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Miss South Carolina 2007 has come on board the Straight Talk Express.

Ashley Zais, a hot beauty queen and recent graduate of Wofford College, will serve as John McCain's intern coordinator at the campaign's HQ.

She is 21, five-ten, blue-eyed, drop-dead gorgeous and apparently, a Republican. One can only wonder how Cindy McCain feels about this ...

In any case, Ashley met John McCain last year when the senator gave a speech at South Carolina's Newberry College, where her father is president.

Ashley Zais' father is Mitchell Zais, a retired Army general, and a man who McCain became friendly with after Zais published a piece in 2006 critical of how former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's Pentagon had handled the Iraq war.

The rest is nepotism history... hot nepotism history. Check her out:

Ashley Zais: Reason #1 to apply for a John McCain campaign internship!

All we have to say is that Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama had better get on the phone and hire Amber Lee Ettinger as his intern coordinator really quick if he expects to compete with this come November. Yowza.

Ashley Zais, on a side note, is not the same South Carolina beauty queen who became a YouTube legend last year after her painful flub of a paegant question.

That would be Miss Teen South Carolina, Lauren Caitlin Upton!

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Heidi Montag is determined to have a good girls' night out.

Even after Stephanie Pratt reveals that Lauren Conrad could show up at the same club, Goa (like, EVERYbody goes to Goa on Thursdays, OMG).

Heidi Montag Playboy Pic

Heidi is undeterred by the LC factor, musing to Stephanie Pratt that "Maybe this will be the first time it's okay because I feel like she always had a problem with me because of Spencer and now that I'm not really with him... " Sure thing, girl.

At Goa, Heidi spots none other than Justin-Bobby (aka Justin Brescia), and goes to go warn Audrina Patridge about her dirtball ex's presence.

When Lauren Conrad goes to get a drink, Heidi makes her move, deftly avoiding LC and seeing Audrina. Justin-Bobby makes his way over as well.

When LC returns, two of her least favorite people are at her table. W... T... F. She says nothing to either of them directly, but is clearly far from pleased ... this was definitely one of the more awkward scenes in The Hills history.

"Oh my God, I have to leave this table immediately," she declares before grabbing BFF Lauren Bosworth (Lo) and bolting for the Goa doors.

The next day, Audrina Patridge meets up with Justin-Bobby Brescia one-on-one for conversation and drinks. He's a little bit more clean-cut than last season, while mumbling less, but come on, it's still Justin-Bobby. What a loser.

Days later, Heidi Montag goes to Stephanie's condo, only to find the great Spencer Pratt home alone, lounging around as usual. What does he even do in life?

Heidi, who honestly looks like more like a streetwalking hooker in each episode of The Hills, tells him about that night. Spencer doesn't care.

"I know you want to vent about this," the always-honest Spencer Pratt says to her, "but I really have no sympathy for you." SNAP!

As Heidi leaves, Spencer keeps jabbing at her:

"It was great seeing you. Enjoy your space."

Amazing. Finally, Lauren and Lo discuss moving and "getting a house" (code for somehow throwing down $2 million for an L.A. mansion) together. They debate whether or not they should invite Audrina to move in too. They seem torn.

Also torn? Audrina herself. While it seems that neither Audrina, nor LC and Lo, want Audrina to move in with them, she says she's in! Yay... we guess.

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Last night on The Bachelor, Matt Grant met the family of Shayne Lamas - as well as the families of her competition, Chelsea, Noelle, and Amanda.

Matt visited Shayne Lamas' family first and meets her parents separately, since they are divorced. Sadly, A.J. Lamas does not appear.

When she meets her quasi-famous dad, Lorenzo Lamas, he blurts out to Matt Grant that Shayne was just interested in getting on TV when she decided to go on The Bachelor. We're startled to hear this revelation, competely.

Shayne quickly tries to defend herself, saying that she is only there for him. It seems to be good enough for both Matt Grant and for her father Lorenzo, who appreciate what she has to say about herself and her feelings.

Lamas, Shayne

Would Shayne Lamas receive one of the final three roses on this night?

On his date with Chelsea, Matt explains to her family just how serious he is about finding love. After a nice, relaxing meal, Matt heads out - but not before Chelsea says she is falling for him and enjoys time with him.

With Noelle, the two go hiking and ride horses in Colorado. Very pretty. Noelle's family is approving of Matt, but ask tough questions, and Matt is forced to admit that he is falling in love with her - but also with more than one woman.

Finally, Matt Grant visits Amanda, who in a colossal prank, hired actors to play her parents. Her father asked uncomfortable questions as her mother tried to hit on him. When the gag was revealed, Matt was a good sport.

At the rose ceremony, Matt gave roses to Shayne Lamas, then to Amanda and lastly to Chelsea. Matt decided to eliminate Noelle, feeling that their connection came too late. She took the news well by Bachelor standards.

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We know, we said this before, and it turned out to be old photos from 2003 and 2004 that celeb gossip magazines used to fool us all. Such ass clowns.

