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Chris Richardson.

The hot American Idol contestant is already rumored to have seen fellow singer Alaina Alexander nude, remember.

Lauren Shows Her Stripes

Now, there may be a new reality romance brewing for C-Rich away from the Idol set.

TMZ peeps caught Richardson and MTV reality TV star Lauren Conrad in the middle of a hard core flirting session with outside L.A.'s hot club Les Deux Friday night.

Moments before the two hooked up, Lauren was spotted solo on her cell outside the club, playfully telling whoever was on the other line (presumably the weak Justin Timberlake knock-off), "I'm so mad at you right now, hurry up!"

Moments later, one of the final remaining male hopefuls on American Idol arrived, much to the delight of the giddy blonde cutie.

Well, there may not be a Lauren Conrad sex tape in existence, but from the looks of things, these two appear to be hitting it off. They were flirting real hard.

Oh boy. Jason Wahler can only sit back, dream of his ex-girlfriend and vow revenge against Chris Richardson from the cold, dank confines of his jail cell.

Once they met up, Lauren Conrad and Chris Richardson were then ushered into Les Deux, bypassing the huge line outside, where more people recognized The Hills star than the Idol crooner.

Which isn't altogether surprising. Would you rather be seen at the club with Heidi Montag and her new fake boobs or with Blake Lewis' phat beats? Enough said.

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No, we're not just recycling old stories because we're bored. Like Britney Spears checking in and out of rehab, this one keeps on repeating itself.

Our counterparts at TMZ have learned that former Laguna Beach bad boy Jason Wahler was arrested over the weekend - the fourth time in nine months that the punk has been taken into custody.

Jason Wahler and Katja Decker-Sadowski Photo

Wahler, who also went on to star on the first season of The Hills, was nabbed by the Seattle Police Department just after 2:00 AM for criminal trespassing and assault.

Police sources say Jason Wahler was booked into a King County jail early Sunday morning and was released on bail nine hours later.

In a sick rant that would make even Mel Gibson or Michael Richards cringe, Wahler allegedly spewed a barrage of racist and offensive slurs during his arrest, allegedly calling a police officer a "nig**r, fag**t, and poor f**k."

According to TMZ, police were dispatched to Seattle's Waterfront Marriot to respond to a fight involving Jason Wahler

Security found Wahler wrestling on the lobby floor with an unidentified man. The police report says Wahler used his right fist to punch the unidentified man in the mouth. Wahler then ran from the hotel, only to return a short time later, when he was taken into custody.

On March 6, Wahler was sentenced to 60 days in an L.A. County Jail, and must turn himself in sometime before May 4 for that offense, in which he roughed up (and made racial slurs at) a tow truck driver.

Later this month, he's due in court in North Carolina to answer to charges of resisting arrest from a public officer during an underage drinking sweep.

He was also busted last August on cocaine possession and other charges in N.Y. City late last year. Needless to say, he's not in Laguna Beach anymore. Jackass!

Wahler's legal troubles now extend to four states - New York, California, North Carolina, and now Washington. It's an impressive run for an impressive guy. Just not the Andy Baldwin kind of impressive.

The rumored star of a sex tape with fellow Laguna Beach cutie and his ex-girlfriend, Lauren Conrad, could use the money for his attorneys. Too bad the tape isn't real.

Jessica Smith, the average-looking homebody who Wahler hooked up with on Laguna Beach, apparently tried to follow in his footsteps two weeks ago, getting charged with DUI after being arrested and locked up for three days.



Andy Baldwin. He's hot (as the pictures below, courtesy of Us Weekly, show). And an officer in the U.S. Navy. And a total gentleman.

"I'm just a guy that grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania with a great family," the star of the newest season of The Bachelor says. "I have no ulterior motives other than I just haven't met the woman who is right for me yet."

Peyton Wright Picture

As these girls gather to giggle poolside with their bachelor, Andy Baldwin explains what he looks for in the perfect mate.

"One of the sexiest things about a woman is if she's intelligent and witty. If she can challenge me in that a manner, she's so much more beautiful in my eyes," he explains.

This bachelor's also looking for a match willing to have fun with fitness. Having recently participated in the Iron Man triathlon - with Bachelorette winner Ryan Sutter (now husband of Trista Sutter), Baldwin is very body conscious.

"I love to work out and exercise with my girlfriend," he said. "The most romantic thing I like to do is go for a run and get the blood pumping, get sweaty and take a dip in the ocean and watch the sun rise."

