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Now that the season finale is behind them, The Bachelorette’s DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak can finally step out together as a happy couple.

A happy, engaged couple.

DeAnna Pappas Picture

The pair revealed some of the first details of their wedding planning (save the date, 5/9/09!) in a recent interview with People magazine.

“It’s like this weight off your chest,” Csincsak said night at the Dodgers game in Los Angeles, where DeAnna Pappas threw out the first pitch.

“[During The Bachelorette] she was able to go out and do all the press, but I was just locked in a house, losing my mind [and] wanting to tell all my friends that I was engaged to the hottest woman alive!”

The first time they ventured out together as a couple, DeAnna and Jesse dined at a restaurant where they were immediately recognized.

A star-struck waitress jokingly said they had ruined The Bachelorette's season finale for her since she hadn’t watched it yet.

“I would have never have thought random people would know me,” Jesse Csincsak said of getting recognized by strangers. “It’s a trip and it’s awesome and there’s no one I would rather share it with than [DeAnna Pappas.]”

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The good ol' days of standing, deafening boos and simple "A-Rod, you suck!" chants are a distant memory. This guy commands a new level of taunting.

Last year, when he was linked to a certain manly stripper, fans tried to get in Alex Rodriguez's head (a DAUNTING task) by wearing Joslyn Morse masks.

Jesus Luz and Madonna

Now that Alex Rodriguez and Madonna are forever linked, the highest paid man in baseball drew a similar response this weekend in Toronto, as some Blue Jays fans hoisted photos of the Material Girl before he went up to the plate...

Embattled Yankees star Alex Rodriguez was able to keep the blinders on, however, hitting .307 with a home run over this weekend series in Canada.

Toronto did defeat New York twice in three games to keep the Yankees six games out of first in the American League East. No word on whether any Blue Jays fans brought photos of Candice Houlihan or Alicia Marie to mix things up.

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Tom Cruise and Connor Cruise, his 13-year-old adopted son, cheer on David Beckham with a posse of pals – including Brooklyn Beckham, 9!

David's team, the L.A. Galaxy, challenged Chivas USA last weekend at the Home Depot Center. Tom and Connor Cruise are apparently big fans.

Oooh, Yeah, Right There

The match ended in a 1-1 draw, as if anyone cared. Also in the house with Tom and Connor Cruise - American Idol creator and producer Simon Fuller (top right).

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No, that's not a rhetorical question - although the girl is such a phony, both physically and otherwise, the answer could be debated for days.

In this case, though, the question above was an answer on Jeopardy last week! We wish we were clever enough to make up something like this ...

Yes, Heidi Montag and The Hills appeared on Jeopardy in the form of trivia. If this is not a sign of the imminent apocalypse, then gosh, we don't know what is.

Here's one for the next time Jeopardy looks to The Hills for content:

Because this man does not shower, like to kiss or speak in complete sentences, Lauren Conrad recommended Audrina get a new boyfriend...

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New photos of Jessica Simpson lying down on a bed of silk satin sheets have surfaced, presumably for Tony Romo her new Fancy perfume.

That's right, she has a perfume line. And a lingerie line. What to do when your career tanks? Throw your name on every product possible!

Jessica has said of her fragrance:

“With Fancy, I wanted to create a pretty fragrance, one I could be just as comfortable wearing on the red carpet or every day with my favorite jeans. For me Fancy is just that – fancy. This is a special fragrance –personal, whimsical, playful and romantic with a heart of gardenia, an essence I truly cherish.”

A hundred bucks says Jessica Simpson never heard the word "gardenia" until her publicist wrote this statement - and still doesn't know what it means.

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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the newest member of The Hollywood Gossip's esteemed celebrity mug shots club. Josh Brolin, everyone!

The booking photo below was taken last night after the No Country For Old Men star was arrested following a bar fight in Shreveport, Louisiana.

According to the Shreveport Times, the 40-year-old actor was in town filming in director-producer Oliver Stone’s new film W. Brolin has a shaved head because he wears a wig to play his character President George W. Bush.

Brolin was arrested for interfering with local police along with his W co-star Jeffrey Wright, 40, and five other crew members.

Eh, that's not that unusual or scandalous. It happens to the best of us at one time or another - and also to Amy Winehouse every other weekend.

Josh Brolin Mug Shot

Josh Brolin looks intense, yet handsome in this mug shot.

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Amy Winehouse's father, Mitch, says he fears his troubled daughter is going to die, and die "a very slow and painful death" at that.

"She won't die of a drug overdose, it won't be that quick," he told the BBC News. "She will die, unfortunately, of emphysema. That would be the most likely scenario if she didn't check her behavior, which she is doing."

Mitch Winehouse added that Amy's incarcerated husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, should probably check into rehab when he gets out of prison.

Wonder where he got that amazing insight?

"If he comes out and they go back to doing what they were doing before, she is going to have a serious health problem," the elder Winehouse said of Blake Fielder-Civil, who has been locked up for the past seven months.

"He's a fit young man, he could probably carry on like this for the rest of his life. Amy can't and he has to understand that," Mitch said.

Amy Winehouse - who has been in the news recently for a series of strange behavior and drug-fueled melees - will stop performing in September to conserve her voice. She will also start writing her new album around then.

Well, that's the plan unless a spontaneous coke binge interferes.

Amy Winehouse and Josh Bowman

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Stop the presses.

Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad are still co-habitating.

Blue Beauty

Rumors swirled after a moving truck was spotted on their block Friday, and a screaming match broke out between two girls and the police showed up.

But Auds said she had nothing to do with it.

"I wasn’t even there," she told Us Weekly at the VH1 Rock Honors Exclusive VIP Party in L.A. "I have been gone all day. I still haven’t even been home... There are so many rumors all the time. I just laugh at it!"

So what actually went down?

Lauren Conrad said one of her neighbors "started screaming at a stylist because she was upset that she had pulled into her driveway."

As for the moving truck, "We had a couch delivered. Audrina is still here!"

What's in store for the next season of The Hills?

"We have all made a significant effort not to talk about it because last season, many of the fans already knew a lot of things had happened [by the time the show aired]. We have actually kept a lot of it a secret this season."

Except for Doug Reinhardt, that is.

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Ding dang and yee-haw! Fresh off cranking out Maddie Briann Aldridge, a sexed-up Jamie Lynn Spears impersonator drops some phat beats - and some knowledge - on our domes in a spirited explanation of where babies come from, y'all.

Peep the video below, which is strange and a little disturbing but still pretty funny, for some amazing insight including Britney Spears shoutouts, Juno quotes and (obviously) a horny Jamie Lynn Spears riding a giant sperm - hard.


A Jamie Lynn Spears Image

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Welcome, celebrity gossip fans and readers, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, a fun Friday afternoon tradition here at our site.

This week's Caption Contest, featuring troubled baseball star Alex Rodriguez, was certainly a good one. The winner this week? Bobby J.

Scroll down for the winning entry and the complete list of responses. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again in this week's contest!

A candle for every woman ARod has cheated on his wife with... this week.

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