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After repeated denials, Robert Rodriguez and the sexy Rose McGowan have finally gone public with their relationship.

Rose McGowan Photograph

The two arrived together to the premiere of Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof in Cannes last night, after rumors that they hooked up during filming of Rodriguez's Planet Terror.

The two had previously denied any on-set knocking of boots, as rumors went rabid that Rodriguez cheated on his then-wife - and Planet Terror co-producer - Elizabeth Avellan with the former Charmed witch.

At the time, reps for the film said that Elizabeth Avellan and Robert Rodriguez had split "long before" production began.

But now, it's out in the open that Rodriguez has seen Rose McGowan nude.

In doing so, he joins the likes of her ex, Marilyn Manson, her Grindhouse co-star Rosario Dawson and anyone who picked up the most recent Rolling Stone.

Home wrecker or not, the Grindhouse babe has got a new man - and probably a good shot of snagging the lead role in Robert's remake of the film Barbarella.

We'd like to recommend Antonella Barba for the part - though it would get a little confusing trying to write the press releases for the film if she got the role.

In any case, we're happy for this new couple. They might not be as cute together as Kate Bosworth and James Rousseau, but few are.

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Some celebrities like it doggy style.

Others just look a lot like their dogs.

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at Coachella

But eating hot dogs? That's a rarity, especially given the eating habits of stars such as Nicole Richie... who basically have no eating habits. Since they don't eat. Ever.

We used to think the same about Kate Bosworth, that's for sure. But since she got together with that nice fella James Rousseau, she's gotten noticeably better about her weight.

Heck, those recent bikini photos of Kate were downright sexy.

In the picture at right, Kate and James Rousseau hit up a hot dog stand in the Big Apple and ordered two with everything, prompting surprised looks from the street vendor.

Just kidding.

Let this be a lesson to you uber-skinny celebrities. Working out and trying to stay in shape is all well and good, but gobbling down the occasional processed meat byproduct never hurt anybody.

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Aside from berating one another on their MySpace pages, there are few things that celebrities of the 21st Century enjoy more than text messaging.

Kevin Federline repeatedly hit on Lindsay Lohan via text, and it was also Isaac Cohen's method of choice in dumping Britney Spears. Classy.

What we wouldn't give to get ahold of some celebs' phones and see what nonsense they're sending each other. Here, we see a few celebrity text message all-stars...

At left, the grotesque, jail-bound Paris Hilton, who never leaves home without her Blackberry (or the Bible now apparently). The whore-able heiress goes through boyfriends (Stavros Niarchos et al) and gal pals so quickly, she needs the latest state-of-the-art technology to keep everything straight.

At right, we have the lovely Lauren Conrad, a self-proclaimed "e-mail addict" seen here killing time at LAX early this month. We're guessing she's got a couple of funny texts in there from Audrina Patridge, while the info of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag has soooo been deleted like, three months ago.

Who's your favorite celebrity texter? Let us know.

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He's not a prince, heir to some huge ass tire company's fortune or a mediocre backup quarterback like The Bachelor contestants who came before him.

But Andy Baldwin was nonetheless a knight in shining armor as he knelt down and offered an engagement ring to Tessa Horst Monday night.

Ben, Lindzi, Horse

Lt. Baldwin - a Naval doctor and undersea diving specialist - and his cute future bride are now public with their love. Finally.

The Sports Gal's favorite subjects recently gave an interview discussing what it's like getting to know each other on reality TV, along with what's on tap for them.

Us Weekly: Congratulations! You both must be so thrilled after having to keep your relationship a secret since the show wrapped in March. What do you have planned now that America knows that you are in love and engaged?
Andy Baldwin: We've been walking around New York and I've been screaming it at the top of my lungs! It's not a secret any longer! We finished the show months ago and to watch it all over again has been hard - especially on Tessa - to have all that drudged up.
Tessa Horst: It's a huge relief to have it over. It's been great moving forward with Andy since the show's been wrapping, but it was hard that everyone around us was watching it as if it was present. We're really excited to move forward from here.

Us Weekly: You no doubt learned quite a bit about each other during the course of the show, but what have you learned about each other since?
Andy Baldwin: We've learned a lot! We've seen each other four times and talked to each other over the phone [while the show was airing]. We've definitely said how much better we know each other now than we did [on the show]. The risk we took getting engaged is getting better and better. There are some things Tessa has found out about me...

Continue reading this interview with Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst ...

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Britney Spears arrived in Miami on Sunday for a "concert" at Mansion - but she had some important business to attend to first.

