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Britney Spears' pants where probably off somewhere, but her custody battle was totally back on - in a courtroom again Monday afternoon.

Kevin Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, and Britney Spears' newest attorney, Sorrell Trope, met behind closed doors in an L.A. court.

The goal? To "refine certain areas" of the judge's order last week that has Spears required to submit to random drug tests twice a week, as well as to periodic alcohol testing, and to undergo parenting classes.

Trope said that judge Scott Gordon the order putting the new custody-related restrictions in place. Trope did not say when the testing would go into effect.

ABOVE: Britney Spears and cousin / BFF / biatch Alli Sims returning to L.A. from a weekend in Atlanta. Or as Britney would call it "Lanner." Dirty south, y'all!

The custody hearing comes on the heels of:

  • Friday's filing of misdemeanor hit-and-run charges against the alleged singer by the L.A. city attorney, stemming from a previous incident.
  • The testimony of former bodyguard Tony Barretto that he saw Britney Spears abuse drugs and alcohol, endangering her two kids.

Mark Vincent Kaplan said he does not expect the filing of the charges last week to impact the scheduled November 26 hearing on Kevin Federline's request to increase his custody time with the former couple's two young sons.

They currently split 50-50 custody of sons Sean Preston Federline, 2, and Jayden James Federline, 1. When Britney's not neglecting them, of course.

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Following a whirlwind Monday morning to promote the upcoming season of her hit NBC series Heroes, Hayden Panettiere stopped by to autograph water bottles and more for parched fans outside Live With Regis & Kelly in New York.

Hayden Panettiere: Sexy Cowgirl

For once, we're not even going to make cracks about Hayden Panettiere's age (18), attractiveness (she really is so hot) or co-star / probable beau (Milo Ventimiglia).

We're just gonna tell you to check out this recap of last night's Heroes.

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Seriously, if there's one woman we could see taking it all off for PETA, it would be Dita Von Teese. Nude is her middle name. Just kidding. It's Von.

Just kidding about that, too. It's Renee.

Sexy Dita Von Teese Pic

The point is, a new PETA ad features Dita Von Teese. And she's somehow more covered up than those Alicia Silverstone nude ads for the same group!

But just because we won't see Dita Von Teese nude doesn't mean the burlesque queen doesn't still manage to entice. As the teacher of every schoolboy's dreams - in a tight a pink corset, wearing stilettos and fishnet stockings - she's well aware of the effect she's having on her apt pupils.

PETA at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

Fresh off a campaign that made the media sit up last week and take notice when it unveiled a new PSA featuring Alicia Silverstone naked, the animal-rights group unveiled a new ad featuring the sultry Dita Von Teese as she teaches her ABCs - which stands for Animal Birth Control.

The ad quotes Dita Von Teese as saying:

"Nearly 4 million dogs and cats are put to death in the U.S. every year because there are not enough good homes. You can help prevent this - always spay or neuter your animals, and if you're considering adding a dog or cat to your family, please adopt from your local animal shelter."

PETA has perfected the art of using celebrities - and racy, offbeat images - to deliver animal-rights messages that might otherwise be rebuffed.

Among the A-list stars and bold-faced names it has partnered up with over the years: Oscar winners Forest Whitaker, Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger; Pamela Anderson; Paul McCartney; supermodel Christy Turlington; former NBA rebel Dennis Rodman; The Sopranos' Edie Falco; and Alyssa Milano.

Last week, Alicia Silverstone's ad was deemed too much for Houston, where it was blocked from cable TV. Who has a problem with Alicia nude? Jerks.

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Please. Tell us it's not so.

We'll sit in a locked room with nothing more than Britney Spears' new songs and Lindsay Lohan's awful I Know Who Killed Me to entertain us for a full week. Just please, if you have any compassion, spare us this piece of news.

Perez Hilton reported yesterday that singer-songwriter and Grade A douche John Mayer was spotted cozying up to a girl in Austin, Texas. And sources on the scene in Austin say that the girl was - or looked exactly like - Minka Kelly.

