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Less than a week ago, she was in a hospital for a mental meltdown.

Now she's in Baja with her married, celebrity photographer boy toy.

Britney Spears, Pink Bikini

So it goes for Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib.

Britney's bizarre antics of the past two weeks - even more absurd than usual - have people wondering just who the hell this Adnan character is.

Well, the 35-year-old, married celebrity gossip photographer is clearly up to something. Reports say he is trying to sell nude Britney Spears pics, only no one's biting. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

Then, there was an elaborate ruse that had us thinking Britney and Adnan flew to New York on a private jet, when they instead turned up in Mexico.

Now a supposed former lover of Adnan Ghalib, Nichole Grimes, is warning the troubled Spears that Adnan is a "ladies' man" and isn't to be trusted.

Adnan Ghalib: Britney's Ex-Lover

Adnan Ghalib is a wild man, says Nichole Grimes. Can Britney even keep up?

Nichole Grimes the Britain's Daily Star:

"Britney Spears should watch out - he's wild. To say he was a ladies' man was an understatement. He couldn't get enough. He's mad and sex-mad. When we met I thought he was this lovely Asian boy from a strict family. I was head-over-heels in love. Then I discovered he'd been secretly hitting on my friend behind my back. Some people may wonder what this guy from a strict Muslim family is doing with a party animal like Britney. But I reckon he's wilder than her."

There you have it. Adnan Ghalib: Ladies man. Player. Sex god.

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Move over, Jennifer Aniston.

Looks like the Friends star isn't the only celebrity debunking pregnancy rumors. A rep for Avril Lavigne - pregnant, we thought, as of early this morning - now says that the Canadian rocker is not with child.

Avril Lavigne on Stage

Citing an "insider" earlier, Canadian radio host Zack Taylor wrote, "Avril Lavigne is a month-and-a-half pregnant and that her husband, Deryck Whibley, has been telling all his friends that he's excited to be a father."

But the rocker's label representative says, "It's not true."

That doesn't mean she doesn't want kids. Avril Lavigne has said she wants to have children with Deryck Whibley "somewhere down the road."

Of course, she's like 12 years old. Give or take 11 years.

Lavigne wed Deryck Whibley, the frontman for Sum 41, in July 2006 at a private estate in Montecito, Calif. They seem quite happy together.

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The same day as young Hania Barton reportedly overdosed on drugs, her troubled, skinny older sister Mischa Barton called Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show to talk about her DUI arrest last month for the first time.

"I got a DUI when I was back in L.A.," she said of the December 27 incident.

B!tch, we know.

"I was pulled over. Obviously, I am 100 percent responsible for my actions," Mischa added. "And I am really disappointed in myself over this. I am not perfect, and I don't ever intend to do something that stupid again."

Mischa Barton, 21, the former star of The OC acknowledged she doesn't have a valid license: "I usually try not to get behind the wheel."

"It's tough when people talk about you all the time," she told Seacrest. "You just have to roll with it. I feel like I've got my head on my shoulders pretty good."

We'll, that's probably a debate for another time. Whatever. Anyway, follow this link to peep the sexy Mischa Barton mug shot taken after the DUI.

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Despite rumors that they flew to New York, Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib have turned up in... Baja! Rosarito Beach, Mexico, to be exact...

Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib were spotted in Rosarito, about 20 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border and three hours from her home in Beverly Hills.

Having set up their elaborate ruse and totally fooling celebrity gossip sites like us by planting the story of a bogus Big Apple trip, the two were seen shopping there late yesterday and cruising around in Britney's Cadillac Escalade.

Wow. Just when you think you've seen it all from Brit. Here's hoping the U.S. Border Patrol really steps up and denies Adnan Ghalib re-entry into the States. Illegal immigration is a big issue in an election year, remember!

Heck, maybe they should just stay put and get married down there. We already know from this past Halloween that Britney Spears would fit right in ...

Hola, y'all! Where's Taco Bell at?! Y'all love ma sombrey-ro!?

UPDATE: Perez Hilton reports that Spears and Ghalib arrived at the Rosarito Beach Hotel around 3 p.m. Wednesday. After doing some shopping, they checked into a junior suite ($235 / night), but checked out the same evening around 9:50 p.m. Where they went after that is anyone's guess. Stay tuned ...

