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If Jack Black has taught us anything, it's that being frozen on a movie poster doesn't have to stop a man from ogling a fine piece of ...

Anyway. The lovely Katherine Heigl, who plays Izzie Stevens on ABC's hit series Grey's Anatomy, is making headlines these days for being knocked up... on film, that is.

Katherine Heigl, Josh Kelley Wedding Pic

Here, Katherine attends the premiere of Knocked Up, in which she stars as Alison Scott, a young woman who unexpectedly finds a bun in the oven after a one-night stand.

The man who impregnates her is Seth Rogen, the goofy star immortalized on the movie poster. Situated directly behind Heigl, he's got the best seat in the house ...

While he might not be actively thinking about having children (like Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault), Rogen is clearly thinking what we're all thinking. Heigl is hot. Josh Kelley (her real-life fiance) is one lucky fella.

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It was only a matter of time.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, whose engagement has been public for all of 18 hours or so, were amazingly spotted frolicking in a swimming pool and acting all cute for the cameras.

Funny how these Heidi and Spencer pics seem to just pop up whenever the slimy wannabe star feels like he wants to be in the news. Her fake boobs are something else, don't get us wrong - but the onslaught of staged photos makes us nauseous.

We're sure you know the feeling. So take a minute to enjoy, and be disgusted by this latest "spontaneous" photo shoot featuring the stars of MTV's smash, The Hills.

No word on whether Lauren Conrad has texted Heidi her congratulations yet. But if she happens to come to our celebrity gossip site and see these pics, she'll probably be too sick to her stomach to pick up her beloved Blackberry.

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Hot off her Miami "concert" (read: shopping and clubbing spree), Britney Spears got back to business at her home away from home - Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood.

The troubled pop princess seemed to be in a happy mood as she strutted her slightly pudgy stuff with son Sean Preston Federline in tow.

Really, there's only so much we can say about Britney Spears that hasn't already been discussed ad nauseam. So we just have a few observations about these recent photos:

  1. Those are some serious boobs.
  2. Those are some seriously bad hair extensions.
  3. Just when you think fashion standards can't be lowered any further, Britney proves us wrong with green jammy pants and a blue bandana that appears to feature skulls. Those are some nice boy shorts, though.
  4. Britney is holding up two fingers, which may indicate her remaining IQ points, or her number of kids (giving props to both Sean P. and Jayden James Federline). That, or it's some sort of peace gesture.

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Swinging by Starbucks for some coffee, Amy Winehouse apparently needs a little pick-me-up. Which is surprising, seeing that a giant marine cephalopod is affixed to her dome.

The newly married and elaborately-tattooed singer with bad teeth at least has this going for her - she can carry a coffee cup and balance a squid on her head simultaneously.


Let's see Criss Angel try that one!


We were about to ask what the hell Blake Fielder-Civil could have been thinking marrying this weirdo, but then we remembered she's rich and he dodged a prenup, so it makes sense.

Seriously, though. Forget being the next James Bond girl. Winehouse could play the evil, eight-legged villain out to destroy Daniel Craig forever.

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All four of the stars below have something in common: they're attracted to men. Which is all good by us. They also have the pink hair thing goin' on!

We're not sure why, but some do it better than others. Who, in your opinion can pull off the pink 'do and whose locks are more like pink don'ts?

First, we have the newly-transformed T.R. Knight, star of the hit medical drama-comedy Greys Anatomy. He said he was looking forward to time away from the show this summer, and made good on that promise with dyed pink locks.

To his right, we have the lovely Rachel McAdams. She's been rocking the pinkness for some time now. The Notebook and Wedding Crashers star sure is hot, and her fiance, Ryan Gosling, seems to dig it, so we'll give her two thumbs up.

Now it's time for a couple of singers. At left, British cutie Joss Stone, who is in the process of introducing herself on her newest album with great vocal skillz and a radical new look. Somehow she pulls it off. As does a crazy chick who needs no introduction: Pink.

Who's your favorite pink-haired hottie? Let us know.

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It's a hard knock life for the folks who work at the new New York hotspot operated by Jay-Z, if a new lawsuit is to be believed.

According to papers obtained by TMZ, Celeste Williams, a former "server" at the swank 40/40 Club, accuses the music mogul and the company that owns the joint, Twenty Ones, Inc., of not paying enough.

Blue Ivy Carter Pics

She says they didn't even pay her minimum wage, which means she's raking in less coin than Kevin Federline at whatever gas station he works at now.

Williams also alleges that the club held back tips from servers and that she got stiffed for overtime she worked.

What's more, Williams' lawyers say in the complaint that there are "more than 100" other 40/40 employees who will join the lawsuit.

At least Jay-Z can take comfort in fellow rappers Snoop Dogg, Eve, Busta Rhymes and Akon, all of whom are involved in their own legal imbroglio.

40/40 rep Ron Berkowitz says that the named plaintiff - Williams - worked for the club for a grand total of four days, and that the club isn't aware of any other of the "more than 100" workers who may have joined the suit.

This place should be featured on Hell's Kitchen.

When we spoke to him, Berkowitz said the club hadn't been served with papers, but insisted that all employees keep 100 percent of their tips, and that any allegation of wait staff being unpaid is false.

