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The New York paparazzi sported Hilary Duff and her NHL star boyfriend Mike Comrie at the Waverly Inn last night for dinner. Yay, Duffrie!

The adorable actress-singer was looking sexy as she braved the cold in a black halter top with black pants. Hot! Mike Comrie, you lucky duck.

Duff a Cat-lover

Mike Comrie and Hilary Duff are definitely the hottest Hollywood star / NHL player couple we know of. Get lost, Sean Avery and Mary-Kate Olsen!

We don't see too much of Hilary Duff in the celebrity gossip media these days, and believe it or not, we consider this to be a very good thing.

We think she and Mike Comrie make one of the best celebrity couples around - and not just because hockey terms lend themselves well to dirty jokes.

Slipped it between the pads? On top of the crease? Puck? Think about it.

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Many, many people out there (Sam Lutfi, Alli Sims) who are all too eager to cash in on whatever relationship they have with Britney Spears.

There are but two men (at least only two we know of, Adnan Ghalib is an unlikely #3) who can claim to have married that ass, though.

Water Slide Fun

Thus, when Jason Alexander speaks, we feel compelled to report it.

Alexander tells In Touch Weekly that Britney Spears has been calling him every day for a month, and that she never talks about Adnan Ghalib.

When it comes to Sean Preston and Jayden James, she does want to see the little guys, but doesn't want the responsibility of full-timecustody.

"She doesn't want the kids back," Britney's first husband of 55 hours says.

  On January 3, 2004, Jason Alexander and Britney Spears tied the knot. The next two days were great, but then they decided to have it annulled. Ah, Vegas.

"She wants to see [Jayden James and Sean Preston], but she doesn't want to be a full-time mom. Britney said it doesn't matter if she doesn't get them back full-time, and that she can always have other kids later on..."

Her treatment has a ways to go, according to Jason Alexander:

"She does want to get better. She does not sound as crazy right now as she did three weeks ago, but she's not right. She isn't well enough to know what she wants."

Jason says that "Her dad is back in her life, and that is awesome" and the Britney seems "very happy" that "her mom is there for her."

He claims that hes "trying to motivate her" to continue having her mom and dad, Lynne and Jamie Spears, be an active part of her life.

Jason Alexander adds that he doesn't think she should have full custody of Sean and Jayden "because she needs to focus on her."

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That's right, folks. The long-awaited bonus episodes of The Hills' third season will begin March 24. That's a Monday night at the usual 10 p.m.!

Picking up where the season finale left off, the new episodes will chronicle Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port on their work trip to Paris!

Also, best friends for life Audrina Patridge and Lauren Bosworth (a.k.a. Lo) will be officially moving in with LC at the new house she bought!

Get ready for more Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port!

There will probably be some story lines involving Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, dealing with the end of their "engagement" as well. Oh well.

Anyway, mark your calendars for March 24. Or check back with The Hollywood Gossip daily because we certainly won't let you forgot about The Hills!

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We apologize for missing Stephen Colletti in our celebrity birthday post earlier today. The Laguna Beach product turned 22 on February 13!

Stephen, who famously two-timed Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari - how we would love to have been in his shoes - also dated Hayden Panettiere.

Stephen Colletti and Hayden Panettiere

Seriously, does this guy have a monopoly on hot girls under 22?

Not on his birthday, apparently, as he arrived solo to his party, which kicked off at Stack restaurant at The Mirage in Las Vegas on Friday before moving on to JET Nightclub. But Colletti seemed to be digging his single status.

Throughout the night, Stephen Colletti threw back Red Bull and vodka cocktails and "got very chatty with a slew of sexy ladies," says one fellow club-goer.

"He spent most of the night dancing as each [woman] patiently waited her turn to groove with the eligible bachelor."

Eventually, Stephen Colletti took a breather to blow out the candles on his cake by designer Jean-Philippe Patisserie before hitting the dance floor.

He called it a night around 3 a.m.

Neither Lauren Conrad or Kristin Cavallari were present to help their former squeeze celebrate, although LC and he have hung out lately.

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Here's a feature we haven't posted in awhile. Some highlights from the world of celebrity (and quasi-celebrity) quotes, courtesy of People magazine ...

"I feel like all artists inspire music in one way or another."
- Heidi Montag

Back on the Beach

"She's a gay man trapped in a woman's body. Like me."
- Courtney Love, on daughter Frances Bean

"Hundreds of you said Paris Hilton - with the tagline that you wouldn't want to do that to the pig."
- Former Miss USA and Dancing with the Stars cast member Shanna Moakler, on the contest she's running to name her pet pig

"I think I have a really great mug shot. It looks like a magazine shoot."
- Paris Hilton

Shanna Moakler and her pet pig, which may be named Paris Hilton ...

"It was just like Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday where you have to fast."
- Amy Winehouse's Grammy-winning producer Mark Ronson, on sitting through the awards show while starving

"Do you really need to pick this exact moment, when there is nakedness and motorcycles, to take me away?"
- Bret Michaels, on being called away by a disapproving Aubry to talk while he was clearly enjoying himself, on Rock of Love

"He's easily distracted by food, much like me. I can be swayed from any task if buffalo chicken wings present themselves."
- Knocked Up and Superbad star Seth Rogen, on playing goblin Hogsqueal in The Spiderwick Chronicle

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Who said chivalry was dead? This handsome gent was spotted gallantly opening a car door for the love of his life, Hayden Panettiere, during a sexy night out...

