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Now just another old married lady, Kate Walsh wishes her wedding could have been a never-ending affair.

"I had an amazing time," the Private Practice star told Extra.

Walsh married movie executive Alex Young, 36, over Labor Day weekend, with the couple exchanging vows before 100 guests - including Walsh's former Grey's Anatomy costars Katherine Heigl, Chandra Wilson, Sara Ramirez, Justin Chambers and the show's creator, Shonda Rhimes.

"First when you walk down the aisle, that was pretty powerful," Walsh says. "To have a church full of everybody that is near and dear to me and that I love and that loves us and seeing his face!"

Having now experienced her big day, "I see why people have week-long weddings," Kate Walsh says. "Let's just keep it going."

As for recent celebrity gossip rumors that the lovely Kate Walsh - seen with Alex Young in this picture from the Emmy Awards last night - is expecting?

"A baby, no. We might get a new puppy, though," Kate says. "For now, we are just excited to spend time with each other."

That's a good approach. The last thing you want is to end up with a couple of adorable little mistakes like Britney Spears. Then go insane.

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Citing several reliable sources, Entertainment Tonight reports that the FBI and LAPD are investigating legitimate leads on a contract hit on Kevin Federline.

Multiple sources have reportedly told ET that the FBI has already made attempts to contact Kevin Federline to inform him of the potential danger.

Sources within the FBI tell ET that informing the person in question is the bureau's standard operating procedure when their life is threatened.

Entertainment Tonight has reportedly been working this story for two months. When contacted, the FBI said it cannot confirm or deny an investigation.

Unfazed by the bounty on his dome and snipers watching his every move, K-Fed enjoys a lighter moment at home with Sean Preston and Jayden James.

If it's true that a hit man or group of hit men is looking to off Kevin Federline, well, we hope he takes some precautions to keep himself and his sons safe.

Obviously, the prime suspect has to be Britney Spears. Come on. If that secret witness talks, she stands to lose custody of her adorable little mistakes!

And would anyone be that shocked if a drunk, drugged up Britney threw a suitcase full of $700,000 at Julio Camera and told him to kill Kevin?

Think about it. You'd be a little surprised, but not stunned by any means.

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It's hard to believe that the life of Britney Spears could get any worse, but reports suggest that her custody fight with ex-husband Kevin Federline is getting worse by the day.

First, there's the "secret witness" (pictured entering court today) that attorney Gloria Allred is produing - a person said to be the trump card K-Fed is counting on to win custody of Jayden James and Sean Preston.

Reports suggest this mystery person may be a drug dealer or bodyguard, but that remains unsubstantiated. Federline's legal team has already subpoenaed everyone from Daimon Shippen to Alli Sims and Larry Rudolph in the case.

As for Britney Spears' legal team? That's in turmoil as well.

Laura Wasser will officially submit legal papers formally withdrawing herself as the singer's attorney today, with sources saying Britney Spears' new lawyer will be another high-profile attorney by the name of Marci Levine.

Despite Spears' drinking habits, stint in rehab, repeated endangering of Sean and Jayden, and pattern of clubbing with no underwear, the cutthroat Wasser was somehow able to hammer out a 50-50 custody split with K-Fed.

But reportedly Britney was a problem client who just didn't listen and follow the advice Laura Wasser gave so Spears could maintain that custody and end this war.

Now Federline wants 70-30 custody, and it's someone else's problem, bitch.

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Hotness alert! A couple of beautiful stars from the world of Grey's Anatomy reunited Sunday night to present one of the many honors at the Emmy Awards.

Katherine Heigl, Josh Kelley Wedding Pic

Fans surely recognize the stunning Katherine Heigl - who, in a surprising turn of events just a little later in the night - took home the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, beating two cast-mates. Congratulations!

With Katherine Heigl is Kyle Chandler, who was nominated for an Emmy last year for his memorable guest starring role on the medical drama. You can see him now in NBC's critically-acclaimed drama, Friday Night Lights.

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Some good will actually come to animals because of Michael Vick.

