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Kirsten Dunst is a woman about town in NYC.

Recently, we reported she was seen hooking up with a trio of shaggy stars - Andy Samberg, Adrian Grenier and Adam Brody.

Kirsten Dunst Image

Then she was romantically linked to Fabrizio Moretti, known to Gossip fans as the ex of Drew Barrymore. But she reportedly kicked him to the curb a little while back too.

Reportedly (and this may change by the time you read this), the blond babe is now dating Johnny Borell, frontman of the band Razorlight. Which, apparently, exists.

They met at a Razorlight show three weeks ago, then showed up at Blender House at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Tx., this weekend and danced to the band while "kissing and cuddling on the dance floor and drinking Absolut cocktails," according to the New York Daily News.

We expect Johnny Borrell to be a thing of the past within a week or two. But for now, we're glad this couple is happy.

And how's this for a random, D-list celebrity sighting: Also on hand was Cisco Adler, rocking out (not while naked, sadly) and hitting on a girl from the Pierces. That's also a band!

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Screw Google.

We were getting tired of superior, cutting edge technology and thought we should find a shadier, less talented and more self-promoting search engine tool.

Victoria Prince and K-Fed

We're talking about Searching with Kevin. Federline. The guy and his PR peeps have come out with his own search engine. Let us reiterate this. Kevin Federline has his own branded search engine that offers you chances to win prizes (going to Kevin's birthday party, even) ...

There's even a Search with Kevin toolbar you can install, always keeping the illmatic research skillz of the estranged Mr. Britney Spears at your disposal.

Surprisingly, it appears that one can use the engine to search for things other than bling-bling, oversized jeans, rap lyrics and Jenna Jameson pics online.

You can peep it here if you feel like wasting your time. All we have to say is this is even more ridiculous than a Lauren Conrad clothing line. Which actually isn't that absurd, given that she's a stylish gal and an intern at a major fashion magazine.

Okay, bad example. FedEx may be showing he's a good father to young little Jayden James Federline, but his search engine blows. End of story. THG out.

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Tara Conner isn't the only one fighting to stay sober. With Britney Spears' discharge date looming, the question remains: Is she ready to leave rehab?

Us Weekly asked Clare Waismann, an addiction specialist and director of the Waismann Method, to find out if the singer is ready to make a fresh start.

Britney Spears in Wax

Us: Once Britney Spears leaves her rehab facility, what are some of the next steps required for a successful recovery?
CW: "I believe that she's going to need a wonderful psychiatrist who can chemically balance her. [I think] Britney has a long history of depression that has been misdiagnosed."

THG NOTE: Isaac Cohen called that one!

Us: If depression is the issue, what would a doctor recommend?
CW: "Keep her on a great anti-depressant and make sure her hormone level is stable. Because of all of her diets, pregnancies and her depression, she seems completely imbalanced."

THG NOTE: Was it the shaved head or the unrelenting, uncontrollable rage that gave it away?

Us: Recently Kevin Federline has stepped up to the plate and assumed the supportive father role. How important is he as a support system?
CW: "He's supporting her as a father [to Sean Preston and Jayden James] and a husband and that's the best support she can get right now."

Us: How long does it typically take someone in Britney Spears' situation to get back on track?
CW: "It could take six months to a year. This time she will be very frail, not just mentally but chemically as well. Her body the last three years has gone through ups and downs with pregnancies and diets and divorces. All those things can cause chemical imbalances. She needs probably a year away from everything and everybody so she can at least stabilize herself."

Us: Speaking from your experiences, do you think she has much of a chance of relapse? Or will she be able to turn her life around and have the career she once had?
CW: "She's got to stay away from the business for a while to find herself. It's going to take a lot of intervention from her family, who are her biggest supporters right now."

THG NOTE: What about Jason Filyaw?

Us: Is she more prone to relapse because she's a public figure?
CW: "Absolutely."

