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In a recent interview with the New York Post's PopWrap, The Hills' Lauren Conrad spoke candidly about her life, the show, and how they clash.

She also talked love and fashion, of course. Excerpts below ...

PW: First off, congratulations on being asked to present at the Emmy Awards - and to design the trophy girls' dresses!

Lauren Conrad: Thanks! They said they've never done that before. I admit I was a little surprised. I didn't even think they'd let me go, so the fact that I'm presenting and designing is pretty amazing.

PW: And transitioning into a full-fledged fashion designer is ultimately the plan, right?

Lauren Conrad: I mean, obviously. It would be so great, but right now the biggest struggle we have with the line is time. I spend most of my weekends on it and if I'm only filming half a day or have a whole day off, that time goes to designing. It would be nice to have a little more time to devote to it.

PW: How much time does filming take out of your life?

Lauren Conrad: On average, four days a week - we're supposed to get a break, but between seasons one and two they gave us a few weeks off and I broke up with my boyfriend [Jason Wahler] and it was a huge thing. Now they don't.

PW: So when was the last time you had four walls all to yourself?

Lauren Conrad: This morning! It's not The Truman Show. The cameras aren't there all the time.

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OK! Magazine has a story about Britney Spears' newly toned and fit figure this week, and unlike the last time they tried this angle, it appears they used a picture NOT from 2003! Everybody, put your hands together for OK!

While vacationing at Las Ventanas resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, in late July, Britney Spears sure looked good as she walked out of the surf in a white bikini that highlighted a tanned, svelte and once-familiar sexy-as-heck figure.

The singer reveals how she successfully regained her lean physique and how she's committed to being a role model to Sean Preston and Jayden James.

"I'm the healthiest I've been all my life," Britney Spears, 26, said.

Britney Spears: The Body is Back

"My diet has a lot to do with getting in shape. I have no sugar. I don't even eat fruit because of the sugar. I eat chicken, salmon and rice. I eat avocados. I'll have egg whites for breakfast and turkey burgers for lunch. I try to do 1,200 calories a day. It may not sound like much, but it's actually a lot if you eat the right things."

Of course, our girl also hits the gym like a madwoman.

The singer's comittment to being healthy is being applauded by trainers like Miami-based trainer and owner of SOMA Fitness & Performance, Adam Cronin.

Cronin says Britney Spears' routine of a 1,200-calorie-a-day, high-protein meal plan is ideal for someone who wants to drop pounds safely and healthily.

"If you do vigorous workouts — plus this eating program — it is possible to lose 12 pounds in 30 days, in a healthy, non fad-like way," the trainer said.

A celebrity diet that actually works and isn't dangerous? Imagine that. And just think - she'll can burn even more calories pummeling her ex-lawyer.

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Britney Spears is looking hot and getting back on track.

That is, until these particular legal bills arrive in the mail.

Stacy Phillips, one of the itinerant members of Spears' legal team, has let it be known that ding dang it, lawyer bills can be bank-breakin' ya'll!

According to a declaration filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the owes a staggering $338,414.87 to Phillips for services rendered.

Phillips only repped Britney from March-June, after Laura Wasser opted out - and didn't even win or strike any deals in Spears' custody case!

Of course, Spears is also on the hook for the legal fees of Mark Vincent Kaplan (the attorney for Kevin Federline). But to give Phillips' robbery a little perspective, K-Fed won - and Kaplan billed a relatively modest $250,000.

Not shockingly, there are rumors of a lawsuit in the works, as Britney Spears' camp is fuming and raising objections to the sum.

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We heart The Hills and its beautiful star, Lauren Conrad. The young starlet is pretty, relatable and seems fairly cool, as well.

But even the Southern California reality TV queen and aspiring designer is not immune to a fashion faux pas. Case in point:

Rihanna in Vogue

Lauren Conrad was spotted leaving her home in tight leather pants and flip flops. Yikes. Careful, LC, the fashion police will pull you over!

At least she's working hard on her appearance in other respects. She got into a limo and headed to a party in Santa Monica, having spent approximately seven hours in the hair salon getting extensions put in earlier in the day.

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Before recapping last night's episode of The Hills - or whatever you call the 10 minutes of show surrounded by 20 minutes of ads - a quick note:

You suck, MTV.

We realize ads pay for the entertainment, and that you want to milk every cent out of your one hit show. But eight straight minutes? Jackasses.


Before 12 Taco Bell ads destroyed our love for it, the fourth season of The Hills started off great. It began at work with Whitney and Lauren.

Lauren is clearly preoccupied about her hot date with Doug Reinhardt later that night. She tells Whitney Port all about it. Giggling ensues.

LC's somewhat-estranged roommate, Audrina Patridge, reveals her weekend plans to amusingly-named Chiara, her co-worker at Epic Records.

Turns out Lauren Conrad is throwing her a birthday bash at the house. Should be a lot of fun, right? Well, Chiara is worried - and not at all prompted by the producers to say so - that tension between Audrina and Lo will ruin it. 

Meanwhile, on The Hills 2.0, a.k.a. SpeidiLand, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are living together again, but little does he know she has told Holly Montag, her sister from Colorado, that she can stay with them for a bit.

When he finds out, Spencer Pratt immediately wants rid of Holly and acts like a total d!ck, rejecting the nice breakfast she made and everything.

He sleeps until noon, then promptly goes back to bed. Apparently man has quite a flexible schedule. No discernible employment will allow that.

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Divorce and baseball woes - Cynthia Rodriguez is poised to take tens of millions of his money and the Yankees are 10 games out of first in the American League East - don’t seem to be keeping slugger Alex Rodriguez down.

A-Rod was spotted in two differnt cities squiring two cuties last week - including one who sources say looks younger version of his estranged wife.

A-Rod Photo

Rodriguez stepped out with a mystery blonde last Wednesday night, starting with a cozy dinner at Dan Marino’s restaurant in South Beach.

No word on whether the potential new base-rounding partner is Alex's type (a.k.a. able to bench press a small car like Joslyn Morse).

The duo showed up around 9 p.m. and shared a “fairly animated” conversation, spies told Page Six. “They looked to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.”

So much so that the third baseman and his date left the eatery and walked to nearby nightspot Bougainvillea. There, they sat at a secluded outside table that was shielded from prying eyes by some well-placed shrubbery.

Alex appears to have moved on from Cynthia Rodriguez quickly.

As Alex Rodriguez and his mystery woman got up to leave around 1 a.m., the pair seemed surprised to be greeted by a celebrity gossip photographer.

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Alleged rocker and former Mischa Barton boy toy Cisco Adler was denied entry to or kicked out of Teddy's at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Sunday.

Perhaps he was too drunk, Teddy's has a dress code he didn't conform to, or the bouncers feared seeing Cisco Adler naked after 12 rum and cokes.

Halloween Douche

Either or. Here's a clip of his dismissal ...


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