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Without a doubt, Judd Apatow's Knocked Up is one of the year's funniest films. Even if some of the dialogue is not, well, for the faint of heart.

In this hilarious deleted scene from Knocked Up, Katherine Heigl and Jonah Hill discuss the merits (or lack thereof) of another well-known movie.

Katherine Heigl, Josh Kelley Wedding Pic

In short, the young stoner laments to the blonde the disturbing lack of flamboyant, graphic man love in the acclaimed cowboy flick, Brokeback Mountain.


Hill now stars with Michael Cera in the new comedy Superbad. Heigl can be seen as Izzie Stevens every Thursday on Grey's Anatomy on ABC.

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Drinking in front of the kids. Stripping in front of the staff. Flashing dat ass (sometimes with no underwear) every time she goes out in public.

Kevin Federline has been collecting stories from Britney Spears' employees about her alleged bad parenting and her nannies have plenty to share.

While K-Fed has been serving subpoenas to members of Spears' inner circle in his custody battle, several ex nannies are offering insight into the world of Britney.

One of her strangest requests? Before she had Jayden James, she asked a nanny to sleep in the same bed with her and Sean Preston.

No word on whether this nanny has Britney Spears confused with Michael Jackson. But in another shocking revelation: "She drinks in front of the kids," a former staffer says of Spears, who spent 28 days in rehab earlier this year.

"At first, a few drinks would help her loosen up and not be so angry. But she'd inevitably drink too much and be out of it, at which point the nannies would take care of the kids."

Multiple sources confirm Spears' exhibitionism: "She'll strip down in front of staff, nannies, whoever... She'll ask, ‘Do I look sexy? Do I look pretty?' She's extremely insecure."

Being on Spears' payroll requires much more than child care experience, as "She just cares if they're fun and like to drink ... [Britney] hires people to be her friends."

One such "friend" is Shannon Funk (below, center), who is the latest in a growing line of Britney associates to be summoned to testified by Federline's attorney

Britney Spears: Us Cover 4,203

Interestingly, while K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, was tying to reach Funk, she was having a girl's night out with OK! magazine staff in New York, says TMZ.

And, in the continuing saga of Brit's fantastic train wreck life, TMZ says it is none other than Shannon Funk who's the source for the juicy, newest tell-all from an "unnamed employee" that OK! is featuring this week. That's loyalty for you!

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He is a good listener, according to Lauren Conrad, and has become one of her best friends. Yes, her troubled boyfriend from Laguna Beach and The Hills, Jason Wahler, is looking to turn the corner after four arrests in as many states over the course of a year.

Speaking at The Hills premiere party for the new season, Wahler discussed how he regrets his past misbehavior and praises how his lifestyle has been transformed of late.


Wahler also confirms he is dating a USC student (Katja Decker-Sadowski) though he didn't name her when asked, saying that "it's been in magazines."

In closing, the reformed bad boy admits that he never much cared for Lauren Conrad's estranged friend, Heidi Montag, calling the blonde one "shady."

See the interview with Jason Wahler below ...


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In case you were wondering, there is a video online of Evan Rachel Wood having sex. With her boyfriend. Marilyn Manson. Who is 38.

Not one of those amateur sex tapes, mind you, but a real music video.

Evan Rachel Wood in Venice

Oh, and the sex involves lots of blood, strangulation, and shrieking orgasms. And rumor has it that it's real. This is something all should see (or be terrified of).

Yes, Evan Rachel Wood's inspiration to make a sex video with her boyfriend, shock rocker Marilyn Manson, was to "show that it's okay to have different, weird ideas about romance."

"At the end of the video, we're kissing and it's raining blood ... and for me, that was the most romantic moment of my life," Wood, 19, says in the September issue of GQ.

The music video for Marilyn Manson's song, "Heart-Shaped Glasses" - in which Wood does not have actual sex, she claims - has caused quite a stir.

But to hear the actress' description, it's artistic and sentimental

"We made it for each other. Because that's how we were feeling at the time: Even though ugliness can be all around you... you can literally be in a thunderstorm of blood. If you look past that, it really is just two people holding on to each other.

"And you know, the same thing with the sex scene. If you're going to have a sex scene, that's what it is," Evan Rachel Wood said.

"When you're with someone and you're in love, that's usually what happens. It's not always soft. Sometimes it's somebody screaming or whatever."

The self-described "shy, painfully shy" teenager says that her "healthy and loving" relationship with Manson would surprise people - as would how loudly the man snores, which, she says, in fact lulls her to sleep.

ABOVE: Evan Rachel Wood looking rather cute in her underwear. Yeah. Marilyn Manson hits this, and used to see Dita Von Teese naked. Where did we go wrong?

