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Jamie Lynn Spears' and Britney Spears' mother, Lynne Spears, has turned to God in a desperate bid to keep those fat paychecks rolling in help her two troubled daughters stay strong in these difficult times.

Struggling Lynne has a lot on her mind these days - her eldest daughter has twice been hospitalized for mental illness, and 17-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant - with that baby bump growin' every day!

Britney Spears: Reverse Angle

But the matriarch is philosophical about the family's problems, revealing that she's hoping regular prayers will turn their fortunes around.

In an exclusive interview in the upcoming issue of Life & Style magazine, which surely didn't pay Lynne Spears anything for her insight, she says:

"All I can do is turn to God for money answers and just leave it in his hands."

A classic file photo of a young, innocent Britney Spears along with perennial Mother / Grandmother of the Year candidate, Lynne Spears.

Lynne Spears admits she was "a bit disappointed" when her youngest daughter got pregnant, but now she's resolved to the idea of becoming a grandmother again - and she thinks 17-year-old Jamie Lynn will make a great mom.

As for Britney Spears, Lynne is trying to stay just as positive.

"I pray for Britney every day to be a better mother," Lynne adds.

"She's gone through a lot of trauma, but she seems to be coming out of it - and it's showing in her relationship with [Sean Preston and Jayden James]. They're really bonding."

Those few hours together since December must have been so special.

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Spotted: Lauren Conrad of The Hills, at the Redken Real Control cocktail party at West Hollywood's Warren Tricomi Salon on Wednesday night.

LC was asked about her clothing line, The Lauren Conrad Collection, which has been greeted with both criticism and praise since its debut.

Specifically, some critics believe Lauren and other celebrities (like Heidi Montag and her "Heidiwood" label) have no business in fashion, and are only trading off their names, made famous by reality TV stardom.

Lauren Conrad is famous from The Hills. Does that mean her clothing line should be taken any less seriously? Or is this just how Hollywood works?

LC's take on that very question: "I would not be able to have the line if I didn't have [The Hills] first or I wouldn't be able to have it so soon, but because I was on a reality show, you don't get the respect that you want and ... I have done everything to deserve it as far as all the designing and everything that I would've done, reality show or not. Because I got the opportunity so much sooner, people are quick to criticize."

People may hate on LC sometimes, but as long as there are Hills episodes to watch and Lauren Conrad photos to look at, all is right in our world.

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NFL star, malcontent and Tony Romo teammate Terrell Owens is bitching that he's no porn star, despite a picture of him allegedly walking onto the set of an adult film, as depicted on a hard core adult website.

The photo shows the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver strolling into an adult photo shoot with a huge smile on his face. The shot somehow wound up on, with the clever headline "T.O. Loves Porn."

Terrell Owens? Not thrilled about this development. He immediately dispatched his legal team to clean up the mess, an the story no longer appears.

Owens, Terrell

A cease and desist letter was sent to explaining that Terrell Owens "unknowingly walked into" the sticky situation. Mmm hmm.

Lawyers for the crybaby football star demanded the site take down the pics of Terrell and implicitly "state to the public that these photographs linking Mr. Owens to porn were not done with his consent."

As much as it sounds absurd that he could walk onto the set of a porno by mistake, we must keep in mind that this took place in South Beach.

Maybe he's telling the truth ... and we need a Florida vacation about now.

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McDreamy is no McSteamy, Patrick Dempsey admits.

"I'm not Eric Dane â€" McSteamy is in perfect shape" the Grey's Anatomy star tells the new issue of Parade Magazine. "I definitely have pec envy."

Patrick Dempsey Style

"There's a lot of pressure being a man in this town."

He says his wife of eight years, Jillian, keeps him grounded.

"She always says in the morning, ‘They should see you now!'" jokes Dempsey, who adds that fame "gets very heady ... you've got to be very careful.

"I think I've been managing that well. This is a great opportunity now to really define the next part of my life. I just want to do it right."

Defining the life of Patrick Dempsey these days at home? His daughter Tallulah, 6, and his one-year-old twins, Darby and Sullivan.

"It's like a slapstick routine watching these drunk little men run around because they're so wobbly," he says. "When you see something happen that they couldn't do the day before, it's really heartwarming."

As for what happens tonight with Meredith and Derek? That you'll have to wait and see, although Dempsey says he's "excited" for the couple to finally move forward and grow together.

Patrick and the rest of the Grey's Anatomy cast return at 9 p.m. on ABC. How well do you know the hit medical drama? Follow this link for an exclusive Grey's Anatomy quiz!

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Talentless hack Singer Ashlee Simpson is being a shameless attention whore keeping coy when it comes to those persistent pregnancy rumors.

