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At 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, Britney Spears' longtime pal, Alli Sims, was served with legal papers concerning the custody battle between Spears and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

Allison Sims

Leaving a hot party at a private home in the Hollywood Hills, Sims got served by Aaron Cohen of IMS-Security.

"Alli was really shocked and covered her face," an observer tells People. "[She was] really distraught and said 'Oh my God.'"

No word on if Sims or anyone else then busted out any memorable quotes from the 2004 dance-off classic You Got Served.

We're guessing not, unfortunately.

Britney Spears, who was also at the party, did not witness the serving of the papers, according to the observer.

The papers are a deposition subpoena sent by Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, compelling Sims to testify about Spears's parenting skills.

Sims, who has known Spears since childhood and is regularly at her side partying in Los Angeles, recently told People:

"[Britney] is a wonderful mom and she is so hands-on... Britney loves those babies to death. And they adore her."

Oh come on. The only thing she's got her hands on is Matt Encinias.

On Wednesday, Kevin Federline filed for primary custody of the couple's two sons, Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden James, 10 months.

A source close to Federline said recently that the would-be rapper has been worried about Spears's behavior and thinks she may be exposing the boys to "unnecessary risk."

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We know, we know. We don't talk about Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag nearly enough, and you're dying to know what they're up to at all times.

Well, we can't tell you where they are right now, but last weekend, they were on "vacation" (how that's possible when you don't have a job, we aren't sure) in Mexico. Here are some photos of the gruesome twosome on the tennis court.

Looking right at home, Spencer Pratt cups a pair of balls in his hand, while Heidi assumes the familiar position of clasping a (graphite) shaft between her legs.

Man, these two are nauseating. We get it! You are so athletic and have so much fun together! Forgive us while we go ogle our recent tennis-themed photo finish of Lucy Pinder and Anna Kournikova as we rid our minds of a shirtless Spencer.

With The Hills set to return on Monday, Spencer Pratt and his plastic fiancee have spared little expense when it comes to keeping their annoying selves in the public eye, all the while relentlessly ripping co-star and Heidi's former BFF, Lauren Conrad.

We can't even imagine what kind of drama lies ahead in Season 3 of The Hills, but we can tell you this much: we'll be watching every second of it!

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The Hills doesn't premiere until Monday.

The drama, though, has been brewing for months and boiled over this week.

Speidi Waves to Supporters

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were barred from attending the show's post-premiere party Wednesday night in L.A., a show source tells Us Weekly, due to the couple's feud with co-stars Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge.

Personally, our guess is that the "source" is actually Spencer Pratt, who just chose not to go and decided to phone in this bogus piece of celebrity gossip.

The entire cast has now been prohibited from speaking about each other in the press. To Spencer and Heidi, this is akin to having a limb amputated.

While MTV allowed both Spencer Pratt, 23, and Montag, 20, to walk down the red carpet at The Hills event, "they were not allowed to be at the party while Lauren Conrad was here," says a source, who added that extra security was brought on.

Another source tells says MTV "suspended" Spencer and Heidi from doing any more media to promote The Hills after their repeated trash-talking of LC.

While on Q102 FM in Philadelphia, Spencer Pratt called Lauren Conrad a "stupid girl" who is using the couple to draw attention to herself.

"She's the douche, the psycho," said the douche.

Montag added that she could never be friends with "some lowlife."

After the interview, MTV nearly canceled the couple's appearance on On the Air With Ryan Seacrest Wednesday, but allowed them to do one last interview.

For now, however, "they are on a media blackout."

Another insider says that MTV has decided to gag all parties - including Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port and Audrina Patridge - on the subject matter.

"Tensions were so high, MTV decided to shut it all down," says the source, adding that "Spencer crossed a line with several things he said. And fans of the show take it all so seriously, people were starting to worry about security concerns on all sides."

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Since being dismissed from the set of Grey's Anatomy, Isaiah Washington has shown his true colors. True, angry and incredibly bitter colors.

Being sacked after twice making an anti-gay slur in reference to T.R. Knight was just the beginning for the insane, attention-crazed star. He's likened himself to Malcolm X and portrayed himself as a (delusional) martyr of sorts.

