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Jinka? Jelly? Just plain gross? Call them whatever you want, it is becoming more and more evident that John Mayer and Minka Kelly are still together. Which is deeply troubling to the staff of The Hollywood Gossip dot com.

The only thing that could be worse, really, would be if Carrie Underwood and Leighton Meester decided they would double-team Spencer Pratt. Which Heidi Montag would probably be cool with as long as she could get paid to watch.

What a Huge D-Bag

Anyway, John Mayer and Minka Kelly set their sights on grabbing breakfast and very possibly each other on Saturday at Mogan's Café in Pacific Palisades, Calif. Earlier in the weekend, they were spotted together at The Sunset Marquis.

John Mayer and Minka Kelly continue to nauseate us. Well, at least he does.

While the lovely Minka may be somewhat tainted in our minds as long as she is in John Mayer's clutches, all is not lost in the Friday Night Lights universe. We still have Adrianne Palicki naked to gaze at. We recommend you take a look.

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Now that we're uncovered more about the shady past of Sam Lutfi, let's take a look at another Sam who is far less controversial... and certainly much cuter, to boot!

Tiger Woods won the Target World Challenge Golf Tournament by seven shots on Sunday at the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

That's good stuff, but what's great is that Tiger had his entire family on hand to share in the glory. Here is a nice picture of Tiger Woods' mother, Kultida, with wife Elin Nordegren and six-month-old daughter Sam Alexis Woods! How sweet!

They are such a cute family. Follow the jump for more Sam Alexis Woods photos ...

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The Hollywood Gossip has been tracking the movements of Sam Lutfi (or is it Osama Lutfi?) ever since he showedas Britney Spears' friend, confidant and unofficial mouthpiece. Well, it appears some of our suspicions about this mysterious, sketchy man may be more than mere gossip.

An acquaintance of Lutfi has written us with a lengthy indictment as to some of the things Sam has allegedly done. Simon Monjack would be proud of the list of things allegedly done by Sam Lutfi, according to our source, Ken Dungey. He writes that Britney is in "grave danger." Why? Let's hear Ken's account ...

Evil Lurks Behind Her


I personally know Sam Lutfi and he is a master manipulator, he almost made my good friend Danny Haines kill himself. I just want to get a message to Britney Spears to warn her of Sam's real intentions.

I have access to hundreds of emails, text messages, voice messages of Sam Lutfi talking about wanting to kill my friend Danny, and that he should just kill himself among other bizarre statements he has made.

Danny met Sam and soon after Danny moved in with Sam as a new roommate, not long after that it went downhill. I felt like I was Danny's therapist for several months trying to help him get away from Sam and his brainwashing.

Sam had stolen a total around of $18,000 from Danny from using his credit cards to buy plane tickets for himself and from forging his checks that the credit card companies send you for cash advances.

I went with Danny to one of the gas stations his mom owns to attempt to collect the money from Sam Lutfi's mother. I had Sam's mom with checkbook in hand writing Danny a check until Sam showed up an made a huge scene at the gas station.

Danny and I flew my airplane to Las Vegas for the weekend and I spent several hours with Danny and finally got him to call the bank and report the fraud Sam Lutfi had committed against Danny's bank account.

Sam Lutfi is beyond shady, according to our source.

Before that phone call, Danny was very depressed because of what Sam Lutfi had made him, after that phone call Danny's eyes has life in them again and we went out that night night and had a great time. Sam is so convincing that about a week later Danny canceled the fraud report after talking to Sam.

Please do your research on this clown, Danny has a restraining order (the court transcripts prove Sam is a jackass) find it by searching North Orange County court records Fullerton, Calif., case number 07NL02915.

Sam also vandalized a older women's [sic] car at Costco last year because she took his parking spot. Sam took a pair of pliers and destroyed her vehicle. They could not find him because his Mercedes S500 was new and had no license plates yet.


Do you or anyone you know have additional information about Sam Lutfi that Britney - along with legions of celebrity gossip readers worldwide - need to know? Contact The Hollywood Gossip and let us know right away!

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Yes, that Alycia Lane.

The Philadelphia news anchor who infamously sent racy bikini pics of herself to married sports anchor Rich Eisen is back in the news - after getting arrested for allegedly slugging a female cop and calling her a "dyke bitch."

