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Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift may not publicly confirm they're an item, but come on, it couldn't be more obvious that they're hitting it. Case in point:

MTV VMA host Russell Brand said the Jonas Brothers personally requested to be introduced by Taylor Swift at Sunday's show, where they'll perform.

Russell Brand described the Jonas Brothers — who are up for Video of the Year for the song "Burnin' Up" — as "God's favorite virgins" and said that their performance "will make the concept of an afterlife seem tame by comparison."

Wonder if Reg Jones thought the same thing after he deflowered America's favorite non-virginal virgin at the time, 14-year-old Britney Spears.

Either way, Taylor Swift is totally into Joe Jonas, calling an August 28 double date (with Joe, Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez) "really cool."

These brothers with the last name Jonas will begin filming a new Disney Channel series in mid-September, of which Joe excitedly says:

"It's going to be about us as a band but dealing with all the normal things, like trying to take out the trash and how not to get hounded by fans. This is going to be a funny show, and it's going to be a great cast."

If that cast includes Joe Jonas, how can it not be?!

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The sort of glamourous Pussycat Dolls look absolutely slightly better than average in all white on the cover of Blender magazine's October 2008 issue.

The Hollywood Gossip pop quiz: Name the other four Pussycat Dolls besides Nicole Scherzinger. No, really. You gotta us. We have absolutely no idea.

Original X Factor Panel

Nicole Scherzinger looks fairly sexy on this cover. The other four members of PCD will remain nameless. We're sure they're nice people - we just have no clue who they are.

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For what was billed as an evangelical book about "parenting," Lynne Spears' widely-ridiculed much-anticipated memoir - Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World - is chock full of tawdry tales.

The New York Daily News reviewed a copy and shared some juicy tidbits:

  • Britney Spears took a liking to booze when she was just a 13-year-old Mouseketeer, then began experimenting with drugs at 15.
  • By 16, Britney's drug-fueled behavior stunned her family when the wild one was caught with coke and marijuana on a private jet.

  • Lynne Spears knew about, yet openly allowed 16-year-old Britney to sleep with boyfriend Justin Timberlake, her Mickey Mouse Club co-star.
  • Timberlake was misled about Brit's purity, as she had lost her virginity to a Kentwood, La., high school football player (Reg Jones) at 14.
  • As Spears' career began to take off, the All-American mom went along with the hoax that Britney was a virgin to boost her image.

Man, way to throw your daughter under the bus right as she's getting her train wreck life back together, Lynne Spears. Good to see you'd rather try to get rich than do what's best for Britney just once. Enjoy the weather where you're going, sellout.

As we said when we first learned about Through the Storm, we don't think the title and cover do it justice. Here are our proposed versions ...

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Romeo Beckham - son of David and Victoria Beckham, natch - celebrated a big 6th birthday at Universal Studios on Thursday afternoon.

The party featured Romeo's siblings, Heidi Klum and her children with Seal, along with Gavin Rossdale and his son, Kingston Rossdale.

Nadya Suleman and Children

That's a lot of good genes - and celebrity babies that were spawned from them - in one place, people. Here's a photo of the outing ...

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And if the Olympics taught us anything, it's that what Michael Phelps wants, Michael Phelps takes. No please or thank yous will be exchanged.

This amazing caught-in-the-act picture by Radar Magazine shows Michael Phelps in hot pursuit of another world record (piece of booty) at the Playboy Club at Las Vegas' famed Palms Casino recently. Looks like the desired result was attained.

Michael Phelps Photo

The eight-time gold medalist was "massively skeeving on girls" and accompanied by "an entourage of striped-shirted schmucks," one of whom had the responsibility of turning a flashlight on anyone attempting to photograph the swimmer.

That such a photo was obtained despite the efforts of his posse illustrates Radar's dedication to in-depth reporting. Well done, Radar. See below ...

Michael Phelps definitely deserves a gold medal ... in ass-grabbing.

Guess after being falsely linked with everyone from Stephanie Rice to Carrie Underwood and Nicole Johnson, Phelps decided he'd actually seek out some tail. Hard to blame him, but come on, Mike. Don't be a d-bag. Be a little discreet.

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It used to be an open invite to magazines and dozens of dudes, but it looks like from now on, only Samantha Ronson will be seeing Lindsay Lohan naked.

The actress, who's become an ardent fan of girl-on-girl action in recent months, has just turned down a $700,000 offer to pose nude in Playboy.

Specifically, Hugh Hefner's enterprise wanted Lindsay Lohan topless for an eight-page spread in Playboy's 55th-anniversary issue this January.

"If there's nudity, the answer's no ... She's not going down that [New York Magazine] road again," the actress' rep said in a statement to Playboy, referring to the strange Lindsay Lohan nude Marilyn Monroe tribute last winter.

Lindsay Lohan Naked

Lindsay Lohan nude used to be a far more frequent, public thing.

Playboy hoped to have Lohan do a tribute to '60s sex kitten Ann-Margret and her film "Kitten With a Whip," which is supposedly one of Lindsay's faves.

Instead, she'll probably just be content starring in a private sex tape involving a SamRo with a whip, some handcuffs and who the hell knows what else.

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Looks like handsome America's Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker will be welcoming his own little catwalker this winter.

He and model wife Christen Chin Barker, are having a girl!

Julie Bowen and Oliver

"We found out it’s going to be a little girl," Barker, 36, told Us Weekly on Thursday at the Saks Fifth Avenue Ruby Slippers Collection party in NYC.

As for what they plan on naming it?

"We’re going to look at her, and when we see her, we’re going to come up with a name."

Piper and Sasha seem like good options.

The couple originally thought they'd be having another boy to join son Jack, 2. But it turns out this celebrity baby is a girl. Hooray!

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Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima will break into the fashionable world of Mode magazine when she makes her acting debut on Ugly Betty.

“Adriana has always been a huge fan of Ugly Betty and is thrilled for the opportunity to make a guest star appearance,” says rep Liza Anderson.

Adriana Lima Bikini Photo

On a future episode of the show (which returns to ABC September 25, as is Grey's Anatomy), Lima will be hired to pose in the fictional Mode.

She will work with Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) on the cover story of the "sizzling hot issue" about the virtues of exotic fruit and more.

Ugly Betty's a good show, sure, but we admit it: Part of the motivation for posting this story was to re-use this Adriana Lima topless pic. Can you blame us?

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MTV's popular "reality" series, The Hills, and its cast members are constantly accused of being scripted, phony and fake.

Fake it very well may be. But the reaction of Lauren Conrad to Heidi Montag's music video on Jimmy Kimmel Live is not.

Red, White and Speidi

LC was nearly moved to tears, and not in an emotional or poignant way, upon seeing Heidi Montag's video for "Higher."

Lauren Conrad basically summed up our gut reaction to the video - or pretty much anything Heidi does, for that matter.

Check out this comedic moment and other insights on The Hills and its cast from the show's lovely leading lady, LC ...


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