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Last week was certainly a banner week for shocking photos of nude celebrities - but even after those events, we didn't see this latest one coming.

To celebrate her 50th birthday, Jamie Lee Curtis has ditched her bathing suit in favor of her birthday suit â€" at least partially. She looks good, too.

It's true, people. The cover of the new issue of AARP The Magazine shows Jamie Lee Curtis topless, standing up to her chest in a swimming pool.

"If I can challenge the old ideas about aging, I will feel more and more invigorated," Curtis said in an interview for the May/June issue.

This isn't the first time that Jamie Lee Curtis has "dared to bare" to challenge Hollywood's traditional definition of beauty.

In 2002, she posed for More magazine in only her underwear and bra, sans any sort of makeup, stylists and flattering camera angles or lenses.

The resulting photos showed a nearly-nude Jamie Lee Curtis as middle-aged mom, not glamour queen â€" complete with sagging belly and chunky thighs.

Basically, they resembled Britney Spears photos, circa 2006-present. Not that we are complaining - we prefer a few more pounds to waifs like Kate Bosworth.

This from a woman known for a bodacious body and starring roles in movies like Trading Places, A Fish Called Wanda and Halloween.

"Much of the shoot was Jamie Lee Curtis' idea â€" she became very involved in the creative concept," AARP The Magazine deputy editor Nancy Graham said. "It is certainly groundbreaking for us, and for women of this age."

"We're thrilled to have such a known Hollywood icon embrace her age and show everyone it's OK to be comfortable in your own skin."

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Just when you thought she might crawl back under the slimy rock from whence she came, Heather Mills' divorce battle with Paul McCartney may erupt again.

The legendary gold digger plans to return to court in a bid to get the gag order lifted on her case, according to the UK's Daily Star.

Heather Mills' Bad Hair

If she succeeds, Mills, dubbed Mucca because of her porn past, will make millions in media deals, on top of the tens of millions in gold she's already dug.

She was evidently left reeling by Mr. Justice Bennett's judgment last week, in which he branded her a "fantasist" who "wholly exaggerated" the extent of her personal wealth before she met Sir Paul McCartney, 65.

Heather Mills' lawyer yesterday described the judge's 58-page verdict as a "prolonged hanging" which led to her suffering "blanket vilification."

Solicitor David Rosen revealed: "Heather is frustrated... She feels it is very unfair that the judgment should be printed in full when she cannot defend herself. She's planning to apply to lift the ban. It was damning enough that the judge made his judgment so clear and vividly ... no-one deserves that. It's like a prolonged hanging."

Allow us a brief pause in which we cry Heather Mills a frickin' river.

Beyond what the judge chose to disclose to the press, the hearings were covered by a confidentiality agreement, enforced by a court order. That means neither party is allowed to elaborate on what was said in the case.

But the upcoming Miss USA judge argues that now the judge has lifted the lid on some details, she wants to be able to put all her side of the exchanges.

She wants every word that was said during the nine days in the court made public. And she wants to be free to say what she wants about it.

A source said last night: "If she succeeds, her interviews will make amazing viewing and Sir Paul had better take cover."

So, expect a deluge of Heather Mills naked pics then?

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Jason Rae, musician husband of singer Corinne Bailey Rae, has been discovered dead from a suspected drug overdose, numerous reports have said.

The body of Jason Rae was discovered in a flat in Leeds, England, on Saturday. The 32-year-old was a saxophonist with the Haggis Horns.

A post mortem examination on Rae carried out proved inconclusive. Police said they were awaiting the results of toxicology reports.

Officers investigating the surprise death of Jason Rae say that they have arrested a 32-year-old man on suspicion of supplying controlled drugs.

He has been released on bail pending further inquiries, West Yorkshire Police have said. More details on this story as it develops.

Corinne Bailey Rae (left) received critical acclaim for her self-titled album in 2006, which featured the hit single "Put Your Records On."

Jason Rae's own group, the Haggis Horns, performed with Corinne Bailey Rae and other acts in the UK, as well as on their own in recent years.

The group had performed with the acclaimed R&B/soul singer Amy Winehouse, as well as producer Mark Ronson and Nightmares On Wax.

The band describes itself as "an eight-piece live funk extravaganza" who combine funk, soul, hip-hop and afrobeat with jazz virtuosity.

They released their debut album, Hot Damn!, last September.

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Well, about half of it anyway. Which is pretty solid.

One young voter who has been squarely in the camp of Hillary Rodham Clinton throughout the 2008 presidential race is Ugly Betty star America Ferrera, 23.

What's Up Hillary?

The actress, a native Californian of Honduran descent, has been a vocal supporter of the former First Lady and attended a seminar called Breaking Barriers: Women in Politics at Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Saturday.

The Ugly Betty star, who also attended two other campaign events Saturday, was seen travelling in New York with boyfriend Ryan Piers Williams on Friday.

Hillary Clinton narrowly trails Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in the tight race for the Democratic presidential nomination - and celebrity endorsements - but is closing the gap in both departments. The Pennsylvania primary is April 22.

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The Hills' Lauren Conrad is famous for being on reality TV. But what she really wants is to run a merchandising empire.

MTV's highest-rated program last fall, The Hills' cameras have captured her days as a fashion-magazine intern (Teen Vogue) and nights as a club-hopper who flirts with guys and spars with friends (and frenemies). How we love it so.

In an effort to translate her fame into a legit fashion career, she and her father, Jim Conrad, have assembled a team of Hollywood-industry advisers and signed several licensing and endorsement deals, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The process isn't always smooth.

The network that made her famous won't promote her enterprises on air. And Lauren Conrad, determined to assert her fashion vision, sometimes ignores the suggestions of her more seasoned advisers.