The 23-year-old sister of Jessica Simpson, who's engaged to Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, tried her best to avoid answering questions regarding whether or not she is with child on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The episode is set to air today, if you really care.

When asked directly, "Are you or are you not pregnant?" Simpson demurred: "Well, that has been going on for quite a while. That is something that I choose personally not to discuss."

That way, we can continue to talk about it and she can sell more albums, you see. Ashlee then skillfully changed the subject.

"Do I look like I had 10 cheeseburgers or something?" she asked the crowd, standing up to show her still-slim figure. "Because I don't think I do."


Ashlee Simpson continues her shameless attempt to milk publicity out of carrying Pete Wentz's love child. She's a Simpson - did you expect better?

Ellen DeGeneres then asked Ashlee Simpson to promise that if she is in fact pregnant, she won't keep fans in suspense as long as Jennifer Lopez did.

"I swear," Simpson responded. "I promise you that. I give you my pinky on that." The two then shared a quick pinky-swear. Barf. This publicity whoring is getting worse all the time.

DeGeneres gave it one last shot, asking quickly, "Is it a boy or a girl?"

But despite being not smart, Ashlee Simpson did not fall for it.

"Ah," she said with a laugh. "You're funny."

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Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford kept his arm around his rumored new girlfriend - Casey Laine - in New York City this past weekend.

Rumored? Hardly. Give us a break. Just look at the searing passion on his face in the picture below and tell us these two aren't dating ...

Chace Picture

Casey Laine sure looks GR8 with Chace Crawford! We hope it's 4 real.

Prior to Casey Laine, Chace Crawford had been romantically linked to American Idol-winning country sensation Carrie Underwood, his co-star Leighton Meester, 30 Rock hottie Katrina Bowden, and former *NSync singer JC Chasez.

Is Laine, who is from Chace's hometown of Dallas, Tx., speaking out about her new relationship with the Gossip Girl star on her MySpace page?

It reads, "Kiss me slow and softly. Make me dream of you."


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Fourth season American Idol champ Carrie Underwood is the May 2008 cover girl for InStyle Magazine, and needless to say, she looks great!

That goes for any sort of wardrobe choice she might make - and the star takes no issue with the fact that she prefers casual to glamorous.

"My personal style changes day to day," Carrie Underwood says. "But at the end of the day, I love sweatpants. I do enough glamming up for awards show and whatnot. So I can wear sweats whenever I want and it kind of evens itself out."

Carrie Underwood is a stylish (read: beautiful) young woman.

"I don't think about awards shows until the day they're there. I try not to stress about them too far in advance. That day, it's just all about looking pretty. So I can just sit back and let everyone do all the work."

Whatever you're doing, Carrie, keep doing it!

The country singer lists Charlize Theron, Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl and Reese Witherspoon as some of her celebrity fashion icons.

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Looks like Billy Zane is no longer seeing Kelly Brook nude.

Well, at least in person. He can always try the Internets like everyone else!

Kelly Brook Photograph

Anyway. There will be no wedding bells for the Titanic star and his fiancée, according to her manager, who confirmed the split.

"We can confirm that Kelly Brook and Billy Zane have split up," Brook's manager, John Fowler, told Us Weekly earlier today.

Brook wasn't wearing her engagement ring at a TV awards show on Sunday.

Zane, 42, and Brook, 28, met while filming the thriller Three in 2004. A handful of people probably saw that and noticed their chemistry.

Hopefully a grieving Billy can replace Kelly with another British model... wonder if Lucy Pinder and/or Keeley Hazell are single?

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Celebrity news and gossip tend to be cyclical.

The good periods involve massive amounts of celebrity fashion train wrecks, DUI arrests, babies, pregnancies, engagements and general news of note.

Britney, Jason, Kevin

It's a happy time for all. But the slow news days, weeks or months? Well, they cause people in the celeb gossip industry to get desperate.

Some cope with the void by digging deep for stories about Peter Sarsgaard and the like. Others simply make news up, no matter how absurd.

Take the Britney Spears story below. In the past, Star Magazine has run very similar articles, even going so far as to run old Britney Spears photos with new headlines, misleading the public into thinking there is actually something worth reading.

We can't help but notice how much Britney Spears' "new bikini body" looks like her old bikini body ... and losing 20 pounds in 30 days? Come on, Star.

Since cleaning up her act a bit, Britney Spears has become less of a train wreck. Which is good, as we really didn't wish to see her die. Yet she makes far less interesting copy nowadays. You may want to just give it up at some point, Star.

You have to hand it to this celebrity gossip magazine on the Suri Cruise birthday / Katie Holmes crying photo and headline, though. Quality pic!

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