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According to the most recent issue of Life & Style Magazine, Mariah Carey got skinny. Not quite emaciated, third-world, war-torn refugee/Mischa Barton-style, but still pretty thin!

She's lost about 32 pounds over the course of four months, if you're keeping score at home. Which would imply that you have serious issues.

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Subtle, but firm.

That's how we'd describe the latest effort of a rebellious Britney Spears to replace husband Kevin Federline. With her marriage reportedly on the rocks, the sexy star has hired a male nanny to help care for their seven-month-old son, Sean Preston. Rumor has it that K-Fed is quite jealous of the new guy in Britney's life.

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He's like that wreck on the side of the highway.

You don't want to see it, and yet you can't look away. You swear you don't care, but can't stop wondering about it. We are talking, of course, Tom Cruise, star of Mission: Impossible III. While the kookiness of Cruise has been well documented in recent months, it may finally be taking its toll on the star's box office appeal, writes Kim Masters in a column for

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Are Mr. & Mrs. Federline headed for divorce court? According to Kevin's friends, he and Britney Spears are still married. But for how long?

One friend, decked out in baggy pants and sunglasses (and probably a hat tilted sideways), says recent rumors of the couple's split are false.

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