"I'm sure a lot of people don't take me seriously," she says.

Many young celebrities are trying to emulate the success of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who parlayed roles on TV sitcom Full House into a multimillion-dollar conglomerate that has sold books, videos, films and clothes.

Lauren Conrad represents the next generation of branding - reality stars famous only for their willingness to let cameras into their private lives.

Last week, Ms. Conrad's nemesis on The Hills, Heidi Montag, announced her own plans to launch a clothing line. It will be known as Heidiwood.

And from E! reality show Sunset Tan, tanning-salon owners Devin Haman and Jeff Bozz recently came out with a line of tanning moisturizers.

To keep themselves in the spotlight, Lauren Conrad and her reality TV contemporaries are willing citizens of a celebrity gossip world.

During a recent breakfast interview at an outdoor café in Los Angeles, Conrad said she suspected a celebrity news photographer was taking pictures of her from across the street. She declined to move to an inside table.

Instead, she looked left and right before taking quick bites of her egg whites. "No one eats pretty," she said.

Continue reading in the Wall Street Journal ...

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Most of the time these days, he's best known as a doting father to Sean Preston and Jayden James. And his other kids Kaleb and Kori.

But on Friday night, Britney Spears' ex-husband took a break from parenting to ring in his 30th birthday at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Also known as Kevin Federline's home away from home.

A dapper-looking Federline - the subject of this week's Caption Contest at The Hollywood Gossip - said he felt "great" about turning 30.

Flanked by a group of 20 pals, including his family members and attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, Federline headed straight to his VIP table.

Also on hand? Ex-girlfriend and baby mama Shar Jackson!

K-Fed: A year older, not necessarily wiser.

Throughout the evening, K-Fed and his entourage sang along to tunes by Jay-Z, Kanye West and other hip-hop artists.

At one point, the DJs played Federline's own song "Lose Control," familiar to the club considering its music video was shot there in 2006.

Close to midnight, Kevin Federline danced on a couch by his table and held up a California license plate saying "FDRLINE" while drinking Jack Daniel's.

Later on, the FedEx man grabbed the mic for a rambling profanity-laced speech in which he encouraged everyone to have "a good time."

"I lost my voice at the craps tables and I lost all my money," he went on to say in a raspy voice, before a friend dragged him away.

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Pamela Anderson isn't the only one claiming fraud in her (most recent) brief marriage. Estranged husband Rick Salomon is making the same allegation.

A month after Pamela Anderson sought an annulment rather than a divorce, Rick Salomon also filed papers to annul the two-month union.

Pamela Anderson, Damian Whitewood Picture

Like Anderson, the jackass checked the box marked "fraud" as the reason for the annulment, say the Superior Court documents filed Friday.

Neither has explained why the fraud allegation is being made.

After just two months of marriage, Pamela Anderson, 40, filed for divorce from Rick Salomon, 39, in December, citing irreconcilable differences.

Absolutely no one saw that coming.

They were married last October in Las Vegas during a 90-minute break between the magic shows in which Anderson was appearing. Really.

Salomon, of course, is probably most famous for starring in the Paris Hilton sex tape. He's an extremely classy fellow.

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Welcome to all celebrity news and gossip across the world. The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest. Let's take a look at who won this week's edition of the caption contest, featuring the great Kevin Federline, and his friend Jack ...

Really, you guys make it very hard to pick a winner with your great entries. But we have to choose one, so we took Debbie. A short and sweet one.

K-Fed Pic

Congratulations! Scroll down the page for the winning entry (under the pic) and the full list of submissions. Thanks for playing and good luck again this week!

"This is why I got custody!" 

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Stacey Elza, who was rejected on the season premiere of The Bachelor on Monday, nonetheless made quite an impression on Matt Grant and viewers.

But she says she didn't give Matt her "real" panties.

On Monday's The Bachelor: London Calling, the Chicago graduate student, 26, slipped Grant, 27, her underwear "to spice things up a little bit."

"I'm spontaneous, outgoing," she added, "and I figured, why not?"

It didn't work.

Matt Grant dispatched Stacey Elza as well as nine other would-be ex-fiancees Monday night, remarking that "I don't give a $h!t what country you're from, that is not cool." It's difficult to argue with that kind of logic.

Stacey Elza

Stacey Elza's creative move failed to woo Matt Grant.

But at least they were, um, washed.

"For the record, they were an extra pair," Stacey Elza added.

"They did not literally come off my body."

That's certainly nice to know... and at the same time a little disappointing. Oh well. Also on Monday, fortunately, Shayne Lamas made the cut.

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Seriously, who wouldn't. Yowza!

But seriously folks. It's good to see A-Pat has her peers' support.

Former Laguna Beach hottie Kristin Cavallari is confident that the nude Audrina Patridge photos won't bring The Hills star down.

"She can move on from it," she told Us Weekly at the Details Celebrates "Mavericks 2008" in L.A. Thursday.

"She's young, she did her thing, whatever," Kristin Cavallari said.

"She looks good. Her body is bangin'!"

Topless Audrina Patridge has a fan in Kristin Cavallari!

The nude photos of Audrina Patridge hit the web on Wednesday.

"They were taken when I was just out of high school and beginning to model," Patridge, who's roommates with Lauren Conrad, said.

"I was naive, overly trusting of people and inexperienced."

She later blogged that the photos were meant to be "artistic."

We're not sure how a topless Catholic school girl with knee-high socks ready to get her freak on qualifies as artistic, but whatever works for Audrina Patridge to justify it. We're not judging, that's for sure! You go, girl.

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