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At last! Josh Duhamel and Fergie are engaged!

The actor's publicist, Ruth Bernstein, said her client recently popped the question to the Black Eyed Peas singer, whose debut solo album, The Dutchess, is one of 2007's biggest selling records. No further details were released.

Josh Duhamel and Fergie at Coachella

Fergie and Josh Duhamel have been the subject of engagement rumors for over a year. The pair, which is currently vacationing near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, were seen looking at a ranch in California that is often rented for weddings.

The engagement news was first reported by celebrity news site TMZ.

If Fergie is The Dutchess, is Josh Duhamel the Duke?

Duhamel, 35, told Best Life magazine in a recent interview that he's been dating Fergie, 32 for three years and that they recently bought a house together.

Duhamel is the star of NBC's Las Vegas and the action movie Transformers.

Fergie, whose real name is Stacy Ann Ferguson, is a member of the Black Eyed Peas. Her hit song "Big Girls Don't Cry" from The Dutchess has been nominated for a Grammy award in the best female pop vocal category.

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In keeping with its tradition of putting Heidi Montag or the Spears family on the cover for the 235th consecutive week, Us Weekly proclaims that Mother of the Year Lynne Spears destroyed the lives of daughters Britney and Jamie Lynn.

That's a bold statement. Not. Just call her Lynne $pear$.

As the shock of the huge Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy story slowly fades, questions of responsibility and blame have landed on her mother / manager, Lynne.

Jamie Lynn Spears' own co-star is speaking out against Lynne, who is said to have pushed the 16-year-old in directions she wasn't comfortable with.

"Jamie wanted something different for her life, and her mother put her in situations she didn't want to be in," Alexa Nikolas, Jamie Lynn's co-star on Zoey 101, said.

Unanimously, multiple friends and family members say that unlike Britney, Jamie Lynn never wanted to be a star. "She never cared about celebrity," says one old family friend. "She preferred life back home in Kentwood [Louisiana]."

Destroyed By Lynne Spears

A family friend says Lynne Spears "treats her girls like a piggy bank."

As soon as Jamie Lynn, 16, confided in her mom, 52, about her pregnancy, Lynne convinced her introverted daughter (to the displeasure of her father, Jamie Spears) to break the news via the cover of OK! Magazine. The price: $1 million.

"Lynne knew OK! would pay the most," a source said. "It was her decision."

Which is why even Jamie Lynn's older sister, Britney Spears, was kept out of the loop at first: "They didn't want her to run her mouth and screw up the deal."

Instead, Lynne told K-Fed, which further confused the "singer."

From the start of Britney Spears' career in 1998, Lynne, a former teacher, made sure she received a percentage of money off both her daughters' deals. Shocking.

"Lynne got all her money through those girls and loved it when it started rolling in," a source says. "She's the only one with a Land Rover in Kentwood."

Lynne Spears even managed to get someone to publish a parenting book, written by herself, entitled Pop Culture Mom. It is indefinitely delayed now, however.

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Sophie Price, the 18-year-old sister of Katie Price, a.k.a. Jordan, quit her job as a hairdresser in hopes of becoming a quasi-famous slutty model like her older sis!

Sophia Price openly says she wants to be like her big sister by posing for Page 3 and Playboy. But one thing the younger Price doesn't want: Those giant boobs.

"I want to be as big as Jordan, but not in the boobs department! I wouldn't ever go that massive like Kate," Sophie said. "It would look ridiculous as I'm only a tiny 5-foot-4! I'd just like to go a bit bigger, maybe one size up to a C cup. I really like the bullet boob look at the moment. But I won't be going topless just yet because it won't leave me anywhere to go as a model - and that's important to me."

Well, at least judging by the photo above, it appears Sophie Price has inherited at least two qualities from Katie Price: being a skank and talking about big boobs a lot.

Sophie - who is sometimes referred to as Sophia Price - said that until recently she's been limited to swimwear shoots, but now that she's 18? Game on!