Not 10 minutes after checking into the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Miami, Spears, 25, and a group of friends zoomed off for a whirlwind shopping spree in South Beach.


Their first stop: A 15-minute visit to No Lines Tanning.

Next up: the Guess store on Collins Avenue, where Spears took shorts, jeans and tops - but no wigs (she's got hair extensions now) to a dressing room.

"She bought quite a few things," an observer said. "She left out the back of the store â€" she seemed happy."

The retail therapy continued at The Mosh Pit.

"They asked if she wanted the store closed, and Britney Spears told them she was okay and not to worry about it," says a source.

Britney Spears, accompanied by her cousin Allie (below) tried on several micro-mini skirts and bought a $180 hand-painted pink corset by Kimikal. "She liked it, bought it and wore it out of the store," says the source.

By 7 p.m. it was time for a sound check at Mansion, where Spears' dressing room was, per her request, already stocked with Diet Cokes, sugar-free Red Bull, apple juice, a fruit-and-cookie plate, vanilla-scented candles, white roses and more.

The most important item, of course - pictures of her two sons: Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline.

As concertgoers got out of the rain and into Mansion, Spears ducked out the club just before 9 p.m. and hit The Atrium Miami Beach for some last-minute shopping. With her assistant, she picked out dresses, shoes, belts and accessories, spending well over $1,500, according to a source.

She then changed into a pink dress she'd just purchased before heading back to Mansion, where she took the stage at 10:30.

After her concert, Spears hit the Raleigh Hotel for an small poolside after-party. But that wasn't the last stop of the evening. Shortly after 3 a.m., she and her entourage arrived at the nightclub SET, where she danced to songs by Fergie and Nelly Furtado before finally calling it a night at around 4:30 in the morning.

Just the way you want to do it when you're fresh out of rehab.

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Reports are swirling that tabloid princess Nicole Richie is back - yet again - in rehab and more "helpless" than ever.

We wouldn't be surprised. We would react similarly to the the news that Britney Spears went shopping, neglected her kids, took a dance class or performed another sub-par, 11-minute show for $125 tickets.

But TMZ tells us that it just isn't so. The Nicole Richie part, anyway. In fact, Nicole is sitting at home in Glendale right now and doing fine, her rep says.

Still, the National Enquirer and Star are jointly reporting that walking freak show re-entered rehab at Beau Monde May 11 to fight anorexia and a painkiller addiction, on an outpatient basis, and that she did so "in tears," lamenting the fact that she's "lost control of her life."

What's more, report the tabs, Paris Hilton's bitchy gal pal went back in just a few days ago, on the 19th.

But Richie's rep tells a totally different story, namely that she isn't - and wasn't - in rehab, and that she's "in Glendale at her house."

We hope there is food there. Or that Brody Jenner is bored today and decides to start up his campaign to date her and make her eat again.

We're told that she did go back to see her therapist, and that her recovery is "an ongoing process," but that she's "completely sober."

Well, that's good. She's a step ahead of Tom Sizemore and Scott Stapp.

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His uncle Rico and older brother Kip might not be too preoccupied with their mundane lives to notice, but at The Hollywood Gossip, well, this stuff is our mundane life.

Jon Heder, who rose to fame as the title character in Napoleon Dynamite, was proud to welcome his first child, with wife Kirsten this week.

Suri With Katie

The baby girl, Evan Jane Heder, is "safe and sound and healthy," says a rep for Heder, who did not reveal the baby's date of birth.

In March, at the Los Angeles premiere of Heder's comedy Blades of Glory, where he stars alongside Will Ferrell, told reporters that his wife, who was with him at the event, was due any second.

They announced last fall that they were expecting.

Heder, 29, met Kirsten when they were students at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. They announced in September that they were expecting their first child.

Jon Heder, who is from Salem, Ore., burst onto the scene playing the lovable oddball Napoleon Dynamite in the 2004 film. He also starred in Just Like Heaven, Bench Warmers and School for Scoundrels.

Congrats from all of us to John and Kirsten, who bears a resemblance to another new celebrity mom, Tobey Maguire's fiancee Jennifer Meyer.

Speaking of which, it's rare you see a celebrity baby born to married parents these days. There are just so many knocked up fiancees like Salma Hayek!

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He already failed his intern exam.

Now T.R. Knight says the prognosis on his survival at Grey's Anatomy is uncertain.

"I literally don't know," he tells Access Hollywood of his future on the show. "It would be nice to know if I'm supposed to report back soon."

