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A judge has revoked probation and issued an arrest warrant for actor Daniel Baldwin after he failed to appear in court for a scheduled progress report on his ongoing rehabilitation, stemming from a drug arrest occurring last year.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Millington issued the warrant after the actor failed to show up in court as scheduled this past Friday morning.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

The actor, 47, is the brother of actors Alec Baldwin (star of 30 Rock), William Baldwin and Stephen Baldwin and has starred on numerous TV shows, including "Homicide: Life on the Street," and was also in some movies and stuff.

A scruffy Daniel Baldwin ran afoul of the law in April 2006 when he was arrested in a Los Angeles-area motel for possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

As celebrities go, he's D-list at best. But as celebrity mug shots go, this one is a definite B, maybe even a B+ (you can see a little bit of Nick Nolte here).

Daniel Baldwin entered the drug rehabilitation program in hopes of having the pair of charges dismissed. At a February hearing, his attorney said the actor had completed various programs and was continuing treatment.

He and Britney Spears bonded in rehab in February. We're serious.

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Oprah Winfrey loves Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. So do countless former stars of The OC and other celebrities from film and TV.

Well, another upstart political contender has gotten his own boost of star power - from an actor and martial arts master whose chief export is pain.

Governor Mike Huckabee, a 2008 Republican presidential candidate, has made a hilarious campaign ad with Chuck Norris called HuckChuckFacts.

In it, Mike Huckabee refers to several "Chuck Norris facts" - the tall tales about Norris that have become an Internet phenomenon in recent years - while Norris tells real facts about the former Arkansas Governor and his plans for America.


"When Chuck Norris does a push-up, he's pushing the Earth down."

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Just call Hayden Panettiere the next Angelina Jolie.

Well, at least in terms of the Heroes' star's activist streak.

Wladimir Klitschko Pic

"Absolutely, I would take that," Panettiere told People. "She was definitely one of my inspirations growing up and she was definitely somebody I looked up to."

While Angelina Jolie is a strong advocate for humanitarian causes, the Heroes star is making headlines for her work on behalf of marine mammals.

A warrant was issued for Hayden Panettiere in Japan after she and other activists attempted to protect dolphins from being slaughtered by local fishermen.

Hayden Panettiere looks up to Angelina. And most others. She's 5'1"!

"I grew up near the Hudson River in New York. I didn't grow up in the water; I don't surf," she said. "People think I surf because of the footage. I was just in a panic and happened to paddle really fast. I was hauling butt out there!"

Hayden Panettiere credits the success of Heroes with helping give her both the inner strength and the star power to bring attention to these types of issues. But the show's success can be viewed in yet another way by Hollywood's teen queen:

"It has completely ruined my personal life. I mean, you walk out the door and you've got 10 cameras in your face. Obviously everything in my life is on display whether it be true or false ... 99 percent of it false."

For now, Hayden Panettiere says her job is about all the social life she can handle, and she prefers a quiet night at home over any sort of club scene.

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With an impassioned YouTube defense of his favorite singer, Chris Crocker achieved fame (15 whole minutes' worth) by stealing the spotlight from Britney Spears.

Looks like he learned from the master.

Hottest Britney Spears Picture

While she may have the ability to buy whatever she wants, for whatever reason, the great Britney Spears decided to steal a lighter from a gas station last night, then openly brag about this fact to members of the celebrity news media.

Naturally, Spears spent most of her very busy Friday driving the paparazzi around in circles. When she decided to stop off at a North Hollywood gas station for some gum, she doubled back for a lighter - and just snatched it and left.

Oh ma gawd, y'all, I gots to go grab me m a lighter. Yeeeee-haw!

While you might be inclined to assume Britney Spears simply forgot to pay for it (she's not smart, remember), she nixed any plausible deniability when she turned to the cameras and yelled, "I stole something. Oh, I'm bad. Ohhhhh!"

Yes. Yes, you are, Britney. On so many levels, we can't even begin to go there at this time. Robert Edie is probably running for the hills as we speak.

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Apparently Hyde still has some standards.

Effeminate Britney Spears fan and YouTube "celebrity" Chris Crocker went to the famed Hollywood hot spot last night to celebrate his 20th birthday - but his 15 minutes of fame appear to be the only thing extinguished on this eve.

Hyde's glory days have passed, but it's still out of Chris Crocker's league.

Sadly, Chris Crocker had to take his party train elsewhere as he was turned down at the super exclusive Sunset Blvd. saloon. Stunning, really.

Upon rejection, the derailed crybaby did make a good point, however: "If they won't let Aries Spears in, then they shouldn't let me in."

