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Wow. We guess Mandy Moore wasn't joking when she said she wanted to start dating celebrity gossip bloggers dressing more like a woman!

The new gal of Greg Laswell has always been a cutie (see photo at left, at an event for Saved), but when the License to Wed star hit that film's premiere in a sexy, cut-out Jenny Packham gown with gold bangles (right), well, this celebrity news purveyor dropped what it was doing to bring you the scoop.

Mandy on the Carpet

Yikes. Zach Braff, you were one lucky guy for a time. And you are one giant idiot for letting this get away. Although you did hook up with Rachel Bilson in The Last Kiss, and no one can take that away from you.

At the premiere, even Mandy Moore's hair made her look like a 1960s sex-kitten, while her golden makeup absolutely glowed. Whew! This is a whole new side of Mandy we never thought we'd see. And one we'd very much like to see Moore of.

Moore, who also briefly dated Adam Goldstein, a.k.a. DJ AM, for reasons unknown to anyone, is a knockout. Now if someone could just get Britney Spears to...

  • Keep her frickin' clothes on
  • Pick out some decent ones

Then we'd be all set.

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Pants are optional if you're Britney Spears.

Lindsay and Dina Lohan deserve one another.

Jess and Justin

Paris Hilton is an exponentially overhyped skank.

Justin Timberlake is not an enormous fan of celebrity gossip.

These facts are long established. Recently, however, we've learned just how true the last one is. The singer has supposedly gotten so fed up with paparazzi while in Europe, where he is currently touring, that he has taken it a step further than his usual snide remarks.

On June 19 in Stockholm, Justin Timberlake was heard calling the attention he receives "tiresome," and, according to Us Weekly, Justin lashed out in Oslo later in the week.

With new flame Jessica Biel by his side, JT yelled at some of the dudes carrying cameras following them. Meanwhile, his bodyguard intimidated people.

"‘You f-ing a-hole'" he shouted at one photographer, while his huge bodyguard "threatened to crush my cell phone," according to an innocent bystander.

As the couple and some of their friends continued on their stroll, Justin Timberlake whipped out a digital camera to further prove his point.

He took a picture of one of the members of the paparazzi with his camera, then showed it to him, proclaiming happily, "This is a picture of an a$$hole."

His bodyguard chimed in with a helpful "How 'bout I punch you in the face?"

The exchange, caught on tape and posted online by a Norwegian paper, shows just how much resentment Justin Timberlake has for the facilitators of Hollywood gossip.

For their part, the Norwegians were not offended so much as amused, titling their article: "Humorous? Or Just Tired of Being Photographed?"

Justin Timberlake, who also lashed out at paparazzi for photographing him with girlfriend Cameron Diaz not so long ago, has deep-seeded hatred for people like this. While he's spared us any Mel Gibson style rage, his attitudes are a bit troubling.

Is it warranted? That's hard to say.

While he may be better-looking, more talented and wealthier than our celebrity gossip writers, we're all go to work in the morning just like he does. We realize being in the public eye is tough sometimes, JT, but we love you, man. How about giving some back, dog?

Oh, and can you do "Dick in a Box" on your next show?

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Rosie O'Donnell has left The View.

Unfortunately, the round mound of sound is still within full view of celebrity gossip writers - not to mention viable news outlets - everywhere.

The latest focal point of the gargoyle's attention: Britney Spears. What's surprising is that the fallen star has the full support of the embattled talk show host.

Rosie O'Donnell sent a video message to Spears, welcoming her to the Cyndi Lauper show June 30 that will feature none other O'Donnell on the drums. Yippee.

"Britney, if you're watching, honey, you and me â€" we're gonna share, like, a moment, 'cause I love you, kid!" O'Donnell said on the video during a tour stop in Texas.

Britney Spears: No Underwear

Spears' choreographer tells People that the pop star plans to join Lauper and others onstage at the Greek Theatre in L.A. June 30 for Lauper's "True Colors" concert.

She was going to audition two male dancers for the show, but Britney Spears failed to show up at the auditions - always a good sign.

O'Donnell says that's news to Lauper, though Britney Spears has been making "surprise" shows as she works on a new album, whose release date still has not been announced.

"If it is happening," says O'Donnell. "I'm thrilled, because I enjoy Britney."

Bet she would enjoy Britney Spears naked, if you know what we're talking about. We're talking about the fact that Rosie O'Donnell is a lesbian and thus likes the girl-on-girl action.Not that there is anything wrong with that in the slightest. Just saying.

