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A surprisingly upbeat (and pretty darn svelte) Britney Spears was seriously pumped up Wednesday at a Bally Total Fitness gym in Studio City, Calif.

It's great to see her smile, but you gotta wonder, what is Britney Spears so psyched about? Our interns came up with their Top 10 theories ...

  1. Got invited out to In-N-Out Burger later.
  2. She heard hair extensions were back in style.
  3. Found an extra cigarette in her g-string drawer.
  4. Kristy Lee Cook finally got voted off American Idol.
  5. Heard pal Lucy Walsh is doing well on Rock the Cradle.
  6. Remembered Jamie Lynn Spears' birthday (she's a tad slow).
  7. Learned that her lawyers are currently giving K-Fed a hard time over his spending habits and trying to get her out of paying his legal bills.
  8. Papa Jamie forgot to do his daily underwear check this morning.
  9. Just remembered that she earns like $700,000 a month in royalties and no longer does any actual work.
  10. Just realized that she is responsible for far more celebrity photos than any other star on The Hollywood Gossip dot com!

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And you thought she was a celebrity fashion train wreck already.

The mother ship should be coming soon to retrieve Mary-Kate Olsen, so take a long look and appreciate the former Full House actress while you can.

Kylie Jenner Fashion

Soon enough, Mary-Kate - along with her burlap sack, bile-colored bag and that retired Ukrainian socialite's aerobics headband - will be taken back to her home planet. Let us pause to commemorate this moment in celebrity fashion history.

  Love it or hate it? Tell us what you think of Mary-Kate Olsen's "style."

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Super Bowl hero Eli Manning and his fiancée, Abby McGrew, are planning a private wedding this weekend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

"It will be small, just friends and family," a friend of the New York Giants quarterback is quoted as telling New York's Daily News.

Eli Manning Picture

The engaged couple will reportedly fly to Mexico today, in anticipation of their Saturday event at the posh One & Only Palmilla resort.

On Saturday, says the Daily News, the wedding party will include Eli Manning's brothers, Super Bowl XLI champ Peyton and older sibling (and former Ole Miss receiver) Cooper, as well as their parents, Olivia and Archie Manning.

The Giants' Eli Manning vanquished the evil Patriots of New England in Super Bowl XLII. What better way to celebrate than marrying Abby McGrew?

Eli Manning and Abby McGrew, a 24-year-old Nashville native, got engaged just over a year ago, after he reportedly popped the question about signing her to a lifetime deal during a quiet night in their Hoboken, N.J., condo.

The two had met while both students at the University of Mississippi, and Abby McGrew is currently an account executive for Pamela Roland, a designer of evening wear and wedding dresses. They're very cute together.

Earlier this month, the bride-to-be's father, Tom McGrew, confirmed the couple's upcoming wedding, telling the New York Post from his Tennessee home:

"It's toward the end of April. It's private."

Congratulations to Eli and Abby from all of us at The Hollywood Gossip. Maybe this will spur other Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson to tie the knot!

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We've concluded there aren't nearly enough reality TV shows. Especially not in the summertime. Sure, there may be, oh, 100 of them already. But there's always room to be found in our TV-loving, pop-culture worshiping hearts.

Here's a list of reality shows we'd like to see this season ...

I Love New Jersey: Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi compete against each other to determine who has more love for The Garden State.

Living Lively: Follow Gossip Girl star Blake Lively on and off the set of her hit CW series. Featuring cameos by co-star Penn Badgley!
Prancer with the Stars: Santa's reindeer takes a sleigh-pulling break to hang out with D-list celebrities. Okay, maybe we'll shelve this one 'til winter.

Keeping up with Ray J: Who cares about Kim and the other Kardashians. Let's take a look inside the life of the playa / sex tape cameraman himself!

Past Lovers

Wondering what Ray J is up to? Find out on an all-new episode!

Jailbait: Hayden Panettiere hosts a new dating show in which one bachelor must choose a bride from a group of 20 girls... half of whom are under 18!

Mel's Kitchen: Hidden cameras in Mel Gibson's kitchen capture him throwing out potato latkes, tearing up Chinese food menus and stabbing Kosher hot dogs with a menorah. What we're saying here is that he's not a fan of Jews.

Probation Nation: A glimpse inside the meetings between Jason Wahler and other troubled celebrities with their various probation and parole officers.

Port of Call: Stylish Whitney Port gets her own spin-off of The Hills and takes us even further inside the cutthroat world of fashion design and marketing.

LC-Ya! The Hills rules, but isn't it time for a Whitney Port spin-off?

Survive Her: Jeff Probst is locked in a room with... Hillary Clinton, Dina Lohan, Paris Hilton, Heidi Montag and other painful females. Good luck, buddy!

Iraq's Next Top Model: Hopeful contestants attempt to walk down the runway without any help at all from Tyra Banks or any American beauties. No finale date in sight. Runway may also contain land mines and roadside bombs.