Well, more accurately, because of the generosity of comedian Carol Leifer, who bought the note Vick used during his lame apology speech in Richmond, Va., with proceeds benefiting the Animal Cruelty Reward and Response Fund.

Earlier this month, we learned that the Humane Society was auctioning off the note that Vick - who's headed to the pen after pleading guilty to federal dogfighting charges - used as he made his contrite speech. See below...

Apologize? Check. Talk about kids? Check? Michael Vick had it all covered.

Vick jotted down six points which called for him "to apologize for what I've done, apologize to his coach and team, tell young kids that I acted immature, ask for forgiveness, take responsibility, and remind people that we all make mistakes."

There's also a side note that says simply "dogs have suffered." Well, that depends on how you look at it. I mean, are some animals not bred to be electro-

Never mind. But we're hoping the powers that be can somehow work something out so that Michael Vick and O.J. Simpson can become cellmates.

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O.J. Simpson Mug Shot (2007)O.J. Simpson was arrested Sunday and ordered to be held without bail in connection with an armed robbery involving sports memorabilia that took place Thursday night in a Las Vegas hotel.

The former football star, 60, has been charged with two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, two more counts of assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit burglary with a firearm.

Authorities apprehended Simpson shortly after 11 a.m. in his room at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas and brought him to a police office.

So what happened? TMZ has obtained an audio tape of Simpson's confrontation (follow link to hear it) with the memorabilia dealer that led to his arrest.

In it, you can hear someone say, "You, against the motherf*%king wall!"

The tape was recorded by Thomas Riccio, who co-owns auction house Universal Rarities. Riccio met up with O.J. Simpson just before the confrontation at the Palace Station Casino on Thursday night.

According to reports, Riccio was on hand to help O.J. Simpson prove some memorabilia being auctioned by Alfred Beardsley was ill-gotten.

Riccio says he believed Simpson was going to confront Beardsley to give him an ultimatum - hand over the goods or Simpson would call the cops.

Riccio turned his Olympus digital voice recorder on before the group came in the room - a group that included Simpson and four other men.

Almost immediately, O.J. Simpson went wild, hurling profanities at Beardsley and another memorabilia dealer, Bruce Fromong.

The confrontation lasts six minutes. It is graphic and telling. Simpson is clearly the ringleader. Simpson repeatedly says, "Think you can steal my $h!t and sell it?"

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From Britney and Kevin to the Tommy Lee-Kid Rock fight to that crazy lesbian Anne Heche, the spectacle of a public, bitter celebrity divorces sure is certainly one to behold. Here's The Hollywood Gossip's field guide to some of the major celebrities whose nuptials have unraveled before our eyes.


Britney Spears, Family

He says: Not a lot. Because he has a good lawyer, and she says it all for him by parading around Hollywood clubs in no pants.
She says: He's "the biggest mistake she ever made" (and a stoner with no income).
Custody (of the kids): Currently 50-50, though FedEx is seeking a higher ratio of time with Sean and Jayden. Britney Spears' antics make that a distinct possibility.
Custody (of the fans): Kevin, we think. But only by attrition.


He says: She's got "personality issues," possibly code for "she used to be a high-priced call girl who serviced Arab arms dealers.
She says: The Beatles legend used to slap her around a little.
Custody (of the kids): Amicably shared, of daughter Beatrice.
Custody (of the fans): Paul by a wide margin across the Atlantic, but Mills won millions of fans stateside with her turn on Dancing with the Stars. A one-legged former hooker and "instructional sex tape" star, what's not to love?


He says: Anne Heche a frickin' nut!
She says: Coley Laffoon is a deadbeat who is addicted to porn, strippers and poker, as well as downloading sexual photos online.
Custody (of the kids): Bitterly contested, but split evenly, of son Homer.
Custody (of the fans): We gotta side with Laffoon, if only because he has no money and Heche had an affair with the equally-married James Tupper.


He says: "I'd rather have a baby through my penis than get married again," Eminem said in 2002, after getting a divorce from Kim, who he was married to from 1999-2001. Note: He got married again. To Kim. In 2006. That's over too.
She says: His penis is small, doesn't work.
Custody (of the kids): Changes frequently.
Custody (of the fans): Eminem. Bitch crazy!