According to the New York Post, Alycia Lane, an anchor for Philadelphia's KYW-TV, was in a cab on Ninth Avenue in New York yesterday when she got stuck behind an unmarked police car.

That's when $h!t went down.

Alycia Lane and her boyfriend, radio host Chris Booker, were stuck behind a slow-moving, unmarked police car in Chelsea.

When the unmarked car stopped at a red light at Ninth Avenue and 17th, Chris Booker, 36, went over to the unmarked vehicle to find out what was causing the delay.

When apparently told the occupants were officers looking for a perp, he yelled, "I don't care if you're a cop! Drive faster!" the sources said.

The three officers inside, two men and a woman, got out to question Booker, now a deejay with Q102 in Philadelphia, the sources said.

The petite, twice-divorced Lane, 35, got out of the cab and began snapping photos, getting in the face of the male officer doing most of the grilling.

The female cop then told the feisty anchor, "You can take pictures, but you have to step back," the sources said.

Going ballistic, Alycia Lane shouted that she was a reporter and declaring, "I don't care that you're a cop - you dyke bitch!" the sources said.

Then Alycia Lane allegedly walloped the officer in the face

Lane was taken to the 10th Precinct station and charged with assaulting an officer. The cop was treated at a hospital and released.

Later, her red-rimmed eyes a sharp contrast to her sleek, black jacket and pants, Lane was released without bail and shared a hug with Booker.

Lane's lawyer, David Smith, said she "absolutely never hit or made any derogatory comments to anyone... She was accosted by several individuals wearing plainclothes who violently grabbed her camera to prevent her from taking pictures of the altercation they were involved in."

A Long Island, N.Y., native, Alycia Lane is a former reporter and anchor for the cable station News 12 in The Bronx, and covered the 1999 shooting of Amadou Diallo, the unarmed immigrant killed by 40 police bullets.

As the New York Post reported last May, Alycia Lane apparently e-mailed bikini photos of herself to NFL Network and ESPN anchorman Rich Eisen.

The pics were discovered by his wife, Suzy Shuster.

A seething Shuster fired off a letter to Lane, saying, "Boy do you look amazing in a bikini ... congrats! Whatever you're doing (Pilates? yoga?) keep it up."

Snap. To make matters worse, Suzy Shuster forwarded Lane Rich Eisen's personal email address, "since you surely are trying so hard to get attention."

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Because she lights up the room with her smile (and has a couple of other awfully attractive features), we are required to post this Hayden Panettiere photo below ...

A Sexy Hayden Pic

You're welcome for satisfying your morning Hayden Panettiere fix.

Hayden is seen here announcing the nominees for the upcoming Golden Globe Awards. Who's nominated? Who cares! As long as we get to see more Hayden Panettiere photos, she could be speaking total gibberish for all we know.

Seriously. This girl is so beautiful, she could have told us Jessica Simpson was up for best actress and we would be too transfixed with Hayden's beauty to notice.

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Alex Rodriguez has denied using performance-enhancing drugs, telling CBS' 60 Minutes in an interview Sunday that he's never needed steroids to compete.

The controversial Yankees slugger also said he "isn't sure he's worth" his record contract, and described being "white like a ghost" when news of his opting out of his deal with New York broke during Game 4 of the World Series.

A-Rod Photo

Alex Rodriguez's interview with the news program aired just three days after the Mitchell Report on performance-enhancing drugs in baseball - in which dozens of current and former ballplayers were individually named - was released.

A-Rod wasn't in it, but Jose Canseco, a former Oakland slugger who was one of the first to admit using steroids, said he couldn't believe Alex Rodriguez wasn't included in the former Senate majority leader's findings.

Alex Rodriguez answered "No" when asked whether he's ever used steroids, human growth hormone or any other performance-enhancing substance.

Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez are all smiles these days.

"I've never felt overmatched at any point on the baseball field," Rodriguez said. "... I felt that if I did my ... my work as I've done since I was, you know, a rookie back in Seattle, I didn't have a problem competing at any level."

The 32-year-old superstar won his third AL Most Valuable Player award last month after hitting .314 with 54 homers and 156 RBIs. He finalized a new, $275 million, 10-year contract after opting out of his past deal with the Yankees.