Knight says he's received many phone calls from friends and fans concerned about his character's fate after the hit ABC show's finale. He says the producers have not told the actors what will happen next season.

Knight spent much of last season in the middle of a firestorm after co-star Isaiah Washington used an anti-gay slur regarding Knight during an on-set argument with Patrick Dempsey.

Shortly afterwards, the Greys Anatomy star confirmed to People that he is gay, even though some people close to him encouraged him not to come out.

Knight did not comment on whether he prefers Jordin Sparks over Blake Lewis, but we're guessing he does. Why? She was way better last night.

Speculation has also swirled around whether Isaiah Washington - whose character ended the season at a similar crossroads - will return next season.

Washington's rep, Howard Bragman, tells People that he fully expects it:

"A contract has not yet been signed, but we have no reason not to expect it to be signed before the season begins."

In June, while the show is on hiatus, Washington will film the independent movie, The Least of These. ABC has declined to comment.

And then there's Kate Walsh. She's getting her own show, Private Practice, next fall! Good for her. And on top of that, there's Katherine Heigl. Man, she's hot.

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The Sports Gal sure is taking her sweet ass time writing her freaking recap of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman.

While we'd love to wait for her, as no one recaps reality TV like she can, our celebrity gossip readers demand better than her needless delays.

Ben Flajnik, Engagement Ring

The Hollywood Gossip prides itself on fast, in-depth coverage, whether it's the latest celebrity arrest, dating rumors, trip by Britney Spears to Millennium Dance Studio or episode of your favorite shows.

So good riddance to Bill Simmons and very funny, very lazy wife. We've written our own damn recap. Let's get down to business.

Tessa Horst, a 26-year-old San Francisco social worker, accepted the final rose - and a marriage proposal to boot - from Andy Baldwin in last night's finale of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman.

Andy Baldwin's proposal to Tessa and her acceptance of it marked the first time in four seasons and only the second in its last seven that The Bachelor ended with its bachelor proposing to his final female choice.

Sorry, Lorenzo Borghese.

"I've always imagined this day, and this is beyond my wildest dream... I met a woman who makes me feel so happy and so amazing," Baldwin gushed.

"I want to say to you Tessa... Will you marry me?"

Andy, a 30-year-old undersea medical officer stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, asked Tessa Horst from bended knee at the conclusion of last night's special two-hour finale.

"Yes!" answered Tessa, who put her hand to her mouth and whispered, "Oh my God..." as Andy slipped a diamond ring around her finger. "This moment is perfect," she said.

In choosing Tessa, Andy dispatched of Bevin Powers, a 28-year-old Palo Alto, Calif., native who became the 24th and final bachelorette to be eliminated from Officer and a Gentleman's pool of 25 wives-to-be.

Follow our link to continue reading this comprehensive guide to last night's gripping conclusion of the 10th season of The Bachelor ...

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That's right, celebrity gossip fans.

Shar Jackson is officially coming to reality TV.

Totally Shar

You knew it was just a matter of time. ABC has announced that it will air Ex-Wives Club, a new reality TV show - and misnomer, since Shar and Kevin Federline were never married.

The program will, according to the network, help recent divorcees - and baby mamas, hopefully - rid themselves of their former significant others in an effort to move on with their lives.

The ultimate irony will be when Britney Spears appears on the show and is counseled by Shar Jackson. Now that would be quality television.

Each one-hour episode of Ex-Wives Club, which debuts Monday, May 28, will feature a man and a woman, with the commonality of each recently having gone through a difficult divorce.

Though not from one another.

Different segments in each episode will show the recent divorcee trashing items that remind them of their former partner, or indulging in revenge by partaking in activities allowing them to release pent up rage geared at their exes, as well as undergoing makeovers. Sounds like fun.

The five-episode series is hosted by Jackson, as well as reality TV vet and model Angie Everhart and Donald Trump's second former spouse, Marla Maples.

Everhart, a babe of yore and one-time Sports Illustrated swimsuit mainstay, has already been on two other reality shows - The Real Gilligan's Island and Celebrity Mole.

But more impressively, she's MILF of the year material.

If Janice Dickinson is the original supermodel, Angie Everhart has to be the original Firecrotch.

Eat your heart out, Lindsay Lohan.

In addition to Everhart, Jackson and Maples, the "Ex-Wives Club team" will also consist of life coach and author Debbie Ford, who will meet with the show's participants to offer guidance.

We'd say that we'll never watch this crap, but by next week, something will have to fill the void left by American Idol, so you never know.