"For the first time," Evan Rachel says, "I really feel like I'm around somebody and in an environment where I can just let go and not worry about being judged."

"And, look, I'm sorry if I have blond hair and blue eyes and my boyfriend looks like a vampire. What do you want me to do about it?"

Well... good point.

Wood has three films out this fall, including Across the Universe, in which she stars as a woman in the whirl of the anti-Vietnam War movement. The film is a kind of Beatles rock opera, and Evan Rachel Wood even sings her own songs.

"I think it's some of the most personal acting I've ever done, because I'm more aware of myself now. Before, I didn't realize how therapeutic acting was for me ... how much of myself I was letting out," she said.

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Ving Rhames released a statement Monday offering condolences over the death of his caretaker, who was mauled by the actor's dogs at Rhames' home this month.

"I was out of the country when this shocking and terrible tragedy occurred on my property," Rhames said in a statement.

"Jacob Adams was not just a devoted employee â€" he was also a dear friend. I want to offer my heartfelt condolences to his family."

Although Rhames goes on to say that a "coroner's report confirmed that my dogs were not the cause" of Adams' death, the Los Angeles Department of Coroner says an autopsy is pending, and no initial findings have been released.

However, at the time of the body's discovery on August 3, Capt. Matt Blake of the LAPD said that while the man was "definitely mauled" by the Pulp Fiction star's three mastiffs and one bulldog, "there is no solid evidence that they were the cause of death."

The case is still under investigation

It's unclear if Ving Rhames will face any liability in the case, or what the fate will be of his dogs, which are in custody at the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services.

Let's just hope they don't end up in the care of Michael Vick.

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To put it in terms the star herself might choose, Lauren Conrad is awesome even when she's not awesome.

The 21-year-old star of The Hills can be whiny, bratty and controlling of her friends, and makes bad decisions when it comes to guys.

All of these characteristics only humanize Lauren, though, and make it that much easier to identify with and adore such a fun-loving, beautiful sweet and imperfect California girl.

It's easy to see why she became the America's sweetheart of reality TV. And even easier to see why The Hills is becoming less like reality with each passing minute.

The show has officially become a victim of its own celebrity.

Rumors of a Lauren Conrad sex tape that surfaced months ago were the focus of the Season 3 premiere last night. Well aware of their own notoriety, Lauren and friends went to absurd lengths to refute the existence of said video and condemn those responsible for the rumor.

The high drama of the evening was a Lauren's spat with Heidi Montag regarding the sex tape, which LC insists is a fabrication and a rumor started out of hatred.

Ever go to the celebrity news site known as If so, you probably saw video and read accounts of this argument back in April, when it actually took place.

For their part, Heidi and her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, got engaged on last night's show - another series of events that would have been at least semi-interesting had it not already been played out in the celebrity gossip rags in May.

Moreover, Spencer and Heidi are acting oh-so-cute and, like, OMG, so in love - wildly overcompensating for - justifiably or not - being vilified on last season of The Hills.

Yes, Spencer Pratt is now a caricature of Spencer Pratt. Can it get worse?

Ironically, the most realistic figure on last night's episode had to be Brody Jenner - the stereotypical, laid-back playa trying to talk Spence out of gettin' hitched at age 23.

In other words, precisely how we imagine Brody Jenner acts in real life.

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Britney Spears had some Cravings last night.

No, we're not talking about unbridled desire for Daimon Shippen or whoever the man du jour might be. She just ate at a Beverly Hills restaurant called Cravings.

Picture of Hotness

In the photo below, Britney matches 11-month-old son Jayden James Federline's mood as the pair left the restaurant. It's hard to say who looks more miserable.

The pop star dined with her two boys, then got hella pissed with celebrity news photographers took pictures of her changing them in the bathroom.

Oh, and she once again flashed her ass. Nice purple, polka-dot underwear, girl!

Despite finalizing her divorce, Britney Spears is embroiled in a custody battle with ex Kevin Federline over their two sons, Jayden and Sean Preston.

At issue? Brit being unfit to raise them, at least in K-Fed's mind.

FedEx wants 70-30 time with and care of the kids, not the 50-50 split they have right now, and his lawyer is subpoenaing everyone in sight to prove that Britney Spears is a nut who can't be trusted with custody. It'll be a tough claim to prove, that's for sure.

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Alli Sims was just the beginning.

Britney Spears' former bodyguard and reported boyfriend, Daimon Shippen, got subpoenaed by Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, on Monday night.

The subpoenas will require Daimon Shippen to testify in the couple's custody battle over sons Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden James, 11 months.

