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Pretty, out-of-work actress Hayden Panettiere has the cure for the writers' strike blues - shop 'til you drop! The Heroes star arrives at home in Los Angeles Sunday with a handful of shopping bags ... hey, gotta do something with your free time.

Wladimir Klitschko, Hayden Panettiere

There has been very little progress in the negotiations between networks and TV writers, and the strike threatens to halt production of many shows before long.

There is an all-new episode of Heroes tonight on HBC at least. Get your Hayden Panettiere / Milo Ventimiglia / Masi Oka / Kirsten Bell fix while you can!

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David Beckham has tapped a lot of Posh Spice booty.

Now the part-time soccer player been tapped by Giorgio Armani to launch their new underwear collection in the U.S. Wonder what kind of "package" David Beckham was given by Armani? Eh? We're talking about his contract, people. Come on.

The hunky husband of Victoria Beckham and father of Cruz, Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham shot the Armani underwear ad campaign in Los Angeles last week with a pair of celebrity fashion photographers, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

The David Beckham underwear ads will hit magazines worldwide beginning in January issues. While it's no David Beckham nude pic, enjoy the photo below ...

David Beckham Underwear Photo

Special delivery: Expect a nice "package" in the mail next month in the form of hot David Beckham underwear photos. If that's not sexy, we don't know what is.

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We were just starting to wonder about this couple. Singer, songwriter and Grade A tool John Mayer hasn't been spotted in public with his new gal pal Minka Kelly in awhile. But they returned to the spotlight this weekend for some NBA action.

Seated at a New York Knicks game, Mayer was welcomed by the Madison Square Garden scoreboard, which read "Welcome John Mayer, Recording Artist."

Ellen and Chris Pic

We personally would have had it say "Welcome Minka Kelly, star of Friday Night Lights" but we don't make these kinds of decisions. Probably for good reason.

Here's another picture of John and Minka, along with two other celebrities they sat next to - Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and her fiance, Chris Ivery!

Chris Ivery, Ellen Pompeo, John Mayer and Minka Kelly take in NBA action.

In anyone cares, the Miami Heat earned their first win of the season by beating the Isiah Thomas-led Knicks, 75-72, in what was surely a riveting contest. Not.

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After countless heart-to-hearts with her friends, like Lauren Conrad (on and off camera), The Hills' Audrina Patridge has officially told her douchebag scruffy, motorcycle riding boyfriend, Justin "Bobby" Brescia, to hit the road.

Audrina told Us Weekly in its new issue that it took an embarrassing public blowout at a club for her to realize Justin Brescia was not Mr. Right.

Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera

"I caught him doing something he shouldn't have been doing and it was just the last straw," Audrina Patridge says of her October 16 fight at Opera.

What, exactly, was Justin-Bobby up to?

A source says he was "making out with a red-headed girl right in front of Audrina, and when she confronted him about it he laughed in her face."

Audrina Patridge said of the fight with Justin-Bobby Brescia at Opera, "It was one of the hardest nights ever I've had to deal with. And it was on camera too."

Patridge admits that she and Justin Brescia, whom she met before she was on The Hills, never were dating exclusively. But he had been pushing it.

"I don't feel like he's giving at all," Audrina said. "I'm always there for him no matter what, and sometimes I don't feel like it's mutual."

A source close to The Hills star is more blunt: "Whenever they'd go out, he'd ignore her. He would never return her calls, never ask her on dates."

He was, however, happy to show up when the cameras were around. He's like a less interesting, less loyal, scraggly-ass version of Spencer Pratt!

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Remember when Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner partied in Las Vegas on The Hills? Think about those good old days before peeping the pics below.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt brought their sideshow red-hot love affair to Las Vegas over the weekend so that they could host a night of drunken revelry at Jet Nightclub at the Mirage Hotel and Casino Resort. And what a night it was.

Smokin' Speidi

Here are a few photos of Heidi and Spencer enjoying the ambiance of Las Vegas and then enjoying one another. A lot. Hot and heavy. On the dance floor...

