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Even if you aren't obsessed with Meredith and McDreamy, most people know at least a little about Grey's Anatomy, one of the biggest shows on TV.

Far fewer people know about Gray Matters, a romantic comedy about a brother, sister and the girl of both of their dreams. Heather Graham stars as Gray.

While we don't know much about this classic 2006 film aside from what we wrote in the previous sentence, there's some hot girl-on-girl action in it!

In the video clip below, Bridget Moynahan and Heather Graham make out and we have to tell you, it's not an un-hot scene. We're not sure when Heather Graham's career completely derailed, but if it means scenes like this, we're psyched!


One has to be happy for Bridget Moynahan, too. Sure, she lost a hottie in Tom Brady, but Heather Graham isn't a bad piece of rebound lesbian action.

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Hey, you gotta beat the crowds.

The Hollywood Gossip Celebrity of the Year finalist Suri Curise decided to go shopping this weekend, and dragged along her usual baggage - her mom Katie Holmes, who has recently been noted for adopting Suri's bob hairstyle.

Strolling in the Sunshine

Then again, when you've got the cutest celebrity baby on the planet, why not try to ride her coattails a little! We're eagerly awaiting Suri's major movie debut...

Suri Cruise with Kate, as Tom Cruise calls Holmes, shoppin' 'til they drop.

Mom and daughter hit the Grove shopping center in Hollywood, Calif., where they scored some goods at (fittingly) Pottery Barn Kids on December 7.

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Amy Winehouse's estranged mother, Janis Winehouse, penned an open letter to her daughter, 24, urging her to come home and seek help. She writes:

"We want to help you, but we know that unless you want to be helped, unless you come to us â€" anything we tried would be in vain. So this letter is my way of making sure you know ... that all you have to do is come home to us, Amy, and we'll do everything in our power to get you well again. After all, you are still my baby and you always will be. So just pick up that phone and tell me what's troubling you... Wherever you are, whatever you need, we're here for you day and night."

Blake and Wino

The full version of Amy's mother's letter was published in the UK's News of the World. It's very nice, heartfelt and, of course, likely to fall upon deaf ears.

Amy Winehouse looking pretty coherent... relatively speaking of course.

The singer has faced some hard times lately. She nixed her tour to support her incarcerated husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, who is being held without bail after allegedly trying to buy off a witness in a pending assault case against him.

Winehouse was recently spotted wandering the streets of London in the middle of the night in just a bra and jeans, looking for her dealer having been asleep.

In a recent statement, Amy Winehouse â€" who nabbed six Grammy nominations in spite of her personal woes â€" apologized to fans for the recent troubles.

"Thank you for all your kind letters and emails," she said. "I am grateful for all your support."



A few weeks after her infamous porn shop thievery, the incomparable Britney Spears continued her five finger discount shopping Friday.

As we discussed over the weekend, the alleged singer made a pit stop at a Sherman Oaks, Calif., Chevron gas station, where she bogarted a lighter.

Britney Spears' Ring?

"I stole something," Britney Spears sarcastically told photographers as she walked out of the station with a $1.39 lighter. "Ohhhh, I'm bad!"

Manager Sham Bahia laughed off the incident.

"If I see her, I'm going to ask for the money," he told Us Weekly. "She's a thief. I don't know if she really wanted the lighter or just wanted to make a story."

The goods and services Britney Spears wants, Britney Spears takes.

Alas, Britney Spears was left off the hook when a someone returned to the scene of the crime Saturday and paid the man for it. No, it wasn't Osama Lutfi tapping into his vast coffers, but rather someone from a celebrity photo agency.

"[The manager] didn't want me to pay for it at first," said photographer Shane Partridge. "I told him it was no bother. I just felt like I should, you know?"

We know. Perhaps, in the future, maybe Britney should be a little more grateful to the celebrity news photographers who frequently come to her rescue.



Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere was in Washington, D.C., on Friday, speaking to 22 students from across the country who were honored for environmental achievements as part of the Forecast Earth Summit, sponsored by The Weather Channel.

As her comments showed, our girl seems to be developing quite the activist streak... and we must say, she's quite the natural holding that Weather Channel mic!

Hayden Panettiere Fashion

We'd get our weather forecasts from Hayden Panettiere if we could. Every morning would be bright and sunny with a 100 percent chance of sweltering heat!

If you know what we mean. Today's forecast was overcast the last time we looked, but got about 10 degrees hotter since we saw these Hayden Panettiere photos!



We can't say with certainty that Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend are built to last, but they sure looked cozy on some recent nights out.

