw PLENTY of bush. Star tailback Reggie Bush, that is.

He and Cameron dated but later split in 2006. Brynn currently lives with her parents and the baby, Cole Cameron Leinart, as Matt plays with the NFL's Arizona Cardinals.

Although Matt Leinart recently gushed about being a father, Brynn Cameron has her own strong feelings. The quarterback "comes and goes whenever he wants," she says.

"I don't want to sit here and bad-mouth his lifestyle," she says, "but it is hard because we are different people. He likes that Hollywood stuff and I don't like that."

Hey, lighten up. At least he's not Michael Vick, okay, Brynn?

It's easy to see what she means, though. Leinart is pals with boy band singer / sex god Nick Lachey, and has been romantically linked to Paris Hilton and Kristin Cavallari.

In any case, Matt Leinart will join his Cardinals teammates at training camp in late July. Brynn Cameron, meanwhile, plans to return to campus this fall.

"It's hard, but I have to raise Cole to be a strong, secure kid so he knows what's right and wrong, what's good and bad and what matters in life, which isn't what's going on with [celebrity gossip] or who's dating who," says Cameron.

"That's not what it's all about, and I think he'll know that being raised by me."

Oh, snap! Matt Leinart has been sacked, ladies and gentlemen! Which is good, in a way, as he can get used to it ... it'll happen about 10 times every Sunday come September.

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