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Kate Walsh in Marie ClaireIn a world dominated by certain celebrities getting unnecessary plastic surgery and wearing no pants to clubs, Kate Walsh is a breath of fresh air.

The former member of the Grey's Anatomy cast, who now stars on Private Practice, turned 40 on Saturday and says she had no angst about the milestone.

"Probably, honestly, I would have cared more if I were still single," the star tells Marie Claire.

"But I've also been working through all the big things that you grapple with as a female. I feel I'm in such a place of peace in my life that 40 feels like a great marker of a great year."

Kate Walsh says she had let the idea of marriage go - until she met Alex Young, 36, a co-president of film production at 20th Century Fox.

"I met him, and I knew unequivocally," she says. "Is that strange? I used to want to hit people who said, 'You know when you know' about someone. It made me want to throw up. But I'm the annoying one now."

Kate Walsh and Alex Young moved in together just a month later, got engaged in May, and made it official when they got married Labor Day weekend.

BIRTHDAY GIRL: Kate Walsh was all smiles Saturday, her big 4-0.

The beautiful Private Practice star describes her new husband as "super intelligent, super smart, very handsome" and "a true gentleman."

"It's so easy to be cynical, but it's not how he lives," she says. "I've always known I've needed someone who lived from his heart."

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It was only last year when the sweet, sexy, sassy Carrie Underwood admitted to being "horrible around guys." That was then, this is now, people.

The 24-year-old country crooner and former American Idol champion seems to be hitting her romantic stride, linking up with Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford.

"He's really cute," Carrie Underwood recently said of Chace Crawford, a 22-year-old Texas native. "I've met him and he seems like a really nice guy. He's got cool hair, he's a nice height and he just has beautiful blue eyes." Wow, she's met him!?

The pair stopped by Manhattan's Marquee nightclub last Friday, then popped into Gramercy Park Hotel's hip Rose Bar on Saturday night. Hot stuff!

"At one point, they were holding hands, off to the side of the table, like they didn't want people to see," says an observer.

Earlier this year, the American Idol queen and Academy of Country Music and Country Music Television Video Award winner was linked to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. That relationship appears to be over.

You can catch Chace Crawford on Gossip Girl tonight on The CW.

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Here's a video from a few weeks ago of reality TV b!tch and aspiring singer Heidi Montag singing "Higher." After having her crappy website hacked, we're sure Heidi appreciates us turning our attention back to her music.

Check out Heidi Montag singing live in September ...

Heidi and Her Pink Bag


We guess Heidi Montag's voice isn't terribly bad... but it certainly isn't great. Note that as of this posting, the clip has been viewed 38,589 times on YouTube and has a stellar 1-star rating, having been "favored" by a whopping 19 visitors.

This girl wants to be famous so badly, it's painful to watch. It's fitting, though, that two of Hollywood gossip world's most loathsome individuals - her fiance, Spencer Pratt, her celebrity blog queen Perez Hilton - can be seen cheering her on.

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Like the rest of us, a longtime friend of Britney Spears is exasperated that the singer keeps exposing herself in public.

"The underwear thing is ridiculous â€" and I've told her," Tuesday Knight, a jewelry designer who has been a friend of Britney's since 2003, tells the latest issue of In Touch Weekly.

Britney Spears Gets Very Wet

"I've said, ‘You cannot walk into a store wearing just a shirt with your underwear off.' I've told her no one will take her seriously if she does."

Tuesday Knight believes Britney's insecurity after her divorce from Kevin Federline led to her exposing her providing us upskirt pics quite often.

"I love Britney â€" adore her â€" but she brings a lot of it on herself," says Tuesday, 38. "I've heard [fellow crotch shot queens] Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan talk about how they shock Hollywood just for fun."

"Britney has always been a good mother," she says. "I want people to know that she's the better parent, not Kevin!" Tuesday Knight adds, "Britney asked me, ‘Doesn't anybody get to see this part of me?' The answer is, no, they don't. People just read about her wearing no underwear."