Seriously, though - these Britney Spears pictures were actually taken this month, and both show the cutest, healthiest Brit we've seen in some time!

Drugged Up and Happy

With the exception of the pack of cigarettes, that is. Oh well. Small victories are still significant at this stage of the game, right? Here's our girl ...

In the past couple of months, Britney Spears has been exercising a lot, staying away from clubbing and showing a positive attitude when it comes to pants.

With a second go-around planned for her How I Met Your Mother gig, and a new tour supposedly in the works, things are really turning around for Brit.

Will she be able to regain some custody of Jayden James or Sean Preston soon? That remains to be seen, and will hinge on a court date next month.

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Alleged singer Jessica Simpson threw birthday boy Tony Romo a 28th b-day celebration he'll never forget: She licked cake off his face!

The PDA-packed bash took place Saturday night at Suite, a lounge in Dallas, where "she sang him 'Happy Birthday,'" reports Dallas' D Magazine.

Jessica Simpson in a Skort

The two really seemed to enjoy the cake, which was in the shape of a Dallas Cowboys star and had Tony Romo's No. 9 jersey number on it.

  "They were kissing with lots of messy cake!" adds a witness. "Jessica Simpson had cake all over her hands and was licking her thumbs."

Adds another D Magazine source, "It was a fun night, but it got too crazy with everyone trying to take pictures and come over. It was insane."

Hot stuff! Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo, who have been dating for about six months, says the source, "are doing great. They are really happy."

With Ashlee Simpson pregnant and engaged, how long is it gonna take for Tony Romo to pop the question - and impregnate that?

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Actress Hayden Panettiere has spoken out in defense of Paris Hilton's airheaded party girl image, insisting the heiress is actually a "genius."

The 18-year-old Heroes star, who has actually been a close friend of Paris Hilton's for several years (?!), says the 27-year-old media slut socialite is actually more level-headed than the dumb "character" she projects to the public.


Hayden Panettiere says of Paris Hilton:

"She's a nice girl and a lot brighter than people give her credit (for) but no one sees her like that because she plays this character all the time."

"She's actually a marketing genius."

You know, she may be right. Paris probably paid Hayden for this positive PR ... diabolical. We're just surprise she didn't defend Kim Kardashian too.

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She won't be appearing on The Hills this season, but not to fear - Kristin Cavallari will soon be back in front of the cameras.

The beautiful Laguna Beach alumna will appear in the independent film Wild Cherry, co-starring Rob Schneider and Rumer Willis.

Kristin Cavallari, Chris Evans

The ensemble comedy centers around an attractive high school senior who plans to lose her virginity to her football player boyfriend.

Former reality star Kristin Cavallari wants a serious acting career.

She soon finds out that her beau only wants to sleep with her so he can include her in the football team's "bang book." Obviously.

Outraged, she and her friends decide to plot revenge. We look forward to seeing Kristin Cavallari act! The flick begins filming in Canada May 7.

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In NFL quarterback news that doesn't involve Eli Manning, Dallas Cowboys star and serial celebrity tail-chaser Tony Romo turns 28 today. Woo hoo!

He may be winless in the playoffs for his career, but Romo has proved to be the ultimate player off the field, snagging Jessica Simpson as his top "receiver."

Pay Attention to Me! ME!!!

Get it? We're saying he gives it to her from... yeah.

So happy birthday, Tony Romo. Hope Jessica's worth your while, seeing as she's cursed your Cowboys from now until your playing days are over!

Despite wearing this pink shirt, Tony Romo seems like a good guy.

We'd love to bash Tony Romo incessantly at The Hollywood Gossip, and okay, at times we do. But the fact remains that he's also been linked to the likes of Sophia Bush, Carrie Underwood and possibly Alli Sims. Not a shabby track record.

What's more, he actually seems like a pretty cool dude in real life - unconcerned with what celeb gossip sites write and able to make fun at himself.

When does your favorite star, football or otherwise, celebrate the day of their birth? Take a look at our fun celebrity birthday calendar and find out now!

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The New York Giants' win in Super Bowl XLII served as a storybook ending to a remarkable season. Three months later, star quarterback Eli Manning ended his tenure as a bachelor in similarly beautiful fashion Saturday.

With friends and family on hand in a lovely and private wedding, Eli Manning said "I do" to his college sweetheart, Abby McGrew, in a breathtaking sunset ceremony on the beach overlooking the Sea of Cortez on Saturday.

Eli Manning, MVP!

Manning, 27, and McGrew, 24, exchanged vows in the sand as waves crashed over rocks behind them at the One&Only Palmilla in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The bride, in a strapless white gown with gold embroidering, carried white roses and walked down the aisle to an altar covered in pink wildflowers.

The beautiful Abby McGrew was joined by six bridesmaids in champagne-colored gowns, while Super Bowl XLII MVP Eli Manning and his six groomsmen, including brothers Cooper and Peyton Manning, all wore sharp khaki suits.

"Welcome to one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever presided over," the minister said to begin the evening, according to the News.

The brief ceremony took just about 15 minutes and a reception followed on the beach. Congratulations to the happy couple!