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Back from her Mexican getaway, alleged singer Britney Spears wastes no time indulging in another of her favorite pastimes: shopping!

The star visited Paige Premium Denim, a boutique on L.A.'s trendy Robertson Blvd., where there are never any paparazzi whatsoever.

Good to see Britney Spears back from vacation. How does it even count as a vacation when one does no work of any sort? A question for the ages, indeed.

Britney (with young Sean Preston) is the subject of this week's Caption Contest. You still have a day to play before we announce a winner!

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The acting bug has bitten Lauren Conrad. Sort of.

Enduring no hazing whatsoever, the leading lady of MTV's The Hills will be appearing in an episode of ABC Family's college soap, Greek.

She'll be doing what she does best, playing herself.

Explains series creator Sean Smith, Lauren Conrad — who will shoot her scene in early September for an episode airing October 28 — is going to be playing a spiritual adviser of sorts to Spencer Grammer's character.

"It's a dream sequence in which Casey and LC are best friends. Casey has a big decision to make, and she's like, 'LC, what do I do? Advise me!'" he reveals, adding that Casey holds Lauren Conrad in very high esteem.

Although there are no direct references to The Hills in the script, Smith says the scene has a vibe that definitely calls the show to mind:

"There are a lot of 'likes' to make it sound more conversational."

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We've already debated which young Disney star is the next Miley Cyrus. But for this afternoon's Face-Off, our staff focuses on a different question regarding young starlet. Specifically, whether she's still as pure as we're led to believe...


YES by Hilton Hater

In a world of sex tapes and naked photos, Miley Cyrus is as pure as a fresh snowfall.

The allegedly racy photos of the young singer never depict her in anything less than underwear. That would be considered bundling up for truly promiscuous celebs such as Tila Tequila.

If Miley says she's a virgin, I see no reason to disbelieve her. What proof does anyone have to the contrary? A Vanity Fair photo shoot featuring her covered by a sheet?


Aside from Cyrus' word, let's look at her schedule. She's often on tour. She's the star of her own TV show. When would Miley even have time to find a boyfriend and build up the sort of trust needed to allow him into her precious garden of love?

Miley Cyrus has given us such hit songs as "7 Things" and "See You Again."

The least we can do in return is give her the benefit of the virginal doubt.

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The drama continues for Morgan Freeman.

Days after he and Demaris Meyer, a family friend, were involved in a very serious car accident, Freeman's business partner says the acclaimed actor and his wife of 24 years, costume designer Myrna Colley-Lee, have split.

Morgan Freeman Picture

Mississippi-based attorney Bill Luckett tells Access Hollywood that the couple "are involved in a divorce action."

Luckett adds that "for legal and practical purposes, [Morgan Freeman and Myrna Colley-Lee] have been separated since December of 2007."

The couple met in 1976 when both were working off-Broadway. Morgan Freeman has four children from previous marriages.

The news comes as Morgan Freeman is recovering in a Memphis hospital following his accident Sunday. His rep said the actor is "doing well" after doctors reconnected nerves and repaired damage to his left arm and hand Monday.

He is expected to be released in a few days.

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Based on a glance at either of the two celebrity gossip tabloids below, one would think Jennifer Aniston is pregnant and/or engaged.

Then one remembers the following:

  1. These same celebrity news rags published multiple made-up stories about Britney Spears, some of them so concocted that they featured (failed) efforts to pass off photos from 2003 and 2004, respectively.
  2. The covers below don't actually say anything concrete.
  3. John Mayer may be great in the sack, but he's not marriage material. "Waiting on the World to Change?" Come on.

See this groundbreaking Jennifer Aniston "news" for yourself ...

Pregnant Jennifer Aniston?

For whatever reason, Star wants us to believe that Jennifer Aniston cares about the Brangelina twins to the point of obsession. And our guess is that "Jen & John's backyard ceremony" was actually a barbecue. Same thing, right, OK!?

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Note to celebrities: Do not stonewall the Feds.

Despite her claim that she has no information that would help clear up the mystery of Heath Ledger's overdose death, Mary-Kate Olsen has been issued a subpoena by the Drug Enforcement Administration office in New York.

The DEA order requires her to testify in front of a grand jury.

In a statement issued Monday, Mary-Kate Olsen's lawyer said that the frail actress had nothing to do with the drugs that killed Heath Ledger and that she has already cooperated with police in the investigation.

Celebrity news media outlets also reported that Mary-Kate Olsen refused to speak to investigators unless she was granted immunity from prosecution.

Access Hollywood broke the news about the subpoena on Tuesday night. No timeline has been given Mary-Kate Olsen might be called to testify.

Five different medications were found in Ledger's body at the time of his death, three of which he'd gotten from doctors in Texas and Los Angeles.

Officials are trying to determine how the late actor had the OxyContin and Vicodin found in his apartment without a legal prescription.

Olsen was the first person Ledger's housekeeper called after his masseuse found the actor dead from an accidental overdose January 22.

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Hollywood is learning that reality bites. Residents of a quiet area between Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards are up in arms over the ongoing filming of The Hills at Lauren Conrad's residentce, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The Hills producers and city officials say the neighborhood unrest (which has been building for some time) is overblown - and fanned in part by a resident of the same street who produces a competing reality TV show (!?).

The real-life drama has at times eclipsed that of The Hills. One incident involved a brawl between residents and producers, another an alleged knife fight between celebrity news photographers on a homeowner's lawn.

The recent controversy over The Hills comes amid debate over the practices of the celebrity news and gossip media in general, and what some suggest is disruptive filming taking place throughout Los Angeles County.

Security guards and cops are regular fixtures in Lauren Conrad's 'hood.

The Orange Grove Ave. dispute is unique in that many of those who live on the tree-shaded street are themselves part of the entertainment biz.

Residents describe their neighborhood as a kind of Mayberry tucked between the Sunset Strip and Hollywood's touristy area. Until this, they say, the street has been known more for its potluck block parties than celebrities.

That all changed when The Hills' leading lady purchased her three-bedroom, Mediterranean-style villa in the 1600 block of Orange Grove on February 1.

The weekend Lauren Conrad and friends Audrina Patridge and Lauren Bosworth moved in, a 15-person MTV production crew was there to film it.

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Even Lauren Conrad realizes there's more to life than The Hills.

LC is giving up the surfboard she won at this year's Teen Choice Awards for living her life on reality TV to someone a lot more deserving - a 13-year-old Leukemia patient who was up for the $100,000 Do Something Award.

Lauren Conrad 17 Cover

Lauren Conrad met the kid, Pat Pedraja, at a Teen Choice pre-party Saturday.

There, she presented him with $10,000 check from Do Something for his work recruiting bone marrow donors from minorities across the country.

Not only that, The Hills star personally slipped him a new iPod Touch she filled with her favorite music (not sure if that's a good thing).

It's nice to hear a story like this from a celebrity - especially our girl, who has gotten some bad PR of late. Good job, Lauren!

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Kathy Hilton already issued a terse response. Now Paris Hilton herself is hitting back against John McCain, who for some reason used a clip of her in a recent campaign ad to ridicule rival Barack Obama's celebrity status.

Below, in a new video for (it's a no-brainer which one we choose), Paris slings some mud of her own at "that white haired dude."

Todd Phillips and Paris Hilton