At least he's self-aware, unlike his look-alike Heidi Montag.

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One brief run-in with Lauren Conrad and a heart-to-heart with Heidi Montag later, Stephanie Pratt went from unknown to bona fide player on The Hills.

Spencer Pratt's younger sis sparked controversy on The Hills when she chewed out Lauren at a club, then spilled the beans to her brother regarding Heidi's hesitation about their wedding.

Now comes the scrutiny of her personal life.

Stephanie Pratt in London
Stephanie Pratt in London, Spring 2014. The sister of Spencer Pratt got the good looks in the family.

Specifically, a police report - and that subsequent Stephanie Pratt mug shot - stemming a shoplifting arrest occurring in Hawaii in 2006.

Stephanie, 21, has been nothing but open about the bust, as well as her about personal struggles with drug addiction, in the latest issue of Us Weekly.

The younger Pratt says she started smoking pot at 15, and "in a matter of months, I was on to other things ... I was a blackout drinker too."

"Once in history class, I was so high that when the teacher wasn't looking, I asked a girl to feel my heart," Stephanie said.

"It was beating so fast I thought I was going to die."

Even Spencer Pratt couldn't deal with her problem.

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Welcome back, celebrity gossip fans, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest. Let's take a look at who won this past week's edition of this fun contest.

With news of a Jessica Sierra sex tape coming out, we had no choice but to pick the past American Idol wreck as our subject matter. We've chosen the caption from Mare as the winner! The winning entry appears below the pic. Scroll down for the full list of captions we received and good luck again this week!

Joshua Ledet Photo

"Number ONE in bed ya'll!"

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As 2007 draws to a close, it's time to reflect and pay tribute to the stars who made this a year to remember. On that note, The Hollywood Gossip is announcing its 10 finalists for its first annual Celebrity of the Year award.

They've given us their best, their worst and, in a more than a few cases, their naked pictures. Now it is time for us to give a little something back with this special feature, because without these celebrities, we are nothing.

Hayden Panettiere: Sexy Cowgirl

We previously profiled the adorable little Suri Cruise at #10. Now, without further delay, we present Celebrity of the Year finalist #9 ... Hayden Panettiere!

As of this post, we've covered 981 different celebrities since The Hollywood Gossip debuted in mid-2006. But few bring as much to the table as Hayden.

Cover girl good looks, loads of talent, a bubbly personality, rampant over-exposure, maturity mixed with youthful exuberance, personal life speculation, constant material for inappropriate jokes about her age - the list goes on and on!

Fortunately, Hayden Panettiere - a Long Island native who stars on one of our favorite shows in Heroes - turned 18 this year, making us feel a little less dirty about our crush on her. But just look at her. Can you blame us, really?

Hayden Panettiere's middle name is Leslie. But it might as well be Sunshine.

Whether she's wearing that cute cheerleader uniform on the NBC show, dining out with friends at Koi, posing for 10 magazines per month or trying to save the dolphins in Japan, Hayden makes our world a little brighter and a lot more fun.

So here's to you, Hayden Panettiere. We'll buy you a drink in 32 months when it's legal for us to... as long as you haven't gone bonkers and checked into rehab prior to that. Please, Hayden. We beg of you. Don't go Lindsay Lohan on us.

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She's not revealing many details about it, but Lauren Conrad says she makes a "life-changing" decision in the season-three finale of MTV's The Hills, which airs Monday, December 10, and she is very happy with her choice.

"I gotta be honest, I haven't seen the finale yet," LC revealed to People magazine at the magazine's 50th Grammy Awards Kick-Off Party on Thursday. "I know that something happens in our lives, but I don't know what they're showing."

Lauren added that "Something very exciting happens in my life. I can't tell you what, obviously, because it has to air, but it was life-changing."

Lauren Conrad will make a decision that will, like, change her life. OMG!

Conrad reportedly is offered a second chance at living in Paris â€" something she turned down at the end of Season One to be with Jason Wahler. Whitney Port ended up going in her place and fast-tracking herself to a full-time job at Teen Vogue.

Lauren won't confirm that (though it was also hinted at in The Hills season finale promo), but does say she had a choice to make, and is happy with her decision.

Could it have something to do with Brody Jenner?

"I mean, a little bit, but mostly do to with me," Conrad says. "I have to make a very big decision â€" which I made, which I'm very happy with now."

So, what she's saying is that she's happy! Everybody get that? We are curious to learn what this decision being made on The Hills might be ... and glad its lovely leading lady and friends will reportedly be running it back for a Season 4!

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