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The 15 minutes of fame may be ticking away for J.R. Rotem, but he's doing the best to make the most of every second.

First he was seen smooching Britney Spears, leading many to believe there could be a relationship brewing there. Alas, that appears to have been a one-shot deal - but J.R., whose real name is Jonathan, didn't let that stop him from chasing some underage tail.

Hayden in Lush

Shortly after parting ways with Britney, J.R. was spotted with actress Hayden Panettiere, the 17-year-old cheerleader on Heroes. She's a definite cutie, though we're kind of sketched out saying that about a 17-year-old.

Anyway, J.R. has since been spotted around L.A. with Bai Ling (right), an alluring actress in her own right. Way to go, J.R. Now if we could just get the quote-unquote music producer and grease ball to take a shower and get rid of the damn sunglasses. It's dark out, you jackass.

Which of J.R.'s post-Britney babes do you prefer?

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Making a late push for Stepmother of the Year, Katie Holmes spent her 28th birthday on Sunday bonding with Connor and Isabella Cruise.


Holmes and the adopted children of husband Tom Cruise and his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, have formed a strong relationship of late, with Katie attending all their soccer games and doing everything she can to be a part of their lives, which we have to give her credit for.

The trio spent the day giving back to the community, by playing Santa to a needy family in East Los Angeles: They brought the family gifts and a Christmas tree on a visit arranged by a local non-profit organization.

It's great to see that despite belonging to a cult and possibly being insane, TomKat clearly has its priorities in line. They are a big, happy extended family now, a fact that radiates from the adorable smile on little Suri Cruise.



The parenting skills of Britney Spears are being called into question once again, but this time, the criticism isn't revolving around dropping Sean Preston or neglecting Jayden James. This time she's been voted the world's worst celebrity dog owner by two dog magazines.

"Britney Spears was the overwhelming choice," Hilary O'Hagan, editor of The New York Dog and The Hollywood Dog magazines, said in a statement.

Confused as F*%k

"She once had three Chihuahuas... and never left home without at least one of them on her arm. As soon as she met [Kevin Federline] and had kids, (the dogs) disappeared."

Her pants seem to have done the same.

Britney's former BFF, Paris Hilton, placed second for "treating her dogs like accessories."

Oprah Winfrey, who owns five dogs, was voted this year's best celebrity dog owner. The talk-show host replaced 2005 winner Joss Stone, and beat out fellow dog owners Tori Spelling and Nicollette Sheridan.

We're not entirely sure that the criteria are here. Brit was named worst dog owner for leaving her dogs at home, and Paris was named second worst dog owner for toting her dogs everywhere like purses? These publications obviously need to get their points straight before hastily giving Britney and Paris such bad publicity.

Oh, who are we kidding, we fear for any dog that happens to come in contact with either celeb. Same goes for this pathetic Paris Hilton pussy.

Also, we're not sure that Spears' Chihuahua, Bit-Bit (pictured) would fare well at Hyde, where Britney's been spending most of her time these days.

Actually, it's probably good that Brit leaves her pooches at home... as long as Natasha Lyonne isn't dog-sitting, of course. What whuuuut!



Brace yourselves, Kevin Federline fans.

Oh, wait, there are none of those. Our fault. In any case, get ready for more K-Fed in the world of professional wrestling. T.H. Gossip has learned that Fed-Ex, whose previous WWE role has been that of pimp-slapping menace, will be returning to the ring on January 1 for a title match against his nemesis, John Cena, on a much-anticipated edition of WWE RAW.

Britney, Jason, Kevin

Last night, K-Fed appeared on RAW to talk $h!t and promote the January 1 event. The estranged husband of Britney Spears says he's really not who he's portrayed as - it's just an invention of the media that everyone has bought into. He tells the crowd that the real Kevin Federline never backs down from a challenge.

He said just like he's done before, he'll shock the world and defeat John Cena. He said he'd be the one laughing on New Year's Day. Before he left, he informed Cena that he does, in fact, want some. In fact, he's coming to get some.

Too bad that grease ball J.R. Rotem was saying the same about Britney last week.



Welcome to the ultimate cuteness showdown. As the year draws to a close, we thought you might enjoy a photo comparison of three of the sweetest humans to join the population in 2006. Talk about a toss-up! We present TomKat spawn Suri Cruise (left), Gwen Stefani's son Kingston James McGregor Rossdale (center) and Brangelina product Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt (right) with her mother.

Suri Cruise and Babar

Three babies. 10 names. Infinite cuddliness. Who would you rather spend time with if you had the chance? It's a complete toss-up as far as T.H. Gossip is concerned, but we will say this much: There is absolutely no way in hell that Tom Cruise is Suri's biological dad. Look at that little Asian cutie! Something's up here.

