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It's official, fans: Katie Holmes is crazy, brainwashed and turning into Victoria Beckham heading to Broadway!

The actress will co-star in a revival of Arthur Miller's All My Sons.

Let's just hope she loses that hideous bob on her head.

Seriously, we've seen some whacked-out celebrity hairstyles before, but WTF is this crap? Is Tom trying to morph Katie Holmes into Posh Spice?

Need... Sleep

Remember when Katie Holmes used to be hot? No, really, she did.

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On the fourth season premiere of The Bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas met 25 eligible men who came from all over just to meet her.

First, she addressed the issue of past, when she had her heart broken by former star of The Bachelor, that moron Brad Womack.

Bachelorette Dance-Off!

Then one by one, men got out of the limo and tried their best to make a good first impression. Some did well... others not.

With a little help from friend and fellow Womack reject Jenni Croft, DeAnna Pappas took on the tough task of axing 10 men in one night.

At the rose ceremony, the natural beauty from Georgia asked Ron, Graham, Eric, Robert, Sean, Ryan, Chris, Paul, Fred, Twilley (!?), Jason, and Brian (Texas) to stay and get to know her better. Ah, The Bachelorette.

We just hope DeAnna finds true happiness with one of these dudes the way Trista Sutter did. There's too much heartbreak in the reality TV world.

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Brody Jenner's dad, Olympic legend Bruce Jenner, isn't a fan of Spencer Pratt - and won't be thrilled if his son is friends with him again.

To make a long story short, and completely absurd, Bruce Jenner blames Spencer for Brody's partying, club-hopping, womanizing ways.

Hills Hotties

"Frankie Delgado's a very bad influence," Bruce told Us Weekly at the Brent Shapiro Foundation Sober Day event in Beverly Hills Saturday.

"And before that, it was Spencer Pratt. He's been brought down by all his friends. It's not really him. He's a homeboy." Alright then.

Bruce Jenner, Brody's dad, is hating on Spencer Pratt. Join the club!

The decathlon champion said his son â€" who has dated Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie and, most recently, model Cora Skinner â€" needs to get married.

"That's the one we want to get married. He needs to settle down!"

Brody's dad is married to Kim Kardashian's mom, Kris, so he's stepbrother to all those crazy Kardashians. Cross them off the list at least.

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Best. Fashion. Face. Off. Ever.

Since Blake Lively and Lauren Conrad are both fresh-faced natural beauties from SoCal, it's not too surprising that they share similar fashion tastes.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

But which Hollywood hottie wore this particular frock better?

The Gossip Girl actress recently filmed scenes in a Foley & Corinna dress, while The Hills star rocked it at the White House Correspondents' Dinner ...

Tough call! Who looks better: Blake Lively or Lauren Conrad?

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Pete and Ashlee who? All we cared about during their lame wedding was the side plot involving Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo, who attended despite breakup rumors. Will Tony and Jessica wed one day? That's today's Face-Off question.

Stand back as The Hollywood Gossip debates ...


YES by Free Britney

To me, it's an easy call. While there will be ups and downs in the coming months, Tony Romo will end up marrying Jessica Simpson because:

  • He's tried to dump her twice already and got roped back.
  • He's obviously gone Hollywood and wants to be famous more than anything, including win playoff games.
  • Those are some gigantic boobs.

Seriously people. After striking out with Carrie Underwood, Alli Sims and Sophia Bush, Romo struck Hollywood gold with Jessica Simpson.

So much money. So much fame. Such huge breasts. So little talent with which to ever upstage him. Such little effort required on his part to keep her pathetic ass satisfied and off his case. Such enormous boobs.

Face it folks. The star QB may try to run, but the pocket will inevitably collapse - as we saw in February when she groveled for him to come back, or last week when Papa Joe guilted him. Like it or not, Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are in this for life.

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This photo of Jamie Lynn Spears' baby bump pretty much speaks for itself. Man, that baby bump is frickin' huge - and growing every time we see it!

Let this be a lesson to all you teenage girls out there.

Heigl and Baby

The next time you think about letting your boyfriend hit that (as Casey Aldridge did), remember that those 45 seconds of bliss may have lasting consequences.

Make him use a condom. Otherwise, you could look like this ...

Jamie Lynn Spears, at just17, is less than two months away from giving birth to a (seemingly large) celebrity baby. Think it will be a boy or a girl?

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We're not sure, but we've been staring at this photo for five minutes and, well, it kinda looks like it! Seriously, can you see a bikini or any sort of clothes on the troubled pop singer? We can't!

It's official, then: She's naked!

Okay, maybe not
. Regardless of whether she's nude, Britney Spears is happy in Costa Rica, where she did some boogie boarding and had some fun in the sun at friend Mel Gibson's home in the Central American country...

Britney Takes Kids Shopping

Britney Spears: Possibly naked. Seemingly normal.

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt rake in tens and thousands of dollars from posing for lame-ass photos and appearing at nightclub openings.

More power to them, we say. Usually.

Speidi Pic

However, a recent TMZ report says that The Hills couple you love to hate racked up a $783 bill at an L.A. restaurant last night - and tipped $16!

Yes, that's a 2 percent tip. Gotta love Spencer Pratt.

Spencer Pratt pimps Heidi Montag to any celebrity photo agency, nightclub or publication willing to listen - but don't expect a good tip from him.

A Hills camera crew was with the gruesome twosome at the time - no surprise there - and a source says that when they stopped filming, the server approached a producer from The Hills about the measly tip.

The producer then forked over $60 from his own pocket to cover Spencer's shortcomings. Come on. Couldn't Heidi Montag just flash them or something?

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While Whitney Port was dining (and hanging) out, Audrina Patridge celebrated her 23rd birthday in Las Vegas Saturday night without her Hills BFFs.

The Hills star drank Grey Goose and Red Bull and goofed off with pals â€" including her mom! â€" while surely pocketing a fat paycheck at club LAX.

Audrina Looks Out

According to Us Weekly, Patridge danced to to Akon's "Smack That" while a female pal slapped her booty, and Madonna's "Four Minutes."

Audrina Patridge celebrates the 23rd anniversary of being born.

At 12:40 a.m., a white-frosted cake decorated with roses arrived. Audrina Patridge â€" who flew in from Hawaii, where she's filming her first movie, Into the Blue 2 â€" grabbed a rose and licked frosting off it. HOT!

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Whitney Port is not a fame-whore like Heidi Montag.

On The Hills, she doesn't even allow MTV to film her personal life.

Hot Whitney Port Pic

She's a class act and the last person we'd expect to be writing this about.

But thanks to a loose dress and just the right angle, a member of the celeb gossip media got some compromising shots of Whitney dining at Ivy...

An unexpected Whitney Port nipple slip photo has surfaced recently.

We have to say, regardless of this photo, that Whitney Port is gorgeous. She and Lauren Conrad are such natural beauties - unlike some stars!

More (uncensored) pics of Whit can be found here.

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