Wow. If there is any pair pseudo D-list celebrities that could possibly make Las Vegas feel even seedier, it's Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. It's a tough feat, but these two may have actually sullied the reputation of Sin City.

The fact that Heidi Montag takes an opportunity to drop down and rub that ass into Spencer's crotch whenever there is a camera within 100 feet just speaks to their level of class ... or lack thereof. Of course, it's not like we're going to stop attention to them or anything, so what can we say. So it goes. So it goes.

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It looks like Jayden James and Sean Preston Federline may be getting a makeover... or at least appearing in the mind of Britney Spears from time to time.

The "singer" stopped and shopped 'til she frickin' dropped Friday afternoon in Bel Bambini, spending more than $2,000 on her sons in the L.A. baby boutique.

Hot Brit

Among Britney Spears' purchases were white and black tuxedos for each boy. And four pairs of dress shoes. Aww. Going to be attending a formal event, lil' guys?

That's all very cute. We love Sean and Jayden. It's nice to see that while she's not running red lights with them in the car, Brit is paying them some attention!

No word on whether Britney bought any pants or underwear for herself during the excursion. Our guess is she did not. Girl doesn't have much use for either.

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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden recently made an offer on a home in a posh, gated Southern California community only to be denied by the would-be neighbors.

When Nicole Richie got the news that she and her fiance and rocker baby-daddy were denied by residents who were concerned about celebrity news photographers hovering around their homes, "Nicole was livid because she loved the house," a source tells Us Weekly. "She thinks it's a BS reason, but she couldn't fight it."

Still, being dismissed from the private community hasn't put a damper on Joel Madden and Nicole Richie's growing excitement over their upcoming event.

Another source says that Nicole Richie is planning a baby shower for the end of November. And Joel Madden expects fatherhood to have a positive impact on many parts of his life, including his songwriting.

"I'm sure it will inspire me," he said. "Yeah, I'm sure it will."

Hopefully it will also inspire Nicole. To eat.

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As we reported Friday, Amy Winehouse's husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, was sensationally arrested in front of her home late last week he reportedly tried to pay a witness £200,000 as part of a plot to fix a trial.

As eight plain-clothed officers led Blake Fielder-Civil off to jail, the tearful jazz diva begged hysterically: "I want to go with him."

Beat Ass Blake

Undercover police officers arrested Fielder-Civil on Thursday for allegedly attempting to manipulate a witness in his upcoming assault trial. He is being held in custody until November 23.

A weeping and hyperventilating Amy Winehouse ran down from the flat and shouted to Blake Fielder-Civil in the courtyard: "I'll be fine. Baby, I love you."

Fielder-Civil managed to shout back "I love you, too" before being bundled into an unmarked people carrier and hauled off to the slammer.

The dramatic arrest, which happened at a flat in East London, came just a few hours after 10 police officers used a battering ram to smash down the door of the couple's home in Camden, North London.

Last night Amy Winehouse's mother-in-law, Georgette Fielder-Civil, said: "She's totally distraught and too upset to talk."

Britain's Daily Mirror paper published numerous photos of Amy Winehouse, 24, clasping her troubled, handcuffed husband, 25, and kissing him goodbye.

Continue Reading...

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Yup, the headline pretty much tells you all there is to know. This SNL Digital Short starring Andy Samberg - the genius who brought you "D!ck in a Box" and "Iran So Far" - may be the dumbest thing you've ever seen, but at the same time, it's really hard not to laugh. Great cameos by Jon Bon Jovi and the Foo Fighters too!


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Welcome back, celebrity gossip and news fans, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, a fun Friday tradition. Let's take a look at who won this week's.

As usual, this week's Caption Contest yielded some classic replies, which isn't a shock, given Zac Efron's mad skillz. Ultimately, we named Amanda the winner.

Zac, Awarded

Congratulations and thank you all for participating. The winning reply appears beneath the photo, and you can scroll down the page to read the full list of good captions we were sent in regarding Zac. Thanks again, and good luck this week!

Zach keeping himself in shape so the supply of Vanessa nude photos keeps on a comin.'

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