Daimon Shippen got served Monday night by the same server who delivered a subpoena to Spears' ex-assistant and "cousin," Alli Sims, on Saturday.

According to a source close to Federline, Shippen "was completely surprised to be served. He was dumbfounded and in a state of shock."

Then again, he sort of wears that expression on his face constantly. Just saying. We don't blame Sean Preston for his expression of abject terror in the pic below. 

Here are two people you would never have heard of if Britney Spears were sane: "bodyguard" Daimon Shippen (left, with Sean Preston), and lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan.

A Federline source believes Shippen "is in a unique position, having worked with Britney for a long time, with incredible knowledge of her parenting and comings and goings."

Of course. He was inseparable from Britney Spears for, like, five days?

That means he's got some incredible knowledge for sure. Unless they're talking about carnal knowledge of some sort, in which case Mark Vincent Kaplan could subpoena half of Southern California after he finishes deposing Shippen.

Anyway. The insider adds that Damon Shippen isn't the last - we can expect more people in her circle to be served. "This is an ongoing operation," says the source.

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Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart and his former girlfriend, Brynn Cameron, have reached a custody deal over their 10-month-old son, Cole.

"Yes, I can confirm that an agreement was reached," said Ron Rale, an attorney for Cameron, outside the courtroom after a hearing that lasted under 10 minutes.

Before the hearing, a source close to the case said that child support issues were resolved "a couple weeks ago" and that Monday's hearing related to custody only.

Brynn Cameron, 21, plans a return to USC's basketball team this fall and looked upbeat as she waited with family members before the hearing.

Matt Leinart, 24, did not show in court. Instead, his attorney Laura Wasser (who is also Britney Spears' divorce lawyer - more on that later) was on hand.

In a July interview with the Ventura County Star, Cameron ripped Leinart over his parenting, saying she spends "99.9 percent of the time" with Cole and that "it's been hard when I'm doing all the work, but he gets all the credit."

Cameron has said at length that Matt's bachelor lifestyle and continued interest in the Hollywood scene concerns her with regards to raising their little boy.

In fact, in the courtroom hallway, a TMZ staffer heard Brynn say, "Britney and Paris aren't allowed to be around the baby!"

That's not part of the custody settlement. As far as we know, Leinart has had no recent contact with either, though he has sucked face with both in the past.

Several people familiar with the former couple say Cameron has been jealous and upset because Leinart refused to marry her. Though Brynn has questioned Matt's commitment to his son, he is the one who petitioned for more custody.

After her criticism, Matt Leinart fired back, saying he's "gone to great lengths to increase my custodial time with Cole. This includes seeking intervention from the family law court."

A source close to Matt Leinart added: "He wants to spend more time with his little boy, that's it. He flies in from Arizona every week to see his baby. [Brynn Cameron] is a great mom, he has nothing bad to say about her."

The athletic pair of USC students dated briefly but split in late 2006. Under the settlement, while one has the child, the other can't visit uninvited. The first time Matt had the baby overnight, Brynn reportedly stayed outside his door the entire time.

Brynn can travel with Cole during her season as per the pact. As for money, the temporary order locks the amount of child support she gets at $12,500 a month.

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"I literally feel, like, one of my friends... died."
- LC

After all this time, and hype, the much-anticipated season three premiere of MTV's The Hills didn't disappoint. For the most part.

Fake Girl

Monday's debut sure didn't waste any time bringing viewers inside the epic war between Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, while properly (and blatantly) introducing each side's supporters.

Whitney Port - now a full-time employee and Lauren's supervisor at Teen Vogue - and Audrina Partridge are so on Team LC, while Montag's devilish boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, is Team Heidi's president, vice president, and PR coordinator.

Giving the people what they want, MTV began the year with a cat fight we knew happened, but have been wanting to see on film for moths, as a tipsy Lauren - enraged over rumors of her sex tape making the rounds - and Heidi hurled insults at each other outside Les Deux.

Lauren is convinced, right or wrong, that Heidi and Spencer started and spread the rumor of her making a sex video with ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler.

The gist of Lauren's position on the matter, as told to Heidi Montag: "You know what you did! You know what you did! You're a sad, pathetic person!"

That about covers it.

"I could just never imagine hating someone so much that you'd do something like that to them," Lauren Conrad said later, reflecting on the incident.

Oh well. She has other things to worry about, like meeting the boy du jour at the club, and whether or not to criticize Audrina's boy, a mumbling, biker, hippie-type who she dated off and on a few years back and doesn't say much.

We heart Lauren, but at the same time, we wonder if she's not - at least at times - taking out some of her own frustrations and insecurities on her friends. 

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