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Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman was not fired for saying that young players who wanted to challenge Tiger Woods should "lynch him in a back alley."

Tilghman was instead suspended two weeks by the network.

Tiger Woods on the Course

A 1991 Duke graduate and former college golfer, Tilghman was laughing during the comment at the Mercedes-Benz Championship, and Tiger Woods' agent at IMG has said he didn't think there was any ill intent on her part.

But the comments became prevalent on news shows Wednesday, and the Rev. Al Sharpton joined the fray by demanding she be fired immediately.

Amazingly, Rosie O'Donnell has yet to weigh in.

The Golf Channel didn't comment on who would replace Kelly Tilghman (seen here with fellow anchor Nick Faldo) during her two-week unpaid vacation.

"There is simply no place on our network for offensive language like this," the Golf Channel said in a statement announcing the suspension.

Kelly Tilghman became golf's first female anchor last year when the PGA Tour signed a 15-year deal in which the Golf Channel broadcasts the first three events of the year, as well as weekday coverage of all tour events.

Kelly Tilghman's suspension ends in time for the Buick Invitational January 24, when Tiger Woods will make his 2008 debut.

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Britney Spears has hopped a private jet to New York with Adnan Ghalib.

Spears left Van Nuys (Calif.) Airport at 4:00 PM PST yesterday afternoon. TMZ reports that only Britney, Adnan and one other male passenger were on the plane.

What the heck are Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib up to now?

The plane was due to land in Teterboro Airport in Northern New Jersey.

Where Adnan and Britney went from there remains unknown at this time.

Reports are circulating that Britney skipped town because she got wind of a planned intervention by members of her family later this week.

As we discussed, Britney has refused help for her mental and emotional dysfunction, despite the efforts of Jamie Spears to get her committed.

UPDATE: In what appears to be an elaborate hoax, Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib were not headed to New York, but Mexico! They have turned up South of the Border as of 9:45 EST. TMZ has some video of them there.

Story developing ...

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The romance between Heroes stars Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia has been an open secret for months - in part because of their 12-year age gap.

"They were tired of avoiding questions and of all of the effort of keeping it secretive," a Panettiere source tells Us Weekly.

Hayden Panettiere in Lingerie

Hayden, 18, who plays Milo's niece on Heroes, was also worried about her reputation. "She didn't want people thinking she is a 'ho' because she jumped from one relationship into another," a source close to her said.

But Milo Ventimiglia, 30, had a crush on his co-star since she was dating Stephen Colletti of Laguna Beach fame. They broke up last summer.

Who can blame Milo Ventimiglia for his crush on this adorable star?

"He always had a crush, but really let her know the minute she broke up with Stephen," a source close to Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia said.

Since Panettiere still leaves with her mom and brother, it's a good thing, a source tells Us, that Ventimiglia has her family's approval.

"Milo is such a good guy, honest and sweet," says a source. Besides, says another source, "She is really like a 30-year-old."

We're not sure how that works, but you kids run with it!

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Move over, Nicole Kidman.

Rocker Avril Lavigne is pregnant, according to a Canadian celebrity gossip site. The 23-year-old wild child is reportedly expecting in August.

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne Pic

This would be Avril Lavigne's and her husband Deryck Whibley's first child together. The couple celebrates its second wedding anniversary in July.

  Shhh! Don't tell anyone Avril Lavigne is pregnant.

Deryck Whibley is best known for being in a rock band called Sum 41. Avril Lavigne is best known for a bunch of hit songs and trying to cast herself as a pop-punk badass, contrasted from the likes of Britney Spears.

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Looking for some romantic advice, guys? Well sit back, crack open a beer and listen up. Nothing tells your underage girlfriend "I wanna put a baby inside you" like a Jamie Lynn Spears Valentine's Day card! You're so welcome!

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears

Yes, American Greetings has released a Zoey 101 Valentine's Day card featuring the pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears in a muu-muu. The message reads:

"Girls Rule! Happy Valentine's Day to a true sweetheart!"

Jamie Lynn â€" who was recently spotted with a GED book â€" has been the center of controversy since announcing her pregnancy late last month.

However, the news helped her Nickelodeon show net 7.3 million viewers â€" more than double the normal viewership â€" on Friday's season finale.

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