Williams is seeking unspecified damages. On the other hand, Jay-Z dates Beyonce, so how can you stay mad at the guy.

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Our readers hate Simon Monjack.

If you believe half of the things posted about him on this site, you'd think Brittany Murphy's new husband were sleazier than Spencer Pratt... with a criminal past to boot.

Turns out our celebrity gossip readers might not be too far off base in decrying this odd, unexpected and wholly suspicious marriage.

Word out of the New York Post today suggests that Murphy wed Simon Monjack to keep him from being deported. According to the National Enquirer, Monjack was arrested on expired visa charges on March 27 - just over a month before the couple's rushed marriage.

The tabloid also hammers the actress' portly hubby with allegations of bad debts and shady business schemes. Sources told the Post that the clueless cutie knew nothing about this.

Interestingly, Murphy once starred in a movie called Clueless (with Alicia Silverstone).

Simon Monjack's lawyer denied the allegations, claiming they are being made by "disgruntled ex-girlfriends" and that immigration lawyers have concluded the marriage to Brittany Murphy had no bearing on his visa status.

Sure thing, Simon. It's your turn, fans. Chime in.

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Coley Laffoon says Anne Heche is insane.

Now, the former lesbian has allegations of her own.

Firing back in her divorce case, Anne Heche has asked for full custody of her son, Homer, and claims Coley Laffoon, her ex-husband, craves porn, poker and money.

Anne Heche says in court papers that although Laffoon claims he's this nice stay-at-home dad, he actually leaves the 5-year-old "with nannies and babysitters, while he plays ping-pong, backgammon and poker and looks at Internet porn."

Ah, sweet memories of country star and Dancing with the Stars competitor Sara Evans and her perverted, cheating husband, Craig Schelske.

"He holds a poker game at his home every Thursday night and allows Homer to participate," the Men in Trees star says in a L.A. Superior Court filing released Thursday.

She adds that Coley Laffoon bragged to cast members of her show, taped in Vancouver, that he "knew each strip joint in town."

Heche asks the judge to grant her sole legal and physical custody of their son, to give Laffoon visitation, and to deny his request for support.

In what is shaping up to be a rift along the lines of what Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger are going through, the judge can expect arguments from each side that the other parent is psychologically unfit.

In his court filing last week, Coley Laffoon, 33, said that Anne Heche, 37, who's now with co-star James Tupper, demonstrates "bizarre and delusional behavior."

"I have serious concerns about whether she is psychologically capable of caring for Homer for an extended period of time,"says Laffoon, who filed for divorce in February.

THG NOTE: Only Anne Heche would marry somebody named Coley Laffoon. It just fits, for reasons we can't explain. Much like Kellie Pickler dating an "Eskimo" named Jordin Tootoo.

Laffoon, a former videographer, says he quit a $6,000-a-year job to take care of Homer, and is seeking primary custody and at least $33,000 a month in support.

Anne Heche claims that he's actually seeking $45,000 a month.

Laffoon's lawyer, Jon S. Summers, says "any suggestion that the statements were financially motivated is not only false, it's obscene."

In court papers, Laffoon writes that he is entitled to child and spousal support "in the amount sufficient to maintain the marital standard of living and child support consistent with (Heche's) income."

Here's hoping he joins the ranks of Kevin Federline and other deadbeat ex-spouses across this great nation.

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After repeated denials, Robert Rodriguez and the sexy Rose McGowan have finally gone public with their relationship.

Rose McGowan Photograph

The two arrived together to the premiere of Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof in Cannes last night, after rumors that they hooked up during filming of Rodriguez's Planet Terror.

The two had previously denied any on-set knocking of boots, as rumors went rabid that Rodriguez cheated on his then-wife - and Planet Terror co-producer - Elizabeth Avellan with the former Charmed witch.

At the time, reps for the film said that Elizabeth Avellan and Robert Rodriguez had split "long before" production began.

But now, it's out in the open that Rodriguez has seen Rose McGowan nude.

In doing so, he joins the likes of her ex, Marilyn Manson, her Grindhouse co-star Rosario Dawson and anyone who picked up the most recent Rolling Stone.

Home wrecker or not, the Grindhouse babe has got a new man - and probably a good shot of snagging the lead role in Robert's remake of the film Barbarella.

We'd like to recommend Antonella Barba for the part - though it would get a little confusing trying to write the press releases for the film if she got the role.

In any case, we're happy for this new couple. They might not be as cute together as Kate Bosworth and James Rousseau, but few are.

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Some celebrities like it doggy style.

Others just look a lot like their dogs.

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at Coachella

But eating hot dogs? That's a rarity, especially given the eating habits of stars such as Nicole Richie... who basically have no eating habits. Since they don't eat. Ever.

We used to think the same about Kate Bosworth, that's for sure. But since she got together with that nice fella James Rousseau, she's gotten noticeably better about her weight.

Heck, those recent bikini photos of Kate were downright sexy.

In the picture at right, Kate and James Rousseau hit up a hot dog stand in the Big Apple and ordered two with everything, prompting surprised looks from the street vendor.

Just kidding.

Let this be a lesson to you uber-skinny celebrities. Working out and trying to stay in shape is all well and good, but gobbling down the occasional processed meat byproduct never hurt anybody.

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