THG NOTE: For Britney Spears, it's an evening of clubbing, Red Bull, smokes and projectile vomiting, followed by an all-night roll in the hay. To each their own.

Baldwin, who went to Duke University, says Southern hospitality is something he adores. Lucky for him, there are a bevy of Southern belles vying for his affections this season. No, Jennifer Wilson isn't one of them.

"They must have had a good casting call in Dallas," says Baldwin, who's nothing like his predecessor, Lorenzo Borghese, with a chuckle.

"Meeting the girls, I was like 'You're from Texas, too?'"

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Here's your shocking news story of the day.

Lauren Conrad wants everyone to know that she never made a sex video with her loser ex-boyfriend, Jason Wahler.

Our Favorite Smile

Let's repeat that. Sorry guys, no Lauren Conrad sex tape exists.

"There is no sex tape that exists," LC said in an interview.

Lauren Conrad also posted this message on her official website:

"Regarding the reports that have circulated on the internet this morning, [Jason Wahler] and I would like to make it clear that we did not make a tape with us having sex. Jason and I are both shocked and hurt that people would say such horrible things about us. I can't believe that somebody would go to such great lengths to try to damage my reputation. I feel very grateful and blessed to have friends and family to support me at this time. I would especially like to thank all my fans for standing by me."

You're welcome, Lauren.

The statements come in response to recent reports online (started by Perez Hilton, that dick) that a jail-bound Wahler is hoping to sell the alleged sex tape with Lauren before he gets locked up.

In the new issue of Us Weekly, the 21-year-old star of The Hills denies the existence of the sex tape and refers to her relationship with Jason by saying:

"Poor decisions are all I make with guys."

No word yet on whether Spencer Pratt started these bogus rumors of the Lauren Conrad sex tape, or how Heidi Montag and her hot new boob job feel about it.

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And the Hollywood Gossip world turns. Another day, another Britney Spears romance.

Well, this one is old. And we've talked about it at length already.

Queen of Denmark

However, this is the first time we've heard J.R. Rotem himself comment on it. He and Britney were spotted hooking up in mid-December.

"Yes, Britney and I were dating, before the crotch shot thing," said J.R. Rotem, a quote-unquote music producer, in the upcoming issue of Complex magazine.

But Rotem, whose real first name is Jonathan, and who has worked with the likes of Paris Hilton, 50 Cent and Destiny's Child, among others, says his relationship with Britney Spears now is mostly professional.


"Now it's kind of rocky between us. We're working together still, but I'm not sure if I want to be tied down, period."

He then boasted of some of his other hos pairings, although he didn't say if they were personal or professional.

"Britney, Bai Ling, Mya, Hayden Panettiere, Meagan Good â€" it's a pretty big list, and it's growing," he said.

"Britney got me the furthest. She had something special."

You could call it that, J.R. You could most definitely call it that. Let's just hope Jason Filyaw and Howie Day aren't reading this.

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We've been over this, but it warrants revisiting.

Britney Spears. The girl sure has wonderful, ample breasts. Yet she doesn't wear a bra. And she occasionally spills things on herself, further exposing them. We all caught up now? 

Britney Live in Concert

We saw this picture from the other night (when she celebrated little sister Jamie Lynn Spears‘ birthday) already, but here's a better look. What in the hell is that stain on her shirt? And why, upon staining herself, didn't she cover it up, or try to clean it off? Most intriguingly, why can't Britney Spears eat like a civilized human being?

For a girl who angrily attacked paparazzi before entering rehab earlier this year, Britney apparently hasn't learned that she's inviting scrutiny and gossip at every turn.

We've censored the image above so as not to offend any readers. But the damage is done. Howie Day, you've got some work to do with this crazy chica.



Actress Hayden Panettiere rocketed to fame as the self-healing cheerleader Claire Bennet on Heroes. But the 17-year-old is just getting started.

Since becoming the focal point of the show's "save the cheerleader" plot line, the sexy and adorable Hayden Panettiere has also started filming a new drama, Fireflies in the Garden, with Julia Roberts, and is gearing up to promote her debut pop album this fall.

Sexy Hero

"With singing, I get to be myself," she tells People in its new issue.

That's all well and good. But later this spring, Hayden Panettiere will celebrate another important milestone - high school graduation.

"Thank God!" says the Nyack, N.Y., native. "School was difficult; when you come and go, you miss out on a lot. Cliques are formed and you're just lingering."

