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Reese Witherspoon is on the cover of April's Harper's Bazaar, looking very pretty and happy, professing her love for her kids and her new clothes. In short, the gal looks like she's handling her breakup with Ryan Phillippe (who sort of denied he had an affair with Abbie Cornish) that led to the split about as well as one could.

She's spent some time going back to her Southern roots as well as possibly maybe dating Jake Gyllenhaal sort of. Or not. In any case, she's a Gossip favorite, and we're happy to share excerpts from her Harper's interview:

Reese Photo

On how she spent her 30th birthday:
"Playing Boggle and eating fried chicken."

On her Golden Globes look:
"I felt like I looked different than I've ever looked. I don't know why. I just did."

On her new love for Nina Ricci designer Olivier Theyskens:
"I've used a stylist before, but these days I'm kind of just going with Olivier's taste. He said, 'I see you in yellow,' and who's to question him? He's such an artist. He has so much visual information in his head that he just channels it into his work and creates amazing things."

On out with the old, in with the new:
"I recently put a big pile of clothes on the floor of my closet, and I looked at a lot of the stuff and thought, 'That's not me at all! What was I thinking?' [For Legally Blonde] I went through a pink phase like you wouldn't belieeeve. Then there was a Marni phase when I was doing Sweet Home Alabama that was out of control."

THG NOTE: Certainly better than Britney Spears' recent phases. And by phases, we mean going Cue Ball style and dating losers. No offense, Jason Filyaw.

On being a generous friend:
"If I have to say anything about myself, I'm a really good girlfriend. And I give away a lot of shoes. It's really nice to be me. And it's really nice to be my friend who has the same shoe size."

THG NOTE: Paris Hilton could be considered generous friend, too, though she gives away something altogether different than shoes.

On her life:
"I look forward to my work. I love my children. At this time in my life, it's about spending time with my kids, really connecting with my friends."

"I'm very lucky. I have a really great life."

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Aside from die-hard fans of his band, RIVA, few people know Jason Filyaw all that well. That's why The Gossip is proud to bring you a new Jason Filyaw picture sent to us by a fan - looks like he rocks out pretty darn hard!

Britney in Pajamas

Whether or not Jason Filyaw and Britney Spears are romantically involved or just friends remains to be seen, but TMZ has talked to Filyaw and confirmed a relationship of some sorts between the two, who originally met back in 2003.

Sources say they've recently reconnected and gotten closer - so much so that Britney Spears calls him constantly? The photo at right has surfaced of a woman resembling the troubled star making a phone call at a gas station.

Hitting up gas stations and fast food joints is definitely one of Spears' top pastimes (minus assaulting photographers, of course) and she's allowed to leave rehab for AA meetings and such. But we can't tell if it's her. What do you think?

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Britney Spears needs your support.

On her official website, the pop star asks fans to "send your thoughts and inspiration" via email as she continues her struggles in rehab. See below...

Shopping in a Nightie

Yowza. Not sure who this hot chick is, but regardless, as you can see by visiting Britney's cyber-home, her concerned, loving fans are pouring in the support from all corners of the globe, showering the blonde wigger with positive messages like:

  • "Relax and don't rush yourself."
  • "We are here for as long as it takes for you to get better."
  • "Say hi to Jason Filyaw for me."

Okay, just kidding about the last one.

While the site is displaying some of the more inspirational messages on the home page, there's no guarantee your letter will be posted on the site. The confirmation just says that Britney's "team" (which we assume consists of Jayden James and Larry Rudolph) will review and consider it for posting:

Oh well. At least they don't ask you to foot the bill.

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We know, we know. This one's no contest in terms of scarinessor cuteness, but both of these beautiful baby bumps carry with them a little controversy. See below.

Bridget Moynahan Nude

At left, an eight-months pregnant Melanie Brown steps out in Beverly Hills Tuesday, proudly showing off her big belly. The ex-Spice Girl, known simply as Scary Spice to dozens of adoring fans, recently celebrated a festive baby shower.

She says the baby's daddy is Eddie Murphy. He denies it, is demanding a paternity test be conducted and seems to enjoy dating Tracey Edmonds. So it goes.

