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Already the owner of several mansions, Britney Spears went house hunting in the Beverly Hills and Brentwood neighborhoods Tuesday - with a new guy!

Following in the footsteps of Daimon Shippen, Spears' new man is still a mystery, but he is supposedly named Robert and is believed to be a real estate agent.

Britney Federline

Surely he's a real pro. How nice of Robert to pump her ... gas, that is. He was seen filling up the tank of Britney's car last night. What a gentleman!

Britney Spears and Robert, the new fellow she may be sorta dating.

While that creep Sam Lutfi is supposedly taking over Britney's life, he appears to be motivated primarily by money and celebrity, not by Britney's poontang. So there's room in her romantic life right now ... will Robert fill the void!?

Stay tuned. In the meantime, here's a video of Britney and Robert, too ...


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Yes, he's dreamy, she admits. But Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester is deflecting talk of a real-life romance with her co-star, Chace Crawford.

"For the record, it's not true!" Meester told People at The Help Group's Annual Teddy Bear Ball, where CW chief Dawn Ostroff was being honored.

Gossip Girl Meets Star Trek

This admission by Leighton Meester follows a story in yesterday's New York Post suggesting that Crawford and Carrie Underwood had broken up and that Leighton Meester had been seen kissing her Gossip Girl co-star off-set.

Leighton Meester does call Chace Crawford one of her favorite co-stars.

"I'm really close to Chace," Leighton said. "We're really good friends."

The two attended the Teddy Bear gala, though there were no palpable signs of them dating, such as Chace and Leighton sucking face or anything. It didn't happen.

Crawford, who has been spotted Carrie Underwood many times this fall, sat next to another Gossip Girl co-star, Blake Lively, while Meester sat across the table.

Lively, for one, says she's sick of all this celebrity gossip.

"One thing I've noticed is that fans kind of want everybody to be their character," she said. "Like Leighton [dating] Chace, and me and Leighton hating each other. Those are our characters on the show. That's not us in real life."

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This week, Heroes concluded its latest "chapter" on NBC as the writers strike has apparently cut the lackluster second season of the sci-fi smash short.

That said, we can return to focusing on the love life of Hayden Panettiere... or lack thereof. Spotted by TMZ this week, a curt Hayden sort of put to rest rumors that she has been dating co-star Milo Ventimiglia... or that she even knows who he is!

A Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pic

When Hayden and mother / friend of Mario Lopez, Leslie Panettiere, were spotted leaving Orso, the hot TV cheerleader was asked by celebrity news media if she was going to spend the holidays with Peter Petrelli (Milo's character on Heroes).

Her initial response: "Who?" Well, we'll take that as a no.

  Hayden Panettiere: She's on the market, people!

She's also not getting back together with Laguna Beach alum / ex-boyfriend Stephen Colletti, so now's your chance, guys. Time to make your move! Psst... tell her you care a lot about the safety and protection of marine mammals.

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What do Kate Walsh, Taye Diggs, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson have in common? You guessed it. They're all really hot!

Oh, and they're all doing everything they can to generate interest and money for their beloved Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama!

Jessica Biel, other stars and musical acts Goo Goo Dolls and Ne-Yo - are coming together to support their pick for the nation's highest office at the "Los Angeles Generation Obama Concert" Tuesday at L.A.'s Gibson Amphitheater.

Barack Obama can count on Jessica Biel's support! 

The 46-year-old political upstart has long been a favorite of celebrities such as the influential Oprah Winfrey. Event organizers said in a statement Tuesday:

"The Los Angeles Generation Barack Obama concert will expand our grassroots base in Southern California and help translate our enthusiasm into an organization ready to educate voters about why Senator Barack Obama is the best candidate to bring America change they can believe in."

Barack Obama, who is running a solid second to Hillary Clinton in most polls, has certainly built a huge lead in celebrity gossip buzz, at least.

Open to the public, passes to attend next week's Democratic fundraiser can be obtained at Barack Obama's official site if you are interested.

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The new issue of Us Weekly features an interview with notorious Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Raj Kanodia â€" who has operated on the likes of Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, etc. Yeah, yeah. We know. Everyone gets plastic surgery, even Heidi Montag and Ashley Tisdale. We get it - and are over it!

The real story in this issue, if you ask this celebrity news site, is teased on the top right corner of the cover! That's our boy Sam Lutfi, baby! Check it out ...

Sam Lutfi Us Weekly Cover!

Meet Sam Lutfi, the "creep" controlling Britney Spears.

