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Looks like handsome America's Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker will be welcoming his own little catwalker this winter.

He and model wife Christen Chin Barker, are having a girl!

Julie Bowen and Oliver

"We found out it’s going to be a little girl," Barker, 36, told Us Weekly on Thursday at the Saks Fifth Avenue Ruby Slippers Collection party in NYC.

As for what they plan on naming it?

"We’re going to look at her, and when we see her, we’re going to come up with a name."

Piper and Sasha seem like good options.

The couple originally thought they'd be having another boy to join son Jack, 2. But it turns out this celebrity baby is a girl. Hooray!

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Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima will break into the fashionable world of Mode magazine when she makes her acting debut on Ugly Betty.

“Adriana has always been a huge fan of Ugly Betty and is thrilled for the opportunity to make a guest star appearance,” says rep Liza Anderson.

Adriana Lima Bikini Photo

On a future episode of the show (which returns to ABC September 25, as is Grey's Anatomy), Lima will be hired to pose in the fictional Mode.

She will work with Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) on the cover story of the "sizzling hot issue" about the virtues of exotic fruit and more.

Ugly Betty's a good show, sure, but we admit it: Part of the motivation for posting this story was to re-use this Adriana Lima topless pic. Can you blame us?

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MTV's popular "reality" series, The Hills, and its cast members are constantly accused of being scripted, phony and fake.

Fake it very well may be. But the reaction of Lauren Conrad to Heidi Montag's music video on Jimmy Kimmel Live is not.

Red, White and Speidi

LC was nearly moved to tears, and not in an emotional or poignant way, upon seeing Heidi Montag's video for "Higher."

Lauren Conrad basically summed up our gut reaction to the video - or pretty much anything Heidi does, for that matter.

Check out this comedic moment and other insights on The Hills and its cast from the show's lovely leading lady, LC ...


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Not sure if you've heard, but a sexy and hilarious Sarah Palin bikini photo has been circulating online. It features the attractive, gun-toting governor of Alaska in a red, white and blue bikini. God Bless America, indeed!

Great stuff. The dude in the background really makes it. Mmm, Schlitz. Unfortunately, while there are many great Sarah Palin pictures out there, this is ABSOLUTELY, 100 PERCENT FAKE. Follow the jump to view the original ...

Continue Reading...

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Akon fans beware: The sweet-sounding singer appears to have a penchant for violence - or at least controversial behavior - at his own shows.

First he got his freak on with some jailbait tease in the Caribbean.

Akon and Michael Jackson

Then there was whole fan-tossing incident that landed him in court.

Now this! At a concert on August 30 in South American, Akon became aggressive with a concertgoer - a female, obvs - and it was caught on video.

After crowd surfing to a camera stand away from the main stage, Akon appears to shove one fan off the stand and hit another (!?) upon arrival.

Check out the video here ...

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Curious how The Sports Gal - wife of ESPN columnist Bill Simmons, a.k.a. The Sports Guy - feels about the heated 2008 presidential election?

We have no idea how she feels about that. But when it comes to the alleged pay discrepancies on MTV's The Hills, she's happy to tell us:

The Hills Stars

"The Hills salaries and it bothered me that Lo makes six times less than Heidi. Lo and her eye rolls and bitchy comments are the key to the show. Lo Bosworth calls it like she sees it and here's what she sees: Audrina, a wanna-be rocker chick with W.T. friends whose goal in life is to become a Crest Whitestrip. If I shared a house with Audrina Patridge, I would make her live in the servant's quarters like Lo did. Anyhoo, Lo is so much more valuable than the humorless, cue-card-reading, seven-hours-of-makeup-wearing, fake-job-having Heidi. I urge MTV to cut Heidi Montag's makeup/hair extensions budget by $20,000 a week and give the extra money to Lo."

Great stuff. And the SG doesn't make terrible points.

Lauren Conrad tends to side with Lo, who seems to get a raw deal from fans at times. As for Heidi, we have little to add to such brilliance.

Do you agree with her points? Are you on Team Audrina Patridge or Team Lauren Bosworth? Tell us in the poll below ...


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Forget her kick-ass speech last night.

If you weren't convinced that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is ready to be Vice President of the United States, this ad should promptly quell any lingering doubts ...

From offering advice on creative baby names (Piper Palin and Bristol Palin are just two of the five!) or selling planes on eBay to hunting moose and bear and sinking key free throws, the former Miss Alaska runner-up does it all - and looks good doing it!

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The definitely exaggerated but sort-of real catfight between Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson continues - and keeps getting better!

According to OK!, Carrie’s claws came out following Jessica’s interview in which she gushes over current boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, saying, “I just told him today, ‘You’re the love of my life.’”

While Tony Romo may be pleased with Jessica Simpson and her declarations of love, Carrie Underwood has a different point of view.

“She finds Jessica Simpson's love of putting her life on display pretty desperate,” an alleged pal of the “Before He Cheats” singer relayed to OK!.

"She laughed at the People cover story. It’s exactly the same one Jess did about John Mayer — same smile, same look, except she’s a little fatter.”

A Carrie Underwood Image

Famous Tony Romo girlfriends present and past. Sophia Bush not pictured.

As for Jessica intruding on Carrie's turf with a country CD?

“Carrie doesn’t think fans will spend money to watch Jess warble through a few badly written songs,” says Underwood's friend.

We've asked it before but we'll ask it again (and we think we can guess the obvious results): Team Jessica or Team Carrie?


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