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Presidential candidate John McCain has released a new ad comparing rival Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and questioning his readiness to lead.

Yes, we're serious.


The aforementioned gossip mainstays appear in a brief montage as a narrator describes Barack Obama as "the biggest celebrity in the world."

The narrator then asks "Is he ready to lead?" and proceeds to list off a series of vague positions supposedly held by the Democratic Illinois Senator.


To us, it seems like your boilerplate Republican ad, criticizing the Democrats over taxes, foreign policy, etc. ... with random pics of Britney Spears for good measure.

In short, a vote for Obama is a vote for a girl who shaved her head, was hospitalized for after a psychotic episode, and who eschews pants at nightclubs. Nice!

What are your thoughts on this John McCain ad? We'd love to hear them. And for more from the colliding worlds of celebrity gossip and political news, check out the latest on John Edwards and Rielle Hunter!

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Welcome to the 11th edition of our Guess the Celebrity Quote game.

Recently, we've featured some choice one-liners from Diddy, Spencer Pratt, Amy Winehouse, Jenna Jameson and many more.

This week, we're asking you to identify talented young celeb who (thankfully) doesn't model her personal life after Britney Spears:

"At the end of the day, I want to go to dinner and watch a movie. I don't want to go to a club and not wear panties."

Which starlet uttered these sage words? Follow the jump to find out ...

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Despite his ex-fiancée’s lies claims, The Bachelor star Matt Grant is definitely not cool with Shayne Lamas keeping their engagement ring.

“It wasn’t a ‘gift’ so much,” the British-born Grant says. “It’s not a TV or a handbag. It’s a symbol of a marriage that didn’t happen.”

Shayne Lamas recently said she planned to keep the 2.85-carat diamond ring “safe and clean and in a glass box — like a glass slipper.”

She claimed Matt Grant approved, adding, “He wants to come over and look at it.”

He says that conversation never happened.

“We never discussed this,” he says. “I never said it was cool to just keep it. If she said we spoke about it, then she just made that up. Sometimes she thinks she can say anything and that I’ll go along with it.”

Amazing to think these two never got married, isn't it?

Almost as soon as the final rose was presented, Grant and Lamas were dogged by rumors of infidelity. Specifically, Shayne was said to have been screwing Justin Weneger in Las Vegas. They split earlier this month.

Matt Grant says he doesn’t want the ring back, necessarily, but thinks Shayne Lamas should at least auction it off for charity.

“Let’s have something good come out of this,” he said of the $65,000 rock. “Why hold onto it? What’s the point?”

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Some woman, who is obviously very normal and in touch with reality, says she has found Jesus hiding inside a bag of Cheetos.

Shockingly, it's not Britney Spears.

Her name is Kelly Ramey, and when she opened a snack-sized bag of Cheetos, she felt something very unusual and spiritual inside.

Most of her family and friends believe it looks like a mini sculpture of Jesus Christ. Ramey and her husband call it "Cheesus."

A local minister, meanwhile, does not see anything theologically special about the Cheeto, but thinks "some good could come from it."

Definitely. Feeding it to Jayden James, perhaps. You know Britney is reading this story and frickin' foaming at the mouth right now.

Behold, the object of Britney Spears sinful, wanton lust.

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Holy crap, the earthquake that hit L.A. yesterday must have caused the hat Samantha Ronson always wears to mysteriously go missing!

Back in Los Angeles yesterday after spreading girl-on-girl love with Lindsay Lohan all over NYC, SamRo showed off her new haircut!

If you can call it that.

As celebrity hairstyles go, this one looks like a doozy ... pretty terrible and practically non-existent. What are your thoughts?

Manly DJ

A stylish Samantha Ronson rocks the Brillo pad look.

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Refusing to call it quits despite being dissed by mainstream media, The National Enquirer has released more scandalous John Edwards allegations!

The celebrity gossip tabloid reports that Edwards' alleged mistress / baby-mama, Rielle Hunter (also known as Lisa Druck), will not say a word about their affair and love child because she's being paid to zip it - $15,000 a month!

The money is reportedly being funneled to Hunter by a colleague of John Edwards, the former U.S. Senator from North Carolina, 2004 Democratic Vice Presidential nominee (running with John Kerry) and 2008 presidential candidate.

This same man is also supposedly paying off John Edwards’ friend and aide, Andrew Young, who tried to take the heat off the ex-Senator when the story broke in December by claiming he fathered the baby of Rielle Hunter.

A campaign insider told the National Enquirer the following: “A super-rich pal – who was closely involved with the campaign finances – is helping John. It’s likely this man doesn’t know all the dirty details of John’s extramarital affair, but is acting out of loyalty and is not asking a lot of questions – just writing the checks.”

John Edwards has spoken only briefly (and awkwardly) in sort of denying the story.

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Think Spencer Pratt is bad news? He's nothing compared to Stephanie Pratt, according to longtime family acquaintance Brody Jenner.

"She's much worse. A million times worse!" Jenner told Us Weekly at the X Games Celebrity Golf Tournament in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

All along, on- and off-screen, Brody Jenner has warned his ex-girlfriend, The Hills star Lauren Conrad, not to trust Stephanie Pratt.

And in a new trailer for The Hills Season 4, the She-Pratt is seen enjoying an intimate, candlelit dinner with Conrad's new man.

That, if you're unaware, being baseball player Doug Reinhardt.

Stephanie Pratt has denied it was a date, telling E! Online that "he was just giving me boy advice." Jenner said he doesn't buy it.

"He might not have known that it was a date, but she had candles, and they were alone!" Brody Jenner opined. "It was a date."

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In his first public appearance since he was granted sole custody of his two sons with Britney Spears, Kevin Federline hit the golf course Tuesday.

His take on life these days?


"Been having a good summer, I can't complain," said K-Fed, who says lately he's been content balancing career and parenting.

"I've worked here and there a little bit," he said. "Definitely staying at home with the family. [Jayden James and Sean Preston] are doing good."

He was tight-lipped, however, when it came to Britney Spears. An agreement July 18 ended the two-year case, with Federline retaining custody of the boys, and his child support being bumped up to $20,000 from $15,000.

"I'm not here to talk about that," he told People.

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She has a handsome fiancé in Casey Aldridge, a cute baby in Maddie Briann and a new house. Now Jamie Lynn Spears has started wedding planning!

Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge will walk down the aisle - and sell the pics to OK! Magazine for at least $1 million - before the end of the year!

Despite worldwide notoriety, the young couple won't be swapping their vows at some celeb-filled resort, but will be sticking close to home.

Jamie Lynn's new house is in Liberty, Miss., just 30 minutes from her mom Lynne Spears' house, lamely named "Serenity," in Kentwood, La.

Maddie Briann Aldridge, Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears: Baby? Check. Wedding? Workin' on it.

Casey Aldridge and Jamie Lynn Spears live on three acres, which is more than enough space to put up a tent for a private, late fall ceremony.

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