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The day has finally arrived - season three of our favorite reality show comes to a close. Below you will find a preview for tonight's finale of The Hills. As the show opens, it looks like a big career opportunity is presented to Whitney Port!


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Michael Vick, one of the highest paid and highest profile players in the National Football League, was officially sentenced to 23 months in jail Monday.

The star Atlanta Falcons quarterback was given the prison sentence for his role in a dogfighting ring operating on his property in rural Virginia. The sentence was longer than the 12-to-18-month sentence recommended by the government.

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Amy Winehouse's estranged mother, Janis Winehouse, penned an open letter to her daughter, 24, urging her to come home and seek help. She writes:

"We want to help you, but we know that unless you want to be helped, unless you come to us â€" anything we tried would be in vain. So this letter is my way of making sure you know ... that all you have to do is come home to us, Amy, and we'll do everything in our power to get you well again. After all, you are still my baby and you always will be. So just pick up that phone and tell me what's troubling you... Wherever you are, whatever you need, we're here for you day and night."

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Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere was in Washington, D.C., on Friday, speaking to 22 students from across the country who were honored for environmental achievements as part of the Forecast Earth Summit, sponsored by The Weather Channel.

As her comments showed, our girl seems to be developing quite the activist streak... and we must say, she's quite the natural holding that Weather Channel mic!

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