"I can be so much more daring now I'm 18. It felt great being able to pose in such sexy lingerie at last," Sophie Price said. "Kate's absolutely going to love the pictures, especially this one of me in the knee-high boots."

Katie Price, who goes by Jordan for some reason, is famous because she has - or at least had - some seriously huge breasts. That and some reality TV show. The attention whore is presumably still married to that dude Peter Andre.



Ah, there he is. Our favorite ursine specimen has emerged! Deciding that hibernating up north was just too tough this winter, Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis decided to take a vacation. From his day job, which involves doing absolutely nothing.

We're not sure what was on his mind, or how many animals he devoured during the holidays. But in any case, as he strolled down the beach, Jason Davis - brother of Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis - had this message for the celebrity news media:

Jason Davis Mug Shot

A portly Gummi Bear (Jason Davis) wishes us the best!

Some days, you are wished a Merry Christmas by Lucy Pinder naked in all her glory in Nuts magazine. Others, you get flipped off by Gummi Bear. C'est la vie.



So many celebrity mug shots, so little time. Some of 2007's sensational arrests of Hollywood stars were so memorable, it feels as though they happened yesterday.

Well, with the exception of Michelle Rodriguez, none of the celebrity mug shots in our growing gallery were actually taken yesterday. But let's take a look back at some of the best booking photos from 2007. You'll see some themes developing ...

Ho Train Edition

What it year it was for the club circuit. Paris Hilton. Lindsay Lohan. Nicole Richie. Three of Hollywood's biggest celebrities (and wastes of space), all arrested in a 12-month span. Britney Spears is all that's missing from this Ho Train police lineup, after somehow managing not to get busted in '07. Opening odds for '08 - 9:8.

  • Paris Hilton Mug Shot
  • Nicole Richie Mug Shot: Reloaded!
  • Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot

Reality TV Edition

Former American Idol reject Jessica Sierra not only got arrested this year, but she is apparently pregnant, and starring in a sex tape. That's one way to get back in the celebrity gossip magazines! Meanwhile, former Laguna Beach stars Jason Wahler (assault, assault) and Jessica Smith (DUI) both had their share of legal woes...

  • Jessica Sierra Mugshot
  • Jessica Smith Mug Shot

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A smiling Spencer Pratt was caught up in the true holiday spirit yesterday at a Christmas benefit for the Los Angeles Mission in downtown Los Angeles.

Appearing without girlfriend / ex-fiance Heidi Montag, but with his grandmother, who he calls Nana, Spencer Pratt joined the non-profit organization in serving up nice Christmas dinners to the less fortunate. He did the same on Thanksgiving Day.

Spencer Pratt and Nana at the L.A. Mission's Christmas benefit.

Say what you will about the slick, attention-seeking, self-promoting villain from MTV's The Hills - you have to give him his due for helping out individuals in need. Plus, how mad can you get at any guy posing for a picture with his grandma?

No, not even devout enemy Lauren Conrad - who was seen dining with Whitney Port and Brent Bolthouse over the weekend - could hate Spencer on this holiday.



Lauren Conrad dines at Newsroom Cafe in West Hollywood on Saturday with her Teen Vogue co-worker and friend, Whitney Port, and Brent Bolthouse, nightlife promoter / owner of Bolthouse Productions and boss of nemesis Heidi Montag.

This is not the first time Lauren and Brent have been spotted together. A romance rumor involving the two surfaced awhile back, but given Brent Bolthouse's chosen profession, it's obvious how they are acquainted and likely they are friends.

Lauren Conrad and Brent Bolthouse hung out Saturday with Whitney Port.

After a dramatic season finale, producers of The Hills announced that LC's reality show will return with eight bonus episodes this spring. Will Lauren Conrad find romance in Paris? You can be sure the show's braintrust will try to help her!

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He will forever be known as the shaggy dude who got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant, but former high school classmates and teachers remember 18-year-old Casey Aldridge as a popular joker who could talk his way out of anything.