We've been following the "career" of Sam Lutfi (sometimes misspelled Lufti), who, like Alli Sims, many observers feel is a negative influence and enabler in the pop star train wreck's life, since he emerged on the gossip scene earlier this year.

Now Us alleges he has a "scary past." Is that code for "Al Qaeda terrorist?"

Regardless of his intentions and past, you can't escape Sam Lutfi nowadays, whether he's accompanying Spears shopping on Thanksgiving, clubbing with her or shooting down rumors of Britney being pregnant with the love child of one J.R. Rotem.

But who is this mystery man? The 33-year-old "film producer" organized her 26th birthday party and stays overnight at her homes â€" platonically, he claims.

But sources say Sam Lutfi has a shady past including two restraining orders against him for verbal and physical attacks, and - hope you are sitting down for this - has gone by the aliases Osama N. Lutti and Osamah N. Lutfi.

In 2005, Jumana Issa, a business acquaintance, claims Sam Lutfi "harassed me repeatedly with obscene e-mails, offensive faxes, voice mails, out-of-control behavior and outrageous telephone hang-ups (around 15 to 30 a day)."

In one fax, Sam Lutfi scolded: "Peel yourself away from all the candy ... and overhangin [sic] belly ... and answer my e-mails." Classy!

His former neighbor, Douglas Snoland, filed a complaint in 2004, alleging that Lutfi tried to kick down his door when he suspected Snoland of having his car towed. Snoland also accused Lutfi of wanting to kill his 73-year-old, disabled mother.

As for his past work history, Lutfi is listed as a producer of the 1998 B-movie Bug Buster. The movie's actual producer / director, Lorenzo Doumani, says Sam was his $350-a-week assistant and "a hustler type... a fast-talking kid."

Understandably, Britney Spears' family and friends worry he is in her life under false pretenses. "They are frightened," a source close to her parents, Jaime and Lynne Spears, reveals. "They know she is being taken advantage of. She's so desperate for friends at this point that it's easy once you get in there."

  Wow. The Hollywood Gossip looks forward to reviewing this and other stories and bringing you the latest on Sam Lutfi and Britney Spears.

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This piece of celebrity gossip would fit right in on an episode of Gossip Girl. It appears that American Idol winner Carrie Underwood is single again - and the reason is the wandering eye of her most recent boyfriend, Chace Crawford.

Carrie Underwood and Chace Crawford have been spotted together on numerous occasions this fall, and have smiled and gushed about each other in interviews.

Lil Rounds Performance Pic

But, according to the New York Post, things unraveled because several weeks ago, Crawford was seen making out with some blonde - who wasn't Carrie Underwood.

Carrie Underwood may have to act out some of the scenes her "Before He Cheats" music video if these rumors of Chace Crawford's recent cheating are proven true.

Sources suggest this mystery blonde may have been Katrina Bowden.

Then, last Wednesday night at New York City's Beatrice Inn, Chace and his cute Gossip Girl co-star, Leighton Meester, were seen sucking face - and this didn't involve a scene for their CW series, on which they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP NOTE: That would be the same Big Apple locale Heath Ledger allegedly bagged Lindsay Lohan at. That's all we've got.

We'll have more on this story as it develops. All we have to say for now is that we are here if you need us, Carrie. You just need a nice, normal guy who will commit to you... not these Chace Crawford / Tony Romo players. Jerks.

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As anyone at The Hollywood Gossip could have predicted, Britney Spears was just about to bail on her music video shoot - until her record label threatened to use the video dancers and location for a younger, rising Aussie starlet!

The New York Post reports that Britney Spears was supposed to show up at Social Hollywood to shoot the video for "Piece of Me," but was, of course, hours late.


When it looked like Spears was going to be a no-show, Jive decided to refit the set for another pop act, Samantha Jade, and her single "Eyes on Me."

"Jive hired Wayne Isham to direct, had the backup dancers there - hair, makeup and everything," a Post source said. "But [Spears] refused to show up. Jive was upset. They were paying everyone overtime. Finally, Britney showed up - 12 hours late - after they said they were going to give the video shoot to Samantha Jade."

Jade, a rising star on the label, was told to be on call to shoot a music video for her single "Eyes on Me." Rather than write off the shoot's expense, the record label was set to have Jade step in and use the team assembled for Spears' video.

"They were going to recalibrate it for Samantha Jade, because it was too expensive to just scrap," the source told the Post. "Britney finally showed up when she realized a new, younger, hotter girl was about to take her slot."

