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Really, what's one more hit, shot or injection gonna do?

Below, the UK's uber couple, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty, walk the red carpet for the Shockwaves NME Awards 2007 in London. Chances are good, however, that they have no idea where they are right now. Seriously, has there ever been a bigger junkie than this guy? Or a more wasted celebrity couple than PeteMoss?

Kate Moss Baby Bump?

Forget about Britney Spears and her pansy, recreational drug use. This guy has been arrested more times than Jason Wahler and been in rehab more times than he can count. He likes his crack rocks the same way he likes his rock music. Hard.

What we're trying to say is, Pete Doherty's typical day consists of cocaine, heroin, booze, a bong hit or several, a little topless Kate Moss mixed in there, and then rocking out to the max with his mediocre band, Babyshambles.

It's a great life if you can get it. We're not ready to say he's giving Brody Jenner a run for his money in The Hollywood Gossip's Man of the Year race, but the guy's liver and his repeated victories over the legal system continue to amaze us.

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First, he's seen ogling Jessica Biel.

Then he gets a little cozy with Sienna Miller.

Diddy, Yo

Then, he tries to push around Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight at the Grammy Awards.

The bad press just keeps coming. Now, Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy, is denying that he assaulted a man after an altercation in February that stemmed from the Diddy hitting on his girlfriend.

The alleged victim, Gerard Rechnitzer, filed a lawsuit on Friday claiming that Diddy punched him outside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on February 25. He is seeking an undisclosed amount exceeding $25,000.

Diddy's attorney, Benjamin Brafman, tells People:

"Mr. Combs did not hit anyone and Mr. Rechnitzer suffered no injuries or damages whatsoever. This case is completely baseless. It is just another example of an opportunist seeking to fabricate a lawsuit based on a flat-out lie."

According to the lawsuit, Rechnitzer, 27, a real estate agent, left a hotel restroom at about 2 a.m. to join his girlfriend, who was waiting for him in the valet area. The couple had been partying at Teddy's, a popular club in the hotel.

Once outside, Rechnitzer saw his girlfriend and Dumb Diddy Dumb chatting it up, surrounded by a number of the artist's bodyguards, according to court documents.

When Rechnitzer called to his girlfriend, Combs allegedly said:

"What the f*%k you looking at, dude? I'll smack flames out your ass."

Wow. Sounds like a line Jason Wahler would use prior to one of his arrests.

At that point, Diddy allegedly punched Rechnitzer on the right side of the face, an LAPD investigative report reveals. The lawsuit says that Rechnitzer fell backward several feet, hitting a car behind him.

Like any real man, Diddy then allegedly fled the scene with his entourage. No word on how Kim Porter or the couple's newborn twins handled this upsetting news.

An LAPD spokesperson says an investigation is still pending, which involves interviewing numerous witnesses. No criminal charges have been filed against Cream Puffy yet.

Yeah. This Diddy character is looking more like a winner each day. Here's hoping that poor Puffy won't have to sell Christina Aguilera's nice baby presents to cover court costs.



Boxers vs. briefs.

It's a time-honored debate.

A Cruel Rebound

We've been wondering, what does Jake Gyllenhaal think?

Well, funny you should ask. A New York shopper in Bloomingdale's underwear department recently watched the Brokeback Mountain and Zodiac star shopping with a salesman - and deciding for himself where he stands on this hot issue.

Or at least trying to.

Here's the New York Post account of the trip to the department store made by Maggie Gyllenhaal's little brother and Ramona Sarsgaard's uncle:

"[They were] combing through every style... A good 10 minutes later, Jake was still at it... holding up a pair of tight white briefs that he pulled out of the package to examine, as if he'd never seen tighty whities before in his entire life," an eyewitness said.

"It was hilarious. He looked very confused and had a furrowed brow... He was examining underwear like an anthropologist in the city's most highly trafficked department store."

Alright, well, that tells us nothing, other than that Jake wears something for support. Which is more than we can say for other celebrities. Such as Britney Spears.

Or Jake's BFF, Matthew McConaughey, for that matter. At least we're guessing. This is a guy eschews clothing of all types.



As another enthralling episode of The Hills began last night, Whitney and Lauren were scheduled to work on a major photo shoot at Teen Vogue.

But Whitney Port, bless her heart, is "just soooo over it."

Heidi's Dance Moves

She's tired of being someone's intern - some of us here at the Hollywood Gossip feel the same way - and wants more out of this roller coaster ride they call life. Some of us (cough, Brody Jenner) are content with boring lives. Not Whitney!

But it's not abject misery at Teen Vogue yet. Whitney's sister, Jade, gets a totally awesome opportunity to be a part of a "real kids" photo spread for Teen Vogue, while Whitney works the shoot. Which is cool, except for the bitch photo editor, who is, like, a stickler for detail.

Needless to say, our girls do some serious eye-rolling.

Lauren's estranged BFF, Heidi Montag goes to Santa Barbara with her loser man, Spencer, for the weekend, leaving LC to sit and stew at the West Hollywood Villas.