While he may have moved on to the set of NBC's new Bionic Woman, and already signed a deal to star in his own series for NBC in 2008, it's clear that Isaiah Washington hasn't let the Grey's Anatomy incident go.

For his next act, he will sack the tyrants. Isaiah Washington is laying low now, but rest assured, Grey's creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes had better watch her back.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

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It'll be a cold day in The Hills before Heidi Montag becomes best buds with her former roommate Lauren Conrad.

Asked by People if there is anything Conrad, 21, could do to patch up their highly strained friendship, Montag, 20, bluntly replies:

Got 'Em!

"No, I don't think so."

The pair found fame last year on MTV's Laguna Beach spinoff, which also managed to chronicle how they became such bitter enemies.

The beginning of the end came in Season 2 when Montag began dating Spencer Pratt. Speaking on Wednesday during The Hills' Season 3 premiere party at the LG House in Malibu, Montag attended with Pratt - now her fiancé and "music manager."

"I have my life, she has hers, and I'm honestly so busy with music, I don't have time for a feud," Heidi says, adding that living with Pratt beats the hell out of sharing a pad with Conrad.

"It's way better. You don't have all that catty girl bickering. It's calmer, nicer. We are on the same agenda, you know? So it is like our days are the same."

It's an agenda, we'll give her that much.

Such is the bitterness between the girls that Heidi Montag has a single word reply when asked if she has any good memories of Conrad: "No."

"I'm just moving on. Moving forward. My life is the best now it has ever been so that is all I'm thinking about," she says.

But there may be hope yet. For all the acid among the former friends, Heidi Montag does at least offer a small olive branch in the direction of Lauren Conrad.

"If she really came around I'd always be open to talk to her," Montag said.

Six months ago, Conrad was insisting she was still friends with Montag.

But then, when Brody Jenner, whom she dated briefly last year, made unflattering remarks in Details alongside his pal Spencer, Conrad was quick to lay the blame on Montag's man.

"Honestly, I was nauseous reading it," Conrad said. "I do feel a little bad because if you read almost every quote, it's Spencer. Brody is a better person without Spencer."

Conrad's other ex, Jason Wahler, was also at the premiere event, and told the magazine that he's "sick" of the battle against his former flame.

Earlier in the day, he had gone as far as saying he'd take a public lie detector test regarding the sex tape rumors Pratt has been peddling.

"It's been going on for like two months now. I'm over it," Wahler said.

Spencer Pratt seemed less inclined to submit to the test when asked about it by People, he responded, "It's their lives. No comment."

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It's surprising Britney Spears hasn't hit rock bottom yet, but she's tryin' y'all. The latest debacle, as reported yesterday, involves a topless Britney in a pool with Matt Encinias.

Britney Spears? Making out with some random guy? Drunk? Yeah. It's quite strange behavior from Hollywood's reigning bastion of sanity and maturity.

Britney Spears O Facing Hard

According to the Us Weekly and The Sun, Britney decided to strip off her top and go at it with Matt Encinias after her assistant told him Britney wanted to fool around.

Wait, so it's her assistant's job to inform guys that Britney is feeling horny? We can't imagine why Alli Sims left this exciting position for her own singing career.

In any event, the latest reports are that Britney swigged from a bottle of Jack Daniel's and downed Mojitoss before flashing her breasts and playing a game of truth or dare.

Matt Encinias - who is being reported by some sites as Mike Encinias - kept his trunks on somehow as straggly-haired Britney groped him.

Encinias, an extra on her new music video shoot, says that Britney later tried to seduce him back in her hotel suite - while wearing nothing but pink panties.

"I went in and found Britney lying on the bed with her knees up and just a pair of pink panties. She looked like she was ready - I wanted to finalize it," Encinias told The Sun.

Matt Encinias goes to town on Britney Spears in an L.A. hotel's rooftop pool.

Britney and Matt / Mike had been kissing in the pool of the Standard Hotel a few hours earlier. The singer pulled the plug on the pole-dancing shoot for "Give Me More" (you gotta be kidding) after breaking down and sending the crew home.

"Britney was drinking Mojitos and was drinking some Jack Daniel's. Suddenly she shocked everyone by just stripping out of her top. She went into the pool topless - her boobs were exposed and she had a drink in her hand and a hat on with sunglasses," Encinias recants.