At right, a four-months pregnant Bridget Moynahan waves to photographers at LAX airport. There's no doubt who knocked up this actress - Tom Brady - but what's scandalous is the fact that he recently broke up with her and that his new squeeze, Brazillian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, may also be pregnant.

No one's criticizing the Patriots QB's taste in women, but may need a better role model than Kevin Federline. Fool apparently doesn't believe in using protection.

Which baby bump's better? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Rumors are swirling that the sickly Nicole Richie is now taking a drug called Adderall, which is in the same drug family as crystal meth.

The side effects include:

Cute Celebrity Baby-Mom Duo
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Weight loss.

Well, at least that won't drastically alter her current lifestyle.

Supposedly, the 85-pound star has been seeing a doctor to treat her lack of appetite and weight loss. For the last six years. Just kidding. If this drug rumor is true, then all she has to do to cure herself is stop taking Adderall.

Interestingly, like Vicodin, Adderall is a controlled substance because it is highly addictive, and is not given to known drug addicts.

Maybe she has the same doc as Anna Nicole Smith. But regardless of Dr. Sandeep Kapoor's possible involvement, here's more on Ms. Richie from In Touch Weekly ....

"Nicole Richie was hospitalized on March 2 for dehydration, one friend worried Nicole was back on heroin (which she was busted for during her prior DUI arrest)."

"Insiders say Nicole has been using Adderall, a prescription drug normally used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and is a powerful appetite suppressant."

"She loves Adderall because she stays awake, and it makes her not want to eat. And she takes it even more when she's filming."

Although her rep denies that she uses the drug, a pal says Joel Madden's hot babe actually increased her dosage:

"She's taking more and more lately."

We just hope Britney Spears isn't reading this right now. The girl can't handle any more temptations. Or controlled substances. We're pulling for you, Jason Filyaw, to keep our girl clean!

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Anand Jon Alexander, the celebrity fashion designer accused of rape, was previously arrested and charged with committing a lewd act on a child back in 2003.

Anand Jon Picture

According to court documents, Anand Jon, who has been featured on MTV, pled no contest to the lesser charge of misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

His probation required him to complete 52 weeks of sex therapy - which is probably different than what Britney Spears wishes it consisted of.

Anand Jon was also ordered "not associate with any child under the age of 18 years without a responsible adult present."

Jon, who has been known to kick it old school style with the likes of Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul, Michelle Rodriguez and other stars, completed his probation requirements in 2005.

Anand Jon is currently facing multiple felony counts of rape and sexual assault between October of 2004 and March 5, 2007, involving three alleged victims, the youngest a 15-year-old girl.

According to cops, while Jon was completing his probation, he was also committing rape. Incidentally, in 2006, after Jon completed probation, the disorderly conduct conviction was removed from his record.

Jon's attorney, Ronald Richards, tells TMZ:

"My predecessor counsel [previous lawyer] did an excellent job of exposing the overcharged complaint and by doing so resolved the case for a low grade non priorable, non-registerable, non-admissible plea of no contest, which was expunged and set aside by the court we are in now. At no time did the DA's office or the police ever disclose to the court any violations of any law during his three-year summary informal probation, which includes the 2004 incident to which he has now been charged for."

We're not sure what that means, except that Anand Jon is in deeper than just about everyone out there with the exception of Lane Garrison.

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Britney Spears' newest rumored man admits that he and the pop princess have been "growing very close" since their "special" rehab relationship began, and even used the L-word to descibe his feelings for her.

Jason Filyaw spoke exclusively to our counterparts at TMZ, so we're now considering his connection to Britney at least semi-credible.

What's That?

Filyaw, who describes himself as "very spiritual," would neither confirm nor deny that he is dating the star or if he has seen Britney Spears nude. But he admitted the following:

"I love her, I support her 100 percent and we are close."

Aw, shucks. Jason Filyaw has been attending AA meetings with Spears and revealed that he is helping Britney with the spiritually - or the "deep" part of her recovery.

The 33-year-old lead guitarist for the rock band RIVA says he met Spears long before she started rehab at Promises, and that they go "way back" to 2003, when he recorded some tunes with Britney at The Hit Factory in New York.