Braving snowy N.Y. weather while out for a walk in the SoHo neighborhood with beau of at least a year, Rupert Friend, Keira Knightley was somehow able to keep warm despite her thin frame. Phew.

The next night, the couple, dressed in hip attire, snuggled up together at a Chanel Beauté dinner at the N.Y. eatery, Balthazar, to celebrate the actress' new film, Atonement.

A source at the party tells us that Rupert "More Than A" Friend kept his arm around his girlfriend all night, adding that they were "very sweet together."

Looks like someone is trying to keep Keira Knightley naked all to himself. Can you blame him? Now if he'd just get her to eat a cheeseburger every so often, we'd be set.

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With Jessica Simpson cozying up to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, can we expect double dates with her BFF, CaCee Cobb, and boyfriend Donald Faison?

Faison, the star of Scrubs, recent addressed that pressing issue.

"CaCee and I prefer to keep our relationship away from the glitz and cameras," the actor told People at Hollywood Life magazine's Breakthrough of the Year Awards on Sunday. "But [Tony Romo] is a great guy."

The friendly foursome did log some quality time last week, when they helped CaCee Cobb celebrate her 30th birthday at Teddy's nightclub.

As the bash wound down, Simpson and the NFL star, both 27, were spotted kissing in public - according to some onlookers, it was a big-time PDA.

Impressed that he's led the Cowboys to a 12-1 record and found a new tight end in Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo gets a pat on the back from receiver Terrell Owens.

We know Jessica's pimp already approved of the relationship, so it's good to see that her friends are also on board when it comes to the Cowboy gunslinger.

"I think he is really, really, really smart," said Donald Faison, 33, of Tony Romo. "[He's a] really genuine guy."

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The Hills couple you love to hate, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, wined and dined while being interviewed over dinner at their favorite Mexican restaurant (as Hills watchers know), Don Antonio, in West Los Angeles on Thursday.

Here's Spencer giving Heidi a lift to their dinner date ...

The plastic Heidi Montag smiles as her boyfriend / fiance / co-star, Spencer Pratt, inspects his fiancee's backside ... and possibly his parallel parking job.

The third season finale of The Hills takes place tonight on MTV. If these two are about to break up on it, well, it doesn't look like they actually did.

Heidi and Spencer also presented at Spike TV's 2007 Video Game Awards on Friday at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Follow the jump for some pics of the gruesome twosome at that event ...

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Well, at least in terms of Internet traffic.

Britney Spears calculated trajectory to mega-fame went off the rails this year, generating tremendous web interest. For this reason, she was the most commonly searched for "musician" this year, beating out Beyonce, according to Yahoo!

A Young Rocker

Perhaps Britney could have learned something from Stacy Ferguson, a.k.a. Fergie (#3), who suffered her personal downfalls in relative obscurity first before hitting it big and handling herself well on the confessional circuit later.

Here's the full Yahoo! Top Ten:

  1. Britney Spears (we know she has not looked anything like this in many moons, but she's still technically a singer)
  2. Beyonce Knowles
  3. Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson
  4. Akon
  5. Avril Lavigne
  6. Hilary Duff
  7. Hannah Montana
  8. Shakira
  9. Chris Brown
  10. Ciara

You'll notice that only two men - Akon and Chris Brown - made the list, as did somebody's alter ego. That's right, Hannah Montana is really a character played by Miley Cyrus.

While Miley Cyrus does have her own sizable search recognizance (#23), Hannah Montana hysteria proved far more relentless to browsers. It's also nice to see Hilary Duff up there as well. Who doesn't love Hilary Duff, honestly?

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A judge has revoked probation and issued an arrest warrant for actor Daniel Baldwin after he failed to appear in court for a scheduled progress report on his ongoing rehabilitation, stemming from a drug arrest occurring last year.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Millington issued the warrant after the actor failed to show up in court as scheduled this past Friday morning.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

The actor, 47, is the brother of actors Alec Baldwin (star of 30 Rock), William Baldwin and Stephen Baldwin and has starred on numerous TV shows, including "Homicide: Life on the Street," and was also in some movies and stuff.

A scruffy Daniel Baldwin ran afoul of the law in April 2006 when he was arrested in a Los Angeles-area motel for possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

As celebrities go, he's D-list at best. But as celebrity mug shots go, this one is a definite B, maybe even a B+ (you can see a little bit of Nick Nolte here).

Daniel Baldwin entered the drug rehabilitation program in hopes of having the pair of charges dismissed. At a February hearing, his attorney said the actor had completed various programs and was continuing treatment.

He and Britney Spears bonded in rehab in February. We're serious.

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