The two make a plan to have a Heidi and Lauren alone night on Monday, after Heidi gets back from the weekend. Then things get real interesting when Audrina Patridge asks LC if she can set her up with her guy's roommate - and Lauren actually agrees!

When Audrina goes a step further and asks Lauren Conrad about Brody, Lauren makes a face like she's totally done with him. Yessssss. The man is hunky, no doubt - but after that crap he pulled last week, Lauren should have kicked Brody to the curb and we're glad she did.

The night of the exciting double date comes and Lauren's guy is, like a hockey player and he's soooo cute. In a very weird way, he reminds us of Jason Wahler. Only nicer. And not getting arrested every time we turn around.

Anyway. The girls have such a nice time and Lauren seems really happy for the first time in like, forever.

Up in Santa Barbara, Spencer Pratt and Heidi stroll along the beach and make all million viewers of the show simultaneously nauseous. They decide to stay another day, but Heidi calls LC and makes plans to meet at the apartment for dinner.

Audrina calls Lauren and asks if she wants to meet the guys for sushi, but Lauren turns her down for Heidi. Which is totally nice. But then Lauren gets home... and finds a note from Heidi saying she went to the movies with Spencer.

Oh. Snap. That girl has some kind of f*%king nerve.

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Are things falling apart on the set of Grey's Anatomy?

That remains to be seen, but we can say for a fact that American Idol isn't the only hit show mired in controversy right now. While the furor over Isaiah Washington's gay slur in reference to co-star T.R. Knight has mostly blown over, the New York Post reports that he's in the middle of contract negotiations and getting the shaft.

In a manner of speaking, of course. This isn't an Antonella Barba story.

Of course, there's a pretty good reason Washington (pictured) is getting screwed. With all the cast in contract negotiations, Washington's gay-hating tirades and hot-headed antics are giving more than people like Rosie O'Donnell stuff to complain about - they're giving ABC reason to keep from paying him more.

"Isaiah knows it is his fault he may not get the fat raise he was going to get ... this is going to cost him millions," a source dished.

Washington's rep declined to fan the flames on this one, stating "We are going to do our business in private, not in the press."

THG NOTE: You see, Britney Spears? You don't have to attack photographers. You can simply stop giving them as many reasons to follow you around and harass you.

Also last week, Grey's co-star Katherine Heigl was incensed when details of her contract negotiations were released to the media.

The blonde beauty was apparently angling for a raise, and didn't want that fact getting out. It did. She was pissed.

There are also rumors that other cast members, such as Ellen Pompeo, are up in arms over the potential spin-off of the hit series starring Kate Walsh.

We can only hope that everyone involved patches things up and gets down to the business at hand. If only they could all be as respectful, humble and McDreamy as Patrick Dempsey.



Josh Hartnett (below, center) is apparently ready to audition for The Ninth Gate, a mystery involving a rare book dealer's investigation into the occult and directed Roman Polanski.

Unfortunately, that movie came out in 1999 and starred Johnny Depp (left, right). But who can blame Hartnett for wanting to resemble this talented and eccentric star. From smaller, dynamic roles in films such as the one discussed above to blockbusters like Pirates of the Caribbean, Depp never makes a bad career move.

Johnny Depp in Vanity Fair

Or it could be just an amazing coincidence. Regardless, it's certainly worthy of inclusion in our celebrity look-alikes feature.

Maybe Josh, who is still reeling from his breakup with Scarlett Johansson, believes that if he can copy Johnny Depp's signature look, he will have better luck with Natalie Portman. Nah, no way she's gonna let him hit that. Sorry man.

THG NOTE: This is the second celebrity look-alike we've featured using a Johnny Depp character - the first being Edward Scissorhands and John Mayer.

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Apparently, it doesn't matter where Brandon Davis goes. It's always the same story.

What we're trying to say is that no one likes him.

Kim and Brandon

The gossip hounds at the New York Daily News report that the club-hopping, annoying oil heir was at the hot Manhattan club The Box over the weekend.

That's nothing out of the ordinary. It's not like he has a job.

We were also not surprised to learn that the former beau of Mischa Barton - and the man who made Lindsay Lohan synonymous with Firecrotch - soon began heckling and insulting the DJ.

The reason for his outburst wasn't specified - but is there ever any reason with the man we've come to know and love (or just know) as Greasy Bear?

The DJ decided he wasn't having any of this crap, shining a spotlight on Paris Hilton's sweaty hanger-on and "ripping on him for like 10 minutes."

The most delightful thing about the encounter was that the DJ reportedly didn't even know who Greasy Bear was. But we're sure other spinsters who do know Davis (like, say, DJ AM) would tear him a new one as well.



Actress Elizabeth Hurley and Indian businessman Arun Nayar wed twice over the weekend. The newlyweds had a private civil ceremony on Friday, then a religious service the next day, both at Sudeley Castle in England.

Totally See-Through

"Yes, a civil ceremony did take place," a spokesperson for Gloucestershire County Council confirms.