Hayden and Milo Ventimiglia, fortunately, are no longer dating on the sly. The cute Heroes duo dressed up for a hot date in Beverly Hills over the weekend at a special affair honoring their hit NBC sci-fi show. See below ...

Tattooed Hayden

Halo kept it classic - her in a red strapless gown, him in a midnight blue tuxedo - and solidified its place among the hottest celebrity couples.

Sadly, Heroes won't return with new episodes until the fall. Fortunately, that gives Milo and Hayden plenty of free nights to get. It. On. Go Halo!

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There's nothing quite like Star Magazine.

Well, except for OK! Magazine and In Touch Weekly. But no matter.

Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Again?

While these fine publications give celebrity news a bad name, they also give it a hilarious name. Seriously, the writing talents of some of the people they have making up celebrity gossip on a daily basis should be recognized.

Case in point? Star's recent expose on Jamie Lynn Spears, whose "reputation for hard drinking and sex in her hometown" is causing quite a stir!

The pregnant Jamie Lynn has accepted that she may never return to her life in Hollywood, so she and boyfriend Casey Aldridge decided to keep the baby - and even buy a double-wide trailer to start their lives together!

Star also reports that the Zoey 101 star often cheated on Casey Aldridge, the 18-year-old she has identified as the father of her child.

"I know for a fact that Casey was not the first guy she slept with - or the last," says one fellow teen in Kentwood, La.

"There were at least two others. I know that 110 percent."

Not 120 percent, though, so there's still some doubt.

Another friend says that before she got pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears partied a lot in private ... but nevertheless, partied hard. Says the pal:

"Some people drink to have a good time. She drank to get wrecked. She drank to get messed up and forget about her mother, her sister and all of that."

Then, just days before announcing her pregnancy in December, Jamie Lynn Spears reportedly shocked a boy at a party by asking him for sex.

"It's cool, I'm pregnant," she said. "I can't get pregnant again!"

Well, it's hard to argue with that logic.

SPECIAL NOTE: Don't forget to play this week's Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, featuring a pregnant Jamie Lynn pondering life and baby bumps....

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Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin partied together at the Gotham Magazine Gala in New York City last week, and grace that publications cover this month.

Here are some excerpts from the 30 Rock stars' interview ...

Tina Fey: I think Alec being on the show bought 30 Rock a lot of time. He's such a brilliant actor and he's not someone you get to see for free on TV. He absolutely bought us the whole first year. But I think that people who see the show really do like it; it's just a question of getting people to try it out. We have the label of a "low-rated" or "poorly rated" show, but it's weird, because on the same day I'll see us referred to as "the low-rated 30 Rock" I'll read "the hit show Gossip Girl." We rate higher than Gossip Girl, but there's a different expectation on NBC than the CW.

Gotham: Have you seen Gossip Girl?

Tina Fey: No, but the children on it are very beautiful.

Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin team up for the brilliance that is 30 Rock.

Gotham: What are your resolutions for 2008?

Tina Fey: An attempt at a less vulgar life. Less cursing, less bile. I sort of got into trouble last year I went on Howard Stern and ran my mouth a little bit about Paris Hilton [Fey said Hilton is a "piece of $h!t" and "looks like a tranny" among other things.] Not only was that not the right way for a 37-year-old woman to behave, but I went to my gynecologist for my yearly checkup shortly thereafter and she was like, "I read that thing [you said about Paris Hilton] in the paper. That was very hostile. Are you all right?" So, starting there: being less vulgar and hostile.

Continue Reading...

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Heidi Montag took a break from ... whatever the hell she does to celebrate Valentine's Day with ex-fiance but still-boyfriend Spencer Pratt.

Their destination? The Atlantic City at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

But it wouldn't be a romantic getaway for Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag without staged photos, celebrity news cameras following them everywhere and the pimp himself promoting Montag's quote-unquote music career.

Despite the public backlash after they dropped her first single, "Higher," Spencer says Heidi's new music will blow. Our minds.

"Madonna, eat your heart out. Britney Spears, eat your heart out. I would say we have diamond records coming. They're gonna sell 10-million plus."

We don't suppose Spencer realizes that only about 50 albums have ever sold that many units, or that nearly all of them did so before 2000 and the age of digital downloads, or that Heidi is a f*%king horrific singer. Anyway, moving on.

For Heidi's next video, Spencer, who directed the unintentionally hilarious beach romp "Higher," said he is handing over the reins to Paul "Coy" Allen, who helmed "Give it to Me" with Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Nelly Furtado.

Not to worry, Spencer Pratt fans (all eight of you): He promised he'd also release his own "alternate version" of the music video!

"We're financing [the album] ourselves on a shoestring budget," Pratt said.

"It's so organic. And this is just the warm-up. It's gonna get hot! We're just heating up the water in the bathtub."

More like the toilet.

As for their hot weekend at the Borgata in A.C., the couple arrived Friday, in time for a decadent dinner at the Bobby Flay Steakhouse, followed by a Matchbox 20 concert. The following day, they hit the spa for a couple's massage.

"How do we keep romance alive?" Spencer Pratt mused. "Our lives are romantic all day long. With us, it's 24/7, trying to keep each other happy. This is just another weekend to us. Every day is Valentine's Day in our relationship."

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