Samantha Jade, left, nearly replaced her fellow Jive artist, Britney Spears.

Saturday, Spears celebrated her 26th birthday, but had to deal with scene-stealing pal Paris Hilton, who showed up at the Scandinavian Mansion of Style in Bel-Air.

"Britney was inside with Sam Lutfi and Alli Sims," a partygoer said. "When Paris saw Britney leaving, she desperately raced out to walk her to her car."

Spears wanted to call her ex-husband, Kevin Federline - but had to borrow Paris Hilton's cellphone "because she could not find her own," a source said.

The desperate"Piece of Me" singer actually invited Kevin to join her at the club during the 1 a.m. call. Not surprisingly, FedEx had other things on his mind.

"Britney begged him to come out with her," a source said, "[but] Kevin reminded her that one of them needed to actually be a parent and take care of [Jayden James and Sean Preston] ... Then she hung up on him. Kevin said she was drinking."

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Any episode of The Hills is a must-watch for us, but the penultimate Season Three offering was particularly stellar Monday night. Let's get down to business, shall we?

With a little cajoling from pal Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad decided to be a bit more proactive in pursuing Brody Jenner. At a Halloween party at LC's pad, LC defeated him at beer pong, though you could argue that Brody Jenner, dressed as Robin to Frankie Delgado's Batman, was a beaten man by the time he walked in the door.

In typical fashion, however, the palpable chemistry between the two did not result in any hookups as Brody and Frankie left the party early. On a dinner date later in the week - after a funny scene in which Lauren read off the list of babes in Brody's phone - both LC and Brody seemed hesitant to ask the other for a commitment.

It wasn't all bad news at the Halloween party, though. Finally free of Justin-Bobby (real name Justin Brescia), Audrina Patridge has turned her romantic attention to Corey, an easy-going and fun-lovin' Australian fellow who seems very nice.

Lauren couldn't help but rattle off Corey's list of upgrades over Justin-Bobby:

  • He returns telephone calls
  • He likes to kiss
  • He showers

It's hard to argue, as usual, with the logic and wisdom of LC. Needless to say, her roomie and BFF Audrina Patridge is back on the right track with her new man.

Both of the primary couples on the third season of The Hills - Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt / Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad - debated their futures last night.

On The Hills 2 - as The Hollywood Gossip staff terms alternate universe featuring Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag - tensions rose and a fight for the ages ensued.

At the beginning of the episode, Heidi confided in Spencer's little sister, Stephanie Pratt, about her pre-wedding hesitations and frustrations. Heidi even went so far as to say she is nervous and might want to postpone the wedding day a bit.

Stephanie Pratt, out of concern for her brother, later defied Heidi's orders and told Spencer about this as he went to pick up their save-the-date cards.

He was far from thrilled. Spencer accused Heidi of not wanting to marry him at all because she wants to push the date back. Heidi shot back that she's the only one who sacrifices anything. And so on. Staged or not, this was one hell of an argument. Heidi warned Spencer as he stormed out, "If you leave, don't come back!"

The climactic spat might have resonated more with our staff if we didn't see Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt photos every day in the tabloids, but no matter. It was
one of the better moments from one of the best episodes of The Hills ever.

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Depends on when and where you catch him! In the current Us Weekly, the tabloid quotes the lame singer as telling friends: "I am single, and Minka is not my girlfriend."

Hmmm. Someone should probably tell Minka Kelly that!

After all, John Mayer likes playing the field.

The large-headed, 30-year-old crooner was spotted "kissing, holding hands" and dirty dancing with ex-flame Cameron Diaz at GoldBar in N.Y. City November 30.

But Monday, he dined with Minka Kelly, the 27-year-old Friday Night Lights star, at the Waverly Inn. They continued their night at the hot spot Butter.

John Mayer, Minka Kelly

John Mayer loves Minka Kelly... as long as his friends don't know.

Photographers taunted the couple, asking John Mayer if he thought Cameron Diaz's body "was a wonderland," a play off an awful but popular song he wrote.

John Mayer �" who once said that the love song was about another ex-girlfriend of his, the newly engaged Jennifer Love Hewitt �" called the comment "tasteful."

"You should go on stage," Mayer jokingly told the members of the celebrity news media, who had begun serenading him with his own song.

Bottom line? Minka Kelly had been keep close watch on her heart. John Mayer has seen Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt nude. As bad as his music may be, it enables him to gain access into many pairs of celebrity pants.

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