Tuesday Knight blames Kevin Federline for Britney's devolution.

"I knew Britney when she and Kevin first met," Tuesday says. "She remade her entire life so it was all about him. She didn't even want to sign a prenup. Since then, I've watched her spiral downward."

Now, Britney Spears' ongoing problem of wearing no pants and flashing her baby factory could get her in even more trouble with the law.

"The rules on indecent exposure are the same for everybody," says attorney Myles Alderman Jr. of New York's Alderman & Alderman law firm, which does not represent Britney. "If you can see her exposing herself at eye level, then that would be sufficient evidence and could create a legal issue."

Before that happens, Tuesday Knight hopes that her friend will realize that she doesn't have to humiliate herself to get attention

"Britney doesn't need to do it and she knows it's stupid," says Tuesday. "But she says that she just doesn't like to wear underwear."

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Just in case you were wondering at home: Spencer Pratt wants to be disgustingly rich (possibly even rich enough to buy a real engagement ring) ... but is also content entertaining viewers as reality TV's most hated villain.

"The bottom line is I'm making people react and ultimately not think about that we are in a war in Iraq and are trying to pick leaders," he says in the November issue of Radar magazine. "The Hills is a good breath of fresh air for people. I do not take it a little bit seriously. I'm an entertainer."

Stupid Speidi Picture

What Spencer Pratt does take seriously is his future, however.

"I'm trying to be a billionaire by age 30. Once you find an open market, that's where you can make billions to trillions of dollars," says the vile one.

Acne-riddled reality TV pests don't typically become trillionaires, at least to our knowledge, but you go ahead and believe that, Spencer.

The 24-year-old, best known as the despised fiance of The Hills co-star, Heidi Montag, also admits to political aspirations and tells Radar that while his antics are for show, his love for Montag is the real deal.

"She is an angel, I'm honored to be with her. People don't even know!" Spencer Pratt says of the 20-year-old "singer."

"I'm the new villain, and that's hilarious! It's so cool to be alive ... I would be on reality TV until I am 100. It's the coolest thing."

The talentless hack did not comment on Heidi's website getting hacked. But he did add: "It's cooler to have people come up and be like, 'Spencer Pratt' and know my name, than to be Orlando Bloom, who's famous for being some pirate."

And for a possible hit-and-run in which he allegedly walked away from the scene of a car crash. But that's neither here nor there.

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Suri Cruise is pumped up.

Look at her arms raised triumphantly on the latest cover of Us Weekly. What does she have to be happy about? The fact that her parents actually keep her shielded from the press a lot of the time (unlike, say, Jayden James)?

Katie and Suri Pic

Well, there's no question that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' adorable little daughter leads a charmed existence. But just how big a role does TomKat's controversial religion play in the life of Suri Cruise on a daily basis?

Suri Cruise - who was fed a mixture of barley water, milk and corn syrup instead of formula and breast milk - is too young for classes at the Scientology Centre, but the 18-month-old is constantly surrounded by believers, including her nannies.

Additionally, Katie Holmes, 29, and Tom Cruise, 45, reportedly have a hard time saying no to little Suri Cruise. But it's not simply because they're pushovers.

"It's all about being positive and supportive," says a friend. Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard advises parents to "try to be a child's friend." As for discipline, one former member tells Us that Scientologists do not scold their children, but rather explain that bad behavior is the "wrong action."

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, says their pal, are lenient and do not like to give Suri Cruise too many rules: "Suri pretty much does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. If she fusses before bed, they let her stay up later. If they want her to go swimming and she cries, they take her out. If she whines about food, they'll ask what else she wants to eat. They always want to please her."

In other words, they're pretty standard parents. Who would have guessed.

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We never thought we'd be able to make a Britney Spears joke at the expense of Orlando Bloom, but the hunky actor is reportedly following in the train wreck's footsteps and becoming part of a hit and run investigation.