In addition to Cyndi Lauper, the show is also scheduled to include Erasure, Debbie Harry, The Dresden Dolls, The MisShapes with special guest Jeffree Star and host Margaret Cho. Rosie O'Donnell is expected to perform a stand-up routine.

Hopefully, Elisabeth Hasselbeck gets a front-row seat.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears sent out a new mysterious message herself, posting it on the bottom of her Web site's homepage, reading:

"Mother to Grandmother, and my my, you're grand."

Yep, she's insane. Nothing much more to say about it.

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Ah, Britney Spears nude. It's not just for J.R. Rotem, John Sundahl, Howie Day, Jason Filyaw, Isaac Cohen, Columbus Short, Jason Alexander and FedEx anymore.

We've just come across pictures of Britney Spears nude, apparently changing clothes at a local boutique, that stunningly have surfaced in the last day.

With all her nipple slip action and clubbing with no pants, and her general lack of brainpower when it comes to keeping her clothes on or covering up her breasts, it's really no surprise for us to see these pics Egotastic found of Britney naked.

Hiding behind a curtain of some kind, you can clearly see that it's Britney Spears just standing there, waiting to have her picture taken. What a class act!

  • Britney Spears Naked
  • Britney Spears Naked, Hiding

To our knowledge, most people keep the curtain to the changing room shut when they try on clothes. But then again, most people with faltering careers and little kids at home actually focus on those things. Sigh. Poor Sean Preston and Jayden James.

No, seriously, the nude Britney Spears pics while she was pregnant with Jayden James Federline were tasteful compared to the stuff we are seeing nowadays. She could really not care less who sees her buck ass naked, or wearing no underwear.

The inevitable Playboy spread has got to be right around the corner. Tell us Hef wouldn't shell out a few million for Britney Spears naked.

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Tiger Woods is here to inspire those that have gotten down on the world of sports recently.

And for once, this golfing god is not doing it through the use of his driver.

Woods Family Photo!

Instead, Tiger and wife Elin Nordegren are the proud parents of Sam Alexis Woods, a celebrity baby that may just rival Shiloh Nouvel for cuteness.

People magazine reports that the Woods family, which includes dogs Taz, a border collie, and Yogi, a labradoodle, are doing well.

"This is truly a special time in our lives and we look forward to introducing Sam to our family and friends over the next few weeks," Tiger wrote in a message on his site on June 18, the day Sam was born.

The couple's first child was born during a time when athletes aren't exactly acting as role models. Consider:

  • Tom Brady has fathered a child out of wedlock with Bridget Moynahan.
  • Barry Bonds is a jerk who has obviously taken steroids.
  • Mark Philippoussis has reportedly slept with many loose women, including Paris Hilton and Tara Reid. Yuck.
  • Professional wrestler Chris Benoit allegedly murdered his wife and son before taking his own life.

Indeed, it's a troubling time to be a sports fan. But Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren remind us that there's still beauty in the world of athletics.

Of course, Amanda Beard nude photos also help us remember this fact.

Woods and Nordegren, a Swedish former nanny and model he met at the 2001 British Open, were married in 2005.

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That being nothing.

We don't mean to sound critical, but these are the facts. Kevin Federline may be a relatively stable individual compared to his ex-wife, but the man is still a D-list vagrant.

That said, the former Mr. Britney Spears was in full effect at the 3rd Annual DJ Irie Weekend Kickoff Party at Cameo in Miami on Friday, hosted by Jamie Foxx.

It's a tough life, but sometimes, you gotta take a break from impregnating Shar Jackson, making rap albums among the worst of all time, and partying in Vegas with your crew.

Yes, and like Brooke Hogan at the sight of an open microphone, when Miami beckons, the great K-Fed will answer when that opportunity knocks, yo.

As for Kevin's work schedule, Federline peeps tell TMZ that he is "working on a couple projects to be announced the near future."

Kevin Federline's website, though, lists nothing. No tour, no commercials.

No surprise, either. But at least it looks like he got one of Britney Spears' weird ass hats in the divorce settlement. So there's a silver lining at least.

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Girls, like, just wanna have fun, y'all!

Having completed a quote-unquote comeback mini-tour of Southern California and Las Vegas in early May, Britney Spears is ready to hit the stage again.

Britney's Hot Body

On Friday, June 30 at L.A.'s Greek Theatre, Britney will perform along with Cyndi Lauper, Erasure, Debbie Harry, The Dresden Dolls, The MisShapes, Jeffree Star and host Margaret Cho as part of the "True Colors" tour, said Spears' choreographer, Misha Gabriel.

Friday at the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, Britney Spears held final callbacks to find the two male dancers she'll add to her act.

The only snag? She never showed up.