In the Britney timeline, that's prior to her marriage to Jason Alexander, and right around the time she was reportedly getting her yard stomped by Columbus Short.

Filyaw claims they stayed in touch ever since, but "a few weeks ago ... we met up again at a Los Angeles AA meeting."

Love is in the air at the detox facility, people.

Not everyone's as infatuated with Britney these days, though. The rehabbing train wreck may not be wasted off alcohol and drugs, but she's been popping up to a case of Coke (the soft drink) every day at Promises, and all that caffeine is making her a handful to deal with.

"She's been very demanding ... refuses to pick up after herself and even asked if she could hire a maid," says a Star Magazine source.

Oh well. At least Brit has a nice new man, with Isaac Cohen out of the picture.

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Has Britney Spears found love... in rehab!?

Hard as it may seem to believe (and we don't), some gossip publications are reporting just that. Britney Spears supposedly met Jason Filyaw (pictured) at an AA meeting this past week.

One More Time!

The 33-year-old is, according to his MySpace page, lead guitarist of a band called Riva.

Since meeting Jason Filyaw, Britney Spears apparently calls him constantly and her pet names for him include Mr. Secret Underground Guy and J-Sun.

Who can blame Mr. Filyaw for falling head over heels for the gal. Everyone loves an insane, bulimic chick with two kid, two ex-husbands and a shaved head.

A source, who is definitely not made up, says:

"Britney adores Jason. He's been a tower of strength for her at the lowest point in her life. She's convinced Jason can help while she's in rehab because, as an alcoholic, he's been through the same thing."

She's supposedly so serious about him that sources are saying she plans to move him into her house once she gets out of rehab.

Doubtful. Tower of strength? This clown is in rehab too! Never mind the fact that one of the primary rules of any rehab is celibacy. Come on. This guy clearly doesn't have what it takes to be the next Isaac Cohen.

In other Britney Spears news, London's The Sun is reporting that she's planning to leave rehab two-days early - to attend Kevin Federline's birthday bash.

Her family, everyone at Promises and probably even Jayden James wants her to stay, but she insists she'll be fine. We all know how this is gonna go.

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Yesterday, Heather Mills rode off on a bike (and her one leg) with between $56M and $63M of Paul McCartney's hard-earned money. She may have sped away from us here, but rest assured, she'll soon be on Dancing With the Stars for us to ridicule.

Today, Kristin Cavallari takes a much-less lucrative, but much, much hotter spin on a two-wheeler, visiting the L.A. set of the NBC game show Identity. She looked great doing it, too. Not quite as stellar as these Kristin Cavallari pictures. But darn cute. See below.

Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas Picture

According to People, the former Laguna Beach star reportedly makes a guest appearance on an upcoming episode. Don't tease us like this, People. Now we're going to have to watch this crap. We love our Laguna Beach alumni here at the Gossip. Heck, we'd watch that Rules of Engagement show if we heard Lauren Conrad was gonna be on it.

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That's right, Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie may be a fitness fiend, but she was recently barred from boarding a flight after being branded unfit to travel.

The reason? She was plastered! We're talking Katie Rees style (minus the hooking up with other girls part)!

Photo of Fergie

The singer, real name Stacy Ferguson, was due to fly from Los Angeles to the UK with bandmates Will.I.AM, Apl.DE.AP and Taboo, but was not allowed to board the plane because of her drunken state.

One can only wonder if this has ever happened to Mischa Barton. One can only assume it has. An onlooker tells Britain's Daily Mirror:

"Fergie was falling all over the place and had to be supported. She was in no state to fly.

Apparently Josh Duhamel's squeeze didn't exactly take the news well.

"When she was prevented from boarding she couldn't believe it. She was drunkenly ranting at staff but could barely string a sentence together. It was very embarrassing."

Fergie Ferg delayed the flight for an hour while her luggage was removed, but her three band mates remained on board the plane bound for London.

Yikes. We would expect Britney Spears to be on every no-fly list there is, but the Duchess? A spokesperson for airline Virgin Atlantic says:

"We can confirm a female passenger was denied from boarding as she appeared intoxicated and was therefore unsuitable for travel."

Her band mates, sick of her drunkenness, reportedly left her butt at the airport. But that's one fine butt, that's for damn sure.