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Love. It's a powerful thing.

Yet in Hollywood, it fades fast. Tattoos? Not so much.

Kristin Cavallari, who dated Nick Zano from 2006 until December 2007, gave lasting romance a pretty good shot. But she probably should have thought better of having his initials inked on her wrist... at age 20.

Yesterday, Kristin paid a visit to the Hills (Beverly, that is) to see surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan, a source tells E!, to remove the tattoo.

"It's painful," says a spy, "but she wants that thing off."

Treatment is said to take several visits before the tattoo is fully removed. Ouch. At least Nick Zano can just claim he's a Kansas City Chiefs fan.

Interestingly, Kristin went to see the very same doctor who did Heidi Montag's boob and nose jobs. Bet he's got some good stories!

Kristin Cavallari reportedly won't be joining The Hills, as was reported earlier this month, but can you imagine Lauren Conrad's two sworn enemies bonding at the doctor's office? That sure would make for some good "reality" TV.

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She may or may not be dating co-star Penn Badgley.

She may or may not be feuding with co-star Leighton Meester.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

The mysterious title character on Gossip Girl may or may not be a dude.

Many things are up in the air for Blake Lively, but not the California girl's beauty and upbeat personality never come into question.

Flashing her gorgeous smile as always, Lively was spotted at the Valentino fashion show, as part of Paris Fashion Week Wednesday in Paris, France.

Blake Lively shines in Paris. We're not exactly surprised!

The 20-year-old Gossip Girl star is the cover girl for the March 2008 issue of Teen Vogue. She dished on many things surrounding the show, as well as the plight of Britney Spears and other aspects of popular culture.

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Paramedics who first attended to Heath Ledger tell the NYPD the scene looked "normal" - meaning it appeared as if no illicit drug use had occurred.

As we reported earlier, the rolled $20 bill found at the scene tested clean for illegal narcotics, and the numerous pill bottles were nearly full.

With the initial autopsy inconclusive, the exact cause of Ledger's death will be determined by the toxicology results - in the next two weeks.

According to TMZ, nearly full pill bottles containing the anti-anxiety medications Alprazolam (Xanax), Diazepam (Valium) and Lorazepam (Ativan) were found. The sleeping medication Zoplicone (Lunesta) and the sedative Temazepam (Restoril) - which is used by people with "debilitating insomnia" - were found as well.

All of the drugs were prescribed to Heath Ledger.

Meanwhile, Heath's ex-fiancee, Michelle Williams, arrived in Brooklyn last night. Williams was carrying their two-year-old daughter Matilda.

Heath Ledger (1979-2008) had just finished filming The Dark Knight.

The NYPD has released a new timeline events pertaining to how Heath's body was discovered and Mary-Kate Olsen's connection to him. Follow the jump to read...

Continue Reading...

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Britney Spears is suffering from some sort of bipolar disorder.

By now everyone from Adnan Ghalib to the average celebrity news reader has to understand that much. But what, if anything, will she do about it?

Casual Brit

For months, Commissioner Scott Gordon, the judge in her custody case, has ordered her to undergo psychological tests. She has not complied.

As we reported yesterday, Spears was shot down in her attempt to regain visitation rights with sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

Her divorce lawyers have devised an "alternative" plan to get Britney Spears into treatment, and while it has not worked to this point, sources now say it's got at least a glimmer of hope - and it's an outpatient treatment.

The attorneys believe it would allow professionals to "evaluate and treat" her. Spears is reportedly "receptive" to the idea, but it's not a done deal.

If it happens, the process will start immediately, reports TMZ.

Britney's lawyers were reported to be trying to get off her custody case as soon as possible, but evidently had a change of heart. The firm, Trope and Trope, is not filing to withdraw as counsel and will remain at the helm.

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While Tom Brady and Eli Manning prepare to square off in the Super Bowl, most NFL stars - such as Dallas' Terrell Owens - are merely viewers.

But that doesn't mean TO can't chase celebrity poontang.

Happy Hilton

Are we wrong? You can't go five minutes without seeing pics of Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush. Think Terrell Owens is gonna sit this one out?

Of course not. And what better way to forget the pain of a bitter playoff defeat than to quit crying and go where only a few hundred guys have gone before ...

Today, Terrell Owens enters Paris Hilton's digits. Tomorrow, Paris herself.

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NYPD sources in the Heath Ledger investigation now say a $20 bill was indeed found rolled up near the late actor's body, but previous accounts saying the note had any powdered substance on it are erroneous.

An earlier WCBS report said the manner in which the bill was rolled made authorities "suspicious," and that it was being tested at the police lab as a result.

Cops found drug packets along with the $20 bill in Ledger's apartment. The results of the initial autopsy done on Heath were inconclusive.

