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Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears’ former manager and possible criminal, is hoping to rekindle his friendship with the troubled singer.

The Evil One has been barred from seeing Britney Spears after her parents filed for a restraining order against him following her breakdowns earlier this year, believing he was a negative influence on the troubled singer.

Sam is due in court for a review of the order – which forbids him from being closer than 250 yards away from the struggling star - on July 31.

A source told In Touch Weekly: “Sam believes he and Britney are still friends. If the restraining order is lifted, he’ll be back in her life for sure.”

According to the insider, Sam still denies allegations made by Britney’s mother Lynne that he drugged the singer and controlled her medications.

The source added: “Sam Lutfi insists it will come out that the restraining order was against the wrong guy. So lifting the order would give him the chance to protect Britney from the vultures out there.”

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Every so often in the crazy celebrity gossip biz, a story hits that is so sad and so shocking that it knocks the wind out of you, leaving you shaking your head and wondering what, if anything, you can count on in this world.

This is not one of those stories.

In fact, it might be the biggest The-Hollywood-Gossip-told-you-so of all time. The "engagement" between British bachelor Matt Grant and horny, ditzy fiancee Shayne Llamas is officially over. Take a deep breath and try to contain yourselves.

Just two days after New York Post reported that Shayne Lamas had cheated on The Bachelor star with Las Vegas media mogul Justin Weneger, Lamas phoned Grant and called off their wedding, which was apparently scheduled.

Now that comes as a bit of a shock.

Matt Grant, Shayne Lamas

On The Bachelor season finale, Shayne Lamas' eyes were fixed firmly on the prize - 15 minutes of fame and a Girls Gone Wild magazine cover shoot.

Spies said the aspiring actress is planning a trip to see Justin Weneger soon. Matt Grant, who has moved out of Shayne's pad, is said to be devastated.

Maybe next time he won't pick some annoying airhead who's willing to distribute the vadge and say just about anything she thinks will boost her profile.

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Since his "affair of the heart" was exposed, the personal life of Alex Rodriguez could best be called tumultuous. At worst, a train wreck.

The Sun (UK) reports that things aren't well with Madonna, either.

Apparently, the troubled Material Girl was recently diagnosed with anemia and exhaustion because she hasn't been taking care of herself.

Or so the British celebrity gossip paper claims. You know those Brits and their celeb gossip. Says an unnamed source quoted by The Sun ...

“Madonna is doing less than OK. She has been rehearsing for the tour and she is totally miserable. She’s down physically and mentally. The situation with Guy is very, very tense. The way the press are going crazy with the A-Rod story, her brother’s book and her physical exhaustion are all taking their toll on her."

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP NOTE: Is anyone surprised that Alex Rodriguez has exhausted Madonna? Those marathon sex tape sessions will do it every time.

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As avid fans of The Hills, we've often thought of Lauren Bosworth (Lo) as the sidekick, roomie and BFF of Lauren Conrad (LC), not a star in her own right.

This photo of Lo in a yellow bikini could change that.

Pic of Lo

Seriously, while many of you chose Team Audrina over Team Lo, we're leaning towards the latter these days. Maybe it's the hair. Or the demure smile.

Or the definitive lack of fake boobs.

Either way, check out the Lauren Bosworth picture below ...

HEIDI MONTAG WHO? The Hills has a new bikini babe in Lauren Bosworth.

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Hayden Panettiere is back to the bob.

After wearing extensions on the set of Heroes, the actress busted out the short hair one again while out for dinner Monday in Beverly Hills.

What are your thoughts on Hayden's off-the-shoulder, clingy top? And her new, short hairstyle? Our celebrity fashion experts want to know ...

Hayden in Lace

Hayden Panettiere's new look: Love it or shove it?

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Ashley Dupre has surprising staying power.

Just when you think all the aliases, bikini pictures, naked photos, lawsuits and news stories have been exhausted, more seem to find their way online.

Here are some Ashley Dupre pictures we found from her modeling days. She tried that career either before or during the time she had sex for money.

Don't get us wrong, she's a cute girl. But one you could probably pick up on the Jersey Shore all summer long for free. $4,300 an hour? Come on, Eliot.

Skanky modeling led to bigger and better things for Ashley Dupre.

Below are some more pics from Ashley Dupre's short-lived modeling career (under the name Ashley Youmans), along with some other classic photos ...

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Tennis pro Ashley Harkleroad is ranked a mediocre 61st in the world, having made five straight first-round exits from her sport's Grand Slam events.

But she's made millions of men want to make a grand slam of sorts, if you know what we're taking about. We mean she's naked in the new Playboy!

For this reason, the now-infamous A-Hark can hold her head up high. Just ask one of the (many) fellow tennis stars who recently beat her ...

Knowing that she just delivered a savage ass-whomping (6-2, 6-1) at the French Open, but that the world will soon be ogling Ashley Harkleroad nude and not her, Venus Williams offers her hot counterpart some words of encouragement.

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That didn't take long.

Just a few weeks after the season finale of The Bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak are transitioning into Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.

Here they're seen taking a ride on a roller coaster. With a celebrity gossip photographer strategically positioned to capture the moment.

Reality TV romance at its finest.

The Bachelorette's Jesse Csincask and DeAnna Pappas are all fired up and ready to ride the roller coaster of love. And/or fame and constant celeb news publicity.

DeAnna and Jesse went to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio, over the weekend. The couple was in town visiting Jesse Csincsak's family.

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Welcome to another edition of the fastest growing, mysterious celebrity baby game online! It's fun, (sometimes) challenging and cute!

The rules? Guess the parents of the kid(s) below! Can you do it? Yesterday's was so damn difficult, we totally made it easy this morning.

Brad Pitt and Kids

Seriously, if you can't ID these little tykes, you're just not reading enough celebrity news, gossip and rumors. Get it together, people!

CLICK THE PHOTO to see which stars spawned these cuties!

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