Lee (Pamela Anderson's husband for several years) says: Kid Rock is a wuss.
Kid (married to Pamela Anderson for three months in 2006) says: "Tommy Lee said some things that were extremely disrespectful to me."
Custody (of the kids): Tommy and Pam share custody of theirs 50-50. Thank goodness Kid Rock and Anderson did not procreate.
Custody (of the fans): Kid... but talk about a Rock and a head case!


He says: Kim is a manipulative liar who dedicates most of her live to making him miserable and not allowing him to see daughter Ireland.
She says: Alec and Saddam Hussein are pretty similar.
Custody (of the kids): Almost all Kim, especially after Alec infamously tore Ireland a new one on that gotta-hear-it-to-believe it voicemail.
Custody (of the fans): Alec Baldwin. Sure, he's got some personal issues. But watch this guy on 30 Rock and you just can't stay mad.

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Today is Heidi Montag's birthday. Woo.

But in far more important news, Saturday, September 15, is also the official launch date for Lauren Conrad's new clothing line!


Is LC upstaging Heidi's big 2-1 by unveiling her long-awaited fashion line? Or is it a coincidence? Probably. But still pretty business savvy, intended or not!

Hey, maybe Spencer Pratt can make Heidi Montag feel better by ordering one of Lauren's custom-designed dresses. He can lie and say he bought it at the most upscale boutique in Beverly Hills for 10 times what he actually paid. Then we can watch all this unfold on The Hills in a few months! It's perfect!

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag: Always connected!

The trendy new clothing line is currently offered only via the web. LC's creativity knows no boundaries - the line is called (wait for it) (drum roll, please) ...

"Lauren Conrad."

How appropriate. CLICK HERE to check what LC designed and is selling. Then share your thoughts on it via comments or in our exclusive Hills forum!

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O.J. Simpson has been contacted by Las Vegas authorities and is cooperating with the investigation after being named as a suspect in an armed robbery of "various sports-related products" in a hotel, according to news sources.

"Mr. Simpson is cooperating with the Las Vegas Police Department during this investigation," Capt. James Dillon said at a press conference.

Dillon said O.J. Simpson was and remains one of the suspects in the case, and that the former double-murderer football star was initially asked to undergo questioning after being contacted by police at a Las Vegas hotel.

At the time of the press conference, Dillon said O.J. Simpson was not in custody, nor was he restricted from leaving Las Vegas.

Las Vegas detectives expected to question Simpson later Friday and possibly into Saturday. No word on whether they have at the time of this post.

Dillon provided few details of the case. When asked if guns were used, he said, "We have reports from the victim that there are weapons involved."

None of the alleged weapons had been recovered, said Dillon, though some of the sports items involved in the case have been.

Earlier Friday, Simpson admitted it.

Going into the hotel room, that is. He says he only went in to collect memorabilia that belonged to him, though, and did not break into the premises.

The break-in was reported at the Palace Station casino late Thursday night, police spokesman Jose Montoya told the Associated Press.

"Simpson made the comment that he believed the memorabilia was his," he said. "We're getting conflicting stories from the two sides."

The alleged victim was identified by TMZ as Alfred Beardsley.

A sports memorabilia collector, Alfred Beardsley says Simpson and his posse posed as customers who wanted to buy the suit Simpson wore when he was acquitted in the murders of his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman.

Beardsley says they entered the room and two men drew guns. He said O.J. Simpson was calling the shots during the alleged robbery.

O.J. Simpson claims he was merely running his own personal "sting" operation, and went into the hotel room to get back things he says are his.

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We've seen Chris Crocker defend Britney Spears.

Then we saw Seth Green really go to town on Crocker.

In the figurative sense. As in, he impersonated the YouTube celebrity and had a heck of a good time lampooning him. Nothing of a sexual nature was implied there. Get your perverted, immature minds out of the gutter, people.

Anyway, Chris Crocker has whined his way to Internet fame with his plea to celebrity gossip sites and all citizens to stop bashing Britney. Thursday he parlayed that fame into an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. See below.


Chris Crocker: A very normal guy.