The LAPD is investigating a weekend car crash involving Orlando Bloom, and cops are still looking at the possibility that he acted illegally.

The accident occurred just after 2:00 AM Friday, after Orlando Bloom left a Hollywood club. The woman in the back seat, prominent fashion stylist Cher Coulter, suffered a fractured neck in the crash.

Just minutes after leaving the club, Orlando smashed into a parked Porsche, then began walking away from the scene. But X17 has this video of paparazzi members urging Bloom to return, which he eventually did.

Orlando Bloom and stylist Cher Coulter were involved in a car wreck. She was riding in the back seat and after he crashed his car, he may have acted illegally.

Ironically, right as Cher Coulter left the club, before getting in the car, she said to Orlando, "What, are you gonna leave me on the street?" Minutes later, it turns out, that's exactly what he did ... when he walked away.

As to why the police did not administer a field sobriety test to the Lord of the Rings star, one detective says that even if an officer saw "minor objective symptoms" of intoxication, it's still a subjective judgment call.

Detectives say Orlando Bloom has been interviewed by cops, and he said an SUV with celebrity news reporters cut him off and caused the crash. The LAPD is investigating that claim as well, and the investigation is open and active.

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Those are the worst of ESPN's The Sports Gal, not us. Although we so agree! A costumed Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott recently went back in time - to the '20s - to film an episode of their reality TV show, Tori and Dean: Inn Love.

Perhaps they should have instead traveled back to 1997... to the day Donna Martin graduates! Oh yeah! We're here all day folks. We're here all day.

In any event, here's a picture of Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, their son Liam and their dog. We never thought we'd say this, but maybe Tori should stick to working with the Pussycat Dolls. This reality thing? Not working...

Tori Spelling and Family

Tori Spelling: Eking out a living any way a talentless hack can.

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After being outed by Brody Jenner in last night's enthralling episode of The Hills as the source of vicious rumors, the plastic Heidi Montag posted this blurb this morning on her website regarding the Lauren Conrad sex tape:

Fake Newlyweds

Her words, with typically bad grammar: "Me and Spencer did spread the false rumors about Lauren Conrad's sex tape." Spencer and I, girl. Spencer and I.

But a few hours later, apparently, Heidi Montag has retracted the Lauren Conrad sex tape rumor admission we all know is true. She claims her official site was hacked!

The mea culpa above has been removed. Weak sauce.

Whoever hacked Heidi Montag's official site, if that's what happened, gets major props from The Hollywood Gossip. Next time, we hope to see a post in which Spencer endorses his favorite brands of tampons and yeast cream.

But what do you think? Do you believe Heidi Montag's hacker claim? We never know what to believe in The Hills universe, except three things:

  1. Jen Bunney is really annoying.
  2. We need to see more Whitney Port!
  3. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt need to take a course in web design. Come on, people. You claim to be celebrities and these are your sites? Losers.

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Drew Carey recently got engaged to Nicole Jaracz, but that's not the only exciting new beginning on tap for the rotund funny man.

With an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude, Carey has officially assumed Bob Barker's hosting duties at The Price Is Right.

On this particular afternoon, Carey is biding time in Bob Barker's old dressing room before a taping.

Finishing touches are being made on a new dressing room that will be Carey's alone. For years, Bob Barker shared his with The Young and the Restless actresses and talk-show host Bill Maher.

There also are changes to the set, though it would take a most loyal viewer to identify them: a slightly altered color scheme, pastel curtains, a new re-carpeted turntable. Only The Price is Right's legendary Showcase Showdown wheel has been spared any retouching.

Drew Carey isn't wearing his signature black specs, and though he appears more youthful without them, he slips them on as soon as he is on stage. He had Lasik eye surgery years ago but says he still needs bifocals to read prices.

"It really does get blurry," he said.

Unlike his love for Nicole Jaracz. We can only hope that other recently engaged comedians, such as Jimmy Fallon (to Nancy Juvonen) are as happy as Drew.

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