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Jorge Garcia, along with producers and a few other stars from the TV show/life-altering experience, Lost, stopped by the annual Comic-Con convention in San Diego this year. Here's an interview with the actor that portrays Hurley:

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Some things change, others don't. The latest American Idol winner may have had brown hair back in high school, but he's always been a charmer.

Brooke Kelley Campbell, who dated Taylor Hicks and took him to her senior prom at Hoover High School in Birmingham, Ala., says the singer was always a talented and enthusiastic performer, often becoming the center of attention in public.

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Hilary Duff may be dating Joel Madden, but the punk rocker hasn't seen much more of this singer/actress than any fan. How is that possible? Because Duff claims she wants to remain a virgin until her wedding night.

Hey, it worked for Jessica Simpson. Until that awful, public, humiliating divorce.

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H&M sure hopes it doesn't suffer the same fate as Britney Spears. The store would prefer to maintain a close relationship with Madonna for years to come, now that the Material Girl has agreed on a deal with the company.

The will supply Madonna and her entire touring company with offstage wardrobes during the artist's Confessions Tour. In Auguest, the ageless singer, along with members of her posse, will appear in an H&M ad campaign. Meanwhile, the retailer will begin selling a specially designed track suit it created for the artist.

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Johnny Depp is just not that into the United States.

The 43-year old actor tells Newsweek that he and Vanessa Paradis have chosen to raise their children in France because of the country's slower lifestyle and the anonymity it affords him. Depp met Paradis, a French actress and singer, in 1998 while filming The Ninth Gate in France. They have been together since and have two children, Lily-Rose, 7, and Jack, 4.

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The New York Post is reporting that the... how shall we put it... less-than-polished appearance / performance by Britney Spears on Dateline NBC (right) was the result of the pregnant pop princess being left to her own devices.

"Neither of her publicists showed up," a source, who said Spears insisted on doing her own hair and makeup, told the publication. "When [the NBC crew] got there, they thought they had the wrong day. No one was there to rein things in."

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Less than one-month old Kingston James McGregor Rossdale may have no idea where he is right now (or why he has four names), but the infant son of Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale is already out of the house and having fun. Here's a recent picture from People Magazine of Kingston and his trendy, rocker mom at a park in L.A.

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She may have finished second on American Idol, but she's getting all the headlines and being treated like Hollywood royalty these days.

The lovely Katharine McPhee, 22, was reportedly mobbed by tourists when she attended a recent Broadway show. Despite emerging as a bona fide star in just a few months, the singer is trying to take it all in stride and not let it go to her head.

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