In L.A., Panettiere has found a new BFF in Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter Rumer Willis, 18.

"I stole my pink belly-button ring from Rumer," she admits.

Moreover, she's found a boyfriend in Laguna Beach alum Stephen Colletti, 21, whom she's been dating for more than a year.

Colletti, of course, used to date Kristin Cavallari. And Lauren Conrad. At the same time. We can only take our collective hat off to the young man.

But Panettiere and Colletti are so low-key (their big nights out usually consist of dinner and a movie) that the actress almost feels guilty about not giving Hollywood Gossip hounds like us more to work with.

It's safe to say Justin Timberlake doesn't share that attitude.

"I had paparazzi on my street for a while," she says. "I think I bored them to tears. I'm no fun to watch."



Brandon Davis is so unpopular, even his friends don't want to be associated with him.

The obnoxious, toxic grandson of the late oil tycoon Marvin Davis showed up to the Details magazine party March 29 at producer Mary Parent's house in Hollywood and became enraged when he was denied access.

Kim and Brandon

According to a New York Post spy, "he started demanding that staffers get Stavros Niarchos.

The Greek shipping heir, who is newly single, evidently told Davis about the party and was already inside.

But when staffers found Stavros Niarchos, he pleaded with them to tell Brandon Davis, a.k.a. Greasy Bear, that he wasn't there, saying, "I didn't invite him here, and I don't really want to be around him."

Nice. Niarchos, who used to date Davis' best friend, Paris Hilton, then joined the other revelers. Davis eventually made such a fuss that he was allowed in - and Niarchos beelined to a Details editor to apologize.

"You know I would never bring him here," said the Greek God of Poontang, who once tapped the voluptuous booty of Lindsay Lohan as well as Mary-Kate Olsen.

We would hope not. Davis is guaranteed to make a scene wherever he goes. This is a guy who ridiculed Paula Abdul's Middle Eastern heritage when he himself is Middle Eastern. And greasy. Very greasy.

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They must be really close friends.

Talentless hack Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz spent Saturday night kissing and cuddling at the new L.A. hot spot Parc.

Pete n' Ash

At the club for a pal's birthday, Simpson, 22, and Wentz, 27, were spotted getting cozy in a booth, holding hands, gazing into each other's eyes and smooching in between Simpson's dance sessions with a group of girls.

"They definitely weren't hiding the fact that they were together," said one onlooker. "They were making out a lot and they were pretty intense."

Wentz said in November that he isn't dating Jessica Simpson's sister, and that although "Ashlee is the sweetest girl ever," they're "just friends."

And in February he reiterated that they're not dating, telling Rolling Stone: "Maybe in a different universe, we'd be some hot couple, but not in this one."

Perhaps Parc is a different universe.

After their PDA-filled evening in front of clubgoers including The OC's Adam Brody and Benjamin McKenzie (who gathered with other friends around Ashlee Simpson and Wentz's booth to sing "Happy Birthday" to the guest of honor), the pop "star" and the rocker left together, hand-in-hand.

While we find Wentz slightly less irritating than John Mayer, we find Ashlee to be completely worthless, so the race for most annoying Simpson couple is currently a dead heat.

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Last month, we reported that Britney Spears was getting some lovin' in rehab from a rocker named Jason Filyaw. The random dude, who sings in a band called RIVA, confirmed a relationship with Spears before promptly dropping off the face of the planet.

Now, it's looking like Britney Spears may have sparked up yet a different rehab rebound romance while in the detox facility... also with a musician.

Classic Crazy Britney

Howie Day.

The newly detoxed Spears met Howie Day while at Promises, and according to Life & Style, "fell hard" for the troubled singer-songwriter while in the facility, so hard that she's bringing him to a family wedding in June. 

Britney Spears "just lights up" when she talks about Howie Day and apparently thinks he's "the best kisser ever," according to the magazine.

Still, Brit's mama, Lynne Spears, isn't so stoked about Brit's new man because of his troubled past. He's been arrested - once for locking a fan in his tour bus bathroom and another time for verbally abusing an airline crew while drunk.

A class act, no doubt. But then again, he follows the likes of Kevin Federline, Isaac Cohen, Columbus Short and J.R. Rotem, so at least the bar is set low.

In other Britney news, she stepped out in Beverly Hills last night to help little sister Jamie Lynn Spears ring in her 16th birthday. Brit wore a tight, see-through top with a stain and no bra underneath (see picture above).

Britney's always one for both tact and terrific fashion sense.

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