A source at the Council also dished that Hurley has taken the groom's surname and will now be known as Mrs. Nayar, on paper at least.

It's too bad that Britney Spears never went as Britney Federline - though there are some names you just don't want to take on, marriage or not.

Guests included Donatella Versace (who designed Hurley's dress), Jimmy Choo president Tamara Mellon, models Elle Macpherson, Eva Herzigova, and Yasmin Le Bon, as well as Valentino, Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine of the BBC television series What Not To Wear.

As for Hurley's former boyfriend, actor Hugh Grant? That guy was a no show.

"Liz called him the day before begging him to come, but he insisted it would not feel right," a source tells Us Weekly. "He didn't want to detract any attention from her big day."

Among the moments Grant missed was Hurley's 4-year-old son Damien, whose father is producer Steve Bing, carrying the rings on a small cushion.

Singer Elton John performed at the ceremony after arriving by helicopter just 45 minutes before it began. John, who has been a father figure to Hurley since her dad passed away in 1996, gave the bride away.

"He looked like a proud father when he was walking her down the aisle… They had linked arms tightly and looked really happy to be sharing that moment together," a guest said.

Hurley got tears in her eyes as Nayer repeated his vows.

"She looked like she was starting to well up but, like most brides, I think she kept it together in fear of ruining her makeup," says a guest.

According to a friend, the former model was on a pre-wedding diet for a month to make sure she looked her best on the big day. And no, it wasn't the Sienna Miller diet.

"She was eating one solid meal a day and the rest of the time snacking on raw veggies or vegetable shakes," the source said. "She drank lots of water and didn't eat any food after 4 pm. It was strict, but the results have been worth it. She looks fabulous!"

Next up on the wedding express? The happy couple flew to Mumbai, India on Monday with 24 other guests for their traditional Indian wedding and a week-long celebration with Arun Nayar's family and friends.

This is looking a lot like the Pamela Anderson-Kid Rock wedding bonanza last summer. Except for the white trash, giant fake boobs and imminent divorce.

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Britney Spears spent the weekend battling her demons at Promises Treatment Center in Malibu amid reports that she's wavering in her treatment.

Some, such as London's News of the World, have even suggested that Britney has written "666" on her forehead, is now referring to herself as the anti-Christ and is contemplating suicide. We're guessing that's a tad extreme, and the pop star is merely battling depression and addiction.

Taking Britney on a Date

Her cousin, Alli, was on hand to offer support, staying overnight on Friday and dropping by for visits on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

The 25-year-old singer left the facility to visit a friend's apartment in Culver City Thursday to pick up a bag of new clothes that were purchased for her from the boutique Intuition, and attended an AA meeting off-site. But she's been on the premises ever since.

Nevertheless, a source says that the Spears family - namely mom Lynne and sister Jamie Lynn Spears - is worried about Britney's progress in rehab.

"They hope that Britney will stay at Promises for a month, but they're nervous she might not last that long," an insider said.

Meanwhile, Britney's estranged husband, Kevin Federline, traveled to Las Vegas for an appearance at Revolution in The Mirage Hotel & Casino.

FedEx left his two sons, 17-month-old Sean Preston Federline and 5-month-old Jayden James Federline, in the care of Lynne Spears.

Sporting a shaved head that matches that of his newly shorn wife, Federline arrived at the club at 12:15 a.m. The group, including Federline's brother, Chris, his wife and several friends, drank while K-Fed smoked and did a shot as the DJ played several of his songs.

Spies say K-Fed was on his best behavior, flirting with a waitress or two and posing for pictures with the club's dancers, but making sure not to spend too much time with the ladies.

At 3:45 a.m., FedEx & Company gathered their belongings and disappeared into the night. We can only imagine the whole gang rolled over to Antonella Barba's luxury suite. Just kidding.

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Andy Dick is a f*%king moron.

Yes, we do mean that as a general rule. But particularly as it applies to his antics last Saturday night, in which the alleged comedian went off on a photographer representing TMZ, calling him a...

Andy Dick Mugshot

"C**ksucking n!g%*r."

In yet another humiliating Michael Richards style attempt at comedy, Andy Dick screamed various obscenities at the cameraman, and dropped the first half of the n-bomb outside of Area nightclub.

THG NOTE: Fans of The Hills may recall that Heidi Montag works at said club!

Quickly realizing his mistake, Dick said, "Whoops, as soon as I drop the n-bomb, it's on the Internet ... they shouldn't call it YouTube, they should call it N-bomb tube."

Riiight. Sure thing, babe. There's a lot of funny $h!t on YouTube, but the percentage related to N-bomb dropping is pretty low. You don't hear Isaiah Washington calling it F-bomb tube.

As you may recall, the former Newsradio star issued an emergency apology after he went off on a racist rant during a live comedy show in December. It wasn't his show. He was merely heckling comic Ian Bagg.

A few months later, he sort of molested Ivanka Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Sorry, but we have to say it, even though you know it's coming and it's not even funny: What a Dick!