Us: How would you advise someone in her situation to move forward?
CW: "Her best bet for the next year is just living a very mellow and motherly life."

To think we've been saying this for six months - and the T.H. Gossip staff is not comprised of psychologists or "addiction specialists." Although we do have some experience with addiction... looking at Rachel Bilson photos.

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She's a hot young star - one of the hottest in Hollywood, even.

She's got a hit TV show (Heroes), a half dozen movie credits to her name, and a new album (produced by J.R. Rotem) due out this May.

Hayden Panettiere Cleavage

So what the frick is Hayden Panettiere doing in an NHL commercial?

A good question. One can understand the 17-year-old starlet's confusion - and subsequent anger at her agent - when she learned she'd be promoting this lame sports league....

An NFL ad with Tom Brady would be something. But the NHL? After all, the girl's career is on the rise here. You could say Hayden is like the anti-Britney Spears.

She can't be showing her face in an ad for a league that averages less than a third of the viewers of Heroes for a typical game. Can she? Who knows. Maybe it's punishment for being seen out with Rumer Willis. That's, like, career suicide.

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When Hilary Duff lost a noticeable amount of weight two years ago, she chalked it up to healthier eating habits.

But now, the 19-year-old singer-actress admits she felt pressure not just from stalkers - but from the media. To get thin.

The Duffster

"I did get skinny," she tells Britain's Mail on Sunday.

So did Nicole Richie. Maybe you've noticed?

"I've felt pressure like everyone else in my position," said Hilary Duff, who likes to get her drink on at Hyde. "When a newspaper comes out that says 'Duff Puff â€" she must have gained 15 pounds' or something like that, how would any normal person react?"

THG NOTE: We'd probably tweak, unleash rage upon photographers, go to a barbershop and leave with a shaved head, then check into rehab.

She continues: "It's so mean, but everyone keeps buying that stuff and talking about it, so it's not going to go away."

Duff, whose two-and-a-half year relationship with rocker Joel Madden ended in November, tells the magazine:

"I felt like we were great together, and being on my own is great too."

After a trip to Europe to promote her new album, Dignity, Duff is now back home with her sister Haylie Duff, 22.

The two live together in Los Angeles in a house they shared until recently with their mom, Susan - who just moved down the street, much to her younger daughter's chagrin.

"It was her idea," says Duff.

"She said, 'I want to give you guys more freedom,' and I'm like, 'I don't want that. I want you here.' So I call her every day and I still always consult her before any big decision."

Think Lindsay says things like that to Michael Lohan?

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Hey, if his career as a drummer doesn't work out, at least Travis Barker can count on success in this new line of... work. Good grief. Nice that they're getting along, but shouldn't Shanna Moakler be in stirrups or something for that kind of intimate examination?



Yeah. This isn't as racy as those Antonella Barba pics... but it's a lot more public. It's hard to say which is more approprite... or why one would get so many tattoos.

Regardless, the divorced, but reconciled couple basked in the Miami sun over the weekend, leaving few doubts that their war of words on MySpace has apparently been forgotten.

Yes, the relationship between these two loons is almost as difficult to keep track of as Brody Jenner's love life. But hey, it's a lot better than when Barker was hooking up with Paris Hilton.

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Who's got more St. Patrick's Day spirit? Is it our favorite cute little Asian baby, or the hunky British actor who steals every scene of Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean? 

That Hat Sucks

At left, we see Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, a.k.a. TomKat, along with their cute 11-month-old daughter, Suri Cruise, getting into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day as they attend the basketball game of Tom's son, Connor Cruise, in Beverly Hills.

At right, we have Orlando Bloom. Not a very original outfit, dude. But hey, at least it's festive. And he's also dated, or been linked to, a number of hot chicks, such as Kate Bosworth and recently Kirsten Dunst, so what does he care?

Who's got better St. Pat's fashion sense? You tell us.

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Thanks to Us Weekly for this fun compilation ...