Matt Encinias then says he kissed Britney Spears after her assistant told him the singer wanted to "make out" with him.

"She straddled me and put her legs around me. Britney had more drinks ... we were having Jack and Mojitos with me feeling Britney's boobs and kissing her neck."

He continues: "Her body was very nice. It was sexual and sensual kissing. It took some effort to perfect. She is a great kisser. A phenomenal kisser."

Encinias was invited back to Britney's suite once the party was over at 4 a.m. He was planning to spend the night with Spears â€" until one of his friends collapsed and nearly drowned while drunk in the pool. What a shame. Cock blocked by a passed-out pal!

You know how it goes, though. Bros before hos. Right, Brody Jenner?

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Brad Womack PictureIn the past two seasons, we've seen an Italian prince and a Navy diver. Now it's time for Southern hospitality!

No, not Justin Timberlake's new restaurant. Though we're sure it's good.

We're talking about southern gentleman Brad Womack, who has been announced as ABC's newest star of The Bachelor, which returns next month.

Starring in a reality TV series about romance - the 11th edition of the matchmaking show, which boasts an astounding success rate - is a drastic change for the Atlanta-born, Texas-reared 34-year-old.

No pretty boy, Brad Womack says he spent much of his 20s working in the oil fields of Louisiana, North Dakota and California.

But perhaps it's not so different from tending bar, which is how the stud began his rise to success.

Working with his brothers Wesley and Chad (his twin), Brad Womack saved enough money to purchase his first drinking establishment in 2001.

He now co-owns four bars with his brothers - both married - and resides in Austin. He and his brothers are featured on the MySpace page for one of their bars, The Chuggin' Monkey.

Already, the show has dubbed him "The Bachelor's own McSteamy," likening him to Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane, while claiming he is "sincere" and "optimistic" about finding his wife.

The same could be said for his predecessor, Andy Baldwin. It remains to be seen if he will marry Tessa Horst, though they haven't broken up yet, which is a step in the right direction.

Womack is set to wrangle his perfect match among 25 lucky women he'll meet in the Monday, September 24, premiere. Sorry, Amanda Salinas. You missed out on this prize.

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The great Jason Davis, better known as Gummi Bear, was recently involved in an incident in which someone was rear-ended.

And surprisingly, Perez Hilton wasn't involved.

Yes, America's favorite ursine sensation was in a little car confrontation last night, but not to worry, the car was unhurt.

Witnesses say Davis banged a driver who failed to step on it immediately after a traffic light turned green. Do not hold up the Bear!

Sporting a dent in his forehead and what appears to be remnants of a donut in his teeth, Gummi Bear chatted up TMZ outside the restaurant Forte in Beverly Hills.

There, the waddling bottle blonde and brother of Brandon Davis brought the celebrity news site up to date on his latest forest wanderings.

As usual, Jason Davis said he is working on a project, but he wouldn't say exactly what. He did note, though, that he and brother Greasy Bear "don't just take up time and space," (yeah, right) and that he was trying to "build my own name."

One (burp) sandwich at a time.

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Relatively stable by comparison, Kevin Federline has filed an order to show cause for primary custody of his two sons with troubled ex-wife, Britney Spears.

The documents were filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday by Kevin Federline's lawyer, according to the source.

Britney's divorce was finalized less than two weeks ago. At the time, the couple agreed to split custody 50-50 of Sean Preston Federline, 22 months, and Jayden James Federline, 10 months.

But a source close to Kevin Federline said that the would-be-rapper was worried Spears was exposing the boys to "unnecessary risk" and that his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, "hopes to get Kevin primary custody."

In June, when the couple were wrangling over their divorce settlement, K-Fed was resisting signing the papers over escalating concerns about Britney Spears' rather erratic behavior.

While Kevin Federline has kept a low profile, Britney Spears, who spent a stint at Promises rehab center, has been a fixture on the nightclub and party scene.

The news of Federline's request for primary custody comes as photos have surfaced of his ex-wife topless in a hotel pool with Matt Encinias.

Calls to Spears' lawyer, Laura Wasser, were not returned.

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