Heath Ledger (1979-2008) was found dead yesterday afternoon.

Commissioner Ray Kelly confirmed during a news conference Wednesday that the bill was found on the floor by Ledger's bed - where he was found dead - and was taken for testing. But, he added, there was no visible residue on the bill.

TMZ has confirmed two of the medications found at Heath Ledger's apartment were Xanax and Valium, both anti-anxiety drugs. Cops also found Ambien, along with several medications prescribed in Europe.

Story developing ...

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Britney Spears has been shut down again in her attempt to regain some sort of visitation rights with sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.

There are no changes. K-Fed has sole custody. Britney has no visitation.

Britney arrived at the courthouse - at the hearing she requested - and proceeded through the metal detector ... but then had a change of heart and didn't want to go inside the courtroom. It's like deja vu all over again.

Spears' lawyers had requested visitation in a "therapeutic setting" - under the treatment of medical professionals - but that was never likely.

Especially since she never showed. The Court noted Brit's absence.

Sam Lutfi drove the singer to court from the Beverly Wilshire hotel, where she had shacked up with Adnan Ghalib. Her beau Adnan left separately.

Britney Spears likely has some sort of bipolar disorder, but has repeatedly defied court orders to undergo a medical evaluation.

Neither Spears nor Kevin Federline is required to attend the hearings.

They arrived separately at the downtown Los Angeles courthouse Wednesday. K-Fed was seen entering the courtroom, but Spears had already left.

Spears, 26, lost visitation rights indefinitely following a psychotic meltdown earlier this month after a four-hour custody standoff with police.

On Monday, she was questioned for 45 minutes by Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan in what the lawyer called a "gut-wrenching" deposition.

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Few can match Lil' Wayne in terms of pure mug shot production.

Snoop Dogg and Riley Giles. That's it. Kumari Fulbright may have the best single celebrity mug shot, but she's not as prolific as the aforementioned duo.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

But that's another debate. Back to Lil' Wayne's most recent run-in with the law, which occurred last night and produced this pair of mug shot gems...

Law enforcement officials say that Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter Jr., was arrested near Yuma, Arizona last night on three felony counts:

  1. Possession of dangerous drugs
  2. Possession of narcotics
  3. Possession of drug paraphernalia

No clue how exactly #1 differs from #2, but TMZ says the Drug Enforcement Agency was involved in the troubled rapper's arrest. That means it's not a Lil' Problem - which we hear is the name of Wayne's cousin.

The rapper is in the custody of the Yuma County Sheriff's Department, where he'll be held pending his arraignment at 9:00 a.m. PST.

UPDATE: Lil' Wayne has been hit with some big charges - namely possession of cocaine, ecstasy and drug paraphernalia. He could be in jail a lil' while.

Wayne was arrested with two others who have been charged with possession of marijuana. Cops say they found 105 grams of pot, 29 grams of cocaine and 41 grams of ecstasy on his tour bus - after it stopped at a Border Patrol checkpoint.

Police also found $22,000 in cash and a 40-caliber pistol, but Lil Wayne evidently does have a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Florida. They are checking to see if that carries over to Arizona. A judge set his bond at $10,000.

Lil Wayne was also arrested in Idaho last year for possession of drugs.

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The same day that his wife, AzLynn Berry, filed for divorce, Adnan Ghalib is insisting he and Britney Spears are still very much an item.

Despite claims that they broke up - and Spears had taken out a restraining order against him - Ghalib says the relationship is "far from over."

Lacy Britney Spears

Adnan says he didn't get involved with Spears as a way to sell pictures. "No, never," he said. "In time I think people will understand that."

Asked by Entertainment Tonight and The Insider if he wants to marry Britney Spears, the photographer responded, "I'd be lying if I said no." 

Adnan Ghalib - who said he and Britney Spears "turned romantic" before Christmas - also took the opportunity to weigh in on the series of scandals:

On Spears' hospitalization following the January 3 police standoff
: "She didn't understand why she was taken to the hospital... I think she was just afraid of what was going to happen. It doesn't mean you are crazy."

On Britney Spears being photographed buying a pregnancy test: "She has a very maternal instinct. She was feeling a lot of things she felt when she was pregnant. I think she was hoping she was pregnant with my child."

On losing visitation rights with Sean Preston and Jayden James: "Her primary focus is on re-establishing a relationship with them. She doesn't talk about a strategy to get them back. That's very private."

On Britney's mental state: "She is not crazy. She never has suicidal tendencies. You've got to understand the love she has for her kids outweighs anything else."

Regardless of whether he knows what he's saying, Adnan Ghalib and Britney Spears are not married, but are still together - they were seen last night.

The two then headed towards the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, only to be hit by a wayward motorcyclist who reportedly was driving too close to Britney's car in an attempt to gain a sighting of the pair ...


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