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Actress Maria Bello and boyfriend Bryn Mooser are engaged. Woo!

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor star announced her engagement in her hometown newspaper, The Norristown (Pa.) Times Herald, which said the pair "fell in love over a sheer passion of politics, Africa and cryptozoology."

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

Maria Bello told the New York Post's Page Six Magazine that she was always anti-marriage until she met Bryn Mooser.

"I didn't understand monogamy. I couldn't figure out how that could last. Then I met Bryn and started to understand the constancy, history, change, and going on the roller coaster with someone – having a partner in life."

Maria Bello and Bryn Mooser, who the magazine described as a musician, artist and part-time waiter, have not set a date yet.

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Lindsay Lohan's hot girlfriend, DJ Samantha Ronson, has shot down a report that she refuses to play Ali Lohan's new single, "All the Way Around."

"I really like the song – as soon as her MySpace page goes up, it will be a song of the day," Ronson posted on her own MySpace blog Sunday.

"Where do they come up with this sh!t?" Ronson said of report in the New York Post that she dissed the sis of her "wife" / girl-on-girl action partner.

"I'm afraid that people might actually believe that [this is true] and that's not fair to Ali. High school is bad enough. Do tabloids really need to torture teenagers as well? It's a great f***ing pop song!"

Meanwhile, Ali Lohan – who stars in the E! reality show Living Lohan with her mom Dina – says a duet with Lindsay isn't out of the question.

"We've been thinking about that," she said on MySpace. "That would be awesome. We've been talking about it a lot. Definitely down the road."

Ali also revealed that role models are Lindsay and Dina Lohan.

"My mom is such a strong woman," she said. "It's also cool to have her as my manager because I can trust her. And Lindsay, I've been with her on movie sets and everything and I've seen her grow. She's such a big inspiration to me."

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Jet-skiing, that is. Look at the hot young singer kicking up all that water onto his girlfriend as she follows in his wake. Yeah, baby!

Rihanna and Chris Brown continued their tour of the Mid-Atlantic region over the weekend, taking to the coast of Maryland Saturday.

Topless Rihanna

The photo below tells us a few things:

  1. We can't get enough of Chris Brown shirtless
  2. Rihanna is wearing some SERIOUS hair gel
  3. Those rumors about Ciara can be put to rest

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Ashley Dupre - yes, her again - thinks she could be the next Dr. Phil ... in tight pants and stripper heels. Yup, we're talking reality TV style!

Previously, she was in talks to star in a reality show in which she would return to dating and search for a man. Yawn. But this is different.

Dupre, Ashley

The guy who brought Amy Fisher and Buttafuocos together for TV is trying to get Ashley Dupre, a.k.a. Ashley Youmans, a.k.a. Ashley DiPietro, a.k.a. Amber Arpaio, a.k.a. Kristen, a.k.a. former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's hooker, a TV deal.

"She sees herself as a kind of Dr. Phil," says David Krieff, reality TV producer, noting that Ashley Dupre already put together a "team" to help guide her career, and they nixed the notion of a Tila Tequila-style dating show.

"They wants something that shows the positive things in her life," says Krieff, presumably without even trying to be ironic.

One positive: She (supposedly) could get $2 million for the deal.

That's even easier money than gold-digging with T.J. Earle!

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Now legally an adult, Nick Bollea (a.k.a. Nick Hogan) celebrated a fun 18th birthday Sunday by being transferred into big boy prison - a.k.a. Pinellas County Jail's Central Division - where he shall reside in direct supervision housing!

Hulk Hogan, Linda Hogan and bunch of Nick's friends sang "happy birthday" to him over a video monitor, according to celebrity news sources. After that, they were allowed to visit him two at a time. Brooke Hogan? Not present.

Nick Bollea Mug Shot

Below is a photo gallery of Nick Bollea in honor of the big 1-8.

When does your favorite star turn a year older and (probably not) wiser? Check our calendar of celebrity birthdays and see!

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Gorgeous actress-model Rebecca Romijn, 35, is pregnant - she and alleged star Jerry O'Connell, 34, are expecting twins this winter!

A spokesman for the couple confirmed the news Monday. The baby twins will be the first kids for the pair, who married in July 2007.

Mason Dash Disick

A source close to the vagabond actor told Us Weekly that "Jerry couldn’t be happier about becoming a dad.”

Earlier this month, Jerry O'Connell said he wanted to have kids, saying "It would be amazing if it happened, I really hope it does happen" and joking that at the very least, the conception process has been "a lot fun for me."

He is Jerry O'Connell, and she is Rebecca Romijn, so we don't doubt that's true. Congratulations to the happy couple.

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Mitch Winehouse should work in politics.

Hours after daughter Amy punched a wall and burst into tears during her latest drug-fueled rampage, Mitch spoke to reporters and said:

Amy and Blake Pic

"Amy is doing fine."

He says it with such conviction, as if he actually believes it. Mitch Winehouse might as well be named White House Press Secretary!

The wild-eyed Amy caused her fist to bleed heavily after one of her nails was completely ripped off via glass from a window.

She also lashed out at her own security guards.

And she says she wants kids. Eek.

Amy Winehouse's face is being ravaged by some skin condition, "impetigo." And here we thought it was caused by some condition called crack.

After the fist-smashing, she randomly hit the town with Big Brother star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. We can only hope the incident was filmed.

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Lots of celebrities like little dogs, but Ashley Tisdale and Blake Lively take their love for their fun, furry companions to the extreme.

Readers of celebrity gossip sites have probably observed that the blonde celebs are rarely seen without their four-legged friends.

Blake Lively Elle Cover

Here's a photo breakdown of the High School Musical cutie and the Gossip Girl star with their nearly identical dogs - they are both Maltipoos!

Who's cuter with their puppy - Ashley Tisdale or Blake Lively?

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Just another day in the Charlie Sheen-Denise Richards feud.

The star of It's Complicated has (falsely) accused her ex of molestation of their two daughters - and in response, he's moving for full custody of the kids by charging that his former spouse is a pathological liar.

Sheen and Cameramen

Richards dragged Sheen into a Los Angeles courtroom last week for a mysterious "emergency" child-custody hearing to screen videos of their girls, Sam and Lola, supposedly acting in strange and disturbing ways.

Charlie Sheen's lawyers - who got the "evidence" dismissed - presented their own videos of the girls acting normally at his house.

This latest development comes after Richards shamelessly said the kids are in therapy and said Sheen's behavior was/is to blame.

A Sheen source said, "Denise's accusations were vile. She was basically trying to say Charlie manipulated the kids and acted inappropriately. It's disgusting and untrue. Charlie is furious ...Denise has really pushed it too far."

"She came after Charlie because the ratings on her E! reality show have tanked and they were threatening not to renew," the source continued.

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