"If I was a gold digger, I'd have a lot more money in my bank account."
-- Heather Mills, who is reportedly receiving at least $56 million in a divorce settlement, and who appears on Dancing With the Stars, beginning tonight

The Ferg

"I don't like cheeseballs who are manscaped to a tee -- I respond better to actors from earlier eras."
-- Rose McGowan on overly groomed men

"You're going back to Shawshank?"
-- Chris Rock mocking Howard Stern about his upcoming nuptials

"Well, I think [George W. Bush] is probably the worst president in the history of the United States. And I just don't understand how [the Democrats] could have lost that election."
-- Donald Trump

"I just aspire to be Regis Philbin. He just has that energy and wit I hope to have a quarter of at his age."
-- Howie Mandel

"For me, just as a mom, I love the other parents and the kids...I'm starting to work on the education here...there's a lot of work to be done."
-- Angelina Jolie on volunteer work in New Orleans

"The only club I get to go to now is the country club."
-- Mark Wahlberg on how being a dad has changed him

"In one scene Quentin got really into the character and bit me. I'm not going to sue him or anything. It was crazy cool."
-- Fergie on working with Quentin Tarantino on Grindhouse

"I like having curves. It's weird seeing girls who look like beanpoles. The more famous girls get, the smaller they get."
-- Mary Elizabeth Winstead

"The View is the big soap opera of television right now. You have drama. You have conflicts. You have feuds. You have people getting into trouble for opening their big mouths. Like me!"
-- Joy Behar

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Everyone wants Britney Spears to get well.

That includes Justin Timberlake, who, according to Life & Style Weekly, sent his troubled ex-girlfriend a touching get-well letter while she's away in rehab.

Britney in Sweden

He reportedly previously called her a week after she checked into Promises. The heartfelt letter moved the mother of Sean Preston and Jayden James to tears. Justin promised that he would be there for her when she got out.

A source said:

"She could barely catch her breath to read the words. It was one of the most moving letters she had ever received. He poured his heart out. He told her he was sorry they fell in love so young, because if they'd fallen in love even just a few years later, he would've married her - and they'd probably have kids together by now. Justin let Britney know that she has his unconditional love and support. He offered to visit her in rehab."

This sounds so beautiful. Too bad it's almost certainly fake. Come on. We believe Justin (and his boy Timbaland) wish Britney the best, and we know Britney longs for him. But JT his heart out about marriage? Somehow we doubt it.

The girl is bald, after all. No one likes that.

And she's possibly dating Jason Filyaw.

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People Magazine is happy to report that Sinbad is still alive despite rumors to the contrary.

Of course, we never heard any rumors that Sinbad had died. And if you told us he had been dead for years, we probably would have believed it.

Not that we want him to be. We're fans of the portly comic. We're just pointing out that Sinbad is not exactly in the public eye on a daily basis, after all. The guy isn't Britney Spears... although he does sport a similarly shaved head.

Anyway, if the comedian and actor, 50, was looking for new comic material, he may have found it after being killed off by Wikipedia.

The site, which any registered user can edit, reported last Saturday that he was no longer among the living. That's when the rotund one got a call from his daughter, bringing the report to his attention.

This was followed by grieving phone calls, text messages and e-mails -hundreds of them, Sinbad says.

THG NOTE: Remind us to sign up for a Wikipedia account and report that John Mayer enjoys child porn, then share the breaking news that one of our own staff members is dating Hayden Panettiere.

Once the news quieted down, it started up again, this time after someone updated the Wikipedia Sinbad page again to say he died of a heart attack. Still not true.

"Saturday I rose from the dead and then died again," the Los Angeles-based entertainer joked in an interview the AP.

Kind of like Meredith Grey. Laughing off the early report of his demise, Sinbad adds:

"It's gonna be more commonplace as the Internet opens up more and more. It's not that strange."

Sinbad is currently on the road with his standup comedy act. Hopefully he enjoys many fulfilling years to come... and hopefully Andy Dick stays the hell away from his shows.