Yet another vote of confidence that the career of Britney Spears is getting back on track, and a terrific sign of the train wreck yet to come.

The plan had been for Spears to select two male backup dancers (out of 21) to join her in the choreographic number she'll perform at the Greek.

Instead, she went AWOL and put her two longtime trusted female backup dancers - Criscilla Crossland and Lark (not cousin Alli Sims) - in charge of the process. The two taped all the aspirants for Spears to observe and select at a later time.

No word on whether she was too busy shopping for birds or actually spending some rare quality time with Sean Preston and Jayden James to attend.

Earlier, on June 7 at Millennium, Spears oversaw auditions herself as nearly 150 men seeking to pop, lock, whack, vogue, b-boy, breakdance, robot and moonwalk their way into her pants routine. No word on if any of those 150 got to experience her preferred "wheelbarrow" move.

Spears is also working on a hot track for her new album. As one dancer, Sam Pete, 25, described Britney's newest, as-yet-unreleased song to People:

"It was dope. It reminded me of that one song you hear at 1:50 a.m., when they call last call at a club, and it's the hottest, nastiest song you've ever heard in your life and you've just got to put your drink down and dance to it. You've got no choice. Your body is insisting on it."

We would take his word for it, but you can't trust anybody with two first names. Sorry, Sam Pete. You know how it is.

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It's hard to say where checking out the body of one's own teenage stepdaughter ranks on The Hollywood Gossip's ogling scale.

Certainly above the jaw-dropping, head-snapping, whistling, cat-calling antics exhibited by working-class British stiffs upon seeing Kate Middleton or Sienna Miller.

An Ashton Kutcher Love Child?!?

And probably even a bit higher than Diddy leering at Jessica Biel during an awards show. That body is something to behold, but the man's got Kim Porter and twins at home!

Yes, we'd have to say that Ashton Kutcher has raised (or lowered) the proverbial ogling bar by openly gawking at his wife's daughter, Rumer Willis…

Rumer's dad, Bruce Willis (also pictured here) has actually spoken quite fondly of Ashton Kutcher, the new, much younger husband of Demi Moore.

But the Die Hard actor has also been known to make thinly-veiled threats to anyone even thinking about trying something with his daughters.

Let's hope Bruce Willis doesn't get a look at this picture… and let's also hope Ashton doesn't decide to stare at Tallulah Willis next. That'd just be weird.

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Recently, we learned that Shar Jackson had two children from a previous relationship in addition to a pair of offspring with the great Kevin Federline.

Today, we learned that Shar has a 16-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter. Shar is 30. Do the math, celebrity gossip readers. It is, you could say, a tad abnormal.

Shar on the Red Carpet

Here's a picture of the whole Jackson clan at the Ratatouille premiere on Friday night. Shar Jackson, we have to say, looks fine. There's a reason for that: Plastic surgery.

She channeled her inner Heidi Montag and went under the knife... a fact she boasted about, then cited as evidence when denying the slew of recent pregnancy rumors surrounding herself and FedEx. This is a strange world.

The two youngest cuties, Kori and Kaleb, are the spawn of Kevin Federline, who left Shar for Britney Spears while Jackson was knocked up with their second kid.

They remain on good terms, though, and recently, Shar even became BFFs with Britney's mother, Lynne Spears. Did we mention that this is a strange world we live in?

At least we know that if there were ever a shortage of humans, Shar Jackson and Kevin Federline could be relied upon to regenerate the population. Some fertile peeps, they are.

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Self-deprecating party girl (and musician) Lily Allen, who gets chased by celebrity gossip hounds non-stop in her hometown of London, recently sought refuge in less aggressive neighborhood.

Lily Allen Wedding Dress


New York Magazine reports that Allen is holed up in an apartment in New York City overlooking the Hudson River, with her record label footing the $10,000 a month bill.

All so Lily Allen can "work in peace" on her second album.

All is not exactly going as planned, though.

"We've done nothing! All we've done is make YouTube videos for other peoples' songs," Allen told the magazine.

That, and most likely booze a lot.

While few approach her on the streets here, Lily Allen doesn't "know the New York names."

To say the least. Allen said she was "a bit sloshed" when she performed at Tinsley Mortimer's party in the Hamptons.

"I was so drunk I kept calling Tinsley ‘Ashley Winksdale,'" said Allen, who may have been thinking of High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale.

The walking train wreck also confessed to forgetting Jennifer Connelly's name when she saw her with Paul Bettany at the Waverly Inn.

Now that's just insane. We guarantee that a frequent target of Lily's angst, Amy Winehouse, would remember a name like Jennifer Connelly.