The star of Friday Night Lights (which films in Austin) is not only the hottest TV cheerleader around (sorry, Hayden Panettiere), but one of our favorite young stars. The mere thought of her in John Mayer's arms inspires waves of nausea.

Please. Let this John Mayer and Minka Kelly rumor be just that.

Hopefully, this turns out to be mere celebrity gossip and not a romance we have to read about in the tabloids. Then again, John Mayer seems to cycle through babes quick, so if they are dating, at least she'll be single again by November.

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TMZ, the outfit that has broken stories including the one about Mel Gibson and his raging drunkenness, now has "TMZ on TV." Perez Hilton, star of a juvenile celebrity gossip blog, is the star of a new VH1 show called "What Perez Sez."

It may be too late to go back, what with Us Weekly dominating newsstands and with cell-phone cameras in the pockets of a generation trained to take pictures first, post them to the Web second and ask questions ... never.

But now that the celebrity news and gossip eruption has oozed into TV, it is time, the Chicago Tribune opines, to rein in our salacious instincts and say "enough."

Enough with the endless chronicling of Lindsay Lohan. Enough with the non-stop steam of Britney Spears "news."

Enough with encouraging the prevailing celebrity gossip attitude that says, "You are famous, and so have relinquished all right to reasonable treatment."

It is one thing to report vigorously on illegal doings by people who happen to be well known, quite another to troll L.A. streets in hopes of catching Hollywood gossip or non-ordinary behavior â€" borrowing $5 from a friend to pay the valet â€" and then turn it, with commentary, rancid.

It may make even the most star-crazed among us queasy at times, but stars, for their fame, have sacrificed the right to complain, according to Mario Lavandeira, the celebrity gossip blogger better known as Perez Hilton.

"My position is that politicians and celebrities have made a choice to live life in the public arena, and when you're a public figure, you need to be prepared for the public talking about you," he says.

Lavandeira's idea of commentary is to scrawl on photos he posts: "Suicide watch" on a Britney Spears picture, male genitalia on a guy next to Jessica Simpson.

Of such amazing wit, superstardom is born.

Surprisingly, he's almost charming in the TV show. TMZ, on the other hand, gets nastier on TV, in part because it often has scant celebrity news to report and has to fill time with old footage and commentary.

"This is not my bag. I am a lawyer. I did investigative reporting," says Harvey Levin, the former TV producer who started TMZ for AOL Time Warner.

He stars in "TMZ on TV" as sort of the guiding intellectual force. This involves saying, "I love it," when told of some new naked photos or footage.

But he can't quite muster a defense of what TMZ does. He is eloquent on his site's reporting standards - pretty good in terms of breaking news, much less so in making fair use of video it accumulates trolling Hollywood late at night.

Ask him why TMZ is important or necessary, and you get something along the lines of a Miss Teen South Carolina (Lauren Caitlin Upton) stammer, to use another recent Internet gossip victim as an example.

Continue reading this Chicago Tribune indictment of Hollywood gossip ...

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Somewhere in a seedy pocket of L.A., a prostitute is walking around wondering why on Earth someone would mug her for her outfit.

Every song Rihanna puts out becomes a hit, but this recent getup certainly doesn't qualify as such. When a good girl goes bad ... sometimes it's really hot (cough, cough, Hayden Panettiere), but other times it's just time to go back.

Insane Rihanna Cleavage

Rihanna... be lookin' like hell-a... el-la... el-la... eh. eh. eh.

While we give Rihanna mad props for her willingness to actually sing live at the MTV VMAs (talking to you, Britney Spears), he just don't know if looking like Janet Jackson from the Super Bowl is the best move for her at this point.

What's next? Rihanna nude photos showing up on the Internets? Is nothing in this world sacred? Just when you think you've seen it all... Rihanna looks ready to walk the street for money and Oscar De La Hoya wears panties and a tutu.

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Look out, New York! Alex Rodriguez is on the prowl!