Alex Rodriguez said the way the opt out was handled was a nightmare, and he understood why baseball fans and officials were upset with how it was handled.

As a result of that debacle, his agent, Scott Boras, is reportedly out of favor with the baseball great, leaving wife Cynthia Rodriguez as his de facto agent.

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Amy Winehouse is reportedly going to be questioned by police after she was implicated in Blake Fielder-Civil's bribery and witness tampering plot.

According to The Sun (U.K.), Amy Winehouse will be interviewed by detectives this week, to establish if she is somehow involved in her hubby's scheme.

Amy and Blake Photo

They have already seized phone records, bank receipts and computer hardware from Amy. Blake Fielder-Civil is accused of trying to bribe a key witness in another case - in which assault charges were being brought against Fielder-Civil.

Was Amy Winehouse involved in the witness tampering plot that got Blake Fielder-Civil arrested? And if so, was she lucid enough to remember?

A source tells The Sun: "When police received their initial information the inquiry centred on Blake, his friend Brown and the original victim in the case."

"But after seizing a number of documents, it seems there is forensic evidence that may tie Amy directly to the plot. When you think about it, as soon as the figure of £200,000 emerged, the finger of suspicion started to point in her direction."

What, you mean a former deadbeat music "assistant" and heroin junkie like Blake Fielder-Civil doesn't have £200,000 kicking around? Stunning revelation.

Of course, Amy Winehouse is one of those people that probably would prefer to be in jail than be apart from her precious Fielder-Civil. In fact, she might even be tying herself to the plot on purpose as part of Prison Break-style escape plan!

Blaaaaaaaake! Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!

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Heidi Montag is still not wearing her fake-ass engagement ring. This is news, apparently, to some people, even though she's openly said that she doesn't wear it out a lot of the time because it doesn't fit right.

Of course, you can have it sized. But no matter.

A July 4 Kiss

Last week, Spencer Pratt blatantly lied to told metrosexual radio host Ryan Seacrest "the wedding is definitely on pause." This weekend, the stars of The Hills were seen walking around L.A.'s Brentwood neighborhood. Sans engagement ring.

Heidi Montag rarely, if ever, wears her engagement ring. Spencer Pratt, on the other hand, wears that "Obey" shirt like every other day. Are we wrong, people?

Montag fueled split rumors - or tried to - last Monday by showing up solo at The Hills finale by not wearing her ring. The following day, Spencer Pratt spoke out about their wedding plans on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show:

"In my mind ... I'm not moving on or looking for dates. I don't know where Heidi is, I know she needs her space, but I don't want to get back to my bachelor days. Heidi is the most perfect girl on the planet."

Spencer Pratt said he expected all questions to be answered in the eight "bonus" episodes of The Hills' third season to air this spring.

Somewhere, Lauren Conrad is smiling.

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Is it possible to look more natural after plastic surgery than before? It appears that High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale, 22, may have done just that with her nose job. Check out these pictures of Ashley Tisdale before and after ...

Back 2 Blonde

Ashley Tisdale nose best? Here's how her recent "job" turned out.

Claiming that it wasn't solely done for the sake of vanity, Ashley Tisdale stated that she got the plastic surgery to fix a deviated septum - the same excuse used by Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and others for goin' rhino style.

The Hills' Heidi Montag, on the other hand? She just wanted to look more like a typical Hollywood bleach-blonde tramp and get her sort of pretty face onto more magazine covers. Just ask her - she'll probably admit it, at least.

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The moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived, celebrity gossip readers. No, Hayden Panettiere has not asked you out on a date. Keep dreaming.

No, it's the full "Piece of Me" music video from the great Britney Spears. We talked about this Friday, and now the real deal has been released online.

Out to a Nice Dinner

Watch Britney's sort-of harsh indictment of the celebrity news media below, and do it quickly before the video gets yanked for violation of copyright laws.

[youtube] [/youtube]

A whiny Britney Spears asks "do you want a piece of me?"

Needless to say, Britney Spears is really mailing it in these days. You can barely even call this singing, and the video itself pales in comparison to her days of yore. Time to call it a career and spend some time with Sean and Jayden, girl.