"Casey is one of those boys who has a lot going for him," reports a former teacher at Amite School Center, where Aldridge lettered in football and baseball, served as class president and graduated in 2007. "He's handsome, smart and very charming."

And at 6'1" and 165 lbs., Aldridge's magnetism caught the eye of the girls. "He is athletic," says the teacher, "and down here in the south, athletes are treated like gods, so naturally he had a group of adoring fans from the start."

In the Amite School's 2007 yearbook, senior Casey Aldridge was named Most Likely to Put a Baby in Britney Spears' Underage Younger Sister. Just kidding.

Among his legions of friends was the now knocked up Jamie Lynn Spears, who started dating Casey Aldridge about two years ago. The two hit it off ASAP.

"Casey really liked being known for dating Jamie Lynn Spears," says a classmate of the pair. "He thought it was really cool that he was dating someone famous, and you could just tell that he loved the attention."

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In the wake of Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy announcement, a confused and shaken Britney Spears is making every effort to turn the spotlight back on herself.

The singer filled another weekend with late-night shopping trips, run-ins with celebrity news and wild driving. Oh, and her two young children, too.

The adventure began just after midnight on Saturday morning, when she and one of her friends, her assistant, Carla, left her Beverly Hills home in Britney's Mercedes - its headlights off and trunk open - and made the first of several stops at a Rite-Aid store in Hollywood, where Spears parked in a handicapped spot.

"I have stuff I have to buy for my babies," Spears told photographers.

The troubled mother of two then headed on over to Japanese restaurant Miyagi's on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. "Britney Spears came in here around 1:15 a.m. with a friend," the restaurant manager, Gator Lee, told People.

"We had just closed the kitchen, but we opened it back up. She had chicken teriyaki and shrimp tempura. She didn't have any alcohol to drink ... She seemed fine."

Spears ended up taking the food to go and drove to her Malibu home. Spears and Carla were back at the Beverly Hills house by 5 a.m. Yes, she's got two homes.

Britney Spears then had an angry encounter with celebrity news media.

The next night, Spears drove a white Mini Cooper - possibly Carla's - over to Tony Taverna restaurant in Malibu. After dinner, Britney made a sudden stop to take a picture of a graffiti mural in Malibu with her digital camera.

"Move out of the way so I can take a picture. I'm just like you," she yelled at the photographers. But when the cameramen wouldn't move, Spears screamed, cursed and slammed her camera on the hood of a nearby car. Then she drove off.

Minutes later, she returned.

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Troubled singer Amy Winehouse has been banned from no-strings visits to her jailbird husband after he failed a drug test... in jail.

The six-time Grammy Awards nominee can now only see Blake Fielder-Civil from behind a glass screen with no physical contact. Life is tough these days.

Devastated Amy Winehouse

The move by London's Pentonville prison, where Blake Fielder-Civil is now awaiting trial over assault and trial-fixing allegations, comes after he tested positive last week for a Class A drug, thought by many to be heroin.

Visits to remanded prisoners such as Blake normally take place in an open hall with officers patrolling. But an insider said: "As a precaution, the governor has banned Amy from having any more open visits with Blake.

"They now have to meet in a room separated by a bullet-proof glass screen."

It looks as if Amy Winehouse may be smuggling drugs to Blake-Fielder-Civil.

Amy Winehouse, 24, who was arrested and later freed on bail in Fielder-Civil's case, has been known to hide drugs in her bird's-nest / beehive hairdo when on stage. You know where we are going with this, right?

She has not visited Fielder-Civil, 25, since he failed the random drugs test. A pal of Amy's said: "She's paranoid and shaking every time she goes there and has decided to give it a miss for a while." We assume that means cool it.

Blake Fielder-Civil has lost some of his privileges over the failed drug test and has been moved to the jail's sex perverts wing as a punishment. And here we thought that only happened in films like The Shawshank Redemption.

A Prison Service spokeswoman declined to discuss individual prisoners.

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