Just kidding. The once embattled Yankee slugger has been staying out of the papers of late, seemingly content to be banging home runs and wife Cynthia.

Tokyo Premiere

Speaking of Cynthias, Cynthia Nixon and her Sex and the City cohorts are back and in full effect! The fearsome foursome that took the Big Apple by storm on HBO for far too many years is now coming to the big screen!

Below, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall film a scene for the Sex and the City movie on location in New York City.

Movie theaters had better get ready for some sex. And the city.

Personally, we don't really care about this movie. Don't get us wrong, we laugh at the occasional Sex and the City quotes that our interns pull out of nowhere. We just don't see the appeal of the big screen adaptation. But that's just us.

We'd rather see Sex, Drugs and the Damaged Kids: The Britney Spears Story.

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The woman who says she took revealing and borderline nude Oscar De La Hoya photos of the boxer wearing women's lingerie is changing her story.

Just days after she claimed the drag pictures were "not Photoshopped," model Milana Dravnel now tells the New York Daily News that she "cannot personally... verify the authenticity of the images."

Oscar De La Hoya Pitches

Pictures of Oscar De La Hoya naked or dressed in drag "were taken from my personal camera and were out of my control," Dravnel said, adding she was "pressured into going public with the photos by individuals with improper motives who acted solely for their own financial gain."

Milana Dravnel would not go so far as to say that all the pics of Oscar De La Hoya were doctored. Asked about specific shots â€" such as one that appears to show her getting a hug from the tutu-wearing prize fighter â€" Dravnel declined comment.

Oscar De La Hoya: Champion boxer... and drag queen?

The gorgeous 22-year-old Russian immigrant and model would also not rule out that De La Hoya attended tequila-fueled parties where, according to sources, the Golden Boy dressed up in fishnets, stilettos, panties and a wig.

Sources have also said he took part in role-playing â€" sometimes using the name "Goldie" and pretending to be a squealing girl riding the back of a motorcycle. During one so-called "slumber party," Dravnel and other girls shaved the boxer's legs.

"Mr. De La Hoya and I had a platonic relationship," the former Scores dancer said. "We did not have intimate relations."

Oscar De La Hoya's powerhouse lawyer, Bert Fields, has threatened to use "all legal remedies" to defend his client's good name.

But Dravnel insisted the decision to recant some of her statements "is mine. I have not been approached or paid by anyone to do this."

Last week, Dravnel taped an interview for Entertainment Tonight, due to air this evening, in which she denies that the mortifying Oscar De La Hoya pictures had been altered: "I only agreed to do a television interview ... after I received numerous threats from people who were in control of the images."

Oscar De La Hoya, a champion middleweight who is married, has often had his personal life marred by controversy, having fathered four children by as many women, including a daughter with Shanna Moakler.

Well then. Between Oscar De Lay Hoya, Tom Brady, Michael Vick, Alex Rodriguez and O.J. Simpson, the worlds of celebrity news and sports continue to intertwine at The Hollywood Gossip. We can only imagine who will be next.

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Valentina Paloma Pinault is the new daughter born to Francois Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek.

She's fortunate to enter this world with such a loving, well-off pair of parents. No doubt about that.

But there's another reason why Valentina may be the luckiest celebrity baby in Hollywood right now. Take a look below to see what we mean:

Salma Hayek, Boobs

No offense to Katie Holmes, but Suri Cruise didn't exactly have the same full meals at her disposal as Salma Hayek's daughter will.

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The Hills girls + bikini photos - Heidi Montag = HOT!

Yes, it looks like Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge will appear in an upcoming Maxim photo shoot, and looking a little bit racy at that.

Audrina went a little more kinky with lingerie, while LC was her more modest, sweet and yet still seductive self in some sexy camisoles.

Check out some of the outtakes from Lauren and Audrina's upcoming photo shoot below. We can't wait until the photos are revealed...

LC in Maxim

Stay tuned for an all-new episode of The Hills tonight, featuring these two beauties as well as some other people named Heidi, Spencer and Jason.