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Forget illegal immigration - the U.S. Border Patrol screwed up big time on this one. Seriously. Couldn't we just seal off all major ports to keep this crazy, frequently-marrying "model" with enormous breasts from coming back?

Alas, Anna Nicole Smith is back in America for the first time since the death of her son Daniel in September. The reason? To resume her fight for her late husband J. Howard Marshall's fortune, of course.

Playboy Bunny

The former model, who moved to the Bahamas to give birth to baby daughter Dannielynn at the beginning of the summer - before having the power shut off and getting her fat ass thrown out by the Caribbean nation - arrived in court yesterday to continue her legal battle for Marshall's millions.

Although the new mom and defendant in one paternity suit after another was left out of her ex-husband's will, she contends that Marshall intended to provide for her through a special trust. Smith initially won a $474 million judgment, which was later slashed to $90 million and eventually reduced to zero as Marshall's late son E. Pierce Marshall fought to keep the actress away from his father's cash.

The U.S. Supreme Court then ruled that only federal courts in California could deal with her case. Smith attended the mediation hearing yesterday, wearing a black sequined suit and sunglasses. Classy, as usual. Howard K. Stern would be rolling in his grave if he could see this display.  But what do you really expect at this point.

All we have to say is boo, Anna Nicole Smith. Boo. Go back to the Bahamas!



Fresh off her wonderful DUI arrest, the emaciated Nicole Richie and a pal stocked up on graham crackers and donuts at Ralph's supermarket in L.A.

We weren't there to witness it, but everything these hoes bought was probably fat free, sugar free, carb free and taste free. Either that, or the friend is doing all the eating. 

Cute Celebrity Baby-Mom Duo

Regardless, T.H. Gossip hopes Nicole's menstrual cramps aren't too bad this month. You know what happens then. Like the other 3 billion women on Earth, she takes Vicodin, smokes weed and drives the wrong way on the freeway.

On a side note, Nicole, take off the damn glasses indoors, will you? There is no sun glare in there. No need to look like an alien 24-7.



The wristwatch of J.R. Rotem probably reads around 14:56 right now.

That's right, with the clock already running out on his 15 minutes of fame, Britney Spears' recent boy-toy is making a last-ditch effort to stay in the spotlight ... by clubbing like a madman and getting busy with Bai Ling.

The two were spotted trying to sneak out the back of Teddy's nightclub at the Roosevelt Hotel over the weekend (because we all know that loser can't get into Hyde), as J.R. attempted to get his silver Maserati from the valet.

After J.R. packed the Lost actress into his ride, along with a few of his buddies, the group sped off into the night. Britney must be devastated upon hearing this news. She may or may not be wearing any pants, though, so that's good.

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The Gossip would like to extend warmest birthday greetings to Brad Pitt, who turns 43 today. After spending the week in New York with girlfriend Angelina Jolie, Brad returned to Los Angeles, where he got revved up for a motorcycle ride Friday:

Brad Pitt, Cane

We can't keep track of every celebrity birthday, but the hunk factor of this pic alone - to say nothing of what a talented actor and good person Pitt seems like - made it impossible to pass up. We just love Brangelina and all the kids (present and future)!

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As The Bachelor: Rome concluded, Lorenzo Borghese and Jennifer Wilson made it clear they intended to approach their new, long-distance relationship cautiously. Jennifer will not be moving to New York until at least next May and has stated this more than once.

Jake Pavelka and Tenley Molzahn Picture

But now, scandalous reports are surfacing that Jennifer Wilson is already dating another man in her native Florida.

The National Enquirer reports that Wilson is already "secretly dating" a fellow named Dan Herrero, another teacher at Glades Middle School, the Pembroke Pines, Fla., school at which the eighth grade reading teacher is employed.

The magazine contains a picture of Jennifer and her new beau, and claims she had been dating the guy for weeks before the Bachelor's controversial finale in late November.

"I can't believe I had just watched her accept the last rose from Prince Lorenzo Borghese on television, then only days later she was making out with Dan!," an Enquirer source told MSNBC.

"When Dan asked Jennifer about what she was going to do about Lorenzo, she told him point blank that she doesn't have any romantic feelings for him at all and has absolutely no intention of following through with their plans to start a future together."

When reached by the Enquirer, Herrero denied that he's seeing Wilson and insists that the pair are only "good friends."

Wilson didn't respond to the tabloid's requests for comment. However, three days later, photographers reportedly captured the pair frolicking on the beach together. If these developments are true, that leaves The Bachelor 0-for-9 on the marriage front. Fairy tale romance, indeed.

Meanwhile, a reader of T.H. Gossip is reporting that Lorenzo is now with Sadie Murray, the sweet, wonderful, virginal San Diego native he shunned for Jennifer. We have found no evidence to corroborate this, however. If this rumor is true, and anyone can verify it, our staff urges you to come forward with your source so that we may verify this exclusive!

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