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No one is accusing Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton of anything resembling the lack of personal hygiene exhibited by "rocker" Cisco Adler.

Her political tactics, however, are growing dirtier by the day.

In Philadelphia during last night's debate, the New York Senator threw all she had and more at her opponent, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

Grasping at straws and resorting more than ever to personal attacks, it was the kind of display only an ardent supporter like Perez Hilton could love.

As for the Cisco kid, well, Mr. Adler not running for office (thankfully). But man, has this guy showered since 2003? The man just exudes dirty.

The hairy WhiteStarr singer may have shagged Kimberly Stewart, Lydia Hearst and Mischa Barton and who knows what other celebrities, but he will always he the greasy dude with the hat, tube socks and giant balls to us.

Tell us: Who's dirtier in their own way: Cisco Adler or Hillary Clinton?

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Good riddance, Osama! Britney Spears' former confidant and evil manipulator, Sam Lutfi, has agreed to stay away from the pop star through July 31.

This fact was revealed in a Los Angeles courtroom late Wednesday.

The epitome of a bad seed, Sam Lutfi was slapped with restraining order back in February, after Spears' mother, Lynne, accused him of drugging Britney, and her father, Jamie, became legally in charge of the pop star's estate.

Such orders can be extended to up to five years in certain cases.

No word on why Sam Lutfi declined to fight the restraining order.

Meanwhile, Jamie Spears and his attorney, Andrew Wallet, remain in legal control over her affairs, with Brit's brother Bryan Spears a trustee.

Their conservatorship will be reviewed by the court on July 31 - but it's expected that, given their recent progress, the control will be extended.

Another hearing regarding Spears' estate is set for today. The singer has been doing her thing, even returning to the recording studio yesterday.

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Troubled pop singer Britney Spears returned to the recording studio this week with her former manager, Larry Rudolph. But it's nothing serious.

"We went into the studio, but it was just for fun - nothing more," Larry Rudolph said of their visits to a studio in Burbank, Calif., Monday and Tuesday.

"She just wanted to go in and tinker around," a source says. "She sat at a piano and got some ideas. She played the piano and sang a bit. She enjoyed herself."

Britney Spears, who used to be a pretty well-known recording artist, has not been in a recording studio, or pants, for much of the past year.

There, Spears played old and new tunes, the source says, adding, "she wanted to go in and get her creativity going. It was a really positive experience for her."

Spears and Rudolph, who produces MTV's Rock the Cradle, "are not at the stage where they are talking business," nor is this studio visit a start of a new project.

But stay tuned. In other Britney Spears news, she's got a hearing coming up May 6 that may allow her to regain some custody or visitation with her kiddies!

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Well, first, she'll have to bring sanity back. As for bringing sexy back, that may be a lost cause, although some celeb gossip sites have been helping her out by using older, hotter Britney Spears pictures from 2003-2004 on their covers.

Bad jokes aside, the embattled pop princess may get a chance to return to more normal patterns of visitation with her sons Jayden James and Sean Preston.

The troubled star will appear before L.A. County Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon on May 6 - that is, unless she bails at the last second as usual - to plead for restoration of overnight visits with her two little boys.

Britney will be accompanied by her dad and lawyers, however, so as long as Jamie Spears does his customary underwear check, she should be good.

DRIVING MISS CRAZY: Will Britney Spears see the kiddies more often?

According to a source, Spears - who was hospitalized twice earlier this year after psychotic meldowns - may get one sleepover a week if things go well:

"Britney wants Sean Preston and Jayden James back and she will do everything in her power to make that goal a reality," said the insider.

It is widely believed that while he is worried about Spears' stability, her ex, Kevin Federline, is not trying to stop her from visitation or custody out of spite. In fact, he would welcome it - so long as Britney is deemed capable.

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Remember Justin-Bobby, the brooding dirtbag who made a run at Spencer Pratt's title of most hated villain on The Hills last year? Two pieces of news:

  • He returns to The Hills next week.
  • He is apparently a fashion model now.

Yes, according to E! Online, Justin-Bobby (real name Justin Brescia) has been up to more than mumbling incoherently, not showering, riding his motorcycle and breaking Audrina Patridge's poor heart. He's been modeling.

Lauren Conrad Hairstyle

The shaggy-haired reality TV star recently re-surfaced in a modeling book for Orthodox, a menswear label represented by People's Revolution. Check it out...

You can't quite absorb his full dirtbag aura from these Justin-Bobby modeling photos alone, but we sense Mr. Brescia will remind us of that soon enough.

People's Revolution, ironically, is the same PR agency Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are currently working for. An E! insider swears it's a coincidence:

"The designer just so happens to be friends with Justin," the source says. "There is no People's Revolution connection or to The Hills."

As for whether Justin-Bobby Brescia is still seeing Audrina Patridge nude? That we will have to wait for next week's episode to figure out. Unlike Lauren, Heidi and even Whitney, Justin-Bobby has remained out of the public eye for months.